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We have been operating our music store continuously since 1990.
For 14 years prior to 1990, we bought/sold/traded instruments as a serious hobby.
Our goal is great customer service every time.
We want you to be our customer for life...
We mean this, and intend for this ethic to remain
our main business goal.
The following comments are taken directly from our e-mails,
letters, and from discussion groups on the internet.

- Customer Comments -

Hi Greg,
It was, indeed, a pleasure doing business with you.  I recommend your shop whenever I have an opportunity to do so.
I'll see you at the next Wintergrass.
Best, Phil


Hey Greg,
I want to personally thank you for doing me and Hank a great big favour in packing and shipping the fender. Wow man, nice job, It arrived this morning in perfect shape, and I am thrilled to pieces to start playing around with it...... you did me a solid man, and I owe you one, big time. Dinner or lunch will be on me next time I venture to Msla. Ya never know it may still happen this year, but getting the time is gonna be a bit tricky.
On another note, the Bourgeois is sounding better and better every time I play it. I'm astounded by the tone. And as you said once, the thing practically plays itself, all the ringing and vibration, I'm learning how to damp it off while I play it for all the sounds coming out of that box. and the Weber? such a beautiful mandolin .....again, that one is still opening up I believe, it shocks me too, everytime I play it. phew. so little time.........
so, with much to be grateful for I thank you again my friend for being apart of my musical life.
Cheers, and I hope you are well.
Scott G. (down under)


Thanks for taking the time yesterday to talk to me about banjo design, materials, construction, and brand quality.  That was the info I needed to bring me closer to a decision to upgrade.  Customer service means a lot to me and you are as about as good as it gets.  You made a loyal customer of me.  I'll be in touch when I'm ready to buy which will be relatively soon.  Thanks again,  Mark


FYI, the package arrived yesterday... opened (the) case this morning and found a very fine instrument.  Am very happy with the condition and quality of the guitar.
Just want to thank you very much for packing it so well to avoid any damages during shipment.  And thank you for being so reliable to do business with online.  Instrument was exactly how you described.  I would very highly recommend Boyd's House of Fine Instruments and will certainly return to do more business with you. - Howard M.


Hi Greg,
I forgot to thank you for all the accesories that arrived last week.  I really appreciate your model of doing business that puts service and quality at the top of the list.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays.
- Jay


I received the guitar yesterday. Thanks much, Greg. You folks did an excellent job packaging it !
Also, it is a beautiful and excellent sounding guitar! Thanks very much for the good trade!
- Jeff


Hi Greg,
Thank you for making the guitar transaction such an enjoyable experience.
It is just another fine experience of goodness in this life.
Thanks for being such a cool part of mine.
I appreciate you. As my father used to say "now there is a REAL good man".
Thanks again and you have a blessed day......You surely deserve it.
- Fred B.
PS on a more business note... I have a couple other older items I will be bringing in for you to sell...

Just got them in today.  They fit fine.  Thanks for getting them in the mail quick. Great Service.
Hi Greg. 
I received the EG Smith Steel Smooth today.
Nothing but good things to say about you and your business.
I look forward to dealing with you again!
Thank you - Esa K.
Just wanted to thank you for my recent order. My first time placing an order with you, it will not be my last.
Lighting fast service!! I ordered the D\'Andrea Pro Plec 1.5 mm and the Wengen bluegrass pick.
Love both picks and the Wengen pick is quick and responsive on the strings, nice full sound, simply awesome!! 
Thanks again!!   Make it a great day!!  

Thanks for such a quick response on my order.  I recieved it on the Wed. the 15th.
The caes fits my reso quite well and I especially appreciated the fact that you had the bnjo part I needed.
That is what I was looking for and found it only on your site.
Thanks again for your excellent service.
- Marshall 
Thank you for talking to me about fitting the endpin on my guitar. 
It turns out the pin fit perfectly with no modification needed and I got two days after ordering. 
Great customer service!
- Chris
Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the '38 ES-150 I recently purchased.
Playing thru my '40 Recording King amp and it's the coolest sounding electric I've owned.
I understand why those local players wanted it so badly, and they have my sympathies, LOL.
Thanks also for your excellent description over the phone - it is what you said it is.
Was a pleasure talking with you as well.
I can't believe I spoke with someone who also saw Tony Romano on that WWII USO show!
Take care, and thanks again.
We want to thank you for your courteous and helpful service. 
We received a new Weber Gallatin A mandolin from you before Christmas, even with last minute shopping! 
Your service was top notch!   We are very pleased to have shopped with you. Again, thank you.
- Pat.
The uke arrived today without issue. Beautiful instrument and very well packaged. Thanks again!
Wow!  I placed my order online Sunday evening and it was delivered on that's great service! 
I'm so glad to have found you guys and will definitely be back and spread the word.
Thanks again,  Tom
Thanks so much for the reply.  You're a gem - I'm sure in many ways!  But a simple reply I've discovered is really quite rare.
Sincerely, Stacia
OK...I've had my Noble back from setup at Michael Heiden’s, complete with ivory nut and saddle for a month or so
and had to tell you that I cant play it enough!! I'm totally addicted to it and its incredible pure tone is what I've dreamed of my entire guitar playing life. I love the neck now!I believe my quest is over.
Charlie E.
Greg, Laurie and Carter,
I received the L-00 yesterday afternoon, and gave it until today to acclimate to the Midwest. 
I've only just begun to play it, but I can already tell you that it looks and sounds remarkable--I look forward to playing it all weekend!
I've enjoyed talking with each of you, and all of you have been very helpful. 
I look forward to perhaps doing more business with your shop in the future!
William M.
I picked up the 1956 ES-350 today and it is just awesome. Thank you so much…
Really nice doing business with a decent and honest guy.
All the best – Dave D.
Hello ! Yesterday I have received the order.
Everything is in perfect condition, nothing missing, so I would like to thank you for honesty,
kidness and shipping to Europe.
Sincerely,  Poul
Hey Greg,   Not actually a question, but a comment.  Thanks again for the great service and dead-on phone-description of the D-21
we struck a deal on a few months ago. You're one of the few guys in the biz from whom
I'd buy a used instrument of this price range guided only by the web pics and a phone call!

Keep up the great service! Merry Christmas to you and family, and crew! 
Mike C
Greg...just wanted to say THANKS for the smooth transaction!!! The banjo parts are just as you described.
Even got them a few days earlier than you said. Again, thanks. I'll be ordering again!
Tim H.
Greg - Enjoyed hearing from you even if it was business. Ya'll are great.
I'm going to add $100 and have you ship the guitar by air... I want to get my hands on it.
Dan B. 
Hello Greg,
Thanks to you , I received the Fender DeLuxe safely the day before yesterday.
The special packing that you made was really nice!!
It was a correct answer very much that I bought this Amp from you.
Thanks to you, I was able to assemble the Amp without any problem. It works very well, and sounds great!
I am very happy that this is a Great Amp!!
Best regards, (Domo Arigatou !)
Kazuhiro T.
Hello Greg,
Just got the guitar in good order.  I'll have to commend you guys on your packing job,
its absolutely the best I've ever seen and I've bought LOTS of guitars over the internet in the past decade. 
Really appreciate that. I was surprised how quickly the guitar "came around."  And I'm thrilled to know it will only get better...
Oh, and btw, thanks for your excellent service, most impressive.  I'll be sure to spread the news.
- Ed
Hi Greg, Thanks for fast international shipping. Ukulele arrived safely. It is a excellent ukulele, and I am very glad.
I  appreciate your kind support.
Arigato!  - Shin
Greg - I received her in good shape Monday morning....A really nice instrument......
Been looking for a nice one at a good price for a while.....Happened upon your site just by accident...Got it bookmarked now....
Thank you, and your staff, very much for everything to get me taken care of.....
Chris C.
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Weber and how glad I am to have bought it through your store. 
You guys are fantastic! I'm looking forward to playing this instrument for many, many years.
Chris Y.
 I will spread the word of your great service.. As much as that may count. But no kidding,
you guys really have been wonderful. I will always use GB's House when I can.
Thanks - Leon P.
Dear Mr. Boyd, Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today regarding the
E.G. Smith tone bar and your personal experiences with Mr. Smith. 
Your genuine personal care and passion for your customers and merchandise is obvious. 
That is pleasantly refreshing in today's world of Internet hucksterism. 
Thanks again, -tf
I live in the Boston area, and purchased my guitar over the phone.
I'm so pleased with this new Collings D1A Varnish that I'd like to send my girlfriend on a vacation
just so I can stay at home and play it. The guitar is great. 
The service, from basic courtesy to addressing minute details of the sound,
the playability, and also appearance of this instrument, has been unparalleled, and I've bought many fine instruments.
Greg and his cohorts strive to be honest, straightforward, informative and kind.  
A Pleasure doing business with you. 
Thank you. 
Doug G.
 Greg - thanks much for selling my 1962 Gibson SG Special. 
A friend of mine mentioned I should contact you to help with the sale. 
When I met you and saw your shop I knew I had been given some good advice.  Nice doing business with you. 
I would not hesitate to do so again. -
Bruce J.
    For the last five years I have made purchuses and trades with Greg, from guitars to mandolins
to everything else I can get my non greasy hands on. His selection of Roy Noble guitars is historic, his Pruchas and
Webers great but its my Collings MF-5 that I bought from him a few years back that had the magic I wanted. 
    Today I just recieved a travel lite mandolin case here in Vancouver, B.C.
I had called on Friday before the Easter holiday weekend and it was here on Thursday. If you want the best one-on-one in the industry, call them... they will never do you wrong!
Rick S.
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Dear Greg,
Once Again, It's been a pleasure doing business with you. I really appreciate you positive attitude,
quick follow-up and candor. The same goes for your staff. I'm sure you're all very busy,
but I've always been treated politely when I've called.
You have a great inventory and one of the most professional web sites I've seen.
Anyway, Thanks Again!
Scott McF.
Greg, I thought you were kidding me when you said you could get the
guitar shipped today after me calling extremely late in the day.
You were totally serious and it happened! What a breath of fresh air compared to dealings
I have had with other unnamed chain instrument selling factories. Don't tell anyone this, but I would pay you double.
Many thanks,
Bob G.
Hi Greg,
My Prucha arrived safely,and boy what a great sounding banjo.
Mr Prucha is a great craftsman, if not the best. People who do not own a
Prucha do not know what they are missing out on. It is a great addition to my collection.
Thanks again to you and Fred. Thanks for the accessories also...
Ian C.
Received the Ibanez Artist today. All I can say is AWESOME.
Ibanez sure made great guitars in those early days. I think you understated the condition, it was really mint.
Plugged it up, boy are those pickups hot and clean. Absolutely no feedback at all...
Thanks for the lightening shipment and the courtesy you extended to me.
Also, thank the original owner for keeping this instrument in such excellent shape.
Thanks Fred, You guy's are great, looking forward to doing more business with you. Thanks again. Paul D.
Dear Greg:
Thanks for sending my new banjo case so quickly. I got it before Christmas....
My wife got it for me and it's great... Thanks again
Leon L.
Oregon P.S. Hope to see you at Wieser next year........
Greg's has been a great shop to deal with. He really wants to get me into guitars that are right for me.
I had never heard of Roy Noble guitars before I walked into his shop a few months ago, and now I am a believer!
Betsy H
Thanks for sending my order!
You guys always give me great customer service (which I appreciate).
Mike R.
Hello Greg,
The straps arrived this morning. Good straps and smooth shipping. Well done.
Merry Christmas
Davide C.
Just emailing to tell you I received my order.
Thanks for your help and hope you have a good Xmas and all the best for the New Year.
Regards Tony
I just wanted to say thank you for my wonderful Weber Yellowstone,
and for the excellent service you provided me while my family and I visited your wonderful town.
You will get all of my business...
Great Falls, Mt
Thank you for the phone call today confirming the delivery of the Beard "Mike Auldridge".
I've purchased from Ome, Stelling, Janet Davis etc, and no one ever called regarding delivery.
You sounded as excited about the instrument as me.
Your product knowledge and customer service is invaluable.
You can count me and my wife Ruth as loyal customers. I'll be calling you next month regarding a
Prucha purchase. Hope you and your family have a nice holiday and safe and happy new year.
Hi Greg,
My name is Pat and I live in Spokane Wa.
I visited your shop about a year and half ago when I was in town and was utterly impressed with your shop.
I looked around at your inventory on the net, and you have a lot of beautiful instruments.
Just wanted to thank you for a great time in your shop the other day.
I will let people know about your great shop over here in the wheat fields.
Hopefully I will be able to start playing in a month.
Take care. Cheers,
Check out the Banjo Hangout website. It has 6 Prucha review/ratings.
The lowest score on any was a 9, and I think that was a typo! Lots of good comments about you in them, too.
I recently saw a Bighorn mandolin like the one you have,
but I'd rather buy from you (even though they're only an hour away from me)-your customer service attitude is tremendous.
R. Jordan
Dear Greg,
Bravo! and kudos to you (and FedEX). I received the 2 Prestos this morning at 8:35 AM.
I even have time to install it before the fellow arrives to pickup my banjo.
Thanks, Cap S. Florida
Hi Greg,
You've turned me into the World's biggest Roy Noble fan !!
Like the Noble HD-100 that I bought from you last summer, this Noble Mahogany Dreadnaught is a wonderful guitar !!
I can't believe anyone would buy any other make of guitar after playing a Noble.
I'll be getting more Nobles from you "down the road".
Many Thanks !!
Best Regards,
Bob H.
Well it arrived in one perfect piece! Sounds wonderful.Looks wonderful.
Many thanks for handling this order.
Could you extend my regards to Greg, thank him for going ahead with the deal, and wish him all the best.
I will definitely deal with you guys in the future.
Rik C.
Dear Greg Boyd,
I just received my 2nd order from you and again I was exceptionally pleased.
I had a custom Mandolin Strap made to my specifications and I ordered a large variety of
Mandolin Picks that I have seen nowhere else. Please pass on a special thanks to the lady who made my
Kangaroo Mandolin Strap. Not only does it's beauty and quality match a $5000 F5, the
kangaroo which is a super strong leather does less wear to the finish of my madolin.
Thanks Again,
Richard S
Hi Greg, I received the '63 Martin D-21 today. It is exactly as you described and exactly what I was looking for.
I love it! Thanks for making this a pleasant experience and when I'm in the
market for another guitar (which is WAY too often), I will look to you first.
Northern California
Thanks for the email - my order arrived today, 22nd February. Thanks for the great service.
Many UK companies can't get orders out in that sort of time! I've already given you a plug on a couple of guitar forums!
Hello Greg & Co....
I got the case, tuners, & pick today. Thanks! Case is great (neat colors...), pick works fine.
I'll wait until this coming weekend to put the tuners on the Elban.
Hope everything is well with you folks & the festival circuit... Have a great weekend.
Thanks again,
Brad F.
Hi Greg,
Thanks for your prompt service. Just got the tuner today, just in time cuz I leave town tomorrow.
I'll be looking for a nicer mandolin in the near future, I'll be sure to check ya'll's inventory.
Have a nice holiday,
Beau G.
Just wanted to say thanks for getting my order to me so quickly.
I can now go to my brother's birthday party with his gift in hand and considering I didn't order it until late
Thursday, I am really grateful.
Bob V.
Just a short note to say what a good company you are. Made several purchases this year and you guys are great!
Merry Christmas,
Dr. Brian H
Thanks for selling my Gibson RB-4. I received your check yesterday. I can always count on you!
Thanks again, Carl
Hi Greg -
Just wanted to thank you and Chad for taking so much time with me last week,
showing me your great shop (Cliff asked me about the floor and I told him it really looks good)
and all those wonderful instruments.
I had some friends over this weekend (advanced beginners),
one with a mandolin, the other a guitar, and we had a good time playing together.
Thanks again,
Denise B.
The Bourgeois Country Boy Deluxe is astounding!
Thanks for all your time and customer "education" on the phone. It was a pleasure dealing with you.
Take care and I will keep an eye on your inventory.
Dave L.
I have just received my order and I am very pleased with your service and the speed of shipment.
I appreciate your very fast and friendly service, and thank you in advance for your help!
-Damian K.
I just wanted to thank you for the strings, picks, the installation of the strap button, and the delivery on my guitar.
This is the coolest guitar I've ever had, and your service and professional knowledge were invaluable.
It seems you have a bit of good timing and pull at the Collings factory as well!
Fred F.
Just a note to let you know I did receive my Prucha today.
What a great instrument! It's everything I imagined and more.
The craftmanship is outstanding and the tone, resonance, and bark is great. It's just a beautiful piece of work.
Thank you once again for all your time and quick responce to all of my inquiries.
I can hardly wait to introduce my Diamond Point to the bluegrassers here in Pa.
I look forward to a long business relationship with you fine folks.
Best regards,
Gary L. S.
LOVE the mahogany Prucha banjo - playing it all the time, and will be heading back to
Prague to record with it (and to also do some concerts in Germany and CZ) in January - with the Chow Dogs,
who toured with me over there last April (Slavek Hanzlik, Ollie O'Shea and Dallas Wayne).
Greg Cahill - "Special Consensus" Band
Hi Greg,
The Absaroka faded leather mando arrived this past Tuesday.
I only had the one night with it before having to leave town for a few days on business.
Just wanted to say how gorgeous it is, and the sound is equally impressive.
Also, thanks for the pocket chord book. That will help me get going on playing.
You can consider this one "SOLD"!! I am well pleased.
Thanks for your hospitality and great customer service. It's no wonder you guys sell a lot of mandos.
Jim W. - Texas
Mandolin cafe quotes...
The following comments are taken directly from a discussion thread on "" in mid-2004.
"WV Mike" asked:
"I am considering purchasing a used instrument from this shop(House of Fine Instruments).
I'm looking at a 1916 Gibson A model. I would appreciate any comments from those with
experience dealing with this shop, particularly regarding used instruments.
I am going to call them tomorrow to inquire about a 48-hour approval period to enable me to play the instrument."
And he received the following replies:
"MikeB" said:
Michael, I don't think this is a forum violation, so I'll jump in and say, I've bought 4 instruments from
Greg Boyd (only one was used). I cannot say enough good things about Greg and his shop.
Call him, if you haven't, but be sure to have a cup of coffee with you--it could be a long conversation.
He will probably play that mandolin for you over the phone...
If you are wondering about his reliability, integrity, knowledge, forget it. He's easily among the best.
I'm sure others here will say the same.
"kuti" wrote:
Truly none finer than the fine one at the House of Fine Instruments.
Proceed with utmost confidence.
"mandorose" wrote:
It is my curse to live within walking distance of greg boyd's place.
i've bought alot of stuff from greg over the years(3 mandolins, 1 mandola, 1 electric guitar, and 1 fender amp so far).
greg is a great guy to deal with, and so are the other folks that work there.
i have played the mando that you're thinking about, and i think it's one of the best sounding
gibson a's that i've played. luckily, i already have one, or i'd be trying to get it. -john
"phynie" wrote:
I have never bought an instrument from Greg but I have bought a bunch of
accessories and the sort things from him. He is a GREAT guy.
He offers informative service and is a real pleasure to deal with. I would definitely give him a ring.
"Hubert" wrote:
I have dealt and talked with Greg from time to time and as everyone says,
he is a good guy to deal with. It's always good to talk to him.
"jgoodin" wrote:
Let me add my voice to the list of satisfied customers.
I recently purchased a new mando from Greg and he was great to work with.
Definitely a guy who is not just in it for the money. -John
"petimar" wrote:
I've bought two vintage guitars from Greg and I know I'll buy something in the future.
Good guy to deal with!
-Pete Martin
"Mike" wrote:
Just another "me-too" in the praise of Greg Boyd as a dealer, just be prepared to drink coffee and pick and hang out. -Mike
"bud" wrote:
I purchased a Givens A3 from Greg last year.
I was concerned buying a used instrument from the other side of the country, but
Greg was great to work with. A pleasure to talk to also.
"mandoplayer8" wrote:
..two thumbs up for Greg and his crew...nothing but great service and professionalism.....
"frets1" wrote:
And... now the e-mail from the original "MandolinCafe" Thread starter:

AFTER ordering from us and receiving his instrument...
Hello Greg: It was great talking with you today. It is always good to speak with
someone who cares deeply about what they do in life!
Greg, the 1916 arrived a lot sooner than expected! I got it Friday afternoon. It made the flight in fine shape.
Good job on the packing and fast shipping.
I love it! It is in the condition you described. It will be playing a lot of Old-Time music here in WV.
I expect the 1916 will remain in my family from now on.
Hey, drop me a line if ya'll ever come by a pick guard that will fit it for a reasonable cost.
Take care,
Michael P. - "WV" Mike
Thanks for taking the time to read these customer comments.
Thanks to all of our customers. We feel so lucky to be in a business that is associated with customers like you!
- Greg Boyd