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How to Find the "House of Fine Instruments"

Are we there, yet?

The "House of Fine Instruments" is located at 311 Knowles St, in Missoula, Montana.

Our store looks more like a house, which is exactly what it is...

It's a red brick ranch style house on a corner lot with a red concrete wall around the property.

* There is NO "music store" sign, so read the paragraph above one more time.

Directions to House of Fine Instruments:

From I-90 (East or West): 

Take Orange Street exit.

Proceed south on Orange St.

Go under R.R. yard viaduct.

Continue S. on Orange St.

Cross Clark Fork River.

Continue S. on Orange.

After Orange and 6th, Orange Street bends sharply to the right, and is re-named "Stephens Avenue"

Continue S. on Stephens Av - get in right lane.

At end of long straight stretch, look for Knowles St sign on right, just before traffic light at Mount St. intersection.

Turn right onto Knowles St - it is almost like an off-ramp turn.

Our Store is on the 3rd block ahead on your left, at corner of Cleveland and Knowles.


From the Bitterroot Valley:

Head generally North on US Hwy 93 into Missoula.

Continue into south part of town on Brooks St. (just continue straight ahead - US 93 turns into Brooks).

As you pass "SouthGate Mall" pay close attention.

Just before, OR just after South Ave, make your way to Russell St.

*Look for green road sign that directs you to turn right for Russell BEFORE South Ave. 

*If you've already PASSED South Ave you must turn left to find Russell St. 


Proceed Northerly on Russell.

As you pass a small used car lot on your right, make your way into the right lane.

Continue N on Russell in right lane.

Main intersection ahead is Mount St - go through it in right lane.

Immediately slow and turn right after "Diamond Bar Meats" onto Longstaff St.  (1st possible street to turn on after crossing Mount)

Go 2 blocks up Longstaff until stop sign at Knowles St.

Turn right onto Knowles St.

1st Red Brick House on your right is our Store!

If you get lost...

Call our store - 406/327-9925 or 406/721-5145

Or, make your way to Bernice's Bakery, chill out, have some great coffee or tea and pastries, and then call us.

We'll usually come and get you if you have a sack of ButterHorns from Bernice's in your possession.

Or, ask anybody in Missoula. If they are a serious musician, they'll know where we are... but, most of the general public has no idea our store is here, so you have to ask the right questions.

Ask them to get you to "Boyce Lumber" - Boyce is the oldest Lumber Co in town, and the north end of their property is on the 400 block of Knowles St, which is one block down the street from us.

Ok, we'll see you when you get here!