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Hours of Operation

We are taking phone calls and e-mails every business day, throughout every week.

Phone or e-Mail - Contact us anytime...
Please excuse our small-capacity phone system,
and leave a voice mail if we cannot pick up the phone.
In general terms, we are available by phone 9am til 6pm Mondays thru Saturdays.
We return all voice messages as soon as we can.

We have regular store hours when our showroom is open to visit:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays - 10am til 6pm
Fridays - 10am til 5pm
*Saturdays - 10am til 4pm
*during festival season we are closed some saturdays, due to limited number of personnel.
- best to call, if travelling from out of town.
*Sundays - closed
*we try to accomodate out of town appointments on Sunday, when possible.
- best to call for available appointment.

* All Times are Mountain Time:
We are 2 hours BEHIND Eastern Time
We are 1 hour BEHIND Central Time
We are 1 hour AHEAD of Pacific Time



* Visits by Appointment - Every week we accommodate customers who can't come during our regular store hours.
Please give us a call and we will see if we can be available for you.
Remember, we are staffing our store about 70 hours per week, so if we can work out a time for your schedule, we will.