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c 2000 Prucha Elban IV Banjo

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     Exc condition. Fairly rare banjo from Jaroslav Prucha with four pickups. This instrument is a fine example of new technology and old world craftsmanship.
     Figured maple construction. This banjo stands apart from most dedicated electric banjos because it has a 3-ply rim and normal flathead tonering. Body of the banjo is bookmatched solid maple with a large maple plywood inspection portal in center. This inspection portal has pickups mounted on it as well as two 9-volt batteries and dedicated circuitboard that was designed for this banjo, where individual pickups can plug in and out. This circuitboard is very advanced with true OP-amp construction. Controls are mounted on the upper shoulder of the banjo and consist of four on/off switches, one for each pickup, and a master tone and volume knob. Two humbucking pickups: one near neck, one between neck and bridge. Magnetic single coil under the bridge, and a Piezo under the bridge.
     Neck is quite special, with a straight string pull configuration of tuners inside a unique peghead from Prucha. Cream bindings along radiused ebony fingerboard. Colorful pearl cut diamond inlays in fingerboard and 5th fret has abalone floral inlay. JPrucha inlaid in ebony peghead overlay. 19th fret has abalone inlay block with name Elban engraved. Banjo currently has a Shubb 5th string capo mounted on the side of neck. 5-star planetary tuners with pearloid buttons. Tailpiece is Prucha pivot-pin tailpiece. One strap button installed near endpin.
     This is a very high end banjo. Workmanship-wise, it has no parallel. Attenuation knobs for the pickups are accessed through the back panel. These are rare banjos... maybe less than ten of these four-pickup Elbans have been produced since 1998. This banjo has fine acoustic tone without the pickups.
     ***We would have changed the head to a new head but it had Bela Fleck's signature on it, so we left it. Mr. Fleck has two Elbans!

$2,850.00 w/ OHC

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