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1957 Gibson J-50 Guitar - Sold

     Exc(-) condition.  1 11/16" width of fingerboard at nut. This is a great 'working' J-50 that has spent quite a few years in our area being played by accomplished musicians. Cosmetically, there is only one thing you have to get used to - pickup control knobs were previously mounted into the Spruce top below the pickguard and a jack hole was cut into the side. The two top holes were professionally filled about 15 - 20 years ago, and the guitar is currently in the lutherie shop to have the side jack hole repaired.
     As far as sound goes, this one is a 'good one'. Some J-50's tend to favor the treble. This guitar is warm and well-balanced. It is suited for playing quite a few styles of music.
     A really good professional pickup by Michael Heiden is mounted on the bridge plate. It works great and sounds like one of the best pickups you'll hear anywhere - lots of output and very natural sound.
w/ Newer Gibson HC

Shipping Cost: $50.00
* Domestic US Ground with insurance