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Calton 5-String Banjo DeLuxe Case 1 Buy Calton 5-String Banjo DeLuxe Case 1 New Calton 5-String Banjo DeLuxe Case Banjo 'On Hold'

     New. White exterior and beautifully plush wine interior. Protect your banjo with one of the best cases around. This particular one sold but please let us know if we can order one for YOU!


Deering GDL 1 Buy Deering GDL 1 1990 Deering GDL Limited Edition Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc(-) condition. Limited edition high model from Deering that shows handwork by Greg Deering.
     Very high grade of Figured Walnut in resonator, showing tight burl figure. Straight grained Walnut neck. Ebony flat fingerboard and peghead overlay, showing ornate inlays in fingerboard and headstock. Deering inlaid near top of peghead; Banner with GDL engraved at 19th fret.
     Very nice bindings and purflings - top and back edge of resonator have Ivoroid bindings and multiple strip of abalone below the ivoroid; Fingerboard shows same, Ivoroid main bindings with multiple strip of abalone purfling beneath the ivoroid; Peghead has multiple Ivoroid bindings showing on side and top edges, but no abalone; Heelcap is Ivoroid with abalone purflings benesth the ivoroid.
     This instrument was lightly played, but just enough to put some light wear on it. Back of neck and back of resonator show normal shirt scuffing marks from handling. Frets show light-to-moderate wear, but do not need any attention (no buzzing).

$3,250.00 w/ OHC

Deering Golden Eagle II 1 Buy Deering Golden Eagle II 1 Recent Deering Golden Eagle II Banjo 'In Stock'

     VG(+) condition. 1 1/4" width at nut. 26 1/4" scale length. 13 7/8" resonator diameter. 11" top frosted medium crown head.
     Maple neck and resonator stained a dark red mahogany to match. White binding on resonator. 3-ply violin-grade maple rim. Ebony fingerboard with eagle engraved inlays. Ebony nut. Fully adjustable truss rod. 22 pressed in nickel silver frets. True Tone Deering tailpiece. Planetary tuners with geared 5th string peg. Deering brass notched tension hoop. Nickel-plated hardware including 24 round hooks, bracket shoes, and 1/4" hex nuts. Eagle two-piece flange. Nickel armrest. 5/8" maple bridge with ebony top.
     The Eagle II features a new innovation for Deering: the patented brass Twenty Ten Tone Ring. This makes it sound quite a bit better than some other Deering banjos you may have played, and works for both bluegrass and clawhammer/frailing. Strong mid-range with clear highs and decent lows. A great affordable banjo.

$1,395.00 w/ OHC

Deering Sierra 1 Buy Deering Sierra 1 2014 Deering Sierra Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc (+) condition.
     Maple banjo with beautiful chocolate brown color and matte finish. Resonator has single white binding on top and back edges. Flat ebony fingerboard has black binding and tasteful inlays. This is a major construction Deering banjo with the full flathead tone ring, wooden rim, and 1-piece flange Deering is known for. All nickel hardware. Deering logo at top of peghead with flourish inlaid below logo. Deering brand tuners in peghead and 5th with old semi-opague cream buttons that look like Tiffany lamp glass.
     This is a solid banjo in fabulous condition. Photos coming soon.

$1,850.00 w/ OHC

Deering Vega Old Tyme Wonder 1 Buy Deering Vega Old Tyme Wonder 1 Like New Deering Vega Old Tyme Wonder Banjo 'In Stock'

     Like new unplayed condition. Previously-owned but no signs of player wear. This banjo is in remarkably new original condition. Nice 1/2" maple 6-ply wood rim dressed black at bottom. Flamed maple neck. Ebony flat fingerboard with dot position markers. Last few frets scalloped away for playing in the "sweet spot". Gotoh tuners with cool creamy white buttons that look like Tiffany glass. Currently set up to play, and it plays nicely.

$1,550.00 w/ OHC

Gibson Kel Kroydon KK-11 1 Buy Gibson Kel Kroydon KK-11 1 Mid 1930's Gibson Kel Kroydon KK-11 Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc.(-) condition. Made by Gibson, marketed under the "Kel Kroydon" brand. This is the same banjo that Gibson named "Style 11." All-orignal hardware in great condition, except for newer Presto tailpiece. Flange shows very litle warping.
     Double-conversion - This banjo was originally a tenor with a bead, brass tone-ring on the 3-ply Maple rim. Now it is converted to 5-string with a radiused Ebony neck, with Bella Voce inlay. Also, the bead ring was removed, and the 3-ply Maple rim was cut to fit a Tennessee-20 flathead tonering. All of the work was done very well, new Waverly tuners with Ivoroid buttons were installed in the new neck. The color of this TB-11 was the dark blue color on the rim and resonator sidewall, and the neck color is a great match to the original color of the resonator and rim. The neck has a full profile with a 1 1/4" width at nut
     This banjo is really setup well, it sounds and plays great.

$4,450.00 w/ Newer Gibson HC

Gibson Mastertone Style 4 Conversion 1 Buy Gibson Mastertone Style 4 Conversion 1 1932 Gibson Mastertone Style 4 Conversion Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc condition. Rare mahogany Style 4 from 1932, converted to 5-string in about 1994 with a neck by Greg Boyd. Almost all original parts.
     Original pot metal 1-piece flange and pot metal tension hoop. Original Mahogany resonator with White/black/white bindings and 2 concentric circles. Binding along neck matches resonator bindings. Original 40-hole archtop tone ring. Original coordinator rods, L-brackets, hooks and nuts, and Grover Patent "Pancake" tuners with ivoroid buttons. Newer 5-Star fifth string tuner. Newer Presto tailpiece. Mahogany neck with fiddle peghead and 'Flying Eagle' inlay pattern.
     Gibson changed their RB-4 banjos around 1930 or so. In 1920's they were almost always Mahogany neck and resonator with multiple white bindings and multiple white concentric circles. In the 1930's they were Walnut with multiple white bindings, but with wooden marquetry concentric circles in resonator back. Mostly you can find Hearts & Flowers inlays from the 1920's, but usually a Flying Eagle version on most 1930's versions. So this one is a little bit of a rarity, being serial numbered from early 1930's and having the 1-pc pot metal flange and pot metal tension hoop usually seen in 1930's, but having the Mahogany throwback to 1920's... (Did I lose you?)...
     This is a very nice banjo and is very collectible because of its condition, its rarity and also because of its great sound.

$12,950.00 w/ HC

Gibson RB-1 Inlay Buy Gibson RB-1 Inlay 1932 Gibson RB-1 Banjo 'In Stock'

     Excellent condition. Original mid-1930's Gibson 5-string banjo with 3-ply Maple rim, pot metal tension hoop and one-piece flange. Comes with original hardshell case. Case is in good shape but missing handle.
     Simple appointments made this an affordable banjo for the 1930's. It is built very similar to all major Gibson "Mastertone" banjos, except this banjo has a bead brass ring under the head instead of a heavy flathead tone ring. As a consequence, these banjos are much lighter than full Mastertone-styles, but people readily agree that the sound is fabulous and is very close to those same pre-War Mastertones. This great sound is causing many banjophiles to realize the importance of the rim is at least as great as the tone ring. These banjos are full of resonance and physically vibrate in your hands while you're playing them. Many people comment that they cannot tell the banjo does not have a major tone ring when they hear it played at a festival or a jam.
      Plain maple construction: neck and resonator, stained darkly. Cream bindings on top and back of resonator and along neck. Flat Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with gull wing inlays. Fiddle peghead with old-style Gibson script inlay and flourish. Original dog-ear Grover tuners and original friction peg for 5th. Single co-rod construction inside. Presto tailpiece installed on banjo and working fine. Newer master-quality hide head. Some natural hand wear through finish on back of neck and some random scratches on resonator. Original pot metal flange and tension hoop are both in fine shape.
      Banjo sounds and plays great.
      Discussion of tuners: most people agree that these simple bead ring Gibsons sound wonderful. But many people are scared of the tuners because they were cheap for the period and the friction 5th tuner can drive people crazy. It is a very easy thing to change the 5th string tuner to a nice geared 5th such as a Schaller. The dog-eared Grovers on the peghead work fine, but work better if you're patient to learn their feel first. The point is, don't ignore this banjo by fear of the tuners.

$10,950.00 w/ OHC

Gibson TB-3 Conversion 1 Buy Gibson TB-3 Conversion 1 c 1930 Gibson TB-3 Conversion Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc (-) condition. Very nice and clean pot, with original archtop rim cut and fitted with bonafide pre-War flathead unplated tone ring. Serial number 158-18. Original finish on rim and resonator. Comes with what appears to be a period original Gibson Plectrum neck that has been widened into a 5-string neck. This job was done painstakingly by removing existing fingerboard and glueing Mahogany as "wings" on left and right side of period neck. Old Gibson "Wreath" pattern fingerboard was cut into blocks containing the inlays; these blocks were inset into the new fingerboard to preserve the original inlay as well as the old Brazilian Rosewood around the inlays. Not trying to be redundant, but I'll reiterate below:
     We are not sure when or how the neck came to this banjo. We don't know when it was converted from Plectrum, or who did the job, but it was a very involved process. Remember, a plectrum neck is exactly the same thing as a 5-string neck as far as scale length and number of frets. The only difference is no fifth string. This conversion was done by removing the fingerboard, adding mahogany to the left and right side of neck, and then installing a new fingerboard. The new fingerboard has old original inlays in the original fingerboard wood at 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, fret positions. The inlay at 22nd fret is newer. At a casual glance, it looks like an original fingerboard. Cosmetically, the work was done such that it appears an original 5-string neck at first inspection, with bindings matching the original bindings of resonator quite well. Wood color and grain are also a good match. Old repaired cracking at heel. Some areas of belt buckle wear on back of resonator. Antique'd cream bindings along fingerboard and along top and back of resonator. Antique'd concentric circles in back of resonator. Original Grover Pat. Pancake tuners in peghead with friction 5th string, all with original screws and original ivoroid buttons. Original one-piece flange is in great shape, slightly bowing upward but no signs of cracking and no bad bends. Banjo comes with what appears to be all original hardware. Currently has old 5th string Presto installed. Coordinator rods, resonator hardware, hooks & nuts and pot metal tension hoop are all original and all in good shape. Frets have only very light wear. Armrest looks like pre-War "new old stock" but could be original to the banjo.
     The unplated pre-War flathead tone ring has been authenticated by several knowledgeable people and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Curtis McPeake.
     The tone of this banjo is very strong, with great timbre and resonance. It has that beautiful "Brrr" sort of Growl. Comes in a modern era Gibson Hard Case.

$52,500.00 w/ 1990s Gibson HC

Gibson TB-3 Conversion 1 Buy Gibson TB-3 Conversion 1 1928 Gibson TB-3 Conversion Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc. (+) condition. Hardware appears to be 100% original with one exception. The tension hoop appears to be pot metal and is usually associated with banjos from the 1930s, so it could have been replaced. Beautiful condition original 3-ply maple rim with no-hole archtop ring. Two-piece tube and plate flange. Original Presto tailpiece and armrest. Neck is probably a first-quality neck blank finished out by previous owner of banjo, using original Grover Patent offset tuners and a period friction peg for 5th. *The friction peg works great. Frets show no wear. Neck appears to have varnish finish. Resonator in great shape with just cursory amount of scratches and dings. Beautiful cream binding around top and back edge of resonator.
     The banjo plays and sounds great.
     Comes with a period 1960s hard shell case with handle in good shape.

$4,750.00 w/ HC

Gibson TB-4 "No Hole" Conversion 1 Buy Gibson TB-4 "No Hole" Conversion 1 1927 Gibson TB-4 "No Hole" Conversion - Frank Neat 5-str Neck Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc. condition. Almost no sign of playing on the frets. Some scratching on back of resonator and sidewalls. Appears to be all original hardware, except newer tailpiece replacement. Excellent conversion and setup with 5 railroad spikes at 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12th frets, for capoing in A, Bb, B, C, and D.
     No-hole archtop from the peak of their construction. Mahogany banjo with multiple white-black-white bindings around top and back edge of resonator, with black line showing above, below, and on the sides. Wonderful 5-string neck by Frank Neat with hearts and flowers inlay and multiple binding along Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and multiple-bound heelcap. Very high-grade Krishot pre-War style "pancake" tuners, with Schaller 5th. Two-piece tube and plate flange,
     This is a very fine sounding banjo. No-hole archtops are preferred by many over 40-hole archtops, because of the ability to reach a lower center of resonance and produce a strong presence. This banjo comes all set up with a great neck and tuners and good newer hardcase with 5 latches and leather handle. Also includes a period hardshell case, which has been previously marked "TB-5" and has a sticker identifying it as being in the Tsumura collection. This period case contains "extras". Original tenor neck is intact with original Grover Patent tuners. Original neck is in fine shape with hardly any fretwear. Also included is the original Oettinger-style 4-string tailpiece and old Elton armrest in great shape.
    Banjo in great shape and sounds great.

$6,950.00 w/ Good HC

Gibson Tom McKinney Parts Banjo "General Lee" 1 Buy Gibson Tom McKinney Parts Banjo "General Lee" 1 1957 Gibson Tom McKinney Parts Banjo "General Lee" Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc condition. Frets are nearly immaculate.
     This banjo was made by Tom McKinney starting with a 1957 Gibson TB-100 or 150. The rim was cut and fitted with a Blaylock tone ring and a beautiful Silvio Ferretti mahogany neck with early Style 3 inlays. Resonator is of unknown origin. It could be from a 1940s or 50s Gibson. The resonator is maple and shows dark finish to match the neck. Cream bindings on top and back edge of resonator. Tuners are wonderful, with two Krishot "pancake" tuners at 1st and 4th, two Scruggs/Keith D-tuners at 2nd and 3rd, Schaller 5th. Nickel Presto tailpiece with Granada engraved. Solid pearl truss rod cover with Tom McKinney's initials THM engraved.
     Several years ago, our friend Walt Timmerman was recording an album, and hired Tom McKinney as his banjo player for the project. Tom McKinney brought this General Lee banjo for the session and Walt was so impressed by it, he had to have it. The name "General Lee" is not named after the famous Confederate general, but rather is named after the car from the Dukes of Hazzard TV show. This is a professional banjo built by a professional banjo player that does deliver professional sound. It has no problems, and is ready for your next recording session.

$3,895.00 w/ TKL Faux Alligator HC

Hatfield Celebrity 1 Buy Hatfield Celebrity 1 c. 2000 Hatfield Celebrity Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc. Condition.
     Beautifully figured Maple resonator and neck. Resonator and fretboard have single cream binding. Flat rosewood fingerboard with elaborate pearl inlays and "celebrity" inlay at 21st fret. Gold hardware including Schaller tuners and  D-tuners. Ebony peghead overlay with elaborate pearl inlay and Hatfield logo. Very few signs of player wear - some belt wear in back of resonator. Some lacquer chipping at top of peghead face.
     Sound is a very nice professional grade - smooth but strong attack, good presence, great tone.

$3,250.00 w/ HC

OME Tupelo 1 Buy OME Tupelo 1 New OME Tupelo 12" Rim Open-Back Banjo 'In Stock'

     New. 1 5/16" width at nut.
     12" Maple rim with varnish finish. Mahogany neck with ebony heelcap. Ebony flat fingerboard with small dot pearl inlays. R.R. spikes at 7th and 9th frets for capo-ing. "Antiqued" brass hardware with amber tuner buttons. 25 1/2" scale. Fretboard is "scooped out" at end for ease of playing. Bottom of pot bound with tortoise inside and out. Adjustable dowel stick construction. Renaissance head. Bone nut. Beautiful rosewood  overlay on the simple-cut peghead that hearkens back to 1900 and earlier. Decorative light wood strip beneath ebony fingerboard.

$2,150.00 w/ HC

OME Wizard - 12" 1 Buy OME Wizard - 12" 1 New OME Wizard - 12" Banjo 'In Stock'

     New. Made in America open-back banjo from Boulder, Colorado.
     Satin-finish 12" 2-ply maple rim with 26 brackets. Back of rim is capped with tortoise showing on side. Beautifully-grained South American mahogany neck. Ebony flat fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Hardened nickel-silver frets. Side dots inlaid. Mother of pearl star inlay in peghead and fingerboard scoop. Ebony peghead veneer, heelcap and truss rod cover. Antiqued brass hardware including OME planetary tuners with amber buttons. 2-way adjustable truss rod and adjustable wood rim rod. Railroad spikes installed at 7th and 9th frets. Bone nut. Renaissance head.


Prucha Bat Custom Buy Prucha Bat Custom  Previously Owned Prucha Bat Custom with Maple Massif Resonator Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc(+) condition. High-end Prucha "Bat" banjo in nice original condition.
     The "Bat" model is one of the most popular banjos made by Jaroslav Prucha. It literally has tasteful bat inlay shapes inlaid in headstock and fingerboard. In short, this is a sunburst, figured Maple banjo, with reversed multiple bindings, wooden marquetry purflings, radiused f.b., Massif resonator, and abalone inlays...
     Most banjo buyers like to say they only care about 'sound' and that they don't really care what the banjo 'looks like'... We all know what they mean - they want the nicest looking banjo around, but only want to pay extra for higher-grade sound, not looks.
     Well, here is the answer, a politely used Prucha Bat that has only a little bit of 'bling' (abalone inlays and marquetry purflings), and all the sound a pro player needs. This banjo was built for sound and performance.
     High grade figured Maple neck and resonator. Resonator is "Massif" version, meaning it has a bookmatched solid wood back that is turned on a lathe, then hand-scraped and hand-voiced (similar to a mandolin back). Radiused Ebony fingerboard with Abalone inlays in f.b. and peghead overlay. Reverse bindings (black outside with white line under), around top and back of resonator and along fingerboard. Wooden marquetry purflings below the bindings. Beautiful amber sunburst finish. Nickel hardware, including pre-war style Ptacek 20-hole flat head tone ring and one-piece flange. 3-ply hard maple rim.
     You'll find this banjo to be easy to adjust to make it your sound... almost every part of this banjo is produced by Prucha and his parts are widely recognized as some of the best pre-war style banjo parts ever made. This banjo is set-up good right now and sounds great... but these Prucha banjos have professional sound over a wide range of head tightness, so you can decide if you want "thumpy" sound or a "snappier" sound. This banjo is sold with transferable warranty.

$4,450.00 w/ HC

Prucha Elban IV 1 Buy Prucha Elban IV 1 c 2000 Prucha Elban IV Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc condition. Fairly rare banjo from Jaroslav Prucha with four pickups. This instrument is a fine example of new technology and old world craftsmanship.
     Figured maple construction. This banjo stands apart from most dedicated electric banjos because it has a 3-ply rim and normal flathead tonering. Body of the banjo is bookmatched solid maple with a large maple plywood inspection portal in center. This inspection portal has pickups mounted on it as well as two 9-volt batteries and dedicated circuitboard that was designed for this banjo, where individual pickups can plug in and out. This circuitboard is very advanced with true OP-amp construction. Controls are mounted on the upper shoulder of the banjo and consist of four on/off switches, one for each pickup, and a master tone and volume knob. Two humbucking pickups: one near neck, one between neck and bridge. Magnetic single coil under the bridge, and a Piezo under the bridge.
     Neck is quite special, with a straight string pull configuration of tuners inside a unique peghead from Prucha. Cream bindings along radiused ebony fingerboard. Colorful pearl cut diamond inlays in fingerboard and 5th fret has abalone floral inlay. JPrucha inlaid in ebony peghead overlay. 19th fret has abalone inlay block with name Elban engraved. Banjo currently has a Shubb 5th string capo mounted on the side of neck. 5-star planetary tuners with pearloid buttons. Tailpiece is Prucha pivot-pin tailpiece. One strap button installed near endpin.
     This is a very high end banjo. Workmanship-wise, it has no parallel. Attenuation knobs for the pickups are accessed through the back panel. These are rare banjos... maybe less than ten of these four-pickup Elbans have been produced since 1998. This banjo has fine acoustic tone without the pickups.
     ***We would have changed the head to a new head but it had Bela Fleck's signature on it, so we left it. Mr. Fleck has two Elbans!

$2,850.00 w/ OHC

Prucha Legend - Custom 1 Buy Prucha Legend - Custom 1 Un Played Condition Prucha Legend - Custom Burled Walnut Resonator Banjo 'In Stock'

     Excellent(+) condition. There is no wear on frets, no dings, no repairs. All original parts. Original Remo head only shows slight evidence of prior ownership.
     Beautiful Walnut banjo with tasteful dark-ish sunburst... Straight-grained neck with beautiful Burled Walnut resonator. Multiple Ivoroid bindings, with black line showing between the ivoroid on all quarters of the resonator - seen from the upper and lower sidewall of resonator, as well as top and back of resonator and along the side of the neck. Multiple ivoroid concentric circles in back of resonator. Fiddle cut peghead. Ebony peghead overlay with JPrucha abalone logo and abalone Hearts & Flowers inlay. Beautiful Rosewood flat fingerboard with more abalone Hearts & Flowers inlays.
     Nickel hardware. Pre-war style 2-band offset main tuners, with Schaller 5th tuner, all with beautiful creamy tuner buttons. R.R. spikes professionally installed by Mr. Prucha at A, Bb, B & C positions. Bone nut. 4-hump clamshell tailpiece.
     This Walnut banjo has the great presence and voice that you expect from a Prucha banjo. Big growly sound with bouncy attack. This banjo is in such good shape, it comes with transferable warranty.

On Sale... $3,750.00
w/ HC

Prucha Pioneer 1
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New Prucha Pioneer Banjo 'On Hold'

     Fresh out of the box from Prucha.
     New. Mahogany banjo with simple, yet tasteful inlays.
     Good straight-grained Mahogany neck and resonator, with radiused Rosewood fingerboard. Nice mother of pearl inlay pattern in peghead. Cut diamond inlays in fingerboard. Black bindings on resonator and along fingerboard. PIONEER ingraved in fingerboard. Matte finish. Nickel hardware. Cream tuner buttons.
     These Pioneer banjos are, of course, made with the same high grade rims and hardware used in the higher priced models, so you get a real professional tone.
     This banjo is set up very well and comes complete with r.r. spikes installed at A, Bb, B & C for 5th string capo'ing.
     And... they all come with good hard case and lifetime warranty.

w/ OHC

Prucha Spirit - Jason Burleson Signature 1 Buy Prucha Spirit - Jason Burleson Signature 1 New Prucha Spirit - Jason Burleson Signature Top Tension Banjo 'In Stock'

     New. Lightweight top tension model---newest design by Jaroslav Prucha.
     This banjo is fresh from a stellar performance used by Jason Burleson at the SPBGMA Saturday night show in Nashville. Mr. Burleson brought the house down with this banjo sounding so fine there were many comments about it to Prucha and Jason Burleson. Jaroslav Prucha then revealed that it does not have the usual heavy flathead tonering, but rather a newly designed bar tone ring that transmits tone beautifully to the rim so that the audience cannot tell that it is not a full flathead tonering. Other innovations on this banjo include new pot metal top tension hoop by Prucha and his famous one-piece pot metal flange.The resonator is a normal ply resonator instead of the solid back wall usually used in top tension banjos.
     Very high grade figured maple neck and resonator. Multiple ivoroid bindings around top and back edge of resonator and along fingerboard. Resonator shows the black line along top, back, and sides. Handsome root beer brown finish. Beautiful abalone Spirit inlays in peghead and fingerboard. Fingerboard is radiused ebony. Neck has 24-frets with last two extended over the head. Beautiful pre-War style H&K tuners with Gotoh 5th, all with matching ivoroid buttons. Jason Burleson signature block at 19th fret and etched into truss rod cover. Railroad spikes installed at A, Bb, B, and C positions. 4-hump clamshell tailpiece. and classic top tension armrest.
     Comes with all the tone you need. Jason Burleson made this banjo sound like a million dollars closing the SPBGMA awards show on the main stage in 2017.

$4,750.00 w/ OHC

Rickard Brass Spunover Dobson 12" Open-Back 1 Buy Rickard Brass Spunover Dobson 12" Open-Back 1 New Rickard Brass Spunover Dobson 12" Open-Back Banjo 'In Stock'

     New. Wonderfully handmade open-back banjo featuring a Rickard "Dobson-style" tone ring with maple insert.
     Maple neck with ebony stringer. Ebony flat fingerboard with frailing "scoop" at end. Pearl diamond and stars inlay pattern with side dots inlaid. EVO frets. Bone nut. Renaissance head. Ebony peghead overlay. Premium brass hardware. Gotoh tuners with black buttons.
     We just received this banjo from the builder and it has already received high compliments from our local players. We love listening to people test it out in the store. Fine workmanship and VERY fine tone. Our banjo tech Emily Emmons can't stop playing it. She says it sounds "sparkly" like it has "built in tunes".

$2,150.00 w/ OHC

White Mountain 11" Open-Back 1 Buy White Mountain 11" Open-Back 1 White Mountain 11" Open-Back Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc.(++) Condition. There are just a couple of very, very light touches on the back of the neck, and the back of the rim. Banjo has had recent professional set-up and "no-knot" tailpiece installed.
     8-piece matched Maple rim. Very nice wooden binding/marquetry along the edge of the rim. Mahogany neck multiple bound with white/black/rosewood. Flat Ebony fretboard with pearl inlays. Ebony peghead overlay with 2-ply binding and White Mountain decal/truss rod cover and pearl inlay. Donut "resonator" with Whyte Ladie tonering.
     This banjo is playing and sounding very good. Comes with great fitting hard case.

On Sale... $1,350.00
w/ HC

Williams "Kenny Ingram" 1 Buy Williams "Kenny Ingram" 1 2008 Williams "Kenny Ingram" No 16 Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc(+) original condition. This banjo shows only the slightest signs of prior ownership. Head is slightly worn, armrest slightly discolored, and resonator shows a few slight small marks here and there. No fret wear!
     Only 25 banjos of the official run were made. There are four prototypes, marked #"0", and #"00", "000" and "0000"... and there is one "floorsweep model" at the end of the run.
     Mahogany neck and resonator with Rosewood fingerboard. Cream bindings around top and back edge of resonator and along fingerboard. Concentric white/black/white circles in back of resonator. Double-cut peghead with variation of "Flying Eagle" pearl inlay in headstock and fingerboard. Flat Rosewood fingerboard. Railroad spikes on 7th & 9th frets.
     Nickel hardware, including Keith "Standard" main 4 tuning pegs, with Schaller 5th - all with matching Ivoroid buttons.
     Burlile unplated flathead tone ring mounted on "old factory floor" 3-ply Maple rim. 1-pc pot metal flange. Presto tailpiece. Banjo construction and rim authenticity are documented inside the banjo, along with Kenny Ingram's endorsement of the banjo.
     These special banjos, specifically made to sound very close to pre-war Mahogany flatheads. This is a fine professional banjo made with a high level of skill and top key components that shows only moderate use. Greg says - this banjo has wonderfully solid 4th string, and the high "D" string is not "metallic" and shrill at all. Really great sound with lots of power.

On Sale... $4,950.00
w/ HC and nice case cover

Williams "Kenny Ingram" No 20 1 Buy Williams "Kenny Ingram" No 20 1 2008 Williams "Kenny Ingram" No 20 Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc.(+) Condition. Only has slight signs of prior ownership. Head shows some wear. Neck and frets are both in great shape. Slight area of button marring on back of resonator. "Zero-glide" nut has been professionally installed.
     Bound Mahogany resonator with two concentric circles. Cream binding on rosewood fingerboard. Jim Burlile tonering, Maple "old-floor" 3-ply rim. Mahogany neck. Flat Rosewood fingerboard with elaborate pearl inlays. Keith standard tuning pegs with Ivoroid buttons. Schaller 5th with matching Ivoroid button. Railroad spikes on 7th & 9th frets.
     These limited run banjos (only 25 were made), were designed and 'dialed-in' to perform with the tone and timbre of pre-war RB-3 and RB-75 Mahogany flathead banjos of the 1930's. All the key parts are not only top notch, but were thoughtfully fit and mated for tonal performance... and it works. The player is rewarded with a very strong resonant banjo, with great presence, a growly, fuzzy sound when playing slides, and a sure attack when hitting the string with your pick.

On Sale... $4,950.00
w/ HC and nice case cover