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This is a list of previously sold instruments for archive use. Please visit our instruments in stock pages by following the links on the left.

Here is a listing of instruments that have passed through our hands. Please browse and gain an idea of what we stock regularly. Instruments Models marked "Available to Order" can be ordered through the House of Fine instruments. Other instruments are one of a kind. However if one catches your eye feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can't track another one down.

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Gibson 'Earl Scruggs' Copy by Frank Neat 1
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c.1994 Gibson 'Earl Scruggs' Copy by Frank Neat Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Moderate fret wear. Area at back edge of resonator where finish rubbed through. One mark on back of neck below 6th fret. Small amount of slight marks on back of resonator.
     Highly figured Maple Resonator and neck. Multiple ivoroid bindings around resonatro and fingerboard. Hearts & Flowers inlay pattern in flat Ebony fingerboard. Five star tuners, with waverly 5th. R.R. spikes installed at 7th, 9th and 11th frets for 5th string capo'ing.
     I think this banjo would be close to Frank Neat's current "Kentucky" model, but comes from an era where many makers would take commissions to hand-build "Gibson" copies. This banjo does have Gibson logo inlaid in Ebony peghead overlay, as well as Mastertone block inlaid at 20th fret.
     This banjo sounds good. It has no problems and is ready to play.
w/ OHC

Gibson "RB-7" 1
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1997 Gibson "RB-7" Top Tension Banjo 'Sold'

Exc. cond. Faithful re-issue of the most popular pre-war Top Tension banjo from Gibson. Carved resonator made of solid bookmatched flamed maple. 1-piece flamed maple neck. White bindings on resonator, fingerboard and peghead. Original (1997) cast top tension hoop broke and was replaced in 2005 w/ superior Prucha/Ptacek machine top tension hoop. *Prucha/Ptacek tension hoop has been a Gibson OEM part for several years now.
w/ OHC

Gibson Bow Tie Copy by "First Quality" 1
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1995 Gibson Bow Tie Copy by "First Quality" Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Some light marks on banjo. Frets recently lightly milled. Tailpiece is pushed to one side to make strings line up better over the bridge and along the neck.
     Traditional Gibson "Bowtie" copy by First Quality. Mahogany neck and resonator. 3-ply maple rim mounted with Kulesh 20-hole tone ring. Rosewood fingerboard with MOP bowtie inlay pattern. Peghead has Gibson logo inlaid in pearl and the Gibson crown inlay below the logo. Engraved Mastertone block inlaid at 21st fret.
     White bindings throughout, including bound peghead. Concentric rings in back of resonator. Nice sunburst 'shading' on resonator and back of neck.
     Comes with Keith 'Scruggs' D-tuners installed at 2nd & 3rd strings. Waverly 1st & 4th tuners.
     You know how sometimes you encounter a banjo that just "has it"? Well, this is one of those. The entire instrument vibrates and resonates when it is played and it has great tone through a wide range of head tensions. Right now it is set at typical "G#" tuning... but it also sounded great when even below G, right at G, and at A pitch.
w/ HC

Gibson Copy Mastertone-Style Parts 1
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Gibson Copy Mastertone-Style Parts Banjo 'Sold'

     Very good (+) condition.
     Styled after a "Wreath" model, this banjo has mahogany neck with double-cut peghead. Ebony fingerboard and traditional wreath inlays. Maple resonator, stained to match mahogany neck, with concentric rings in back. Antiqu'ed cream binding along top and back of resonator and along fingerboard. Fingerboard shows evidence of earlier railroad spikes and evidence of side-mounted capo. 20-hole flathead tonering. Pot metal one-piece flange. Serial number shows 7076-39. Tuners are Montana-made Waverly with Schaller 5th. Railroad spikes currently installed at 7th, 9th, and 10th frets. Frets show moderate wear, but in good shape. Kirschner tailpiece.
     Recent professional setup makes this banjo sound good and stage-ready. This would be a heck of a banjo for someone's first good banjo.

w/ HC

Gibson Earl Scruggs 1
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Recent Gibson Earl Scruggs Banjo 'Sold'

Gold Hardware. Exc(-) condition. Hardly any player wear. Excellent flamed Maple on this Scruggs model. The original owner of this banjo upgraded most of the hardware to gold plated hardware. Gold plated Tension Hoop, Flange, Engraved Armrest, Tailpiece, Hooks and Nuts. Tonering and a few other parts remain Nickel. Original Keith D-tuners.
w/ OHC

Gibson Earl Scruggs 1
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2002 Gibson Earl Scruggs Banjo 'Sold'

Exc(+) condition. This is a nice example. Used politely for a few years, but not abused. The Maple is highly figured in the neck and resonator. The amber sunburst is tastefully done, and brings out the strong Maple figure very well. Ebony fingerboard has been freshly cleaned and oiled. Entire banjo has been taken apart for inspection, re-assembly, and set-up, by Greg Boyd. All original metal parts freshly polished.
    Some player finish wear on side of neck at 1st fret. No belt buckle marks on back of resonator. Frets are in fine playing condition. Original set up with 2 Keith Scruggs tuners at 2nd & 3rd strings. Comes with r.r. spikes installed at 7th and 9th frets for 5th-string capo'ing.
    This banjo is set up well, and plays and sounds great.
* An interesting note: Label reads "10-31-02 Boo!", to celebrate that it was made on Halloween, 2002.
w/ OHC

Gibson Earl Scruggs 1
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c.1985 Gibson Earl Scruggs Banjo 'Sold'

Excellent original condition. #0657. No belt buckle marks on back of resonator, no dings on back of neck. Some fret wear on the original frets, but the instrument plays fine with no buzzing.
    Nicely figured Maple neck and resonator, with Ivoroid/black/ivoroid bindings on resonator and side of fingerboard. Hearts & Flowers inlays, with the extra inlay at 1st fret. Ebony fingerboard. Comes with Keith/Scruggs tuners. This banjo is set-up to play, and works fine with no problems or surprises.
w/ newer HC

Gibson Earl Scruggs 1
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c.1987 Gibson Earl Scruggs Banjo 'Sold'

     VG(+) condition. Original early Earl Scruggs banjo with signed label, but no serial number. Original "honey-amber" finish, with finish partially removed from back of neck for ease of hand movement. The story we got wih this banjo is that it was a Gibson employee
     Peghead break repaired professionally - the repair is done quite well, but there is one chip of lacquer below the nut that reveals the repair. Recent new professional fret job.
w/ HC

Gibson Earl Scruggs Standard 1
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1997 Gibson Earl Scruggs Standard w/ especially nice Maple Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(++) condition. This is a one-owner banjo that was enjoyed a lot, but always cared-for. Hardly any signs of player wear - just a small 'touch mark' here and there... No belt buckle marks on resonator, no dings on back of neck, etc. Frets have been recently professionally milled and are in fine playing condition with no wear.
     Very nice highly figured Maple in the neck and resonator... strong vibrant flame figure that is perfectly showcased by the excellent sunburst finish. Multiple white/black/white bindings on resonator and along fingerboard. On the resonator, the bindings show the black line on top and back edge and along sidewalls of resonator.
     Hearts & Flowers pearl inlay in Ebony fingerboard, with extra flower at 1st fret. Nickel engraved Waverly 2-band tuners at 1st and 4th string, Keith/Scruggs D-tuners at 2nd and 3rd. Nickel engraved Waverly 5th peg. All tuners have matching ivoroid buttons. Engraved tension hoop, armrest and tailpiece. Resonator thumbscrews have large abalone dots inset into the top.
     This is a very nice banjo that was enjoyed for 12 years by John Swigert, a good friend of ours who was an icon in our local bluegrass community. John was a serious musician who played several instruments and not only was in several bands over a period of about 45 years, but was also a regular at jams, and spent lots of time helping other players get started on instruments. John passed away recently and his family has made this fine banjo available for you to buy.
w/ OHC

Gibson Granada 1
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2000 Gibson Granada Banjo 'Sold'

Exc condition. Hearts & Flowers inlay in Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard. Nicely figured Maple neck & resonator, with resonator having a satisfying "smoky" figure around the flame figure. Barely any evidence of prior ownership. No marks on resonator or back of neck. Slight marks on side of heel from previous strap. Photos soon...
w/ OHC

Gibson Granada Conversion 1
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1926 Gibson Granada Conversion Banjo 'Sold'

     Exceptional condition. This banjo began as a 1926 ball-bearing Gibson Mastertone Granada Tenor. Converted in recent times to 5-string. SN 8250-33.
     Very good matched flamed maple Granada copy neck by Frank Neat, with fiddle peghead and Hearts and Flowers inlay pattern in flat rosewood fingerboard. Banjo was converted to flathead tonering with a Blaylock conversion ring that required no alteration of the original rim (no re-cutting, re-turning, etc). Tube and plate flange. Original gold parts in great condition. Original Kerschner tailpiece missing backscrew.
     Beautiful one-piece maple veneer resonator showing brown amber figure. Concentric circles of wood marketry. Multiple white-black-white binding seen on sides, top and back of resonator, and along fingerboard with black line on the side. Original gold planetary tuners in peghead with solid pearl buttons. Newer gold Schaller 5th tuner with matching solid pearl button. Tailpiece, armrest, and tension hoop are gold and engraved.
     Great sound. Big presence, very resonant. This is a very fine example of great condition in one of the oldest Granadas, from the first years of construction.
     Comes with Saga molded flight case with nice green plush interior.

w/ HC

Gibson Handmade RB-4 1
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c.1993 Gibson Handmade RB-4 Tube & Plate - 100% Orig Gibson Parts Banjo 'Sold'

     Hand Made w/ all Gibson Parts.
     Exc(+) condition. Walnut RB-4 style banjo handmade by Greg Boyd from 100% authentic Gibson parts. We produced several of these banjos, and local players refer to them as a "GB-4".
     That's right... in the early 1990's we were very fortunate to have purchased a regular supply of authentic parts direct from Gibson. We purchased raw resonators (unsanded, unbound, unfinished), raw necks (inlaid by Gibson, but unfinished, unbound, unfretted and not shaped), raw unturned 3-ply rims, Kulesh tone rings, 1-pc flanges, tension hoops, and even this 2-pc Tube & Plate flange on this banjo. There were only a very few of the Tube & Plate flanges to buy, and I am sure it was the very old stock, as they match the late '20's and early '30's flanges and were nothing like the larger tubes on 1970's Gibsons. We had to buy the tuners ourselves, but used same tuners Gibson was using at the time.
     Many people can scoff and say this is not possible... but I was there picking up the armloads of necks, boxes of stacked resonators and rims, writing the checks and loading them into my vehicle.
     All in all we produced only about 20 or so of these banjos using all Gibson parts. This particular banjo was made by me for one of my best friends, Dave Kraus, a great area guitar player and singer, who never "took" to playing banjo. So... while this banjo does have some 16 years of clouding of the nickel, it is essentially hardly played. It does show signs of handling over the years, as I am sure it was taken out of the case for players to enjoy at Dave's famous pickin' sessions, but it has no problems and no significant fret wear.
     Neck was hand-shaped and bound by me, fretted and finished by our staff in our former store. Resonator was bound by me and finished in our store as well.
     There is no label, but there is writing on top of rim, below tonering, that states I made the banjo, and it is signed.
     After sitting for so long, we have replaced the 16-year old strings, polished up the nickel a little, and given the banjo a fresh set-up.
     It sounds great. It has big presence and a growly attack. And... it is essentially a true "Gibson", even though it was not assembled at the Gibson facility.
w/ OHC

Gibson Kel Kroydon KK-11 1
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1931 Gibson Kel Kroydon KK-11 Double-Conversion Banjo 'Sold'

    VG(+) condition. This is a double-conversion banjo. Converted from Tenor to 5-String and converted from bead brass ring to full flathead tonering. Mostly original hardware: pot metal tension hoop, pot metal one-piece flange with approximately 6" segment of outer edge broken/missing. Second coordinator rod added. Appears to be original armrest, hooks and nuts, L-brackets. Newer Presto tailpiece, and tailpiece bracket. Nice feeling Mahogany 5-string neck by unknown maker, shows elaborate Bella Voce inlay in double-cut peghead and older style 3 pattern in ebony fingerboard. Pre-War style pip for 5th string nut.
     This banjo's rim was cut and fitted with an excellent Dannick 3.4lb flathead tone ring. Irt's obvious to anyone playing this banjo that the rim and ring are a good match for tone! Newer Waverly two-band offset tuners with Waverly two-band 5th tuner. This banjo sounds GREAT.

w/ period HC

Gibson Mandolin Banjo (MB) 1
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c 1936 Gibson Mandolin Banjo (MB) Banjo 'Sold'

     100% original Gibson parts, except tailpiece cover missing. Dark stained maple neck and resonator. Ebony fingerboard and peghead overlay. Gibson script silkscreen logo. 4-on-a-plate open-back tuners with cream buttons to match cream binding along fingerboard and top and back of resonator. Shoe and plate construction, with plate flange being one-piece with hexagonal cutouts. Pearl dot position markers in fingerboard. Brass bead ring on top of rim beneath original hide head. Period bridge. Appears to be all original frets and nut as well. Excellent art piece or parts banjo.

with period HC

Gibson Mastertone Copy 1
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1982 Gibson Mastertone Copy w/ Bella Voce inlay Banjo 'Sold'

     VG condition. Some player wear: V-dents in frets, nicks here and there and some flaking finish on top edge of resonator and on back of resonator. Made with mostly First Quality parts.
     Figured Maple neck and resonator. Ebony flat fingerboard with Bella Voce pearl inlay pattern in fingerboard and headstock. Original gold plated tone ring mixed with mostly Nickel hardware, with exception of newer gold Presto tailpiece. Nickel 5-star planetary tuners with Schaller 5th peg, all with matching pearloid buttons.
     This banjo was built by Don Elkins, here in Montana, for the pre-eminent banjo player in Montana at the time, Johnny Bebinger. Johnny was truly a great player and was constantly in demand for gigs, lessons, jams and studio recording sessions. This was his main banjo for several years until he sold it to Greg Boyd, so he could build a fancier gold, engraved banjo for himself.
     Used for several years (and many gigs), by Greg Boyd, until he sold it in about 1994. Now it is back here in the store.
     This banjo has a great sound, with lots of presence and tone.
w/ HC

Gibson Mastertone-Style Parts 1
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Gibson Mastertone-Style Parts Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc condition. Banjo is built around a 1954 Gibson rim, with other high-grade metal and wood parts newer. Rim appears to be from a 1954 Gibson RB-100, with serial number 6483-53.
     Double-cut figured mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard. Single binding along fingerboard. Gibson logo inlaid at top of headstock. Hearts and Flowers pattern inlaid in headstock and fingerboard. Solid pearl truss rod cover. Nickel Krishot pre-War style "Pancake" tuners, with nickel Waverly 5th. One-piece pot metal flange. One coordinator rod. Blaylock unplated 20-hole flathead tone ring. Highly figured maple resonator, with multiple white-black-white bindings.
     The resonator is from an old Gibson TB-00. It has been re-bound and refinished. You can still see the yellowish color on inside of resonator and also the former 3 holes for reso wall lugs.
     This banjo plays great and has that buttery growl you are looking for. Very resonant. This is a bargain banjo for the tone. You'd be hard pressed to find a banjo that sounds this good for the money.

w/ HC

Gibson Mastertone-Style Parts 1
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Recent Gibson Mastertone-Style Parts Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition.
     This is a double-cut peghead on a mahogany neck with "wreath" inlay. Ebony peghead overlay and ebony flat fingerboard. Plain maple resonator stained to match mahogany neck. Neck has cream binding along the sides. Cream binding also along top and back edge of resonator. Back of resonator has 3-ply concentric circles. Serial number inside is marked as Gibson did it in pre-War time. Almost no fretwear. Four Waverly tuners for main peghead tuners with Schaller 5th string. This banjo is rated exc(-) because of installation and removal of former 5th string side-mount capo along edge of neck as well as two mars on the side edge of the peghead. Banjo construction show major hardware with 3-ply maple rim, full flathead tonering, Kerschner other words, it's built with major components.
     Great rolling resonance in the 4th string. Really nice growly sound even on the first string. Recent professional setup by Greg Boyd.

w/ HC

Gibson PB-3 1
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1927 Gibson PB-3 Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) all original condition. Original armrest top plate missing.
     "No-Hole" Archtop with Plectrum neck. Plain Maple neck and resonator, with the classic handsome look of brown lacquer over cherry red wood stain. Diamond inlay pattern. Original small frets. Original nut. Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard.
     All original hardware (except for armrest plate), with the Nickel plating in very good shape. Presto tailpiece. Grover "Pat." pancake tuners. Two-pc 'tube-and-plate' flange.
     These "No-Hole" tonerings represent the earliest "major" tone ring that Gibson used. Simply put, it is the same ring as a "40-Hole" tone ring, but without any holes drilled into the inside wall of tone ring. Comes with old Calfskin head in excellent condition.
     Excellent banjos for converting to 5-string - all you do is put a neck on it that is cut for 2-pc flange (and buy one more string).

w/ OHC

Gibson RB-1 PH
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c.1934 Gibson RB-1 All Original Banjo 'Sold'

     Excellent original condition. All original parts, including: frets, nut, 5th string nut, 1-pc flange, tension hoop, tailpiece, tuners, reso hardware, armrest, tuners, hooks & nuts, etc... Even the hard case is original and working, but has a newer replaced handle.
     * If you are looking to buy this banjo and convert it to a full flathead version, I suggest you buy a different banjo. There is nothing wrong with the sound of this banjo and in the future you will probably regret cutting the rim...
     Original 5-string neck, resonator and rim. Rim has original brass bead ring for tonering. 5-string neck is in very good shape and has never been cracked or repaired. All finish is original.
     These original Gibsons with bead brass for tone ring make you aware that a tone ring is really only a facilitator for tone to resonate and develop thru the rim (and neck and resonator). When someone is playing this banjo and you are approaching it, you cannot tell that it doesn't have a full flathead tone ring - all you hear is great tone.
     Maple banjo with brown finish. Some finish worn on back of neck, and some various scratches on resonator. Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with gull wing inlays. Gibson pearl logo inlaid in peghead along with pearl flourish inlaid in center of peghead. Resonator and fingerboard bound with cream binding. Original Grover Pat. "dog-ear" tuners in peghead, with friction tuner 5th peg (works fine). Original matching cream buttons.
     Original 1-pc pot metal flange is in very good shape, with no cracks and no bad bending. Original pot metal tension hoop shows a little outward lean, but is in good shape and shows no cracks.
     Comes set-up to play with an old Remo head that shows finger wear and the former owner's name, Butch. New Prucha bridge. Now has recent professionally installed r.r. spikes for 5th string capo'ing.

w/ Original Hard Case

Gibson RB-11 1
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c.1934 Gibson RB-11 All Original 5-string Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) Original Condition.
     Parts are original and in fine working condition, including 1-pc pot metal flange and pot metal tension hoop.
     This is same model as used by Earl Scruggs during the early 1940's. The RB-11 is very similar to an RB-1, with both having a Maple 3-ply rim and a "brass bead ring", instead of a full 3-lb cast tone ring. In previous times, these 'simple tone ring' models from Gibson were relegated to junior status. But in today's world we seem to be actually listening with our ears and an open mind. Nowadays, the almost universal thought about these 'brass bead ring' banjos is that they sound surprisingly close to original Flathead banjos that have the full flathead tone ring.
    This banjo has the original blue finish with pearloid fingerboard, headstock overlay and resonator back. Instead of inlays, Gibson used silk screen art on the pearloid, and sealed it with lacquer. Some blue finish is worn on resonator sidewall, and back of neck shows significant wear and finish flaking.
     Original Grover Pat. offset dog-ear tuners, with original friction 5th peg - all with matching cream colored buttons. All are working well, and tuning can be accurately done without worrying about the tuners. Original 3-ply Maple rim is in great shape. No serial number or label inside rim, but batch number #9938 is written on neck heel. "4X" is written on inside back of resonator. All metal parts and all wood parts are original and in fine playing condition. This banjo has had recent new fret job - neck is very straight, frets are great...
     Now, about the tone... It has been observed many times by myself and others that when you hear one of these "brass bead ring" banjos in a great jam or on stage, the listener has no clue that they are hearing a lighter tonering. The player can feel the difference mainly because these lighter banjos tend to resonate to the point of shaking in your hand while you are playing. All-in-all, they have a very satisfying professional pre-war sound that is loud and full of expression and character.
     Nowadays, cost-wise, you can find a "retrofit", "converted" or "restored" old pre-war Gibson Flathead banjo for $40,000 and up. Fine examples with original 5-string necks (very rare), usually cost $65,000 and up. These RB-11's have great original pre-war sound at a fraction of the cost. And, these banjos have now been "discovered" by the general population, so buy now and watch the values go up from here.
     The price has recently been recently reduced (to expedite a motorcycle acquisition).
This fine old pre-war Gibson RB-11 comes with the original 5-string case (hardy shell; works, but hinges are separated)..

with Original 5-str Hard Case

Gibson RB-250 1
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1961 Gibson RB-250 Banjo 'Sold'

     Excellent original condition. Bowtie. One-owner banjo.
     Mahogany neck and resonator with tasteful sunburst finish. Rosewood fingerboard with pearl bowtie inlays. Black peghead with Gibson logo at top and pearl crown inlay in center. All original wood and hardware. Original tailpiece is in case with period replacement installed on the banjo. Multiple antique'd cream bindings on top and back edge of resonator. Multiple concentric circles in back of resonator. Single antique'd cream binding along fingerboard and around peghead. Vega-style side-mounted sliding capo installed. Wide frets.

w/ OHC

Gibson RB-250 1
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c.1963/64 Gibson RB-250 w/ RB-800 Neck Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. This banjo is a "one-owner" RB-250 that had an RB-800 neck put on it by Gibson in about 1970. The owner was never happy with the original neck, and after some visits to local luthiers he began to understand that something about the neck and the frets was "off" in the construction. He spent many phone calls to Gibson with them not believing him that there could be a problem like he was suggesting. Finally he decided to take the banjo to Gibson to prove to them that it had a "bad neck".
     According to his wife (at the time), he used the rent money to buy a train ticket to Kalamazoo, and took the banjo. After seeing the banjo and agreeing that the problem was their fault and couldn't be corrected, they offered him any neck in the operation for his trouble. He chose this RB-800 neck, and Gibson installed it for him.
     The owner was a very popular and avid player in our area and this banjo was used for many gigs and jams in our area over many years.
     Please call us for more details.
w/ OHC

Gibson RB-250 1
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2004 Gibson RB-250 Banjo 'Sold'

Exc (++) condition. No signs of player wear. Mahogany neck and resonator. The "250" is the tried and true staple of the Gibson banjo line. This particular banjo was hardly touched since it was purchased. Everything is in great original condition. It does have that satisfying Mahogany buzzy growl.
w/ OHC

Gibson RB-250 1
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1976 Gibson RB-250 Banjo 'Sold'

    Exc(-) condition. With all original parts. One of the icons of the Gibson banjo world. Mahogany neck and resonator with antiqued white bindings on resonator and Ebony fingerboard. This banjo shows some moderate player wear: The resonator has some button marks and random nicks and scratches, but nothing big; The neck shows a small area of thumb wear into the finish. Recent fret job, with fingerboard milling. The word, "Mastertone" was sanded out of the pearl inlay block during fretboard milling.
    The banjo currently has 2 D-tuners installed at 2nd and 3rd string, but comes with the extra 2 original tuners. It is also set-up with a Kirschner style tailpiece, but also comes with original tailpiece in the case. This banjo is fully set-up and it plays fine. 
w/ OHC

Gibson RB-3 No-Hole Archtop 1
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1926 Gibson RB-3 No-Hole Archtop Conversion from tenor Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) Condition. All-original pot. Maple neck and resonator. Ivoroid binding around top and back of resonator and along fingerboard. Very cool early Remo Weatherking head from the earliest period of manufacturing, circa 1950. Head is in good shape. First Quality replica neck with flat Rosewood fingerboard and diamond pattern Pearl inlay in fingerboard and peghead. Fiddle-cut peghead. Ptacek 2-band tuners, Schaller 5th string tuner, all with matching Ivoroid buttons. Railroad spikes professionally installed at 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th frets for 5th string capo'ing.
     Very early example of the full Mastertone construction. With original solid, no-hole archtop tonering and 2-pc. tube and plate flange. Huge presence, strong voice with a lot of resonance. Set up very well and has no issues.

w/ New TKL Hard Case

Gibson RB-3 Wreath 1
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1990 Gibson RB-3 Wreath Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Some slight evidence of prior playing, but nothing big. Mahogany banjo with "Wreath" inlay pattern.
     Mahogany neck and resonator. Double-cut peghead. Flat Rosewood fingerboard. Fairly rare pearl Wreath inlay pattern inlaid in headstock and fingerboard. Fingerboard bound with single antique'd white bindings. Mahogany resonator has antique'd white bindings and concentric circles in back. 3-ply pre-war style Maple rim and pre-war style flat head Tone Ring and pot metal 1-pc flange.
     This banjo was made during the "Greg Rich era". I should mention that it comes with 2 Gibson tailpieces - a Presto and a Kerschner, which is on the banjo right now.

Gibson RB-4 1
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1994 Gibson RB-4 Banjo 'Sold'

     VG+ Condition. Some general signs of use, but it was never abused. Recent professional fret work. Some light scratches in back of resonator and one slight ding in sidewall of resonator.
     Walnut banjo with Burled Walnut resonator and straight-grained Walnut neck. Resonator has nice wooden marquetry concentric circles. Tasteful cream multiple bindings on top and back of resonator and along fingerboard. Flying Eagle inlay pattern in Rosewood flat fingerboard. Waverly pre-war style 2-band offset tuners with matching pearloid buttons.
     This banjo has been treated very well. Everything about it is nice, from finish to playability and tone.

w/ HC

Gibson RB-75 Custom 1
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1997 Gibson RB-75 Custom 1997 Rocky Grass Prize Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc. condition. Has some compression dents in back of resonator and some wear on back of neck. Moderate fret wear but not buzzing.
     Choice Mahogany neck and resonator. Rosewood flat fingerboard. Cream bindings around resonator top and back and along fingerboard. Concentric circles in back of resonator. Traditional design, with double-cut peghead and "RB-75" version of "Flying Eagle" inlay pattern. Large pearl inlay block at 12th fret reads 25th Anniversary (of RockyGrass Bluegrass Festival). Large solid pearl truss-rod cover is engraved, and reads RockyGrass 97.
     This banjo is in good playable condition and has been recently polished and had a new Remo 'Renaissance' installed. So... its cleaned and polished and set-up and ready to go. It sounds very good.

w. OHC

Gibson Style No.2 Tenor 1
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c. 1922 Gibson Style No.2 Tenor Banjo 'Sold'

     VG(+) Condition. The back has heavy lacquer checking throughout, as well as some belt scratches. The back of the neck is in fairly clean condition, with just a few minor marks. Original parts and hardware.
     Maple resonator with cream binding. Maple neck with dyed pearwood fingerboard. Ebony peghead overlay with The Gibson logo.

w/ OSC

Gibson TB-100 Conversion 1
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1961 Gibson TB-100 Conversion "Double Conversion" Banjo 'Sold'

Exc condition. Converted to 5-string, AND to full Flathead tone ring version. Work performed by First Quality using a Kulesh 20-hole Flathead tone ring. This is a great sounding banjo. 
w/ good HC

Gibson TB-100 Dbl. Conversion 1
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1957 Gibson TB-100 Dbl. Conversion Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc condition. The resonator has small amount of lacquer checking, and a few scratches. There is a small amount of fret wear.
     Maple resonator with single binding. One-piece flange. Three-ply Maple rim with McPeake 20-hole flathead tonering. Custom Mahogany neck made by Frank Neat with Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and "Wreath" inlays. Elton pancake tuners. Original hardware.
     Very good bonafide sound.

w/ HC

Gibson TB-11 Neck
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mid-1930's Gibson TB-11 Conversion to 5-string Banjo 'Sold'

Exc condition. There are a couple of acceptable ways to make a "correct" 5-string neck for a TB-11. One way is to copy the pearloid fingerboard, complete with the painted-on artwork that is done to look like inlays. The other way is like this banjo - true to original peghead shape, and blue color finish on back of neck, but with normal wood fingerboard inlaid with pearl renditions of the original artwork. The maker went even further on this neck and also inlaid abalone along the inside of the bindings in fingerboard "face". This banjo has most of the original hardware, and it's in fine condition. The Tension Hoop and Armrest have been replaced with newer parts. Original tailpiece comes with the banjo, but a newer tailpiece is mounted at this time. Professionally fitted with a Huber Flathead tonering mounted on the original 3-ply Maple rim. The original tuners are also installed in the neck.
w/ newer Hard Case

Gibson TB-11 1
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c.1934 Gibson TB-11 Banjo 'Sold'

Exc(+) condition. Original pre-war metal parts, including pot metal 1-pc flange and tension hoop. These banjos are increasingly popular among banjo enthusiasts. They convert quite easily to 5-string. We can sell you an excellent Flathead tonering to fit to the existing pre-war rim.
w/ OHC

Gibson TB-11 Double Conversion Resonator
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1934 Gibson TB-11 Double Conversion w/ Burlile Tone Ring Banjo 'Sold'

     Excellent Condition. Mostly original pot with new neck by Arthur Hatfield. Newer armrest. Tension hoop appears to be newer, but not sure.
     This banjo has very nice condition original hardware, with almost no distortion in the original 1-pc pot metal flange.
     Will Williams fitted a new Burlile pre-war style unplated tonering to the original pot, and fitted the new 5-str neck to it. Comes set up with 2 Keith D-tuners at 2nd & 3rd, and Keith standard pegs at 1st & 4th.
     The sound is really good - it has lots of power, presence and authentic sound. Everyone comments on how great it sounds.
w/ Newer Hard Case

Gibson TB-250 Conversion 1
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1954 Gibson TB-250 Conversion w/ 1965 5-str nk Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc (+) condition. 1954 original "250" pot, with 1965 Gibson 5-string neck and period resonator.
     6-ply maple rim with archtop tone ring and one-piece pot metal flange. Four holes drilled in tone ring at inside corner with rim. Single co-rod construction.
     1965 RB-250 neck is mahogany with sunburst finish, flat Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with pearl bowtie inlays. Bound peghead with Gibson logo and flourish in center. Original heavy and clunky tuners replaced with 1970s "Gibson" two-band offset tuners and Schaller fifth. Maple-backed sunburst resonator is from a period RB-100. A top line of binding was added to match bottom line. The job was professional and you can't tell the binding was added.
     Banjo is all set up to play and sounds great.

w/ HC

Gibson TB-3 Conversion to 5-string 1
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1933 Gibson TB-3 Conversion to 5-string Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Almost all original TB-3 pot with faithful copy conversion 5-string neck. 40-hole archtop with newer 1-pc pot metal flange (original flange comes with banjo - missing a chunk around edge).
     Original 3-ply Maple rim and Mahogany resonator. Looks to be a 1970's armrest currently on the banjo. All other hardware seems to be original and correct.
     This banjo plays great and has a fine sound.
w/ 1980's Gibson HC

Gibson TB-6 1
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1928 Gibson TB-6 Checkerboard w/ Original 40-Hole Tone Ring Banjo 'Sold'

    Exc (+) condition. All parts appear to be original and in great shape. No apparent problems anywhere.
    These banjos are quite rare and are highly sought. "Presentation grade" maple neck and resonator, showing crazy grain in back of peghead and resonator. Ebony fingerboard in great shape. Checkerboard binding (black-white-black blocks) is in great shape. It is seen on side and top of peghead, side and top of fingerboard, and upper and lower side of resonator. Same checkerboard material used on heel cap, not cut blocky, but left as striping. Heelcap also shows multiple wood layering like the peghead. Outer antiqued cream bindings. Ebony peghead veneer, showing multiple wood layers, seen at the sides. Peghead overlay is incredibly ornate, inlaid with pearl with Gibson script logo near top. Fingerboard shows traditional Gibson "hearts and flowers" inlay pattern. 
     Elaborate engraving on most metal parts, including the top and side of tension hoop, top of armrest, side of tone ring, and face of flange plate. Gold Grover pre-War two-band tuners with solid pearl buttons. Original archtop 40-hole tone ring on original 3-play maple rim.
     Color is unique on resonator, back of neck, and bottom of rim. Gibson named it "Argentine Grey". It is an involved process using a black dye wash on the wood first, and adjusting the strength of the grayscale before putting a standard sunburst over this stain.
     Frets replaced with larger frets some time in the past. Customer believes it was sent to Gibson for this work. Originally, the banjo was owned by a noted player and music writer, Frank Victor. His name still appears engraved in the truss rod cover. Comes with original case in good shape.

w/ OHC