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Calton 5-String Banjo DeLuxe Case 1 Buy Calton 5-String Banjo DeLuxe Case 1 New Calton 5-String Banjo DeLuxe Case Banjo 'On Hold'

     New. White exterior and beautifully plush wine interior. Protect your banjo with one of the best cases around. This particular one sold but please let us know if we can order one for YOU!


Calton Flight Case for Ext Buy Calton Flight Case for Ext Calton Flight Case for Banjo 'In Stock'

     Gently used blue Calton 5-string banjo case with grey plush lining. Has a bumper sticker with Earl Scruggs' signature on it. All latches and handle functional.


Deering GDL 1 Buy Deering GDL 1 1990 Deering GDL Limited Edition Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc(-) condition. Limited edition high model from Deering that shows handwork by Greg Deering.
     Very high grade of Figured Walnut in resonator, showing tight burl figure. Straight grained Walnut neck. Ebony flat fingerboard and peghead overlay, showing ornate inlays in fingerboard and headstock. Deering inlaid near top of peghead; Banner with GDL engraved at 19th fret.
     Very nice bindings and purflings - top and back edge of resonator have Ivoroid bindings and multiple strip of abalone below the ivoroid; Fingerboard shows same, Ivoroid main bindings with multiple strip of abalone purfling beneath the ivoroid; Peghead has multiple Ivoroid bindings showing on side and top edges, but no abalone; Heelcap is Ivoroid with abalone purflings benesth the ivoroid.
     This instrument was lightly played, but just enough to put some light wear on it. Back of neck and back of resonator show normal shirt scuffing marks from handling. Frets show light-to-moderate wear, but do not need any attention (no buzzing).

$3,250.00 w/ OHC

Deering Golden Eagle II 1 Buy Deering Golden Eagle II 1 Recent Deering Golden Eagle II Banjo 'In Stock'

     VG(+) condition. 1 1/4" width at nut. 26 1/4" scale length. 13 7/8" resonator diameter. 11" top frosted medium crown head.
     Maple neck and resonator stained a dark red mahogany to match. White binding on resonator. 3-ply violin-grade maple rim. Ebony fingerboard with eagle engraved inlays. Ebony nut. Fully adjustable truss rod. 22 pressed in nickel silver frets. True Tone Deering tailpiece. Planetary tuners with geared 5th string peg. Deering brass notched tension hoop. Nickel-plated hardware including 24 round hooks, bracket shoes, and 1/4" hex nuts. Eagle two-piece flange. Nickel armrest. 5/8" maple bridge with ebony top.
     The Eagle II features a new innovation for Deering: the patented brass Twenty Ten Tone Ring. This makes it sound quite a bit better than some other Deering banjos you may have played, and works for both bluegrass and clawhammer/frailing. Strong mid-range with clear highs and decent lows. A great affordable banjo.

$1,395.00 w/ OHC

Deering Vega Old Tyme Wonder 1 Buy Deering Vega Old Tyme Wonder 1 Like New Deering Vega Old Tyme Wonder Banjo 'In Stock'

     Like new unplayed condition. Previously-owned but no signs of player wear. This banjo is in remarkably new original condition. Nice 1/2" maple 6-ply wood rim dressed black at bottom. Flamed maple neck. Ebony flat fingerboard with dot position markers. Last few frets scalloped away for playing in the "sweet spot". Gotoh tuners with cool creamy white buttons that look like Tiffany glass. Currently set up to play, and it plays nicely.

$1,550.00 w/ OHC

Hatfield Celebrity 1 Buy Hatfield Celebrity 1 c. 2000 Hatfield Celebrity Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc. Condition.
     Beautifully figured Maple resonator and neck. Resonator and fretboard have single cream binding. Flat rosewood fingerboard with elaborate pearl inlays and "celebrity" inlay at 21st fret. Gold hardware including Schaller tuners and  D-tuners. Ebony peghead overlay with elaborate pearl inlay and Hatfield logo. Very few signs of player wear - some belt wear in back of resonator. Some lacquer chipping at top of peghead face.
     Sound is a very nice professional grade - smooth but strong attack, good presence, great tone.

$3,250.00 w/ HC

Huber VRB-75 Reno 1 Buy Huber VRB-75 Reno 1 New Huber VRB-75 Reno Banjo 'In Stock'

     Classic Mahogany banjo. Double-cut peghead with Huber logo near top and "Reno" inlay pattern. Flat, Rosewood fingerboard with "Flying Eagle" inlay. "Truetone" inlay at 21st fret. Antiqued cream bindings around resonator top and bottom edge, and along fingerboard. Antiqued concentric circles in back of resonator. Nickel Waverly tuners with 5-star 5th string peg, all with matching Ivoroid buttons. *We would be happy to substitue for Amber Tulip buttons if desired. Antiqued Nickel parts. Presto tailpiece.
     Really has the correct "old" Mahogany banjo sound, with lots of growl and presence.

$5,295.00 w/ HC

Huber Workhorse - Maple 1 Buy Huber Workhorse - Maple 1 New Huber Workhorse - Maple Banjo 'On Hold'

     This instrument has sold, but we are leaving it up on display for a while on our website to show it is available to order.
     Very nice, highly figured Maple neck and resonator. White bindings around resonator and along fingerboard. Double-cut peghead, flat Ebony fingerboard. "Leaves & Bows" pattern in the peghead and fingerboard. Huber logo at top of peghead. "Workhorse" inlay at 21st fret. As with all Huber banjos, excellent 3-ply rim with traditional flathead tonering, and pot-metal one-pc. flange. Nickel waverly tuners in peghead, with 5-star 5th tuner, all with matching Ivoroid buttons.
     This is a great sounding banjo with great playability, and a very big, solid sound. A bargain for a hand-made banjo at the price.

$2,950.00 w/ HC

OME Tupelo 1 Buy OME Tupelo 1 New OME Tupelo 12" Rim Open-Back Banjo 'In Stock'

     New. 1 5/16" width at nut.
     12" Maple rim with varnish finish. Mahogany neck with ebony heelcap. Ebony flat fingerboard with small dot pearl inlays. R.R. spikes at 7th and 9th frets for capo-ing. "Antiqued" brass hardware with amber tuner buttons. 25 1/2" scale. Fretboard is "scooped out" at end for ease of playing. Bottom of pot bound with tortoise inside and out. Adjustable dowel stick construction. Renaissance head. Bone nut. Beautiful rosewood  overlay on the simple-cut peghead that hearkens back to 1900 and earlier. Decorative light wood strip beneath ebony fingerboard.

$2,150.00 w/ HC

OME Wizard - 12" 1 Buy OME Wizard - 12" 1 New OME Wizard - 12" Banjo 'In Stock'

     New. Made in America open-back banjo from Boulder, Colorado.
     Satin-finish 12" 2-ply maple rim with 26 brackets. Back of rim is capped with tortoise showing on side. Beautifully-grained South American mahogany neck. Ebony flat fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Hardened nickel-silver frets. Side dots inlaid. Mother of pearl star inlay in peghead and fingerboard scoop. Ebony peghead veneer, heelcap and truss rod cover. Antiqued brass hardware including OME planetary tuners with amber buttons. 2-way adjustable truss rod and adjustable wood rim rod. Railroad spikes installed at 7th and 9th frets. Bone nut. Renaissance head.


Rukavina Gourd 1 Buy Rukavina Gourd 1 New Rukavina Gourd Banjo 'In Stock'

     Beautifully-made gourd banjo tenor banjo (mandola) from local Missoula builder Ryan Rukavina.
     Gourd pot with mahogany face (head). Walnut "thru"-neck. When held in playing position, the pot is a winking, smiling face complete with elegantly carved armrest which appears as a lock of hair. You have to look at the photos or ideally come in to check it out in person, but it just a remarkable piece of art and beautiful instrument that plays great as a tenor banjo or mandola.


White Mountain 11" Open-Back 1 Buy White Mountain 11" Open-Back 1 White Mountain 11" Open-Back Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc.(++) Condition. There are just a couple of very, very light touches on the back of the neck, and the back of the rim. Banjo has had recent professional set-up and "no-knot" tailpiece installed.
     8-piece matched Maple rim. Very nice wooden binding/marquetry along the edge of the rim. Mahogany neck multiple bound with white/black/rosewood. Flat Ebony fretboard with pearl inlays. Ebony peghead overlay with 2-ply binding and White Mountain decal/truss rod cover and pearl inlay. Donut "resonator" with Whyte Ladie tonering.
     This banjo is playing and sounding very good. Comes with great fitting hard case.

$1,495.00 w/ HC