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This is a list of previously sold instruments for archive use. Please visit our instruments in stock pages by following the links on the left.

Here is a listing of instruments that have passed through our hands. Please browse and gain an idea of what we stock regularly. Instruments Models marked "Available to Order" can be ordered through the House of Fine instruments. Other instruments are one of a kind. However if one catches your eye feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can't track another one down.

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 Jimmy Cox "Fairchild" 5-string 1
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New Jimmy Cox "Fairchild" 5-string Banjo 'Sold'

Nearly New condition. #11 in a limited run. Fine Maple banjo with lots of great curly figure in the neck and resonator. Multiple bindings. Gold hardware, with some parts tastefully engraved. This exact model banjo is no longer offered by Jimmy Cox, so if you are a Raymond fairchild fan, here is a very fine example of a hard to find banjo.
w/ OHC.

 Mastertone Copy Style 3 1
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1999 Mastertone Copy Style 3 - Owned & used by Bill Emerson Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(+) condition. Great copy of a pre-war Style 3 Mastertone. Binding, finish, neck, and fit and set-up by John Hamlett, former craftsman with Stelling. Pot is a mid-1980's pot that Bill Sullivan hand-selected parts for, for Bill Emerson. Cox 3-ply Maple rim. White bindings on resonator and fingerboard, with multiple wh/blk/wh purfling concentric circles in back of resonator.
    Rosewood fingerboard with "diamonds & bows" pre-war style 3 pattern inlay. Peghead is double-cut. Banjo has D-tuners installed at 2nd & 3rd strings. 5th string has r.r. spikes installed at A, Bb, B & C positions.
     This banjo was used by Mr Emerson on live shows and studio for 2-3 years. It is in fine playing condition and needs nothing.
w/ HC

 Robin Smith "Force 5" Deluxe 1
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2003 Robin Smith "Force 5" Deluxe Banjo 'Sold'

Excellent original cond. Highly figured maple neck and resonator, blonde finish. No side-mounted fifth-string peg - fifth string tunnels from fifth fret to peghead, where it emerges and is tuned on a standard peghead tuner. All gold-plated hardware with engraved tension hoop, tailpiece and armrest. Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and peghead overlay. Unique and tasteful floral inlay pattern on headstock springs from flowerpot-shaped, flamed maple truss-rod cover. Special fingerboard inlay is an expansion of Hearts & Flowers concept. Multiple tortoise bindings on resonator and fingerboard. This banjo is in fine original condition with some slight scratches on resonator back (that are hard to find) and moderate wear on frets, but no fret buzz. Plays very well and sounds great - lots of power and lots of tone.
w/ OHC

Alvarez Ventura 1
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c. 1978 Alvarez Ventura Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc.(-) Condition. Banjo is in nice shape, just a little sign of wear on the frets. There is a small mark on the back of the resonator as well.
     Rosewood resonator with decorative art. Mahogany neck, radiused rosewood fingerboard with"bowtie" inlays. Resonator is multiple bound. Rosewood peghead overlay with elaborate pearl inlay and Ventura logo. Nickel hardware.
      Good sound and playability. This is a great "first" banjo.

w/ HC

Aria  1
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Aria Banjo 'Sold'

     VG(+) condition. This is a good banjo... Its a nicer banjo than most people use for a "starter" banjo.
     The pot has a wooden rim with full flathead tone ring. The neck is straight-grain Mahogany. The resonator has beautiful Rosewood on back and sides. Multiple bindings on top and back of resonator. Rosewood fingerboard with bowtie inlays.
     Professionally set-up.

w/ HC

Bacon & Day Belmont Tenor 1
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c1925 Bacon & Day Belmont Tenor Banjo 'Sold'

     VG(+) conditiion. This banjo is in nice original condition, but has one area to take note of. Resonator sidewall at bottom end of resonator is missing about 1 3/4" of celluloid covering.
     Original hide head is in good shape. Original friction tuner pegs.

w/ OHC

Bacon & Day Guitar/Banjo 1
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1938 Bacon & Day Guitar/Banjo Fairly Rare Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. All original parts, frets, Grover Pat. tuners... even the bridge and head. Has some scratches through finish on edge of resonator. Moderate hand wear on back of neck.
     Plays great and sounds great, even with old strings.

w/ OHC

Bacon & Day Peerless 1
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1930 Bacon & Day Peerless Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc. Original Condition. Maple Banjo with Bird's Eye Maple resonator. Hand wear on back of neck through finish. All-original hardware. Original Grover Pat. pancake tuners with Ivoroid buttons in fine working shape. Original frets show moderate wear in first two positions. Currently has old hide head installed that works and sounds fine.
     Set up to play very well.

w/ HC

Bacon & Day Silver Bell No.2 Plectrum BK
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1925 Bacon & Day Silver Bell No.2 Plectrum Banjo 'Sold'

      Exc condition. Formerly owned and played by the reknown player, Dick Lewis, affectionately known as "Montana Red". Before that, it was owned by Buddy Wachter, an even more celebrated fine 4-string banjoist.
     Anyone who knew Dick Lewis knew that he kept his banjos in immaculate condition. This banjo is no exception. Yes, you can see some usual light wear on the wood parts, but nothing major. Frets are in fine playing condition with no wear.
     Highly figured Maple resonator and neck with handsome sunburst finish. Concentric in resonator back. Two-piece neck with 3-pc stringer down the center line. Multiple layers of wood under fingerboard, in back of peghead and at heel cap. Ebony fingerboard with cream binding. Elaborate "Silver Bell" peghead inlay with tasteful pearl inlays in fingerboard.
     Hardware is all intact and in fine condition. Knee mute may be off a later banjo - reads "B&D Soft Pedal". Richelieu gold engraved pick holder installed. Original "Planet Patent Pend" tuners with solid pearl buttons. Plating is in beautiful condition and has a nice silvery soft patina. Oetinger finger tailpiece. Armrest is engraved with "Bacon Special Silver Bell".
     Bas Relief carving on the neck heel. Inlay in back of peghead.
     This is a fine machine that has been owned by fine professional players. It has no problems.

w/ Newer Hard Case

Bacon & Day Silverbell 1
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c.1934 Bacon & Day Silverbell Banjo 'Sold'

     VG(+) condition. This is a nice playing original Silver Bell tenor that has had one fairly major repair. The banjo sustained a major neck break quite a few years ago and was repaired very well. There are two brass pins that were used to dowel the repaired area. Everything is secure, and the area feels good to your hand when playing. You wouldn't easily know the neck was repaired if not for the two brass dowels.
     Highly figured Maple resonator with concentric rings in center. Maple neck with Ebony fingerboard. Multiple wood layers on top and back of peghead, under fingerboard and heelcap. 2-pc neck with multiple strips of wood along center. Elaborate B & D Silver Bell logo in peghead along with nice floral inlay pattern. Comes with original adjustable Oettinger tailpiece. Knee mute intact. All original hardware intact and in great condition. Hide head in good condition. Original Grover Pat 2-band tuners with original ivoroid buttons in good shape.
     Ok, ok... I know neck repairs are unfortunate... but this banjo feels great, sounds great, and is very original.
w/ OHC

Bacon & Day Silverbell No. 4 Heel2
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1927 Bacon & Day Silverbell No. 4 Plectrum Banjo 'Sold'

     Pot is Exc(+) condition. Neck has old repaired peghead crack (repaired very well - not easily seen). Call for more details... 406/327-9925.

w/ OHC

Bart Reiter Galax 1
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c. 2005 Bart Reiter Galax Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition. There are some matched bolts but with different plating inside the rim holding the shoes. Otherwise the banjo is in fine original shape. Frets show just the barest signs of playing. Neck has no problems. Even the bridge is in good shape.
     Mahogany neck, Maple 3-ply rim. 11" head. Peal dot inlays in fretboard, and star inlay in peghead. Flat Ebony fretboard. Five-star Nickel tuners with pearloid buttons. Ebony heel cap.
     Whyte Laydie tone ring. "No-Knot" tailpiece. 1 1/4" width at nut. Scale length is ~26.25". Currently the banjo has an almost new condition Remo "fiber-skyn" head installed.
     Sound and playability are very good.

w/ OHC

Boyd "Mastertone Style" 1
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2005 Boyd "Mastertone Style" Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Some evidence of player wear. Figured Maple neck and resonator. Slightly wider neck (1 5/16 at nut"), with a wider string spacing at nut as well as at the bridge.
     Construction started with an actual Gibson "Scruggs Flint Hill Special" neck blank, and Prucha pot. Neck hand-shaped by Greg Boyd. Peghead is bound in solid mother-of-pearl. Fingerboard and resonator bound in multiple ivoroid/black/ivoroid bindings. Radiused ebony fingerboard. Set up with Ptacek 2-band tuners, and r.r. spikes at A, Bb, B & C positions.

w/ OHC

Chuck Lee 11" Open-Back 1
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2014 Chuck Lee 11" Open-Back Banjo 'Sold'

     Mint Condition. No player wear to speak of whatsoever. Serial number 669.
     11" open-back rim. Dobson tone ring. Complex abalone and yellow pearl rose inlay in peghead. Ebony peghead overlay. Ebony fingerboard with with stylized abalone dot markers inlaid at the side. Beautifully double-scalloped fingerboard scoop. Extra decorative wooden layers below the fingerboard and peghead overlay. Nickel Waverly main tuners with Five Star fifth, all with matching yellow amber buttons. Very high grade two-piece walnut neck, bookmatched down the middle with ebony stringer. Large neck profile with huge heel, reminiscent of 1800's banjos. 3-ply maple rim with maple cap at the bottom. Scalloped bone nut. Slotted tension hoop. Original hide head.
      Materials and construction are extremely high. This is a wonderful banjo with great tone.

w/ OHC

Crafters of Tennessee "Tennessee Classic" 1
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c.2000 Crafters of Tennessee "Tennessee Classic" Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc condition. Just a few small dings here and there on resonator and some normal clouding of the nickel hardware.
     Mahogany neck and resonator with white binding along top and back of resonator and fingerboard. Rosewood fingerboard with tasteful inlays.
     The inlays are quite nice, with elaborate peghead overlay inlays of pearl and abalone. The fingerboard also has strikingly good inlays, with the overall effect quite good.
     This banjo comes with Schaller D-tuners installed. We have taken time to set this banjo up and it does sound very good, with lots of growl and power.
w/ HC

Deering Boston 1
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Deering Boston Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc.(++) Condition. This banjo looks very nearly new. The only telltale signs of player wear are the marks on the head, and one little spot on the resonator near the binding.
     Mahogany resonator with single binding. Mahogany neck, Ebony fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Nickel hardware.
     Good strong sound, nice playability.

w/ OHC

Deering Boston 6-String 1
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2003 Deering Boston 6-String Banjo 'Sold'

     Exceptional nearly-unplayed condition. One tiny ding on the side of the back of the neck where you don't feel it when you play (see englarged photo). 6-string banjo-guitar. Very nice mahogany banjo with white binding around top and back edge of resonator. Flat ebony fingerboard with dot position markers. 1 11/16" width at nut. 26 3/8" scale length. Gotoh tuners.
     Be the first on your block to amaze your friends playing guitar sounding like a banjo ---- magic!

w/ OHC

Deering DeLuxe 1
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1995 Deering DeLuxe Banjo 'Sold'

     VG(+) condition. There are some wear spots on the banjo - Resonator has one large and one small area of wear thru lacquer, back and end of peghead with finish worn away, back of neck has areas of finish wear and dings in finish. Almost no sign of fretwear. Top of resonator lip is worn in one area from a strap. R.R. spikes installed at A, Bb, B & C position for 5th string capo'ing.
     Mahogany resonator and neck. Ebony flat fingerboard with cut diamond inlays. Resonator is bound with cream bindings on top and back edge.
     This banjo has been in use for years by a serious player of several instruments. The banjo is set-up good and sounds very good.

w/ OHC

Deering GDL - Greg Deering Limited 1
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mid-1980's Deering GDL - Greg Deering Limited Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Custom banjo from Deering, built in limited quantities. Beautiful Walnut neck and resonator. Resonator shows highest grade of Walnut quilted burl figuring. Ivoroid bindings on resonator, along neck and peghead. Colorful abalone purflings around sides of resonator and neck. Elaborate yet tasteful pearl inlays in Ebony peghead overlay and in Ebony fingerboard. Original 5-star planetary tuners with Amber buttons.
    This banjo was recently dismantled and all parts polished. It looks great - and plays great with a fresh new fret job. Some marks on back of resonator, but nothing major. Treble side of neck has marks on side near binding. Tone ring upgraded to Prucha/Ptacek tone ring in about 2002 for the previous owner. The newer tone ring showed immediate positive results then, and it still does now.
     This model now sells new from Deering for $5029, with a "list price" of over $6700. Even used ones usually sell for $3600... Take advantage of a great price on this great sounding example we have and save some serious money...
     The set-up is good, with nice med/low action. It sounds really great. The sound is very strong and full, with just the right amount of growl.
w/ HC

Deering Golden Era 1
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2002 Deering Golden Era Banjo 'Sold'

Exc. Condition with just a few minor button trails on resonator also some minor fret denting. Highly flamed maple resonator and neck. Ebony fingerboard with Hearts and Flowers inlays. Nickel hardware. Keith tuners installed on 2nd and 3rd strings.  
w/ OHC

Deering Maple Blossom 1
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1999 Deering Maple Blossom Banjo 'Sold'

     Nearly new condition! No wear anywhere. Nice Maple with Walnut stain finish. Not even any signs of playing on the original head.
     In shop for set-up. More description soon.
w/ OHC

Deering Sierra 1
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2004 Deering Sierra Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc original condition. No problems, no wear.
     Mahogany banjo. Resonator bound top and bottom with cream-colored binding. Ebony flat fingerboard with dot inlays. 3-ply maple rim with no-hole flat head tone ring and one-piece flange.
     This is a very well-made American banjo. Good and heavy. Good enough to draw a crowd and beat them back if they get too crazy!

w/ OHC

Deering Sierra 1
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1995 Deering Sierra Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition. There are marks on the underside of the fretboard that appear to be from a ring rubbing against it. Otherwise the banjo is in fine condition. No fret wear, no other marks.
     Bound Mahogany resonator. Nice 3-ply Maple rim. Mahogany neck, Ebony fretboard with pearl dot inlays. Bell-bronze tone ring. The resonator pops on and off easily, the banjo works equally well as an open back.
     Good action, easy playability and nice tone. Good sounding banjo at a good sounding price.

w/ OHC

Deering Vega Tubaphone Number 2 1
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c.2007 Deering Vega Tubaphone Number 2 Banjo 'Sold'

Great condition! Truly fine shape, with no signs of prior ownership.
Maple neck and rim, with tuba-phone tonering. Outside of rim has metal band under shoes. Ebony fingerboard. This banjo is not only in fine original condition, but also plays and sounds very nice. These banjos list for $3959 nowadays, so take advantage of this one in new condition for a fraction of that cost!
w/ Bump Case

DP Hopkins Janice Martin 1
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DP Hopkins Janice Martin Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc original condition. Mahogany banjo with tasteful appointments and professional grade sound.
     Mahogany neck and resonator. 3-ply professional Maple pre-war style rim with Hopkins Flat Head tone ring fitted. Very tasteful multiple Ivoroid bindings alnong fingerboard and top and back edge of resonator. Ivo multiple concentric circles inset into resonator back.
     Flat Ebony fingerboard with pearl "Holly Leaf" inlay pattern. Double action truss-rod. 5 matching 2-band pre-war style Waverly tuners with matching ivoroid buttons. Nickel Kirschner tailpiece. Hopkins Bridge.
     Currently set up a little thumpy with the head around F# pitch. Has good smooth growl and resonance. This banjo costs around $4295 for a new one today from Paul Hopkins. This one has so little fret wear you'd swear it was brand new!

w/ HC

Enoch Custom Fretless 1
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Recent Enoch Custom Fretless Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(+) condition. 12" Pot. Just like a new banjo except for 2 or 3 very small and insignificant touch marks.
     This is a custom banjo that blends several historic features that are highly desired today. Ebony fretless fingerboard with metal plates inset into the Ebony at top, bottom and center of fingerboard. This metal appears to be German Silver, but I am not sure. The work is amazing, though. The metal is truly inset perfectly into the Ebony and feels great.
     Highly figured 2-pc Maple neck with Ebony stringer down the middle. "Oh Gee" styling behind neck at 5th string area. Ebony peghead overlay inlaid with elegantly engraved abalone floral pattern. Ebony heelcap. Maple pot with inside and outside bound with ivoroid. Rolled brass bead tone ring. Waverly pre-war style 2-band tuners with ivoroid buttons. No knot tailpiece. Currently set up with Renaissance head.
     This is a fine banjo in great original condition that is set-up to play.

w/ Bump Case

Epiphone  1
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c.1980 Epiphone Banjo 'Sold'

Exc condition. This is a mastertone-style banjo. Mahogany neck and resonator. Rosewood fingerboard with large cut diamond inlays. Pot has wood rim with Gibson-style 1-pc flange, tension hoop, resonator and Flathead tonering. Antiqued white bindings along fingerboard and on top and back of resonator. Original Shaller-style tuners.
w/ Newer Lightweight Hard Case

Epiphone Masterbuilt 1
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c1987 Epiphone Masterbuilt Banjo 'Sold'

     Near Mint condition. Made in Japan. Highly figured Maple resonator with Mahogany neck. Ebony fingerboared. Nickel hardware. Full dimension wood rim with 'shoe and plate' flange.
     Maple resonator has multiple concentric circle purfling in back. Cream bindings on resonator and along fingerboard. Dot inlays in fingerboard.
     This is a fine banjo for a young player. It is set up good and plays great - and, it comes with extras!

w/ Beat Orig HC

Epiphone MB-20 1
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c.2005 Epiphone MB-20 Banjo 'Sold'

Exc condition. This is a nice starter banjo. Aluminum pot construction, with mahogany (or similar wood), neck and resonator. Has a variation of Hearts & Flowers inlay pattern. Comes set up to play. Price includes a padded gig bag for the banjo.
w/ Gig Bag

Epiphone MB-250 1
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Recent Epiphone MB-250 Banjo 'Sold'

     Excellent condition. No problems, no appreciable wear. This is a nice banjo in good shape that is all set up to play. Enhanced with professional bridge and set-up by Greg Boyd.
     Wood rim with full flathead tone ring. Rosewood fingerboard with hearts & flowers inlay pattern.

w/ OHC

Epiphone MB-250 1
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Recent Epiphone MB-250 Banjo 'Sold'

     Excellent condition. Pre-owned Mahogany banjo that has good solid tone and in nice condition.
     Mahogany neck and resonator. White bindings along fingerboard and around top and back of resonator. Concentric circles in back of resonator. Hearts & Flowers inlay pattern. "Masterbuilt" name inlaid in upper fingerboard. Wood rim construction with full pre-war style tone ring. Nickel hardware.

w/ OHC

Fairbanks & Cole Open Back 1
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c.1880's Fairbanks & Cole Open Back Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Nylon or gut string banjo. 11 1/2" pot. Friction tuners, with newer 5th friction tuner. Mahogany neck with Ebony fingerboard. Spunover pot. Early 1900's No Knot tailpiece. One nut replaced on one hook. Newer hide head professionally installed. Repaired heel crack - it looks fine and is a good tight repair.
     This banjo is set-up to play well and has a good tone.

w/ No Case

Fairbanks/Vega Tubaphone Front
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c.1917 Fairbanks/Vega Tubaphone w/ Doug Unger 5-string Neck Banjo 'Sold'

Excellent. Tubaphone model "S" pot, with newer neck by Doug Unger. 10 1/8" pot diameter. Original Grover Patent Pending locking tuners, with original ivoroid buttons. The Doug Unger neck has Ivoroid bindings, elaborate engraved inlays, excellent carving on heel, and scalloped nut. All hardware is original except new No-Knot Tailpiece, and possibly the 5th string Tuning Peg. The banjo sounds great and is all set up to play.
    It is easy to see why Mr Doug Unger has such a fine reputation for reproducing old instruments, in part and in whole, and for his painstaking restorations... The neck feels much more like an old original neck than a newer neck, and the degree of exact feel for the inlays and the heel carving is astonishing.
w/ Newer Hard Case

Fender Artist 1
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c.1970 Fender Artist 5-String Banjo 'Sold'

Exc condition. Walnut neck and resonator. These Fender banjos were the top model except for the Gold-plated "Concertone". The "Artist" model was known for having a multi-laminate wood rim. This banjo was retro-fit in the 1970's with a "Buck's County" 3-ply Maple rim and tonering, and this combination really does sound great on this banjo. Also, the original Fender Rim and Tonering are included. This banjo is set up to play. It has no problems and sounds great.

Fender FB-54 1
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Recent Fender FB-54 Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc.(-) Condition. This banjo has some slight fret wear, but is in otherwise great condition.
     Mahogany resonator. Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard. Nickel tuners with pearloid buttons.
     Good beginner banjo, set up to play with nice, low action.

w/ HC

Fender FB-55 1
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c.2007 Fender FB-55 Banjo 'Sold'

     Exceptional condition. Never really used!
     Mahogany neck and resonator with wood rim. Shoe and plate flange. Rosewood fingerboard with traditional "Flying Eagle" style inlays.
     These banjos usually cost about $550 with hard cases. Here is one that is "like new" at 25% off of that price. Even the case is in great shape. This banjo sounds good and is set-up good.
w/ OHC

Fender FB-58 1
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Previously Owned Fender FB-58 Banjo 'Sold'

     Exceptional condition. Never really played - no wear, no dings, no dents, nothing out of adjustment.
     Maple banjo with wooden rim and flat head tonering and 1-pc flange. Elaborate yet tasteful inlays in peghead and fingerboard. Back of resonator shows strong Maple flame figure. Multiple bindings on back of resonator and heelcap. top of resonator and fingerboard bound with single white binding.
     This is a nice bluegrass banjo that was just set-up by Greg Boyd. It plays and sounds fine, with no hidden problems. It comes with a good hard case.

w/ HC

Flinthill Kel Kroydon 1
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2010 Flinthill Kel Kroydon Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition. Only slight evidence of fret wear. Black finish, combined with Pearloid back of resonator and headstock overlay. Flat rosewood fingerboard. Pearl "gull wing" inlays in fingerboard. All original except newer Prucha Presto tailpiece. Nickel hardware, including Gotoh tuners.
     This is a nice banjo, and would be a good "next step" banjo for a promising picker. It is set up well and plays great with good solid tone.

w/ OHC

Gold Star G-20-JD Crowe  1
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1981 Gold Star G-20-JD Crowe First One Sold Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc (-) condition. This banjo, serial number 004, from 1981 is the first J.D. Crowe model sold to the public. No.'s 1, 2, and 3 went to owner of Saga, production head of banjos, and J.D. Crowe. This is the first one any member of the public could buy. Back in about 1982, this banjo sustained a peghead break around the volute. Our local luthier George Weisel did such perfect structural and cosmetic work that it is extremely difficult to find that it was ever broken. The repair is so clean, photographs don't show it. If you were not told about this repair, you would probably never know.
     Beautiful figured maple with red amber sunburst. Multiple cream bindings on resonator and fingerboard, with bindings on top and back edge of resonator showing multiple lines on all quarters. Fingerboard binding shows black line along the side. Rosewood flat fingerboard with Hearts and Flowers inlay and blank mother of pearl Mastertone block at 21st fret. Gold plating with engraved tension hoop and armrest similar to Granada. Original gold adjustable Presto-style tailpiece. Three original gold tuners with two nickel Keith D-tuners. Original Schaller tuners have solid mother of pearl buttons. Typical Mastertone construction that was acclaimed to greatly surpass Gibson during this timeframe. 20-hole flathead ring mounted on excellent 3-ply maple rim with one-piece flange.
     This banjo is extremely powerful, with a commanding voice. It is set up right now with a wonderful hide head and a newer Prucha bridge. Sounds great. Frets are in great shape with minimal signs of playing.

w/ OHC

Gold Star GF-100 1
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1979 Gold Star GF-100 Banjo 'Sold'

Exc condition. New neck. This is a very good Mahogany banjo from the first few years of the Japanese Gold Stars. Pot is 100% original. Original neck was broken at peghead during transit. New Wreath pattern GF-100 neck installed by Greg Boyd. This banjo is set up to play and does play well, as well as sounds just great. Lots of Mahogany growl.
w/ OHC

Gold Star GF-100 HF 1
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1984 Gold Star GF-100 HF Banjo 'Sold'

     VG(+) condition. Made in Japan. This banjo has been played and enjoyed, but by an experienced player who took great care of the overall condition. There are signs of playing, with frets having moderate wear (but not causing buzzing). Resonator has a couple of small dings, one on edge of back, one on sidewall. Back of neck is nice.
     Mahogany banjo with 3-ply maple rim and pre-war style flathead tone ring. Cream bindings along top and back of resonator and along fingerboard. Concentric circles in back of resonator. Gabon Ebony fingerboard with Heart & Flowers inlay pattern.
     These Gold Star banjos were highly prized during and after their introduction in the late '70's, with players regularly choosing them over Gibsons from the same period. This was because of consistency of workmanship, consistency of tone and also because the Saga Gold Star parts were actually closer to original Gibson parts than you could buy on a new Gibson from the period.
     This particular banjo has been treated well. It has been played professionally for about 5-6 years by a well-known local musician. It is in very good playing condition, sounds great and is ready to be your next banjo...!

w/ OHC

Gold Tone Banjola 1
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2002 Gold Tone Banjola Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc. condition. Only a few minor touch marks on the instrument. No fret wear. Handmade armrest added.
     Figured Maple back and sides. Maple neck. Flat Rosewood fingerboard. 26 1/2" scale length. Old 'minstrel style' scroll peghead shape. Nickel Schaller tuners. Fingerboard has small dot inlays and also a very cool inlay at 5th fret.
     This instrument is fun to play. While there isn't the big, bold sound of a tone-ring banjo, it is still very nice sound.

w/ Gig Bag

Gold Tone CC-100 1
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Gold Tone CC-100 Banjo 'Sold'

     VG(+) Condition. Back of neck has a few dents and dings. Tuners have been replaced. Small amount of wear on frets.
     Maple body and neck. Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. Two-way adjustable truss rod.
     Decent sound, nice playability.

Gold Tone CEB-5 Banjo-Cello 1
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2008 Gold Tone CEB-5 Banjo-Cello Banjo 'Sold'

     Mint condition. No sings of any previous use.
     5-string Banjo Cello with 14" head. Has a deep, round tone. Tuned in 5ths like a standard banjo, but usually one octave lower. Has a 24 3/4" scale Maple neck, and a very wide fret board. Elaborate floral inlays on finger board and peghead. "Mule-ear" peg head with K & K tuners.
     This is a unique instrument that puts an interesting twist on any banjo piece played solo or with company.


GTR  1
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c. 1975 GTR Banjo 'Sold'

     Nice pre-owned Mahogany banjo made in Japan. Hearts and flowers inlay in the fiddle-cut peghead and flat rosewood fingerboard. Planetary geared tuners with pearl buttons. Schaller 5th. Chrome hardware.
     Construction is major wood rim with major flathead tonering mounted on it. Resonanator bound top and back with cream binding. Concentric circles in back. Tube and plate flange. Recent professional setup by Greg Boyd.

w/ OHC

GTR 5-String Banjo 1
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c.1980 GTR 5-String Banjo Banjo 'Sold'

Exc condition. Mahogany banjo with flathead tonering and tube-and-plate flange. Ornate mother of pearl inlays in peghead and fingerboard. Full dimension multi-ply wood rim. This banjo comes highly recommended for any "up-and-coming" serious player. No one will sneer at the sound of this banjo. Comes with good hardshell case. 
w/ HC

H.C. Dobson Open Back 1
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c.1880's H.C. Dobson Open Back Banjo 'Sold'

     Excellent condition with some restoration. 11" Head. Recently fit with newer violin peg tuners. Newer hide head installed.
     Dobson was a true pioneer in banjo construction, having produced both the first banjo with a tone ring and also the first banjo for steel strings.
     High quality old world construction, with brass fingerboard extension after the 15th fret. Tailpiece replaced with vintage No-Knot tailpiece.
     For a nylon string banjo, this banjo sounds great, with lots of tone and plays excellently for clawhammer and other styles of frailing.

w/ newer SSC

Harmony 5-string Banjo
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c. late 60's Harmony 5-string Banjo Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc.(+) Condtion. Excellent beginner banjo. Bakelite rim. Everything all-original and working.
     Sounds pretty good.

w/ OSC

Hatfield Celebrity 1
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c.2008 Hatfield Celebrity Quilted Maple Banjo 'Sold'

     Exceptional original condition. NO Wear, no scratches. Very nice condition banjo with beauty and tone.
     Great high-grade Flamed Maple neck with tight tiger striping, and beautiful intensely Quilted Maple resonator. Rosewood fingerboard. Ornate pearl inlays in peghead and fingerboard.
     Ivoroid bindings on resonator and neck. Gold hardware throughout. Hatfield compensated bridge.
     This is a very good banjo. It is made very well and plays easy. The tone is big with a bounce. Up and down the neck it sounds good!
w/ OHC

Houghton Reliance No. 10 1
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New Houghton Reliance No. 10 Tunneled 5th String Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Made by George Houghton in England in late 1800's. Mr Houghton made instruments for several brands, but his own label was the "Reliance" Brand, which this banjo is.
     Walnut, with cut diamond and dot inlays in fingerboard overlay and a dot in peghead overlay. Tunneled 5th string. Original guitar tuner set has 6 tuners, though only 5 were ever needed for the banjo to be strung and tuned.
     Well made, with interesting design and construction. Neck heel is originally 2-pc and shows some separation at glue joint that needs repair.
    This is a nice banjo and is very collectible. It has all original parts and is playable. I have seen just enough of Mr Houghton's banjos with various brands on them that this is what I view as a "typical" English banjo.
     Comes with a newer hard case.
w/ HC

Huber Kalamazoo 1
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2003 Huber Kalamazoo Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Radiused fingerboard. Some wear thru finish on back of neck, and button "trails" on back of resonator.
     This was the main banjo for a good local friend and customer of ours.  He played it avidly for 6 years in our area, attending many local festivals, campouts and jams. Unfortunately, he passed away suddenly a several months ago, so his banjo is available for someone else to enjoy as he did.
     Mahogany neck and resonator. Cream bindings on resonator and neck, with concentric circles in back of resonator. Waverly 2-band tuners in peghead, with Schaller 5th peg. Ivoroid tuner buttons. Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with r.r. spikes installed at A & B position for 5th string capo'ing.
     I realize that almost every banjo you read about on almost every web page talks about 'how good' any particular banjo sounds... But I must say - everybody who plays in our area has commented on this banjo about how great it sounds. It is set-up well, and has a good "growl" and a flat 'brrr' sound even up high.
     Playability is fine and frets are in good shape with no divots or wear.
w/ OHC

Huber Lancaster 1
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New Huber Lancaster Banjo 'Sold'

     Yes, that's right... we are now an official Dealer for Huber Banjos! And we are happy to have the opportunity to showcase these banjos right alongside our other fine banjos. These banjos are all very well built, from high-grade materials, and deliver major tone and performance.
     The Lancaster model has Mahogany neck and resonator, with Rosewood fingerboard. White bindings on fingerboard and resonator. Tasteful peghead design that gives a tilt toward tradition without being a "copy". Inlays are tastefully done in a similar manner. Vintage style 2-band tuners. Concentric circles in back of resonator.
     This banjo sounds great and is set-up to play...
w/ OHC

Huber Lancaster 1
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c. 2007 Huber Lancaster Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition. Moderate fret wear but no buzzing. You can tell it was played, but no bangs, dents or dings.
     Beautiful Mahogany banjo. White binding on top and back of resonator and along fingerboard. Concentric circles in back of resonator. Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard. Nickel hardware. Waverly 2-band tuners with Schaller 5th string tuner, all with matching Ivoroid buttons.
     We sold this banjo originally, and have it again now. It is basically unscathed except for a little fret wear. It's got the great Mahogany sound you're looking for.

w/ Saga HC

Huber Lexington - Gold Engraved 1
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2004 Huber Lexington - Gold Engraved Banjo 'Sold'

     Excellent condition. Only has a few light touch marks here and there. Nominal fret wear.
     Beautiful flamed Maple neck and resonator. Multiple white/blk/wh bindings on resonator and along fingerboard. Rosewood fingerboard. Gold engraved hardware. Gold 2-band Waverly tuners with ivoroid buttons.
     This banjo has exceptional sound - great attack, depth and presence.
w/ OHC

Huber Mahogany Workhorse 1
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New Huber Mahogany Workhorse Banjo 'Sold'

     Newest model for Huber.
     Mahogany banjo with white bindings on resonator and along fingerboard. Mahogany resonator has white concentric circles inlaid. Ebony fingerboard with pearl inlays. Nickel tuners with Ivoroid buttons. Ebony peghead overlay with pearl Huber logo. Matte finish.
     Sound is strong and present. It looks good, feels good and sounds good.

w/ HC

Huber Roanoke VRB BK
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New Huber Roanoke VRB Beautiful Walnut Banjo 'Sold'

     Beautiful Walnut banjo. Hard to describe the figure in the Walnut resonator... Its sort of a 'Pastoral Scene' in the wood grain. Neck shows excellent straight-grain Walnut. Peghead is double-cut, with pearl inlays that are a departure to a Flying Eagle pattern. Its hard to describe the inlays in peghead and fingerboard - I'll let the photos do the talking.
     White/Black/White bindings on top and back of resonator and along fingerboard. Resonator back has 2 concentric circles of wooden marquetry.
     Of course, this "VRB" banjo features the Huber "HR-30" pre-war style Flathead tone ring carefully fitted to their specially engineered 3-ply Maple rim. All this extra care in choosing the right mass of various parts to mate together works very effectively to deliver a beautifully resonant sound... sort of a 'rolling resonance' that you can feel and hear in the sound.
     Huber has dialed in these VRB banjos to have most of the desired aspects of tone that many pre-war banjos have. And they do it for 1/10th of the price of an original pre-war banjo.
     Note: this banjo has some mild lacquer check and a few slight dings from being demonstrated at festivals. We have taken a discount off the price to reflect this.

w/ OHC

Huber True-Tone VRB-75 1
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New Huber True-Tone VRB-75 Banjo 'Sold'

     This is a new banjo. However, it has just returned to the store from two winter festivals where it was available for many people to hear for themselves how great it plays and sounds. There are slight blemishes now in the finish. Please call to discuss these and any discounts that will apply.
     Mahogany resonator with two concentric circles. Single cream binding on the back and sides. Mahogany "speed neck" has finish removed from playing area on back of neck, for faster hand motion. Flat rosewood fingerboard with pearl inlays. Ebony peghead overlay with Huber logo inlay. Nickel Waverly tuners with amber "tulip" buttons.
     This banjo is a fine one. Lots of resonance and tone and plays easy.

w/ HC

Huber TrueTone Kalamazoo 1
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New Huber TrueTone Kalamazoo Banjo 'Sold'

     Mahogany resonator. Flamed Maple "speed neck". Radiused Rosewood fingerboard with pearl inlays. Pearl Kalamazoo block inlay at 21st fret. Nickel hardware. Nickel tuners with Ivoroid buttons. Resonator has cream bindings and two concentric circles on the back. Ebony peghead overlay with Huber logo and Fleur de Lis inlay in pearl. "Truetone" trussrod cover.
     A lot has been said about these newer "Truetone" banjos. They really are quite close in tone and timbre to authentic 1930's Gibson flathead banjos. There is a quick, satisfying attack with nice resonant growl.
     Not only is this banjo made well, but it is also made using great materials, is set up well and has great projection and atttack.

w/ HC

Huber VRB-3 1
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New Huber VRB-3 Banjo 'Sold'

     New instrument. Mahogany banjo similar in look, feel and in sound, to original 1930's Gibson "RB-3" flathead banjos.
     Mahogany neck and resonator. Concentric rings in back of resonator. White bindings around resonator top and back edges. White binding along fingerboard. Ebony fingerboard with RB-75 inlay pattern. Waverly 2-band tuners with ivoroid buttons. Schaller 5th tuner with matching ivoroid button. Nickel hardware. Aged 3-ply maple rim. Huber HR-30 tonering.
     This is a pretty impressive instrument. Mainly it is impressive because of the statement above. The day this banjo came in we had a mid-'30's Gibson flathead style 3 and also a 5-yr old Williams "Kenny Ingram" model. Both of these banjos were really dialed-in to great sound. This new Huber held its own with the original Gibson flathead and the excellent Williams "Kenny Ingram" model.
     The great sound is that "brrrrrr" sound. Many people call it 'the growl'. It is a very "sure" attack, but without shrill metalic shades. It has good sustain, but without too many overtones lingering around the primary tones. It is a powerful banjo, but not 'too loud'.
     * This particular VRB-3 is slightly customized from a standard example. Ours has Ebony fingerboard with RB-75 inlays, and ours has plain Nickel hardware, instead of 'antiqued' hardware.

w/ OHC

Huber VRB-4 1
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New Huber VRB-4 Banjo 'Sold'

     American walnut banjo built very close to traditional pre-war walnut RB-4 banjos.
     Beautiful straight grain American Black Walnut neck, with highly figured burl Walnut resonator. Traditional wooden concentric circle purfling in resonator back. Multiple antiqued white/black/white bindings on top and back of resonator and along fingerboard. Period double-cut peghead with flying eagle inlay pattern with ebony peghead overlay. Four main tuners are Waverly with Schaller fifth tuner, all with matching ivoroid buttons. Radiused rosewood fingerboard.
     True to the early 1930's style 4 banjos, this banjo has chrome hardware.
     These Huber TrueTone VRB banjos really do sound close to the original pre-war versions in tone and timbre. The engineered rim has been carefully mated with the HR-30 tone ring for maximal resonance that yields a strong growly sound. Many experienced players remark on this, saying that they hear the warmth, the growl, and other similarities to the old original banjos.

w/ OHC

Huber VRB-4 Custom 1
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New Huber VRB-4 Custom Banjo 'Sold'

     Burled Walnut resonator and mildly figured Walnut neck. Speed neck. Radiused Rosewood fingerboard faithful to vintage RB-4's with double-cut peghead and "Flying Eagle" inlay pattern. Ebony peghead veneer.

w/ HC

Huber VRB-75 Reno 1
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New Huber VRB-75 Reno Banjo 'Sold'

     Classic Mahogany banjo. Double-cut peghead with Huber logo near top and "Reno" inlay pattern. Flat, Rosewood fingerboard with "Flying Eagle" inlay. "Truetone" inlay at 21st fret. Antiqued cream bindings around resonator top and bottom edge, and along fingerboard. Antiqued concentric circles in back of resonator. Nickel Waverly tuners with 5-star 5th string peg, all with matching Ivoroid buttons. *We would be happy to substitue for Amber Tulip buttons if desired. Antiqued Nickel parts. Presto tailpiece.
     Really has the correct "old" Mahogany banjo sound, with lots of growl and presence.

w/ HC

Huber VRB-75 True Tone 1
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New Huber VRB-75 True Tone Banjo 'Sold'

     New.  Mahogany resonator with multiple bindings and two concentric circles inlaid in the back. Plain Maple neck with multiple cream bindings and flat Rosewood fingerboard with pearl RB-75 inlays. NIckel Waverly tuners with Ivoroid buttons. Nickel Presto tailpiece. Ebony peghead overlay with Huber logo inlay.
     Made with lots of thought in design and lots of thought in the finished product. This newer HR-30 tone ring mated to the 'Engineered Rim', really does give you the sound very close to original pre-war banjos. It does have that "Mahogany growl". The attack is fast and solid and the entire banjo comes alive with resonance.
    This banjo is an excellent banjo - great materials, workmanship and best of all, great sound.

w/ OHC

Huber Work Horse 1
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New Huber Work Horse Banjo 'Sold'

     New maple banjo. Excellent concept...this is a "Recession Model" built with nice appointments but still shaving costs of some expensive extras. Straight grain maple neck with uniquely figured resonator. Tasteful see-through milk chocolate lacquer matte finish.Simple traditional pearl inlay pattern in flat ebony fingerboard with Workhorse in the Mastertone block on 21st fret. Traditional double-cut peghead with Huber logo inlaid at top and inlay that matches fingerboard. All nickel hardware. Simple white bindings on top and back of resonator and along fingerboard. Waverly tuners in peghead with Schaller 5th all with matching ivoroid buttons.
     The Work Horse banjos are consistently great from Huber. These banjos are remarkable because they sound really good even straight from Steve's shop. Ready to walk on stage. Very high grade workmanship that borders on perfection. Great neck shape. Great parts and great tone.

w/ OHC

Huber WorkHorse 1
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New Huber WorkHorse Maple Banjo 'Sold'

     Maple neck and resonator with single binding. 3-ply Maple rim. Huber tone ring. Ebony fingerboard with pearl inlays. Nickel hardware. Presto tailpiece.
     These banjos are the talk of the town. Many players who own $5000 Huber models are some of the most vocal supporters of these "Work Horse" models. These are banjos with simple appointments, yet so tastefully done that you are surprised the price is so low. Even the parts are top quality, with Waverly main tuners and Schaller 5th tuner as examples.
     We've been very happy with every Huber Work Horse banjo that we've seen.

Huber Workhorse 1
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New Huber Workhorse Banjo 'Sold'

     Pre-Order now! Advance orders will receive a strap, capo and tuner with the banjo.
     The Workhorse is the newest, and most affordable addition to the Huber banjo line. Available with Mahogany or Curly Maple neck and resonator. Ebony fingerboard, with MOP "Leaves & Bows" inlay. Double-cut peghead with Pearl Huber logo. Presto tailpiece. One-pc. flange.

w/ HC

Huber Workhorse - Maple 1
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New Huber Workhorse - Maple Banjo 'Sold'

     This instrument has sold, but we are leaving it up on display for a while on our website to show it is available to order.
     Very nice, highly figured Maple neck and resonator. White bindings around resonator and along fingerboard. Double-cut peghead, flat Ebony fingerboard. "Leaves & Bows" pattern in the peghead and fingerboard. Huber logo at top of peghead. "Workhorse" inlay at 21st fret. As with all Huber banjos, excellent 3-ply rim with traditional flathead tonering, and pot-metal one-pc. flange. Nickel waverly tuners in peghead, with 5-star 5th tuner, all with matching Ivoroid buttons.
     This is a great sounding banjo with great playability, and a very big, solid sound. A bargain for a hand-made banjo at the price.

w/ HC

Ibanez Artist PH
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1976 Ibanez Artist Banjo 'Sold'

Exceptional original condition! No fret wear, belt buckle wear ETC... Maple neck and resonator. Chrome plated hardware. Fingerboard and resonator bound in Ivoriod with Marquetry purfling. Modified Wreath pattern inlay in Ebony fingerboard. Everything is original on this nice example.  
w/ OHC

Jimmy Cox Kentucky 5 1
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1990 Jimmy Cox Kentucky 5 Archtop Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc condition. Some mild finish checking on resonator back, some moderate fret wear. No belt buckle marks on resonator, no dings or dents in back of neck.
     Walnut banjo with 40-hole archtop tonering and 1-pc flange. Cox 3-ply maple rim. Original Price "Straight-Line" tailpiece. Original Schaller 1st, 4th and 5th tuners and Keith "D-tuners" at 2nd and 3rd strings - all with nice original matching buttons. Flat Ebony fingerboard with Hearts & Flowers pearl inlay pattern. Banjo is fully bound with cream binding on top and back of resonator, along fingerboard and around headstock. Highest grade "burled" Walnut resonator back. Concentric circles in back of resonator.
     This is a very high quality banjo and is an excellent choice for an archtop enthusiast.
w/ OHC

Johnson JB-110 1
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c.2005 Johnson JB-110 Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Has a little bit of light fret wear and a few minor signs of playing and handling. Currently missing one thumbscrew for resonator.
     Mahogany banjo with aluminum 'uni-pot' construction. Rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays.
     This banjo is set up well and plays well.

w/ HC

Kay  1
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Unknown Kay Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc condition. Mahogany neck and resonator. Banjo has some signs of light normal use.
     Aluminum pot. Block inlays in Rosewood fingerboard. Planetary tuners. Cream bindings around top and back of resonator and along fingerboard. Back of resonator has Eagle pattern in wood under the finish.
     This banjo is all set up to play and would make a fine starter banjo.

w/ OSC

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c1965 Kay Banjo 'Sold'

     Excellent original condition. Great starter banjo! Bakelite (or similar) rim. Neck is very straight, frets are original and in great shape. All set up and ready to get someone off to a solid start playing banjo.

w/ SSC

Kay 5-string 1
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c. 1960 Kay 5-string Banjo 'Sold'

     In good shape, recently set-up, plays well.

w/ OSC (Beat up)

Liberty Backstep 1
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c.1980 Liberty Backstep Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc condition. Two scratches on resonator sidewalls, a few very light marks on back of resonator and slight finish blemish at peaks of peghead.
     Mahogany banjo with Ebony fingerboard. White binding on top and back of resonator. Dot inlays in fingerboard. Thick multi-laminate rim with brass bead for tone ring. 'Shoes and plates' flange, so it can easily be converted to an open-back banjo. Tuners appear to be old vintage pancake tuners, but could be more modern re-makes. Friction 5th string tuner.
     This would be an excellent beginner's banjo, or one to buy for an "extra" banjo to take to a campout jam. The sound is good and crisp and it is set-up very well.
w/ OHC

Ludwig Ambassador 1
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c. 1930's Ludwig Ambassador Banjo 'Sold'

     VG+ condition. Original gold and engraved parts in very good condition (except as stated below).
     Inside the metal rim, a wooden "sistered" rim has been bolted in the interior (please see photos).
     Beautiful figured Walnut resonator and neck. Neck shows grafted heel piece from an old break. Neck is 7-ply - 2 main Walnut sides with colorful wood stringers in center. Multiple colorful strips of wood under fingerboard, showing at the sides. Elaborate pearl engraved inlays are all intact. Tonering is typical Ludwig archtop configuration. All original hardware intact and in good shape. 
     Yes, it has the strange side adjuster screws near end of fingerboard at binding.
     Modifications - who knows why someone built up a wooden rim inside the metal rim...? I am sure they were thinking that they were improving the banjo. At any rate, it didn't do much more than cause 12 holes to be drilled into the lower metal rim skirt.
     This banjo plays ok and sounds good. But it also has value as a 'wall-hanger', or object of art to marvel over.

w/ OHC

Morgan Monroe Rocky Top 24-Bracket 1
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Recent Morgan Monroe Rocky Top 24-Bracket Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc condition. No fret wear, no problems. Very good starter banjo or student upgrade. This Rocky Top is made nicer than current ones, having 24 hooks and nuts instead of the 16 they are making now. Recently setup and ready to play! This banjo has a Schub side-mounted capo added professionally.
     Mahogany construction. Multiple white bindings on top and back of resonator. White bindings on fingerboard and heelcap. Concentric circles in back of resonator. Shoe and plate construction. Hearts and flowers inlay pattern. Double-cut peghead. Planetary geared tuners. Remo head.

w/ HC

Morgan Monroe Rocky Top MNB2 1
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2003 Morgan Monroe Rocky Top MNB2 Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Some wear on frets, but not buzzing. Wood, lacquer and metal parts in good shape.
     Maple neck and resonator. Nice "Wreath" pattern inlays in headstock and fingerboard. Full wood rim and tone ring. Tube-and-plate flange. Nice bindings and coloration. This banjo has a good strong sound that isn't brash. It is set-up to play well and it has no problems. Comes with a good gig bag.
     These don't seem to be offered anymore by Morgan Monroe. I can't understand why, as it is a good solid banjo for an up-and-coming player.
w/ Gig Bag

Nechville Eclipse Custom 1
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2003 Nechville Eclipse Custom Heli-mount Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc (-) Condition.
     Mahogany back, sides and neck with "Heli-mount" frame design. The "Heli-mount" design allows easy adjustment with even tension of the head. Back, sides and neck are all multiple bound with Ivoroid. Custom neck with radiused Rosewood fingerboard with no inlays (there are position marks on the side). Nechville Bevelled birdseye maple armrest added. The 5th string is tunneled so that the tuner is on the peghead, a $400 upgrade. Another upgrade is a "Corona" nickel frame which Nechville also charges $400 for.
    There is a moderate amount of fret wear on the fingerboard. The neck has a couple of light scratches, and the back has a few dings but the banjo is in great shape overall.
     This is a nice banjo, good sound and easy to play. If ordered today, a banjo from Nechville with these appointments will cost around $4000.

w/ HC

Nechville Saturn 1
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c2009 Nechville Saturn w/ Coco Bolo Tone Ring Banjo 'Sold'

     Exceptional Original Condition. No dings, no dents, no scratches, no player wear.
     Walnut neck and resonator. Ebony flat fingerboard with tasteful pearl inlays of stars and the planet Saturn inlaid at 5th fret. Beautiful Coco Bolo Tone Ring sitting on ball bearings on top of the wooden rim. Normal Heli-Mount head tightening system that Nechville employs on his banjos. Nickel Gotoh tuners. Single black binding around top and back edge of resonator and along fingerboard. Black tension hoop system.
     This is a very nice banjo that sounds crisp with tonal depth. It is VERY LIGHTWEIGHT... around 7 lbs.

w/ OHC

Oak Leaf Open Back 1
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1979 Oak Leaf Open Back Tubaphone Banjo 'Sold'

     Extra Fine condition. Made in Mountain View, Arkansas by Bob Momich. Very nice banjo with all professional components. No wear anywhere - everything is crisp and clean.
     11" Maple block pot rim with traditional Tubaphone tone ring. The Maple rim is put together very well - it has multiple binding top and bottom, inside and out... And, it has an attractive Bird's-eye Maple cap on the bottom edge of rim. Beautiful Walnut neck with multiple wood stringer down the back center, and wood layers beneath peghead overlay and heelcap. Ebony heelcap has Oak leaf inlay. Five-star planetary tuning pegs with ivoroid buttons. Ebony fingerboard. Simple star and dot inlays in peghead and fingerboard. 26 1/4" scale length. Original Waverly "fibre-skyn" head. Original Waverly tailpiece.
     This is a great banjo for the money...
w/ Newer Hard Case

ODE Kit 1
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c 1970 ODE Kit Banjo 'Sold'

     Excellent original condition. Appears to be a kit banjo from the ODE shop, previously owned and played by a member of the Clancy Brothers.
     Aluminum uni-pot with shoe-and-hook construction. Beautiful mahogany neck. Friction tuners with matching cream buttons. Neck attaches with simple bolt system with no rods. Neck has no adjustable truss rod and does have slight bow in it but plays well.

w/ SSC

ODE Longneck 1
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1969 ODE Longneck used in The Clancy Brothers Band Banjo 'Sold'

     Rare banjo professionally used by the Clancy Brothers for 7 or 8 years. This banjo toured the world for much of the 1970s. The instrument is in good shape but professionally road-worn. Instrument has been maintained in good playing condition. Fingerboard and frets in fine shape. Mild wear on the peghead. Two repairs in the neck, one at the volute and one at the heel. Neck is great. One nut not matching the other nuts. Fifth string capo installed on side of neck. Strap button installed on heel of neck. All other parts original, possibly even the head.
     Brass ring inset at the top of the aluminum uni-pot. Wonderful mahogany neck with three-piece rosewood and maple stringer. Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, heelcap, and peghead overlay showing lighter wood layer beneath. Truss rod adjustment works fine. Planetary main tuners with Schaller 5th, all with matching cream buttons.
     This banjo is unique and in excellent playing condition and is a proven stage performer.

ODE Style C 1
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1979 ODE Style C Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(+) condition. Banjo recently cleaned, polished and refurbished by Bishline Banjo. The banjo was taken apart and all original wood and metal parts were carefully cleaned and polished and reassembled. New fret job.
     Walnut neck and resonator. Ebony fingerboard with ODE's version of "Hearts & Flowers" inlay pattern inlaid in pearl
     It's all set-up and ready to play.
w/ OHC

OME Jubilee 1
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New OME Jubilee Banjo 'Sold'

     12" pot w/ 2-ply solid maple rim and 2 coordinator rod system. Mahogany neck finished with Tung-oil varnish. Antique'd brass hardware. Railroad spikes on 7 & 9.
     26 1/4" scale length. Tasteful "Moon and Stars" abalone and pearl inlay pattern. Ebony fingerboard and peghead overlay with stylzed scallop for frailing without hitting frets. Hardened nickel-silver frets. Tuners are also antique'd to coincide with brass antique parts. Tuner buttons are sort of irridescent copper color. Bone nut. Sweetone tailpiece.
     These Ome banjos are built to the highest standard and we are proud to carry them for your playing pleasure.

w/ OHC

OME Monarch 1
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1984 OME Monarch Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc condition. Minimal previous player wear - slight fret wear with no dents, some small dings and small lacquer chips.
     Nickel Schaller tuners. All original nickel hardware. Nicely figured flamed Maple neck and resonator and rim. The outer play of 3-ply rim shows very nice flame figure to match resonator side walls. Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, peghead overlay and heelcap. Grained ivoroid bindings on resonator and neck. Two-pc neck, with attractive Rosewood stringers along center of back of neck with thin Maple between them. Very nice decorative multiple wood layers showing on sides of fingerboard, peghead and heelcap. Concentric circles in back of resonator. R.R. spikes at 7th, 9th and 10th frets for 5th string capo'ing. Tasteful inlays of abalone and pearl in peghead and fingerboard.
     Pot construction is with 3-ply Maple rim, bracket shoes and plate flange. This system allows a player to easily change from resonator "bluegrass" banjo to open-back frailing banjo, just by taking off the resonator and flange plate.
     This is a fine banjo that would be a nice addition to anyone's collection. It plays great and sounds fine.
w/ HC

OME Renaissance Tenor Custom 1
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1998 OME Renaissance Tenor Custom Rosewood Neck, Rim and Resonator Banjo 'Sold'

     Almost New Condition. Barely any sign of playing on the frets - no careless handling, no dings, no dents, no repairs, no problems.
     This banjo was made for our local famous 4-string player, Dick Lewis, also affectionately known around the U.S. as "Montana Red". Dick Lewis was a semi-professional musician from about age 5 and on throughout his life. He played all over the U.S. and some in Europe.
     Custom ordered with Rosewood neck, rim and resonator. Rosewood resonator back has light carving. Neck has elaborate and perfect 'bas relief' carving at heel and back of peghead. Multiple ivoroid bindings around resonator, along fingerboard and around peghead overlay. Beautiful ornate inlays of engraved pearl in peghead, fingerboard and heelcap. Gabon Ebony fingerboard and peghead overlay.
     Mostly Gold plated hardware with Chrome plated custom armrest and Chrome Richelieu pick holder. Exquisite deep-gouge master engraving throughout. Even the pick holder is elaborately engraved. "Montana Red" engraved into armrest. Gold Waverly 2-band pre-war style offset tuners with solid pearl knobs.
     This banjo, if ordered new today, would cost $10,375 with case. Take advantage of one in great condition for quite a bit less than that.
     This banjo is set up well and plays and sounds great.

w/ OHC

OME Single X 1
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1977 OME Single X Banjo 'Sold'

     VG+ condition. All original. Some lacquer worn on resonator sidewalls and back of neck at heel. Hardly any fret wear.
     Mahogany neck and resonator with Rosewood fingerboard. Flathead 'no-hole' tone ring. Tortoise binding on resonator. Brazilian Rosewood peghead overlay and fingerboard. Pearl dot inlays in fingerboard.
     This is a great banjo for a young player, or for an experienced player to have a good 'camping banjo'. It is set-up and ready to go.
w/ HC

OME Tupelo 1
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New OME Tupelo w/ 12" Pot Banjo 'Sold'

     New.  Great open-back banjo with 12" Maple rim and Mahogany neck.
     Beautiful looking banjo. Understated elegance, with 'squared' peghead, scalloped fingerboard, antique'd brass hardware, old style celluloid tuner buttons. These buttons look like 'irridescent copper' - they look like a piece of fancy root beer hard candy that your great aunt had in the bowl at Easter.
     H&K tuners. Brass hardware.  Wood tone ring - rim is machined so the top of rim acts as tone ring to transmit sound down into the rim.  14 hooks and nuts. Ebony fingerboard with small dot inlays and tasteful scallop at end of fingerboard to facilitate playing without fingernails hitting the frets.
     This is a very nicely constructed and great sounding banjo.

w/ OHC

OME Tupelo Custom 1
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New OME Tupelo Custom Maple w/ Antique Brass Hardware Banjo 'Sold'

     New. This is a customized "Tupelo" model open-back banjo from OME. The custom features are: Figured Maple wood and finish color and Antique Brass Hardware. Flat Ebony fretboard with pearl dot inlays. Fingerboard scalloped at uppermost frets for ease of playing.

w/ OHC

Orpheum  1
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c1970 Orpheum Banjo 'Sold'

     VG+ condition. Resonator has scratches but no big dings. The neck is in great shape, very small amounts of fret wear on the fingerboard. There is a small piece of wood missing from the 22nd fret. The headstock has various little dings and dents. Non-conventional neck construction with screw showing near the heel to connect neck to body.
     Appears to be a rosewood Resonator with checkerboard marquetry along the top edge. Resonator and fingerboard have multiple bindings. Back of resonator has decorative inlays. Mahogany neck with radiussed rosewood fretboard and "bow-tie" inlays. All gold hardware including 5-star tuners.
     This would be a perfect beginner banjo. It's got a good sound for the price, and plays well.

w/ HC

Recording King Recording King "Melody King" 1
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2007 Recording King Recording King "Melody King" Wood Tonering Banjo 'Sold'

Exc. (+) pre-owned but with no signs of being played. Mahogany neck and resonator with Rosewood fingerboard. Cool "fan" shaped Mother-of-Pearl inlays in fingerboard and headstock. This banjo sounds really great... and with NO heavy bronze tonering! The head is mounted onto the 3-ply wood rim directly, with the tones developing straight into the rim, instead of passing from a metal tonering to the rim.
    The tone is very good - all of the attack, depth and tone that you expect from a "Mastertone style" banjo, but without any metallic or shrill overtones that some less expensive banjos have.
w/ OHC

Recording King RK-20 1
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New Recording King RK-20 Banjo 'Sold'

This banjo works quite well and is better than most banjos in the market at this price range. Wood rim construction with brass bead tone ring. Mahogany neck and resonator w/ sunburst finish. Multiple white bindings on resonator w/ concentric ring in back of resonator. White bindings on fingerboard. Hearts & Flowers inlay in rosewood fingerboard. Planetary tuners. 
    We always spend plenty of time and care setting up these banjos before shipping them out. We tune the head, re-position the tailpiece, install a professional handmade bridge, and put great strings on them. In short - they sound great when they leave here...  Listen to sound sample
w/ OHC

Recording King RK-R35 1
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Recent Recording King RK-R35 Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc condition. 26 1/4" scale length. No dings, scratches, or damage, though there is some fretwear. Currently awaiting fretwork in our shop.
     Maple 5-string banjo. Satin finish on maple resonator. Rosewood flat fingerboard with seagull inlays on maple neck. 3-ply steam bent maple rim. 24-bracket tension hoop. Dual coordinator rods and adjustable truss rod in neck. Nickel-plated hardware including presto tailpiece and armrest. Railroad spikes installed for capo-ing in A, B, and C. Maple/ebony bridge and bone nut. Black peghead overlay with mother of pearl inlay. Planetary tuners.
     This banjo sounds great for the money. Well set-up and ready to play!

w/ Excellent HC

Recording King Soloist 1
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New Recording King Soloist Banjo 'Sold'

Maple neck and resonator, with sunburst finish. Nice banjo as far as parts and hardware. A few rough spots here and there, but most are easily overlooked, because the overall take is that the banjo is quite nice. Figured Maple neck and resonator with sunburst finish. Elaborate peghead inlays along with the Hearts & Flowers fingerboard inlays remind you of the old "Bella Voce" banjos. Wide white bindings on fingerboard and peghead, matching white bindings on resonator. Very good sound and all set up to play.
w/ OHC

Reiter Whyte Laydie 1
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2004 Reiter Whyte Laydie w/ Engraved Gryphon Banjo 'Sold'

     Exceptional original condition. Almost no signs of prior ownership. The beautifully engraved Gryphon and other pearl inlays are also a rarity nowadays, as Mr Reiter doesn't do this level of work on this model anymore.
     Maple neck and rim. Whyte Laydie tonering. Bottom of rim finished out with Rosewood cap. Top inside edge of rim bound with tortoise. Elaborately engraved peghead inlays in peghead and at 1st and 5th fret. Dot inlays complete the pattern. Ebony fingerboard with ivoroid binding. Five-Star tuners.
     This banjo is in very fine condition. It is set-up to play well and has great tone. Currently has a Remo "Renaissance" head.
w/ OHC

Rukavina Gourd 1
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New Rukavina Gourd Banjo 'Sold'

     Beautifully-made gourd banjo tenor banjo (mandola) from local Missoula builder Ryan Rukavina.
     Gourd pot with mahogany face (head). Walnut "thru"-neck. When held in playing position, the pot is a winking, smiling face complete with elegantly carved armrest which appears as a lock of hair. You have to look at the photos or ideally come in to check it out in person, but it just a remarkable piece of art and beautiful instrument that plays great as a tenor banjo or mandola.

S.S. Stewart "Universal Favorite" 1
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1895 S.S. Stewart "Universal Favorite" - Great Condition Banjo 'Sold'

    Exceptional Condition. This banjo is so nice it may fall into the category, 'best one you've ever seen'...  Spun-over Rosewood rim, with bead brass tone ring. Neck is Cypress(?), with light carving on heel. Blackened Pearwood fingerboard, peghead overlay and heelcap. Very nice inlays in peghead and fingerboard.
     All original hardware except spacer/keeper at neck end of dowel stick. I am sure it originally was two wedges of Ebony, but is now one piece of brass wedged in, to make the neck snug to the pot. Tuners are original(?) friction pegs.
     This is a great banjo in great condition. This would make any collection a little more complete.
w/ Gig Bag

Saga SS-3 1
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New Saga SS-3 Banjo 'Sold'

     New. Mahogany resonator and neck. Flat fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Nickel parts and hardware, Golden Gate tuners. Ebony peghead overlay with Saga logo inlaid in pearl. Aluminum pot construction, with flathead ring integral to the rim. Ebony fingerboard with dot inlays. Nice planetary tuners.
     This is a good intermediate banjo with a good valid bluegrass sound. Good "pop" and good resonance. Setup for peak performance by Greg Boyd.
     * This banjo comes with a handsome upgraded hard case with brown exterior and leather handle, from Saga.

w/ Upgraded Hard Case

Saga SS3 5-string 1
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New Saga SS3 5-string w/ Pro Set-up and Upgraded Case Banjo 'Sold'

     New. Aluminum uni-pot construction, with shoe and plate flange. In my experience, these aluminum rim banjos have a much better sound than most of the thin multi-ply wood rims. Tastefully appointed, with nice simple inlays in the peghead and finerboard and bound resonator. Planetary tuners.
     This banjo is our main choice for a young player or for an adult starter. These are made well enough, and sound good enough, that for many people this banjo would be 2 or 3 steps higher than he one they had when they started learning banjo.
     These don't come with perfect set-up from the factory, however, and we do lots of tweaking and 'dialing-in' when setting these up. But the reward in tone is worth the effort in set-up. New from Saga, they retail for a little over $900 including the Superior Hard Case. But that doesn't include the $50 of professional set-up that we do to each one as they arrive here. But we offer it to you, of course, for lots less...

w/ Superior HC

Scorpion Mahogany 1
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2004 Scorpion Mahogany Banjo 'Sold'

     VG(+) Condition. Serial Number #0. Minor touch marks on the resonator and back of neck. Some light fret wear.
     Mahogany neck and resonator. "Tennessee 20" tone ring mounted on Tony Pass 500TS rim. Rosewood fingerboard with modified "flying eagle" style inlays. Ivoroid bindings on resonator and fingerboard. Multiple Ivoroid concentric circles on back of resonator. Hand-made custom wooden armrest by Cliff Avery installed on banjo. 5-star planetary tuners with Schaller 5th tuner, all with matching Ivoroid pegs.
     Great mahogany sound. Excellent "pop" in the attack from the lowest notes on the 4th string to the highest notes on the 1st string. Has a good rolling resonance when you play.

w/ HC

Slingerland May Bell Tenor 1
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c.1927 Slingerland May Bell Tenor Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc condition. 19-fret tenor banjo. This is a very nice example of an original banjo that is hardly used or worn. Tuners have been changed to modern planetary geared pegs.
     Maple rim construction with simple bead tone ring. Original Slingerland "White Mount" calf-skin head. All original nickel hardware in great original shape, except for replaced tuners, as mentioned above.
     Neck is slim with a "V" profile. Tension hoop, hooks & nuts, flange, armrest, Kerschner tailpiece, flange, etc... are ALL original and in great shape.
     This would be a perfect tenor to buy for a student, or just to collect as a piece of art.

w/ OHC

Stelling Bell Flower 1
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c.1982 Stelling Bell Flower Banjo 'Sold'

     Just in. Exc(-) condition. Sounds really great. Recent complete professional fret job. All original hardware. Just a few places showing evidence of player wear - no problems. Action is set nice and low.
w/ OHC

Stelling Crusader 1
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2005 Stelling Crusader Banjo 'Sold'

Exc. condition. Very minimal fret wear. Mahogany neck and resonator with concentric circles.  Resonator and neck are bound with multiple Ivoroid bindings. Tony Pass old wood rim. This is a very nice banjo in really good condition.
w/ OHC

Stelling Crusader DeLuxe 1
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2007 Stelling Crusader DeLuxe Banjo 'Sold'

Almost new condition. No fret wear. Everything original including deluxe Stelling hard case. Frosted gold hardware. Engraved tension hoop, flange, armrest and tailpiece. Mahogany resonator and neck. Tony Pass old wood rim. Resonator and neck are bound with multiple Ivoroid bindings, with black lines showing on top edge, back, and sides of resonator. Bound peghead. The inlays are very tasteful yet intricate. This is a great banjo that is in nearly un-played condition. On Sale - $3950.
w/ OHC

Stelling Golden Cross 1
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Previously Owned Stelling Golden Cross Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc condition. This banjo is in prime condition, with no dings or dents anywhere. Even the case is in great original shape.
     Fine figured Maple neck and resonator. Ebony flat fingerboard. Multiple bound with ivoroid and wooden marquetry purflings along top and back of resonator and along fingerboard. Fully bound, with bindings around resonator, neck and peghead. Elaborate pearl inlays in headstock and fingerboard.
     Currently waiting for fresh fret job and milling. The original owner played this banjo a lot and enjoyed it, but didn't abuse it.
     Please call for more info... 406/327-9925.

w/ OHC

Stelling Golden Cross 1
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1979 Stelling Golden Cross Banjo 'Sold'

Exc. Condition. This banjo is in really great condition. There are very little signs of ever being played not even any fret wear! New Kershner tailpiece and new armrest. D tuners installed. Shubb sliding 5th string capo.
w/ OHC

Stelling Golden Cross 1
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1980 Stelling Golden Cross Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. One-owner. Walnut neck and resonator. Fresh new full fret job. Some player wear - mostly as button trails on back of resonator. Some few light marks on back of neck. New head and new bridge.
     Original old style Stelling block pot rim. All original hardware, including Scruggs/Keith tuners at 2nd and 3rd strings. Original matching pearloid tuner buttons. Maltese Cross wood parquet inset into back of resonator.
     During this time period, Stelling was using 'Ebonol' fingerboards, a synthetic material that looked like Ebony. The owner had heard about problems from the Ebonol fingerboards and requested real Ebony on his neck.
     Beautiful appointments: Fully bound. Resonator has multiple ivoroid bindings with colorful wooden marquetry purfling strips at top and bottom edges. Neck bound with ivoroid and colorful wooden marquetry purflings. Peghead bound with ivoroid. Nice inlay pattern in fingerboard and peghead.
     This is a popular Stelling model because you get a lot of "extras". This banjo model was created in memory of one of Geoff Stelling's good friends who died rather young.
     This banjo was recently professionally re-fretted and is freshly set-up to play great. It is a good banjo that has had 20+ years of enjoyment, but shows no abuse.
w/ OHC

Stelling Master Flower 1
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c 2005 Stelling Master Flower Banjo 'Sold'

      Exc (+) condition. Has original Tony Pass "Lost Timbre" rim.
      Figured walnut neck and resonator. Resonator shows multiple ivoroid bindings. with black line showing on top, sides, and back. Wooden marquetry concentric circles inlaid in back of resonator. Ivoroid-black-ivoroid heelcap and fingerboard binding. Single cream binding around headstock. Flat ebony fingerboard with flowered inlay pattern. Ebony peghead veneer with Stelling logo at top and mother of pearl flourishes. Solid pearl truss rod cover. Tuners have all matching ebony buttons. Ebony armrest recently added. Hardware and wood are all in excellent condition. Stelling "pivot pin" tailpiece. Railroad spikes installed at A, Bb, B, C, and D positions. No wear, anywhere. Frets and fingerboard are in amazing condition with recent fret job. This is a fine banjo in really great shape. Sounds really good.

w/ OHC

Stelling Sunflower Resonator
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2005 Stelling Sunflower - Beautiful woods and condition Banjo 'Sold'

     Exceptional original condition. NO player wear - no dings, no scratches on back of resonator, no fret wear! Head is mildly worn from planting fingers for playing. Armrest has mild discoloration.
    Very strong figured Maple back, sides and neck. Ebony fingerboard. Multiple ivoroid bindings on top and back of resonator, sides of resonator, and along fingerboard. Original Tony Pass "Lost Timber" rim.
     All the various components - the rim, tone ring, neck and resonator are all involved with the sound on this banjo - the dramatically figured Maple is perfectly accented by the beautiful amber sunburst and the bindings. This is a great example, both visually and tonally, of what we all look for in a fine banjo.
w/ OHC

Stelling Sunflower 1
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2002 Stelling Sunflower 3-ply Rim Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc condition. One-owner banjo. The head and all of the hardware are in brand new condition - even the armrest looks very close to "new". Some light fret wear and just a couple of random marks in back of resonator.
     Excellent figured Maple neck and resonator. Ebony fingerboard. One of the last few Stelling banjos made with 3-ply Maple rim. All original. R.R. spikes installed a A, Bb, and B positions for 5th string capo'ing.
     This banjo is set up well and plays and sounds great.
     Photos soon...
w/ OHC

Stelling Whitestar 1
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1983 Stelling Whitestar 5-string Banjo - Tony Pass Rim Banjo 'Sold'

VG(+) condition. Maple banjo with tasteful inlay in peghead and fingerboard, and with white/black/white multiple bindings. This banjo is from the first batch of "re-issued" Whitestar models from Geoff Stelling. In last couple of years this banjo was sent back to Stelling for installation of a Tony Pass rim. Some button marks on back of resonator, and a few small dings on back of neck. The Tony Pass rim is a definite upgrade. Comes set-up with 2 Keith D-tuners. This banjo has just been completely dis-assembled, polished, re-assembled and set-up by Greg Boyd, with new Rennaisance head and new armrest. 
w/ "Travelite-style"

Unknown Maker "Gibson" Copy 1
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Recent Unknown Maker "Gibson" Copy Professional Grade Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition. No dings, no dents, no wear. Greg says: 'This is a really well-made Gibson Copy with Great Sound!'
     "Old Factory Floor" 3-ply rim, made from 140+ year-old Maple. Gary Price no-hole flathead tonering.
     Highly figured maple neck and resonator. Multiple WH/BK/WH bindings on top and back of resonator, and along fingerboard. RB-4 style "flying eagle" inlay pattern. Seems to be Prucha hardware throughout. Ptacek pre-war style 2-band tuners and Schaller 5th string peg, all with matching Ivoroid buttons.
     This is a very good professional banjo with great playability and sound.

w/ Gibson HC

Unknown Maker Tenor 1
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New Unknown Maker Tenor Banjo 'Sold'

This is a pretty cool old tenor, with engraved metal inset above the nut in the peghead veneer and an interesting armrest with punched-out moon and star designs. Kirschner tailpiece. Original friction peg tuners appear to have been replaced with a modern  set. Slotted tension hoop. Newer "Elite" head. Resonator and rim have wooden marquetry purflings.
w/ Period Hardshell Case

Vega Folk Ranger 1
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c1964 Vega Folk Ranger w/ orig. "Pancake Tuners" Banjo 'Sold'

     Excellent condition. Sunburst Maple neck. Original frets with no wear. Original hardware, including pre-war style offset pancake tuners, all hardware on pot, Vega sliding 5th string capo, and even the original frets and head...! Pot has original brass bead tonering.
     This banjo is in really great shape. Its easy to tell it was never really played. There are a few very small nicks in the finish, and there are some lines of finish checking on neck heel.
     Vega made this model, the "Folk Ranger", as their long-neck model just under the "Pete Seeger" longneck model. Usually, they had 90-degree "guitar-style" tuners... but this one got "pancake" pre-war style offset tuners. It also came from factory with Vega sliding 5th string capo mounted on side of neck.
     The Vega longnecks are a re-creation of the banjo Pete Seeger modified to add 3 extra frets, so he could play the banjo in "E" tuning, for example... But when you capo up to the 3rd fret, its in "G" tuning and plays like any normal banjo with normal scale length.
     The banjo is in nice shape and is set-up to play with no problems.

Newer HC

Vega Little Wonder PH
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1924 Vega Little Wonder Conversion to "Electric" Banjo 'Sold'

     Excellent restored condition. 10 1/8" rim.  24 3/4" scale length. Original hardware except newer No-Knot tailpiece.
     Beautiful reproduction neck that is copied from an 1890's Fairbanks Custom Electric. The neck is 2-pc nicely figured Maple, with colorful wood layers beneath fingerboard, top and back of peghead, and heelcap. The elaborate engraved pearl inlays are really great. Original dowell stick. Matching newer tuners with pearloid buttons.
     This conversion was done using a hand-made faithful handmade reproduction of the Fairbanks "Electric" tonering.

w/ Gig Bag

Vega Senator PH
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c.1920 Vega Senator w/ Custom Repro Neck Banjo 'Sold'

     Excellent restored condition.10 3/4" pot. 24 3/4" scalelength. All original hardware except for newer No-Knot tailpiece and 2 hooks replaced. Pot refinished. Tension hoop shows nicks and dings and some Nickel worn thru to brass. Original dowell stick.
     Very nice figured 1-pc Mahogany reproduction 5-string neck that was copied from an early Custom Senator neck. Engraved Dogwood flower inlay in peghead, along with engraved star and trillium flower. Fingerboard inlays are all engraved pearl.
     Bottom of pot bound with tortoise celluloid on outside edge. Tone ring is simple brass bead, with spunover flashing down the outside of rim. Rennaisance head installed. Neck shows multiple wood layers below fingerboard, headstock overlay, and heelcap. Tuners appear to be Schaller, but I am not sure of the brand. However, the tuners work great and have matching black buttons on the tuners.

w/ Gig Bag

Vega Student 5-String 1
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1960's Vega Student 5-String Banjo 'Sold'

     Good condition. Recent professional setup by Greg Boyd means this banjo is ready to play. Great value!

w/ Gig Bag

Vega Tu-ba-phone X no.9. PH
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c.1920 Vega Tu-ba-phone X no.9. 17 Fret Tenor Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(+) condition. Nice original condition. Fanciest banjo from Vega during the period. 10 15/16" pot. Single family owned. Elaborate inlays all intact in excellent shape. Frets in good playing condition. Grover tuners with solid pearl buttons. Waverly tailpiece.
     Rim is elaborate rim with tortoise binding at inside top and bottom, and outside at bottom. Wooden marquetry on bottom of rim. Highly figured Maple neck has carved heel. Back of peghead has dyed Pearwood overlay with Vega engraved Star inlaid. Dyed Pearwood Peghead overlay and Ebony fingerboard have original fancy engraved inlays. Ebony heelcap has elaborate engraved floral inlay. Original pie-wedge resonator with tortoise binding in great shape.
     This is a fine piece for a collection, but its also set-up to play. Neck angle good. New hide head installed in recent years. Old period bridge. Case is in good shape with all latches and hinges working fine. Interior of case is fine. Case handle has been replaced with rope.
w/ OHC

Vega Tuba-Phone Conversion PH
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c.1920 Vega Tuba-Phone Conversion Banjo 'Sold'

    10 15/16" Tubaphone pot. Reproduction hooks and nuts and no-knot tailpiece. Beautiful reproduction style 3 neck, with very nice inlays and neck shape. New Krishot "pancake" pre-war style tuners, Schaller geared 5th peg. Ivoroid tuner buttons.
     Original tone ring, rim, bracket band, shoes, tension hoop and hide head (in good shape). Inside and outside of rim bound with Tortoise celluloid. 26 1/2" scale length.
     New hide head recently installed.
w/ Newer Bump Case

Vega Tubaphone 1
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1927 Vega Tubaphone Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition. 10 15/16" Tubaphone pot, with shoe bracket band. Rim is bound inside and outside at the bottom lip with Tortoise binding, and again at inside top of rim. Original hardware and rim are in nice condition. Comes with period wire armrest and a newer "No-Knot" tailpiece.
     Excellent professional copy Birdseye Maple 5-string neck with Ivoroid binding. Neck was hand made and hand fit by John Joyner, our local 30+ year luthier, so all the work is excellent. Flat Ebony fingerboard with pearl inlays and "scoop" past the 15th fret. Five-Star Nickel tuners.
     This banjo looks great, plays great and sounds great. *Original 5-string neck and case are available - please call us to discuss.

w/ New Bump Case

Vega Tubaphone No. 9 PH
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c.1928 Vega Tubaphone No. 9 Banjo 'Sold'

Conversion to 5-string by John Joyner. Pot is in excellent original condition. Mr Joyner has done a fine job, using much of the original pearl inlays in the new neck. Original peghead overlay is intact and installed on new neck. Original heel cap with intricate inlay is installed in new neck, as is the original Star engraved inlay from back of peghead. Engraved inlays in fingerboard are newer. Carving on neck heel.
Original hardware, original dowell stick. New frets.

w/ New Bump Case

Vega Tubaphone No. 9 w/ Repro 5-string Neck PH
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1927 Vega Tubaphone No. 9 w/ Repro 5-string Neck Banjo 'Sold'

     Excellent condition. 24 3/4" scale length. 10 15/16" pot with recent professional 5-pc Mahogany neck. Pot has all original except newer No-Knot tailpiece. Bottom of pot has wooden marquetry, and it has tortoise binding at inside and outside of wood rim. Newer planetary tuning pegs.
     The newer neck is great. Very tasteful job of mating the colorful wood layers and also the elaborately engraved inlays. Large Vega "Urn" inlaid in peghead. Back of peghead has engraved Vega "Star" inlay. Peghead has multiple wood layers on top and back, with back Ebony overlay that continues down back of neck to about the 4th fret. Fingerboard and heelcap have multiple layers of wood, as well. Engraved floral inlay in heelcap.

w/ Gig Bag

Vega TubaphoneTenor 1
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c. 1926 Vega TubaphoneTenor 10 15/16" Pot Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition. Normal hand wear on back of neck, but no dings or dents. Some wear in fingerboard and frets. Frets appear to be original.    
     All-original hardware except for newer Presto tailpiece. Maple rim with tortoise binding at bottom on the inside and out, and inside upper lip of rim. Ebony fretboard. Original tuners.

w/ OHC

Vega Whyte Laydie No. 7 PH
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1925 Vega Whyte Laydie No. 7 w/ Excellent Repro 5-str Neck Banjo 'Sold'

     Excellent restored condition.  10 1/8" Pot.  24 3/4" scale length. Pot has all original hardware except newer No-Knot tailpiece.
     Elaborate Mahogany #7 repro neck that is faithful to the originals, with multicolor wood layers under fingerboard, back and front of peghead, and heelcap. Neck is 2-pc Mahogany with tasteful multiple wood "stringer" down center of back of neck. Very nice elaborate engraved #7 Vega inlays in peghead, fingerboard, back of peghead and heelcap. Vega floral pattern carved into heel.
     Rim is bound top and bottom with ivoroid. Bottom of pot has colorful wooden marquetry purfling. Ivoroid binding along sides of fingerboard. Newer matching nickel tuners with black buttons. Comes with fibre-skin style head.

w/ Gig Bag

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c2005 Washburn Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc condition. Wood rim. Very nice starter banjo that has some tone.

w/ HC

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c2005 Washburn Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc condition. Not much wear anywhere, but you can tell it was played.
     Just fresh from recent set up and it sounds very good. Wood rim with shoe and plate flange.

w/ HC

Washburn B-16 1
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Recent Washburn B-16 Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(+) condition. Only has barest signs of previous playing - no fret wear!
     Maple banjo with colorful stains and sunburst on the wood. Back of neck shows a highlight of Black Cherry color down the main bole, with darker back of headstock and heel. Resonator has matching Black Cherry color on resonator side walls. The resonator back shows a more traditional three-color sunburst, with the Black Cherry again used as middle color tone.
     Resonator has multiple cream bindings along top and back edges and concentric circles inset into the resonator back. The neck is bound with cream binding and has a multiple layer heelcap. Flat Rosewood fingerboard with Flying Eagle inlays. Planetary tuners with matching ivoroid buttons.
     Traditional bluegrass construction, with Flathead tone ring and 1-pc flange on 3-ply Maple Wood rim.
     This is a fine banjo for the price. The sound and feel are both very good. The only real signs of use is a little head wear.
New, these sell for over $800 with a good hard cases. Here is one hardly used, WITH the original hard case, for lots less.

w/ OHC

Washburn B-16 1
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New Washburn B-16 Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc.(++) Condition. There are a couple of slight marks on the back of the resonator, otherwise this instrument is in mint condition.
     Nicely figured maple resonator, multiple bound with sunburst and double concentric circle marquetry. Maple neck with single binding. Radiused Ebony fretboard with pearl inlays. Ebony peghead overlay.

w/ HC

Washburn B-16 1
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Washburn B-16 Banjo 'Sold'

     Very nice original condition. No signs of player wear.
     Highly figured Maple resonator. Maple neck. Multiple bindings on resonator. Bindings along fingerboard. "Flying Eagle" inlay pattern in fingerboard and peghead. Neck shows '3-piece' construction (some would say 5-piece), with stringer of Maple sandwiched between strips of Ebony running down center of back of neck.
     Original clear Remo head. Set up to play well and sounds very good. Comes with a good hard case.
w/ HC

Wildwood Paragon 1
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c.mid-1990's Wildwood Paragon Walnut Banjo 'Sold'

Excellent condition. Nice Walnut resonator and neck. Neck is 2-pc with thin ebony stringer down the back center. Ebony fingerboard. Reversed multiple black/white/black bindings along fingerboard and resonator, with wooden marquetry purflings below binding. Multiple layer Ebony heelcap. Original Schaller planetary tuners. Almost no sign of fret wear. One small area of thumb wear through the finish on back of neck - about 1" x 5/16". Two very small scratches on neck heel at heelcap. NO belt buckle rash on back of resonator. R.R. spikes installed at A, B, and C positions in fingerboard for 5th string capo'ing. The head shows a little dirt and a little wear, but can easily be changed out for a new one. The nickel hardware shows the grey clouding from age, but can easily be taken off, polished, and reassembled.
    * For an additional $100 we will install a new head, dis-assemble and polish all the metal parts, re-assemble and set the banjo up for you...
w/ OHC

Wyatt Fawley Retrotone III 1
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2006 Wyatt Fawley Retrotone III Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc(+)  condition. This is a very fine sounding banjo. Not much sign of prior ownership. Mahogany neck and resonator. Neck shows nice figure in the Mahogany. Ivoroid bindings on neck and resonator. Concentric rings in back of resonator. Rosewood flat fingerboard.
     Fine construction throughout the banjo. Mr Fawley uses a Red Maple 3-ply rim mated to a Faulkner style tone ring made by Kulesh. He also slightly shifts the bridge position another fraction toward the tailpiece, which many people identify as a positive effect on overall sound on a banjo. The neck profile is very elegant and 'slim'. The profile is very close to pre-war original 5-string Gibson neck profiles.
     The fit and finish are great, and the sound is the one everyone is after who loves Mahogany banjos... it is strong with good "bounce" and has that perfect growl. I can say without any reservation that this particular banjo is an exceptional banjo for tone.
w/ OHC

Wynn Custom 1
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c. 1996 Wynn Custom Banjo 'Sold'

     VG(+) Condition. No big marks or dings, just average signs of player wear. There Light scratches on the back of the resonator, and a small amount of fret wear. Back of the neck and peghead are in great shape.
     Mahgoany resonator with light sunburst finish and Ivoroid bindings. Mahogany neck, Ebony fingerboard with pearl inlays. Ebony peghead overlay with Wynn logo and pearl inlay.
     John Wynn was a celebrated acoustic luthier from Branson, Missouri. Almost all of his instruments were unique in appointments, and this one is no exception.

w/ HC

Yates Ron Stewart Model 1
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2012 Yates Ron Stewart Model Banjo 'Sold'

     Exc original condition. mahogany banjo with almost no signs of prior ownership. No fret wear, no bangs, no dings, no repairs.
     Its not very often that you see a 'torch' or 'flowerpot' inlay in a banjo... but the one in the headstock on this banjo looks just great. The inlays in the Rosewood fingerboard as well as the peghead overlay, are Yates' design that are reminiscent of the old "Flying Eagle" pattern. Ivoroid bindings along to and back of resonator and along fingerboard. Concentric circles in back of resonator.
     Waverly 2-band pre-war style tuning machines, with Schaller 5th peg. Tuners have matching ivoroid buttons. R.R. spikes professionally installed at 7th, 8th and 9th frets for capo'ing in A, Bb, B.
     3-ply Maple rim with "no-hole" archtop tone ring. 1-pc pot metal flange. Presto tailpiece.
     This is a very good sounding banjo. I have always favored "no-hole" archtop banjos over "40-hole" archtops. There just seems to be more presence in the mid-range and low-range, but still with clear strong highs.

w/ HC