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*** Prucha - 30th Year Anniversary ***
1978 - 2008

    Jaroslav Prucha (pronounced "Yarrow-slav Prooka"), has been building great banjos professionally for 30 years - and was even building 3 years before that as a hobby!
   He has established high respect among players and collectors who recognize not only his use of highest grades of materials, but also his mastery of craftsmanship in the fitting of the parts, the shaping of the neck, the fretting, binding and inlays, and most importantly, the wonderful tones these banjos produce.
   Prucha banjos are noted for producing that great "growl" in the  first position, but also known for subtle nuance and expression. They are all hand built by Mr Prucha and his son, John in their shop in Prague, in the Czech Republic.
    Jaroslav ("Yarda" to his friends), will only build a maximum of about 70 banjos per year for worldwide distribution to insure that his hands work on every instrument!
   Over the years, these banjos have not only been recognized as some of the best banjos made, but have proven to be excellent investments, with their selling prices as "used" instruments staying very high.

ALL Prucha banjos come with LIFETIME WARRANTY.
ALL come w/ r.r. spikes installed at A, Bb, B, C positions for 5th string capo'ing.
ALL come with good hard cases.

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Prucha Bat Custom Buy Prucha Bat Custom  Previously Owned Prucha Bat Custom with Maple Massif Resonator Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc(+) condition. High-end Prucha "Bat" banjo in nice original condition.
     The "Bat" model is one of the most popular banjos made by Jaroslav Prucha. It literally has tasteful bat inlay shapes inlaid in headstock and fingerboard. In short, this is a sunburst, figured Maple banjo, with reversed multiple bindings, wooden marquetry purflings, radiused f.b., Massif resonator, and abalone inlays...
     Most banjo buyers like to say they only care about 'sound' and that they don't really care what the banjo 'looks like'... We all know what they mean - they want the nicest looking banjo around, but only want to pay extra for higher-grade sound, not looks.
     Well, here is the answer, a politely used Prucha Bat that has only a little bit of 'bling' (abalone inlays and marquetry purflings), and all the sound a pro player needs. This banjo was built for sound and performance.
     High grade figured Maple neck and resonator. Resonator is "Massif" version, meaning it has a bookmatched solid wood back that is turned on a lathe, then hand-scraped and hand-voiced (similar to a mandolin back). Radiused Ebony fingerboard with Abalone inlays in f.b. and peghead overlay. Reverse bindings (black outside with white line under), around top and back of resonator and along fingerboard. Wooden marquetry purflings below the bindings. Beautiful amber sunburst finish. Nickel hardware, including pre-war style Ptacek 20-hole flat head tone ring and one-piece flange. 3-ply hard maple rim.
     You'll find this banjo to be easy to adjust to make it your sound... almost every part of this banjo is produced by Prucha and his parts are widely recognized as some of the best pre-war style banjo parts ever made. This banjo is set-up good right now and sounds great... but these Prucha banjos have professional sound over a wide range of head tightness, so you can decide if you want "thumpy" sound or a "snappier" sound. This banjo is sold with transferable warranty.

$4,450.00 w/ HC

Prucha Elban IV 1 Buy Prucha Elban IV 1 c 2000 Prucha Elban IV Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc condition. Fairly rare banjo from Jaroslav Prucha with four pickups. This instrument is a fine example of new technology and old world craftsmanship.
     Figured maple construction. This banjo stands apart from most dedicated electric banjos because it has a 3-ply rim and normal flathead tonering. Body of the banjo is bookmatched solid maple with a large maple plywood inspection portal in center. This inspection portal has pickups mounted on it as well as two 9-volt batteries and dedicated circuitboard that was designed for this banjo, where individual pickups can plug in and out. This circuitboard is very advanced with true OP-amp construction. Controls are mounted on the upper shoulder of the banjo and consist of four on/off switches, one for each pickup, and a master tone and volume knob. Two humbucking pickups: one near neck, one between neck and bridge. Magnetic single coil under the bridge, and a Piezo under the bridge.
     Neck is quite special, with a straight string pull configuration of tuners inside a unique peghead from Prucha. Cream bindings along radiused ebony fingerboard. Colorful pearl cut diamond inlays in fingerboard and 5th fret has abalone floral inlay. JPrucha inlaid in ebony peghead overlay. 19th fret has abalone inlay block with name Elban engraved. Banjo currently has a Shubb 5th string capo mounted on the side of neck. 5-star planetary tuners with pearloid buttons. Tailpiece is Prucha pivot-pin tailpiece. One strap button installed near endpin.
     This is a very high end banjo. Workmanship-wise, it has no parallel. Attenuation knobs for the pickups are accessed through the back panel. These are rare banjos... maybe less than ten of these four-pickup Elbans have been produced since 1998. This banjo has fine acoustic tone without the pickups.
     ***We would have changed the head to a new head but it had Bela Fleck's signature on it, so we left it. Mr. Fleck has two Elbans!

$2,850.00 w/ OHC

Prucha Legend - Custom 1 Buy Prucha Legend - Custom 1 Un Played Condition Prucha Legend - Custom Burled Walnut Resonator Banjo 'In Stock'

     Excellent(+) condition. There is no wear on frets, no dings, no repairs. All original parts. Original Remo head only shows slight evidence of prior ownership.
     Beautiful Walnut banjo with tasteful dark-ish sunburst... Straight-grained neck with beautiful Burled Walnut resonator. Multiple Ivoroid bindings, with black line showing between the ivoroid on all quarters of the resonator - seen from the upper and lower sidewall of resonator, as well as top and back of resonator and along the side of the neck. Multiple ivoroid concentric circles in back of resonator. Fiddle cut peghead. Ebony peghead overlay with JPrucha abalone logo and abalone Hearts & Flowers inlay. Beautiful Rosewood flat fingerboard with more abalone Hearts & Flowers inlays.
     Nickel hardware. Pre-war style 2-band offset main tuners, with Schaller 5th tuner, all with beautiful creamy tuner buttons. R.R. spikes professionally installed by Mr. Prucha at A, Bb, B & C positions. Bone nut. 4-hump clamshell tailpiece.
     This Walnut banjo has the great presence and voice that you expect from a Prucha banjo. Big growly sound with bouncy attack. This banjo is in such good shape, it comes with transferable warranty.

On Sale... $3,750.00
w/ HC

Prucha Pioneer 1
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New Prucha Pioneer Banjo 'On Hold'

     Fresh out of the box from Prucha.
     New. Mahogany banjo with simple, yet tasteful inlays.
     Good straight-grained Mahogany neck and resonator, with radiused Rosewood fingerboard. Nice mother of pearl inlay pattern in peghead. Cut diamond inlays in fingerboard. Black bindings on resonator and along fingerboard. PIONEER ingraved in fingerboard. Matte finish. Nickel hardware. Cream tuner buttons.
     These Pioneer banjos are, of course, made with the same high grade rims and hardware used in the higher priced models, so you get a real professional tone.
     This banjo is set up very well and comes complete with r.r. spikes installed at A, Bb, B & C for 5th string capo'ing.
     And... they all come with good hard case and lifetime warranty.

w/ OHC

Prucha Spirit - Jason Burleson Signature 1 Buy Prucha Spirit - Jason Burleson Signature 1 New Prucha Spirit - Jason Burleson Signature Top Tension Banjo 'In Stock'

     New. Lightweight top tension model---newest design by Jaroslav Prucha.
     This banjo is fresh from a stellar performance used by Jason Burleson at the SPBGMA Saturday night show in Nashville. Mr. Burleson brought the house down with this banjo sounding so fine there were many comments about it to Prucha and Jason Burleson. Jaroslav Prucha then revealed that it does not have the usual heavy flathead tonering, but rather a newly designed bar tone ring that transmits tone beautifully to the rim so that the audience cannot tell that it is not a full flathead tonering. Other innovations on this banjo include new pot metal top tension hoop by Prucha and his famous one-piece pot metal flange.The resonator is a normal ply resonator instead of the solid back wall usually used in top tension banjos.
     Very high grade figured maple neck and resonator. Multiple ivoroid bindings around top and back edge of resonator and along fingerboard. Resonator shows the black line along top, back, and sides. Handsome root beer brown finish. Beautiful abalone Spirit inlays in peghead and fingerboard. Fingerboard is radiused ebony. Neck has 24-frets with last two extended over the head. Beautiful pre-War style H&K tuners with Gotoh 5th, all with matching ivoroid buttons. Jason Burleson signature block at 19th fret and etched into truss rod cover. Railroad spikes installed at A, Bb, B, and C positions. 4-hump clamshell tailpiece. and classic top tension armrest.
     Comes with all the tone you need. Jason Burleson made this banjo sound like a million dollars closing the SPBGMA awards show on the main stage in 2017.

$4,750.00 w/ OHC