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Williams "Kenny Ingram" 1 Buy Williams "Kenny Ingram" 1 2008 Williams "Kenny Ingram" No 16 Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc(+) original condition. This banjo shows only the slightest signs of prior ownership. Head is slightly worn, armrest slightly discolored, and resonator shows a few slight small marks here and there. No fret wear!
     Only 25 banjos of the official run were made. There are four prototypes, marked #"0", and #"00", "000" and "0000"... and there is one "floorsweep model" at the end of the run.
     Mahogany neck and resonator with Rosewood fingerboard. Cream bindings around top and back edge of resonator and along fingerboard. Concentric white/black/white circles in back of resonator. Double-cut peghead with variation of "Flying Eagle" pearl inlay in headstock and fingerboard. Flat Rosewood fingerboard. Railroad spikes on 7th & 9th frets.
     Nickel hardware, including Keith "Standard" main 4 tuning pegs, with Schaller 5th - all with matching Ivoroid buttons.
     Burlile unplated flathead tone ring mounted on "old factory floor" 3-ply Maple rim. 1-pc pot metal flange. Presto tailpiece. Banjo construction and rim authenticity are documented inside the banjo, along with Kenny Ingram's endorsement of the banjo.
     These special banjos, specifically made to sound very close to pre-war Mahogany flatheads. This is a fine professional banjo made with a high level of skill and top key components that shows only moderate use. Greg says - this banjo has wonderfully solid 4th string, and the high "D" string is not "metallic" and shrill at all. Really great sound with lots of power.

On Sale... $4,950.00
w/ HC and nice case cover

Williams "Kenny Ingram" No 20 1 Buy Williams "Kenny Ingram" No 20 1 2008 Williams "Kenny Ingram" No 20 Banjo 'In Stock'

     Exc.(+) Condition. Only has slight signs of prior ownership. Head shows some wear. Neck and frets are both in great shape. Slight area of button marring on back of resonator. "Zero-glide" nut has been professionally installed.
     Bound Mahogany resonator with two concentric circles. Cream binding on rosewood fingerboard. Jim Burlile tonering, Maple "old-floor" 3-ply rim. Mahogany neck. Flat Rosewood fingerboard with elaborate pearl inlays. Keith standard tuning pegs with Ivoroid buttons. Schaller 5th with matching Ivoroid button. Railroad spikes on 7th & 9th frets.
     These limited run banjos (only 25 were made), were designed and 'dialed-in' to perform with the tone and timbre of pre-war RB-3 and RB-75 Mahogany flathead banjos of the 1930's. All the key parts are not only top notch, but were thoughtfully fit and mated for tonal performance... and it works. The player is rewarded with a very strong resonant banjo, with great presence, a growly, fuzzy sound when playing slides, and a sure attack when hitting the string with your pick.

On Sale... $4,950.00
w/ HC and nice case cover