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Collings 0-1 1 Buy Collings 0-1 1 New Collings 0-1 Guitar 'In Stock'

     New. SN: 26687.
     Sitka Spruce top and bracing with choice Mahogany back, sides and neck. 14-fret body. Ebony fretboard, bridge, peghead overlay, heelcap and pins. The Sitka Spruce is quite nice, and the Mahogany shows very pretty grain, too, both in the body and the neck.
     1 11/16" width of fingerboard at nut, 24.9" scale length, 14-fret neck joint. Collings logo inlaid in peghead overlay. Small graduated dots inlaid in F.B. as position markers. Waverly nickel open-back pre-war style tuners. Bone nut and bone intonated saddle. Tortoise bindings on top and back, with multiple purfling lines inside top edge.
     This is a fresh new guitar that hasn't even had time to really "break-in" at the time of this writing but it already sounds quite opened-up, with the bass especially notable as being bigger sounding than you think a parlor guitar is capable of. Comes with a great 5-ply TKL American Vintage Series Collings case.

$3,645.00 w/ HC

Collings 0-2HG 1 Buy Collings 0-2HG 1 New Collings 0-2HG Guitar 'In Stock'

     SN: 26432. 1 3/4" width at nut. 
     German Spruce top (no tongue brace), Rosewood back and sides. Mahogany neck. Radiused ebony fingerboard with pearl inlays. Ebony bridge. Rosewood peghead overlay with Collings logo inlaid. Made in Montana Waverly tuners. Bound with herringbone and ivoroid. Bone nut and saddle.
     This is the smallest size of guitar Collings makes (other than the Baby). Don't be fooled by its size, as this guitar is a tone machine. Once again Collings has paired German spruce with Indian Rosewood to create a big, rich sound that makes the guitar come alive from its first day out of the box. Coming in slightly smaller than a classical guitar, this single 0 is petite enough to use as a travel guitar, or plays quite nice as a small OM.

$4,365.00 w/ HC

Collings 00-1 1 Buy Collings 00-1 1 New Collings 00-1 Guitar 'In Stock'

     New. SN: 26552. A generous 1 3/4" width at nut (measures just under 1 25/32"). This guitar is a lovely rendition of guitar designs dating back to the Civil War with slotted pegheads, wider fingerboards, and nice wide pin spacing (2 3/8"). Scale length: 24 7/8". Playability is markedly enhanced by Collings wonderful 14-26" compound radius.
     Sitka Spruce top with Adirondack braces (no tongue brace). Mahogany back, sides and neck. Radiused Ebony fretboard with graduated pearl dot inlays. 12-fret body with slotted headstock. Ebony peghead overlay and heelcap. Collings logo inlaid in top of peghead. Nice tortoise binding with multiple wooden layers of purfling inside top edge. Walnut backstrip. Ebony pyramid bridge and pins. Bone nut and drop-in saddle. Nickel Waverly tuners.
     Tone-wise, this is a lovely guitar with a great voice, strummed or fingerpicked and a wonderful tribute to the history of this iconic American instrument, with all the modern construction improvements and durability you expect from a Collings.

$4,050.00 w/ HC

Collings 00-1 1 Buy Collings 00-1 1 Previously Owned Collings 00-1 Guitar 'In Stock'

     Pre-owned guitar with no evidence of player wear. SN: 24972.
     Replica of an early "00" guitar with 12th fret neck joint and slotted headstock. 1 13/16" width at nut. 2 5/16" pin spacing. Pyramid bridge with boxed bone saddle. Ebony peghead veneer with Collings logo inlaid in pearl at top. Ebony fingerboard with graduated dot inlays. Perfectly engineered slotted headstock. Nickel Waverly pre-war style open-back tuners. Small tortoise teardrop pickguard. Tortoise outer bindings on top and back edge of body. Top edge has multiple wood layers of purfling.
     This guitar had an extremely wide open sound right out of the box from Collings and has only opened up since. Was purchased but not played by its first owner and has now come back to us as a used guitar with no sign of wear. Possibly the most perfect fingerpicking guitar, but sounds great flatpicking too. Crisp, clean, and joyful.

$3,650.00 w/ OHC

Collings 000-42 BaaaGV 1 Buy Collings 000-42 BaaaGV 1 2008 Collings 000-42 BaaaGV Brazilian Varnish Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc (+) original condition. Beautiful pre-owned Collings with varnish finish, German Spruce top, and AAA-grade Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. Serial number 14833. Width at nut: 1 13/16". Pin spacing at bridge: 2 5/16". 25.4" long scale. 12-fret body joint, pyramid bridge and slotted headstock. A stunning guitar.
     Special aged Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. Very high grade German Spruce top. Mahogany neck. There are so many nice tasteful appointments on this guitar that it's hard to know where to start describing them. Highest quality green abalone top bindings and purflings are used to great effect. The abalone purfling is not only inside the top edge binding, but along the fingerboard to the soundhole and around the soundhole rosette. Brazilian peghead overlay on the slotted headstock, with elaborate traditional floral pattern abalone inlay. This instrument is fully bound with ivoroid, with multiple lines showing around the peghead. Single ivoroid around the fingerboard, and multiple ivoroid on the body. Ivoroid heelcap and endwedge. Gold Waverly tuners. Vintage profile neck with sharp V at the heel and rounded V along the back of the neck with traditional diamond volute. Decorative multi-colored wooden marketry backstrip. Ebony strap button (professionally installed in correct position), endpin, and bridgepins, all with abalone dot. Radiused ebony fingerboard along with the 1 13/16" width at nut is similar to necks Martin made in the early 1900s to about 1930. Inlays in fingerboard are abalone snowflakes and cat eyes. Ebony bridge.

$10,250.00 w/ OHC

Collings D-1 Custom 1 Buy Collings D-1 Custom 1 New Collings D-1 Custom Torrified top w/ Red Spruce Bracing & More... Guitar 'In Stock'

     New. Mahogany Dreadnaut built with several desirable options. Serial number 26384.
     High grade Honduran Mahogany back and sides and neck, with select Torrefied (Baked), Sitka Spruce top. Custom Adirondack Red Spruce bracing under the top, instead of Sitka Spruce bracing. No tongue brace. 1 3/4" width at nut. Cutthrough saddle.
     Let me explain about the custom tonal options on this guitar: Sitka Spruce with Sitka bracing sounds great... but as time goes by, Sitka tends to 'open up' and get "friendlier and friendlier" with beautiful rounded tones and smooth attack. Our decision to brace with a harder and stiffer Spruce causes the guitar to retain an 'edge', or 'bite' as it opens up over the years, which is a desired trait for enunciating clear notes when flatpicking, or playing live with a band in a jam or onstage. The tongue brace (thin short brace that usually lays under the fingerboard extension and the top above the soundhole and behind the main brace), was left out just in case there can be some extra amount of resonance of the top in this area. The "cutthrough" saddle has not been shown to us to directly benefit the sound, but it is the original way saddles were put into guitar bridges until recent modern times.
     So... we've addressed the Mahogany and the Spruce top, now for the rest... Gabon Ebony fingerboard, bridge, peghead overlay, bridge pins and end pin. Bone nut and intonated saddle. Graduated small abalone dot inlays in fingerboard. Nickel Waverly pre-war style open-back tuners (made in Montana). Top and back have tortoise celluloid bindings, with top edge showing multiple wood strips of purfling inside the tortoise. Ebony center line down center of back, Ebony heel cap and end wedge.
     Torrefied top - Just in the last few years torrefied woods have been more and more available to guitar makers. This is a very old process that has many applications depending on your needs. In instrument building this baking process drives out most of the moisture in the wood, then heat is increased to change the physical properties of the wood. An end result is that the Torrefied woods are stronger, more stable, less reactive to humidity changes, and sound like truly "aged" wood.

$4,162.00 w/ OHC

Collings D-1 Custom 1 Buy Collings D-1 Custom 1 New Collings D-1 Custom w/ Red Spruce Bracing Guitar 'In Stock'

     New. SN: 26142. Sitka Spruce top, with Adirondack Red Spruce bracing underneath and no tongue brace under the top beneath fingerboard extension.
    Fine Sitka Spruce top with multiple bindings, Adirondack Spruce braces. High grade Mahogany back, sides and neck. Back has single tortoise binding. 1 3/4" width at nut. Ebony fingerboard with graduated dot inlays. Ebony bridge, bridgepins and endpin. Nickel Waverly tuners. Ebony peghead overlay with Collings logo inlaid in pearl.
     The sound is very strong, and not at all "tight". We have had many configurations of various Collings models over the years. We order our stock D-1's this way for one reason - to give you a guitar with great tone that sounds great "now", but which will mature over the years while still retaining it's "bite" and growl and power. The Adirondack braces work to keep the Sitka Spruce top more rigid over the years, instead of allowing the Sitka to naturally mature to the point of being somewhat "mellow". The tongue brace has been left out for those of you who are convinced that this allows slightly more vibratory joy to emanate from an already great guitar.
     As always with Collings, the set-up is wonderful right from Collings' shop. All this guitar needs is an avid player.

$4,072.00 w/ OHC

Collings D-1A 1 Buy Collings D-1A 1 2010 Collings D-1A Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc condition. This guitar appears amazingly almost as a new guitar with no fret wear and no dents or dings. There is a repair on treble side near waist but the repair is nearly invisible.
     Mahogany back, sides, and neck. Adirondack Red Spruce top showing varied grain width. Ebony peghead overlay, fingerboard, and bridge. Collings logo inlaid in peghead. Graduated dot inlays in fingerboard. Ebony pins. Bone saddle and nut. Strap button installed on heel.
     This is a wide-open, fully broken-in D1A that shows no wear. In other words, it looks just like a new one, even considering the small beautifully-done repair on treble side. It's a very full sound with big punch, big presence, and projection. This is an excellent flatpicker's guitar.
     SN 17163.

On Sale... $3,350.00
w/ OHC

Collings D-1A 1 Buy Collings D-1A 1 1999 Collings D-1A Guitar 'In Stock'

     VG(+) Condition. 1 11/16" width of fingerboard at nut. SN: 5376.
     Mahogany Dreadnaut guitar with Adirondack Spruce top. Ebony fingerboard and bridge with ebony pins. Brazilian Rosewood peghead overlay. Waverly pre-War style open-back tuners.Graduated small dot pearl inlays in fingerboard.
     Frets are in good shape. Numerous small dings and touch marks around guitar - nothing that affects feel or playability on neck. Guitar has one beautifully repaired area on bass side around lower bout. Back shows scratches, dings and button tracks. Top shows some dings and scratch lines from microphones. Top and Back are crack-free. New professional fret milling. * This guitar toured extensively in the U.S. and around the world.
     This guitar is in quite nice condition structurally and it sounds real fine. Fully opened-up in its 17th year, this D-1A has fast percussive attack with full presence and great projection.

On Sale... $2,850.00
w/ HC

Collings D-1A T "Traditional Package" 1 Buy Collings D-1A T "Traditional Package" 1 New Collings D-1A T "Traditional Package" Guitar 'In Stock'

     New. Beautiful brand new D-1 with baked (torrefied) Adirondack top and streamlined vintage-style Collings molded case. Serial number 26703. THIS is the guitar you've been waiting for. Using lighter choices of woods, thinning them more, using hide (animal protein) glue, and using a torrefied Red Spruce top, Collings has made a guitar to rival authentic pre-War Martins. 1 3/4" width at nut and pin spacing just under 2 3/8". Excellent materials.
     Top is very high grade Adirondack Red Spruce exhibiting both wide and tight grain. Beautiful medullary rays. Top has been torrefied, meaning it was heated in a carefully-controlled process to simulate very old wood at the end. The wood is made stronger by this process, so it can be even thinner and more responsive. This process also makes for a beautiful deep top color. Choice mahogany back, sides, and neck. Walnut backstrip. Ebony heelcap, Body has tortoise bindings on top and back, with multiple wood purflings on top edge. Tortoise pickguard. Ebony peghead overlay with Collings logo inlaid. Ebony belly bridge with cut-thru intonated bone saddle. Tortoise-style celluloid pins. Ebony fingerboard with graduated dot inlays. Nickel Waverly tuners we are proud to say are made in Montana.
     The tone is big, bold, and beautiful. Totally commands the scene. If this guitar were in the military, it would be the Commander.
     The case that comes with any Collings Traditional Series guitar is a superbly handmade hardshell. Like the vintage cases it emulates but enhanced with modern technology, the size more closely fits the instrument than any other modern cases. Very strong and well-cushioned protection. The latches are installed so well that you will marvel how they fit. It's perfectly designed to encase the guitar like a glove, and protect it securely. And it looks pretty snazzy too.

$5,625.00 w/ New Collings Molded Case

Collings D-1AVNSB 1 Buy Collings D-1AVNSB 1 2015 Collings D-1AVNSB Varnish Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc (+) condition. Wow. Varnish is unbeatable for beauty. And it sounds amazing. Width at nut: 1 3/4". At pins: 2 5/16". Serial number 24279. This guitar was custom ordered with many many of the features that are universally desired: no tongue brace, vintage-style neck, partial hide glue construction.
     Very high-grade Adirondack Spruce top with even grain and beautiful side rays. Light sunburst finish really accentuates the spruce grain. Beautiful mahogany back, sides, and neck with flame figure showing in the back and neck. Two-piece back with thin rosewood stringer. Ebony peghead overlay, endwedge, fingerboard, bridge, heelcap, and pins. Tortoise outer bindings on top and back of body with multi-wood strip purfling inside binding edge on top. Peghead has Collings logo at top and custom inlaid flourish at center of peghead. Ebony strap button professionally installed in heel. Small dot inlays in fingerboard. Bone nut and intonated saddle. Tortoise pickguard. Neck has "Vintage Now" profile, meaning it's a beautiful pre-War style neck profile without the huge softball bat mass that some pre-War necks have. Pre-War style open-back nickel Waverly tuners.
     Typical of Collings D-1A guitars, this has huge sound, with a very commanding presence and beautiful tone. Open and responsive. This guitar is almost $2,000 less than to order a new one just like it.

$5,600.00 w/ OHC

Collings D-2HA 1 Buy Collings D-2HA 1 2004 Collings D-2HA Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc (-) condition. Super solid pre-owned Collings complete with nice pickup. This is a proven instrument. Serial number 9528. Width at nut: 1 11/16" with 2 1/4" bridge pin spacing.
     Very nice Adirondack Red Spruce top with even grain and lots of silk. Very nice quarter-sawn Indian Rosewood back and sides with great color and character. Mahogany neck. Brazilian Rosewood peghead overlay with Collings logo inlaid in mother of pearl. Ebony fingerboard with cut diamond inlays. Ebony bridge. Ivoroid bindings on top and back of body with wooden herringbone purfling inside top edge and multiple purfling inside back edge. Ivoroid heel cap and endwedge. Traditional wooden "zipper" backstrip. Very attractive soundhole rosette with multiple layers of wood, ivoroid, and tortoise. Bone or fossilized ivory bridge pins with black dot. Bone nut and saddle. Strap button professionally installed on heel. Nickel Waverly open-back tuners. K&K pickup professionally installed with microphone wired in.
     This guitar plays and sounds wonderful. It has been played quite a bit but has no structural issues. One small 1" crack coming in from the herringbone on the top that is of no consequence. Frets show only light wear, so a fret job was done recently. Small areas of wear in fingerboard wood and lots of smooth light marks on back of neck, none which irritate the hand. Between pickguard and bridge, dime-size area of wear through the finish. There are a handful of dings and touches on the body of the guitar from its years in service. In some places such as wear the guitar contacts the player's leg when sitting or arm overhanging, an outer layer of finish is showing mild flaking (not to bare wood, to another layer of finish).
     Collings makes amazing dreads and this is no exception. Being a little older and fully broken in and has made this guitar into a player's powerhouse. A great value in a pre-owned, stage-ready instrument.

$2,950.00 w/ OHC

Collings D2HG Custom 1 Buy Collings D2HG Custom 1 New Collings D2HG Custom Guitar 'In Stock'

     New. SN: 26028. Customized with 1 3/4" Vintage Now neck and bridge, cutthrough saddle, and no tongue brace.
     High-grade and creamily gorgeous German Spruce top. Glowing Indian Rosewood back and sides with intricate herringbone seam. Herringbone is also showing on the top. One line of white binding showing on sides. Waverly tuners. Ebony fingerboard with cut diamond abalone position markers. Ebony peghead overlay with Collings logo inlaid in mother of pearl. Ebony bridge. Ebony bridgepins with pearl dot.
     This guitar is a powerhouse. We have really grown to love the combo of German Spruce and Indian Rosewood. Fresh out of the box from Collings, we find yet another great example of the highest craftmanship, using fine materials and techniques. You simply can't go wrong with this one.

$4,455.00 w/ OHC

Collings OM-2H T "Traditional Package" 1 Buy Collings OM-2H T "Traditional Package" 1 New Collings OM-2H T "Traditional Package" Guitar 'In Stock'

     New. Serial number 26726. 1 3/4" width at nut. 2 3/8" spacing at pins. 25.5" scale length. The Collings "Traditional" series reflect Bill Collings' return to his guitar-making roots. Animal protein (hide) glue and very thin all nitrocellulose lacquer provide a dynamic and reponsive sound. Bracing and tone woods are carefully adjusted for weight and thickness. This guitar comes with a wonderful handmade lightweight Collings vintage-style case designed and built in the Collings shop. This guitar has it all.
     Very nice torrefied (baked) Sitka Spruce. This is a wonderful piece of spruce with beautiful chatoyance and the most wonderful medullary rays you can imagine. This wood was treated with heat and time to change the cellular structure of the wood, yielding great results in tone. First, the wood is heated to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 20 hours---this drives out the water as much as air curing does over a long time. After resting, the wood is then cooked like an oatmeal cookie at about 320 degrees. This higher heat cooks the sugars in the wood and creates sealed off areas that prevent moisture from re-entering parts of the wood structure. Other beneficial effects occur, such as resistance to microbial breakdown over time (mold, mildew, etc) and a much stronger bonding of lignin. Strengthening of the lignin helps make the wood overall much stronger, so it can be thinner than untreated wood at same strength. All of this is a long way of saying the torrefied top helps replicate some of the woody magic in very old guitars---without you having to wait 100 years for the instrument to age.
     Beautiful vintage-style mahogany neck with lots of shimmer and character in the wood, especially visible on the back of the peghead. East Indian Rosewood back and sides, with zipper backstrip. Body is bound with ivoroid and small brown herringbone purfling on top. Bone nut and cut-through saddle on ebony belly-style bridge. Bridge pins are ivoroid with ebony dot. Tortoise pickguard. Exotic ebony peghead overlay with Collings logo inlaid in striking mother of pearl.
     This guitar has custom "traditional style" pre-War scalloped X-bracing with no tongue brace. This pattern facilitates warm rounded highs and very present low mids.

$4,860.00 w/ New Collings Molded Case

Collings OM-3H Brazilian 1 Buy Collings OM-3H Brazilian 1 2003 Collings OM-3H Brazilian Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc.(+) Condition. Very slight scratches throughout the top and back, but no dings. Small evidence of fret wear on the fingerboard. Strap button installed in correct position in heel.
     Adirondack Spruce top with light Tobacco sunburst. Top has Herringbone purfling and Ivoroid binding. Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. Multiple Ivoroid bindings and decorative center seam inlay in the back. Radiused Mahogany neck with Abalone cut-diamond" inlays. Rosewood peghead overlay with Collings logo inlaid. Fretboard has single Ivoroid binding, peghead has 3-ply Ivoroid binding. Gold Waverly tuners. Ebony bridge and pins.
     Plays and sounds great. This guitar has opened up nicely, has lots of power and resonance.

$9,450.00 w/ OHC

Collings Vintage-Style Dreadnaut Hard Case 1 Buy Collings Vintage-Style Dreadnaut Hard Case 1 New Collings Vintage-Style Dreadnaut Hard Case Guitar 'In Stock'

     Inspired by the sleek and sturdy vintage cases of the 1930's, Collings brings the best modern technology to bear in its elegant re-creation that proves ultimately functional but just as durable and classy. At serial number 67, this is the first we have seen of Collings new cases and we are very impressed. The case is designed to perfectly fit a Collings dreadnaut but also fits most other dreadnauts. It is very protective but also several pounds lighter with significantly less bulk than most hardshell cases. It literally fits like a glove with no wasted space.
     This case is arched on both the top and bottom for added structural support, and three plies of veneer are glued up in. Some of the finer features include welded (not just crimped) D rings attaching the handle. The full-length accessory pocket lid actually doubles as a neck rest. There is a rubber bumper on the butt end of the case for added protection.


Collings Waterloo WL-14 L 1 Buy Collings Waterloo WL-14 L 1 New Collings Waterloo WL-14 L Adjustable Truss-Rod Guitar 'In Stock'

     New. SN: WL1313.
     Select Sitka Spruce top with sunburst finish and ladder bracing and adjustable truss-rod. Mahogany back, sides and neck. Rosewood fingerboard and bridge.
     Built with a big tilt toward the historic Gibson (and Gibson's "Kalamazoo" brand) parlor guitars of the 1930's. This one has traditional "L-00" (or "L-0") body shape. Maybe the most amazing thing about these Waterloo guitars is that in many cases they sound better than the 80+ year old originals. These come with 12-fret or 14-fret neck joints, with X-bracing or with Ladder bracing, and with fixed or with adjustable truss-rods.
     Everyone wants to hear about a startling difference between the x-bracing and the straight ("ladder"), bracing... But, sometimes they are tough to tell apart when new. We can atest to that statement because on several occasions we have had ladder braced and straight braced Waterloo guitars hanging next to each other on our walls that sometimes sounded opposite what you would assume. I am referring to subjective things, like, which one is fuller, or which has a faster decay of the notes, or which is warmer...etc.
     In my opinion the ladder bracing AND the X-bracing both will satisfy experienced, competent players, and there isn't a clearcut advantage with either bracing choice that we hear. These are so well made that any experienced player of vintage guitars is impressed with them, for price, workmanship, materials, playability and sound.

$1,890.00 w/ HC

Collings Waterloo WL-14 XTR 1 Buy Collings Waterloo WL-14 XTR 1 New Collings Waterloo WL-14 XTR Guitar 'In Stock'

     New. Serial number WL-1573. Sunburst. X-braced. Adjustable truss-rod. 14-fret neck joint. 1 3/4" width at nut. This guitar is built similar to old 1930's "L-00" guitar models.
     Mahogany back, sides and neck, with Spruce top. Rosewood fingerboard. Ebony bridge. Blackened peghead overlay. Three-on-a-plate open back tuners. Waterloo logo silkscreened onto peghead. Ebony (or similar) nut. Nice tortoise pickguard. Ebony bridge pins.
     Matte finish, with sunburst Spruce top and shaded back of neck. Neck profile is a vintage feeling full rounded "Vee". Top edge of guitar and inside edge of soundhole are bound with cream bindings.
     These guitars usually surpass the original old Gibson "Kalamazoo" versions from the 1930's. They are very "with it" from the start, with not only a great lightweight vintage feel, but also has that certain "old dry wood sound" that 70+ year old guitars have.
     All solid woods, great tuners, great look, great sound, great playability, made in U.S., and comes with a great case.

$1,890.00 w/ OHC

Collings Waterloo WL-JK Jumbo King DeLuxe 1 Buy Collings Waterloo WL-JK Jumbo King DeLuxe 1 New Collings Waterloo WL-JK Jumbo King DeLuxe Guitar 'In Stock'

     New. SN: WL1475
     Waterloo "Jumbo King" Deluxe. Spruce top with sunburst finish. Mahogany back, sides and neck. Nickel, "valve-covered" tuners with cream-colored buttons. 25 1/2" scale length, 1 3/4" width at nut. Cream binding on top, back, neck and fingerboard, with the top edge showing a black line. Cream heelcap. Rosewood peghead overlay and fingerboard. Large cream dots in fingerboard, silk-screened logo and model name in peghead. Herringbone soundhole rosette, inside of soundhole is bound with cream binding. "V" neck profile. Ebony bridge pins and end pin. Bone nut and intonated saddle. Ebony bridge. "Swirly" tortoise pickugard. Entire guitar has "shaded" sunburst.
     This guitar is very responsive and has a big sound.

$2,900.00 w/ HC