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Gibson J-160E 1 Buy Gibson J-160E 1 1966 Gibson J-160E Guitar 'In Stock'

     VG.(+) Condition. There is lacquer checking, and moderate dents throughout the body. The back of the peghead has been broken and repaired. Electronics are somewhat crackly, but fully functional.
     Sitka Spruce top with light-red sunburst finish and multiple bindings. Mahogany back, sides and neck. Radiused Rosewood fingerboard with pearl "trapezoid" inlays. Nickel Grover tuners. Ebony peghead overly with Gibson logo in pearl.

$2,495.00 w/ HC

Gibson J-35 1 Buy Gibson J-35 1 2013 Gibson J-35 Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc (-) condition. Pre-owned Gibson J-35 made in Bozeman, Montana. Has a couple dings but otherwise in great playing shape. Top crack professionally repaired. Excellent guitar.
     Very high grade spruce top showing lots of character and beautiful silk. Nice mahogany back, sides, and neck, with honey color. No wear on back of neck. Rosewood fingerboard and straight bridge. Cream binding around top and back edge with b/w/b purfling seen inside top edge. Peghead has old 30's style gold Gibson script decal and the famous Gibson banner, "Only a Gibson is good enough." Strap button professionally installed in heel. Firestripe pickguard.
      This is a good working guitar, which came to us from a touring professional. The slope shoulder is a comfortable size of guitar to play, and this instrument is highly playable. Sounds good and plays easy.

$1,195.00 w/ OHC

Gibson J-50 ADJ 1 Buy Gibson J-50 ADJ 1 1964 Gibson J-50 ADJ Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc (-) condition. Width at nut: 1 11/16".
     Very select high grade spruce top with beautiful medullary rays. There is a strong possibility this is Engelmann Spruce and it has a nice chatoyancy. Mahogany back, neck, and sides. The mahogany in this guitar has particularly interesting grain. The back and sides are in great condition with no cracks or repairs, only a few small touches here and there. Back of peghead shows slight chipping from leaning against walls. A few lines of snaky finish checking and a few dings appear on the guitar. None are deep nor puckered. There are two significant dings into the finish and a few very minor scrapes. There are no large areas of wear anywhere, but one small area of fingernail wear at the bottom of pickguard near the end of the bridge. Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Fingerboard has beautiful rosewood, with fabulous character (see photo). Cream-black-cream binding on top, with single cream binding on back and sides, all antique'd. Original Kluson DeLuxe tuners. Original truss rod cover. Fingerboard wear in the first position has been milled and filled in conjunction with recent fret job. Recent neck reset done by our luthier with 40 years of experience. Original red tortoise pickguard. All original finish with no touch up or overspray. No strap button ever installed on heel.
      This guitar has great setup and playability. The sound is great even with the original adjustable ceramic saddle.

$4,450.00 w/ OHC

Gibson L-1 1 Buy Gibson L-1 1 1918 Gibson L-1 Guitar 'In Stock'

     Extremely Early Gibson Flattop Guitar - one of the earliest we've seen...
     Excellent condition. This is one for the museums! Earliest example of a flat top, flat back guitar we've ever seen from Gibson. Example of the earliest "A-frame" bracing that Gibson employed until around 1926/27.
     24 1/4" Scale Length. Shellac finish. BIRCH back and sides, with Red Spruce top. Pumpkin color. 1 13/16" width of fingerboard at nut. Dyed Pearwood fingerboard and peghead overlay. The Gibson silkscreen silver logo. Original Ebony nut. Original small frets. Tuners appear to be original 3 on a plate, with original buttons in good shape. Bridge is Ebony and appears to be original. Who knows - this guitar is early enough that it may be that Gibson just bought a bridge for this early guitar because they hadn't designed a flat top bridge before this time.
     Back and sides may have been refinished at some point... but looks to be also a Shellac finish. Top seems to be original finish with typical "leather dye" sienna color under the shellac finish.
     The historical record of the early days of Gibson evolving their L-1 from an arched top and back, to a flat top with arched back, to these first flat top AND flat back A-frame braced examples is rather murky and incomplete. Hopefully this guitar will stand as a useful piece to this ongoing puzzle...
     * This cool old Gibson was previously shown on these pages as "display only", but we are currently offering this guitar for sale.
$3,950.00 w/ New L-1 Case