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Martin 0-28 1 Buy Martin 0-28 1 1898 Martin 0-28 Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exceptional Original Condition. Top has 6 cracks professionally repaired between the bridge and the lower binding on the top. These repaired cracks look great and are all tight. Back and sides are in great original condition with no cracks and only a couple marks. There are a few small marks on the back of the neck, but no fret wear. Peghead is in fine shape with just a few touches.
     Beautiful old-growth, quarter-sawn Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. Top and back bound with Ivory. Back edge has multi wood purfling. Top edge has small wooden "Herringbone" purfling. Soundhole rosette has three purfling rings with center one having two strips of Ivory. 1 13/16" width at nut. Mahogany neck with radiused Ebony fretboard. Slotted peghead with original Elephant Ivory tuner buttons. The original tuners work fine. Original bridge and Ivory pins. Setup to play great on silk and steel strings.
     Really warm and beautiful tone. This guitar has an excellent low end for such a small guitar, and sweet, clean highs. Until 1927, Martin predominantly made guitars for nylon or gut strings. The only difference between these guitars and ones made for steel string is the presence of a bridge plate under the top. You can string it with ultra-light gauge strings (10's), silk and steel, silk and bronze, nylon or gut.

$9,450.00 w/ Newer HC

Martin 000-18 1 Buy Martin 000-18 1 1934 Martin 000-18 Long Scale Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc (-) condition. 25.4" scale. 1 23/32" width at nut. SN: 56652. Like all 000's of this era, this guitar is joined at the 14th fret.
     Appears to be Adirondack Red Spruce top. Cuban Mahogany back, sides, and neck. Neck has beautiful slightly rounded "V" profile. Brazilian Rosewood peghead overlay and endwedge. Body has tortoise outer bindings with multiple wood purflings on top edge. Original tortoise pickguard. True to original, bar frets are in great shape. Ivory nut. Original Grover G-98 open-back Pre-War tuners. Gabon ebony fingerboard and bridge. Ebony heelcap. Peghead has old Martin logo and C F Martin & Co stamped on the back of the peghead.
     Moderate amount of player wear above and below pickguard and at treble side of soundhole. Some finish worn at edge of back, center of back, and edge of sides. Light handwear through finish on neck, but neck is very smooth and has no unnevenness or dings. No strap button ever installed on neck. There are no major cracks and no signs of prior repairs, other than a jack hole professionally plugged in lower treble side. It's possible that the bridge has been replaced, but if so, the job was so good that it is indistinguishable. There is the very slightest hint of a light pickguard crack beside the fingerboard, barely visible.
     Comes with rare Aengus flight case, serial number 2, with aquamarine exterior. This is an excellently-made flight case that fits the instrument well.

$16,850.00 w/ Flight Case

Martin 000-MMV Custom 1 Buy Martin 000-MMV Custom 1 2009 Martin 000-MMV Custom w/ K&K pickup Guitar 'On Hold'

     Exc (-) condition. 1 11/16" width at nut. 25.4" scale length.
     Glossy finish. Sitka spruce top with nice honey color and character. Mahogany neck. Beautiful rosewood back, sides, and peghead overlay. Ebony bridge and radiused fingerboard with position markers inlaid. (Note: some internet chatrooms contain speculation that the current 000-MMV model has an ebony-like composite fretboard instead of real wood. This guitar has real ebony.) Body is bound with a single line of cream. Cream endwedge and neck heel. Multiple lines of black and white in soundhole rosette. Tortoise pickguard. Gold tuners. No strap button ever installed on heel. This guitar had a K&K pickup professionally installed by our luthier, who also reglued the top center seam. The back center seam was previoulsy reglued. Both repairs are stable.
     This is a nice solid wood small-body Martin guitar. With the pickup installed, it's ready to play on stage or anywhere. MMV is roman numerals for 2005, the year Martin first introduced this affordable line of guitars. With all solid wood, this guitar lives up to its intention to be a good instrument for the price.

$1,395.00 w/ OHC

Martin D-12-35 1 Buy Martin D-12-35 1 1967 Martin D-12-35 12-String w/ Brazilian Rosewood Guitar 'On Hold'

     Exc Condition. No Cracks. Brazilian Rosewood D-35 12-string. Its fairly rare to see these guitars.
     Beautifully vibrant Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. Top appears to be Englemann Spruce, and has lots of character in the wood that comes out as you look from different angles.
     Great appointments: multiple white bindings around top and back edges of body, heelcap and end wedge; white binding along side of fingerboard. Three-piece back, with multiple wood purflings in between. Open-back nickel 6-on-a-plate tuners with cream buttons.
     There is hardly any wear on this guitar, especially considering it is almost 50 years old. Very small area of wear thru the finish just off treble side of fingerboard extension, and some light wear marks in the frets. It has normal random finish checking for its age.
     The action is playable, with 3/32" clearance of Low E at 12th fret, just over 2/32" clearance at High E.
     The sound is very good.

On Sale... $3,850.00
w/ OHC

Martin D-12-35 1 Buy Martin D-12-35 1 1970 Martin D-12-35 Guitar 'In Stock'

     VG Condition. The top has some marks and dings, some moderate lacquer checking and two repaired cracks. The back and sides have fairly minor player wear, just small knicks and scratches. The neck is in good shape, just a couple touches on it. No fret wear. Bridge has been shaved to stave off a neck reset. Guitar has medium-high action.
     Spruce top, Rosewood back and sides. Top and back have multiple bindings. Fretboard is single bound. Mahogany neck, radiused Ebony fretboard with graduated pearl dot inlays. Nickel Grover tuners. Rosewood peghead overlay. Strap button installed professionally in heel.

On Sale... $1,750.00
w/ OHC

Martin D-16A 1 Buy Martin D-16A 1 2010 Martin D-16A Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc.(++) Condition. There are one or two minor marks on the top and back, and one small flaw in the binding. Frets are in great shape.
     Very nice, wide-grained Adirondack top, Mahogany back, sides and neck. Multiple bindings on top, with tortoise purfling. Single tortoise binding on back. Ebony bridge and fretboard. Abalone fretboard inlays and bridge pin dots. Rosewood peghead overlay. "Antiqued" gloss finish on the top. Forward-shifted scalloped braces. The neck profile is deep and "vintage" feeling with a rounded "V" neck profile. Nut width is 1 23/32". Dimarzio soundhole pickup professionally installed with output jack at end pin.
     Tone is great with big projection. The Adirondack top and bracing make for a powerful sound.

$1,550.00 w/ OHC

Martin D-18 1 Buy Martin D-18 1 2003 Martin D-18 Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc (+) condition. Pre-owned Martin in great shape, in near mint condition with only one small ding on top. No strap button ever installed. Only very minor fretwear.
     Spruce top with some areas of slight bearclaw figure. Mahogany back, sides, and neck. Ebony fingerboard, bridge, and peghead overlay. 5-ply bindings showing on top and around rosette. Black bindings showing on sides and back. Graduated pearl dot position markers. Nickel tuners.
     This guitar plays smooth and was well cared-for. Action is comfortable. Solid quality Martin sound.

$1,950.00 w/ OHC

Martin D-18 1 Buy Martin D-18 1 1973 Martin D-18 Guitar 'In Stock'

     VG.(+) Condition. There are two repaired cracks in the back, one on the length of the center seam, and one smaller one (approx. 2") towards the treble edge. There is some lacquer checking on the top and back, and an assortment of moderate marrs. The top has one repaired crack as well. The frets show a small amount of wear, and there is some finish worn away from "thumb-wear" on the back of the neck. Original Grover tuners. Neck has been reset. Strap button installed in correct position on the heel.
     Spruce top with multiple bindings. Mahogany back, sides and neck. Radiused Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with graduated pearl dot inlays. Rosewood peghead overlay wth CF Martin logo decal.
     Sound is very nice and open. This guitar is setup well and ready to play.

$1,750.00 w/ HC

Martin D-21 1 Buy Martin D-21 1 1967 Martin D-21 Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc. Condition. The top has normal amounts of dents and dings, but no cracks or lacquer checking. The back and sides are in similar shape with scratches and dings but nothing major and only one small crack on the back, that does not appear to go all the way through. There is a small amount of fret wear on the fingerboard, and a few scratches in the back of the neck. Peghead has a couple of knicks. Original bridge, original frets, original tuners. Newer pickguard. Strap button installed in the middle of the heel (not heelcap).
     Adirondack top, Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. Top is multiple bound, back has single binding. Mahogany neck, radiused Ebony fretboard with graduated pearl dot inlays. Nickel Grover tuners. Rosewood peghead overlay.
     Plays great, sound is nice and open.

$6,995.00 w/ HC

Martin D-28 1 Buy Martin D-28 1 1964 Martin D-28 Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc (+) condition. This guitar is in beautiful condition with stunning rosewood. Hardly any signs of player wear. A real find. This is guitar that has been cherished for its entire life. And... it comes in it's original Lifton Hard Case.
     Very great example of Brazilian Rosewood on back and sides. Predominately quarter-sawn with beautiful grain and color characteristics, and even residual saw marks. Mahogany neck with rounded "V" profile. High-grade Sitka Spruce top. Brazilian Rosewood peghead overlay. Ebony fingerboard and bridge. Original pickguard. Grover "patent pending" tuners. Multiple ivoroid bindings around top and back. Multiple ivoroid endwedge and heelcap. Wooden marketry strip in center of back. Pearl dots inlaid in fingerboard. Strap button professionally installed on heel.
     This guitar has extremely little wear and very little evidence of handling. There is mild finish checking 'here and there'. Original frets, with very little wear. One repaired pickguard crack. The action is approximately 3.5/32" between low E string and top of 12th fret, and 2.7/32" at high E string, and there is plenty of saddle to adjust to even lower action. Recent beautiful neck reset by John Joyner, a 35-year experienced luthier.
     Bridge has been re-glued. It shows slight thinning at wings from sanding before regluing, and also shows (not easily seen), evidence that this guitar had "Hot Dots" pickup professionally removed.
     The sound is absolutely great. You wish every 1960's D-28 sounded this good. A quick, sure, snarling attack with lots of presence and tone after. Great sustain, great punch. A very good example.

$8,350.00 w/ Original Lifton Case

Martin D-28 1 Buy Martin D-28 1 1966 Martin D-28 Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc condition. No strap button ever installed. One pickguard crack on inside edge of pickguard repaired. Center seam crack from bridge to binding reglued. Neck reset by John Joyner in recent years.
     Predominantly quarter-sawn Brazilian Rosewood. High-grade spruce top. Ebony fingerboard and bridge. Graduated pearl dot inlays in fingerboard. Appears to be original bridgepins and endpin. Original bridge. Original pickguard. All original finish. Original Nickel Grover "Pat. Pend." tuners. Finish checking evident around top and some lines of it in back of neck. Neck profile is a beautiful rounded V. Top is very nice and flat below bridge. No distortion, no bulging. 6-ply cream binding showing on top edge. 3-ply matching binding showing on back edge. Cream heelcap and multiple-bound endwedge to match. Decorative wooden marketry strip in center seam of back. Diamond volute in back of peghead.
     Playability is very excellent on this guitar with recent professional setup. The sound is in the higher echelons of example for this era of Martins. Very fast, sure attack, very good balance. The sound is not weighted too much in the low-mids. A beautiful growly sound with great sustain.

$7,550.00 w/ Newer Martin Geib Case

Martin D-35 1 Buy Martin D-35 1 1969 Martin D-35 Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc.(-) Condition. There are just a few signs of player wear on the guitar. Top has two repaired cracks, one in the center seam, and one near the binding on the treble bout. Frets show moderate signs of wear. Bridge and pickguard have been replaced.
     Spruce top with multiple bindings. Beautiful Brazilian Rosewood back and sides also with multiple bindings. Mahogany neck, radiused Ebony fretboard with graduated pearl dot inlays. Fretboard has single binding. Brazilian Rosewood peghead overlay with CFMartin logo. Nickel Grover tuners.
     Sound is very strong.

$5,995.00 w/ HC

Martin D-35 1 Buy Martin D-35 1 1973 Martin D-35 Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc (-) condition.
     3-piece rosewood back, rosewood sides, and mahogany neck. Appears to be Engelmann Spruce top. Ebony fingerboard and bridge with Brazilian Rosewood peghead overlay. Multiple-bound body with 5-ply binding seen around top face and side of top edge. 5- and  3-play bindings seen at back edge. 6-ply heelcap. Single-bound fingerboard. 3-ply endwedge. In the 3-piece back, the middle triangle piece is separated by three stringers of maple-rosewood-maple. Back has two cracks professionally repaired. Both follow grain lines. One more area on the treble side of the back near binding shows repair done so well you can't believe it ever needed repair. Top of center wedge has a hole where previously a strap button was installed. Now there is a nickel strap button professionally installed in correct position in heel. Top shows numerous dings, stray pickmarks and player wear, and polite scratches, but in overall great shape showing only an E-string pickguard crack. Peghead has a few chips around the edge of the face and some wear on the back, perhaps from leaning against a wall. Back of neck is nice. Black pickguard appears to be newer black pickguard, larger than original. Professional intonated bone saddle and nut. Original closed back tuners have been replaced with Gotoh pre-War style open-backs. Neck profile is a deep modified V. Graduated pearl dot inlays in fingerboard. Frets are in fine playing condition.
     This guitar does not need a neck reset. The neck is straight and in fine working condition. This guitar is setup to play and plays very well with a fine voice. Greg says, "I would rank this among the better D-35s from the 1970s." The wooden case this guitar comes in is much nicer than the original Martin thermoplastic case that came with the guitar when new. Active pickup installed and functioning with volume control in soundhole.

$2,095.00 w/ HC

Martin HD-28V Dreadnaut Centennial 1 Buy Martin HD-28V Dreadnaut Centennial 1 Previously Owned Martin HD-28V Dreadnaut Centennial Guitar 'On Hold'

     Mint Condition. "Dreadnaut Centennial" special edition to celebrate 100 years since Martin made the first Dreadnaut guitars in 1916 for the Oliver Ditson Co.
     One of the most popular of all the Martin Guitar models is the Martin HD-28. But this one is a "Vintage" series, having scalloped braces that are forward-shifted toward the soundhole and several other great options and appointments that come with the "Vintage" series. These pre-War appointments include open-back pre-War style tuners, 'cut-thru' saddle, tasteful antique finish, small Maple bridgeplate, among others.
     Indian Rosewood back and sides with very high grade Sitka Spruce top. 1 11/16" width at nut. Rosewood peghead overlay. Tortoise pickguard. Gabon Ebony fingerboard and bridge. Bone nut and bone intonated long saddle. Ivoroid outer bindings around top and back. Ivoroid heelcap. Wooden herringbone purfling around inside of top edge. Wooden 'zipper' back strip along center of back. The case is American-made 5-ply hardshell like the old "Geib" cases.
     No player wear on this guitar. It's hard to find a blemish anywhere on this guitar. The set-up is very good - it plays very easy. The sound is great. It is punchy with a fast attack and great color and depth. This is a very capable guitar that is going to make someone very happy.

$2,450.00 w/ OHC

Martin OM-18A "1933" 1 Buy Martin OM-18A "1933" 1 2013 Martin OM-18A "1933" Guitar 'On Hold'

     Exc condition. This guitar pays homage to the iconic 1933 Martin OM-18, using many period-correct materials and construction techniques, including hide glue. It differs from the OM-18GE and OM-18V with an overall thinner construction and 5/16" scalloped X-braces and 1/4" tone bars. The first thing you notice when you pick up this guitar is how light it is. Playing shows it to be a rich and responsive instrument. 1 3/4" width at nut. 2 3/8" pin spacing. 25.4" scale length. All solid wood. Only a few signs of prior ownership. A couple slight dings on top. You can tell the frets were played but there is very little wear and no V dents.
     Adirondack spruce top with beautiful wide grain, tastefully colored with amber-brown sunburst. Genuine mahogany back and sides. Mahogany neck has comfortable vintage "V" profile. Per historic 1933 specifications, neck has ebony rod. Ebony fingerboard, belly bridge, and nut. Bone saddle. Top has multiple black-white-black-white bindings showing. Multiple rosette bindings. Single line of black showing on back and sides. Black heelcap. Strap button professionally installed in heel. Nickel Waverly open-back tuners with butterbean buttons. Beautiful rosewood peghead overlay with gold Martin logo. "C.F. Martin & Co. Nazareth, PA" is stamped on the back of peghead.
     The Orchestra Model continues to be one of the most venerated guitar models Martin made, and 1933 was a great year for it. This guitar looks brand new because it is so recent and in such great condition, but it sounds great and plays so easily. Fingerpicking is a breeze with the wider neck and responsive feel. Flatpicking is crisp and clean. This guitar does have a well-rounded bottom end and also sounds good strummed. A really nice tribute to the OM-18 and good guitar in its own right.

$3,250.00 OHC