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 For almost two decades as the dealer for Roy Noble, we have enjoyed a steady supply of these professional studio grade guitars. Mr Noble has a long history of building the highest quality guitars used in numerous recordings spanning over forty years. Mr Noble worked alone, and created approximately 20 fine guitars per year. How many other builders can you name with almost FIFTY YEARS experience? 100% of all experienced guitarists that play or hear a Noble comment on the wonderful tone, and it is not unusual for someone hearing them for the first time to buy one immediately.
      While it is wonderful to experience the tones from a Noble Brazilian Rosewood Custom guitar, the fact remains that even the much lower cost Standard models will also win you over with equally amazing tonality.
       * Myth dispelled: Do you realize that there are ALMOST NO RECORDINGS of Clarence White playing the "large soundhole D-28" in the studio? There are some shots of him playing it on the Andy Griffith Show...
Yet there are extensive recordings of Clarence White playing Roy Noble Guitars, "live" and in studio, and almost all film footage has him playing his Noble.

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Roy Noble HD-100 Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnaut 1 Buy Roy Noble HD-100 Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnaut 1 2008 Roy Noble HD-100 Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnaut Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exceptional original condition. A rare find. There are very light signs of this guitar being played, but no real signs of player wear on the frets, lacquer, neck, etc. Just light fingermarks around pickguard area and very light shirt scratches on the back.
     Made of top materials: master-grade Brazilian Rosewood, from harvested "stump wood". This Brazilian is old growth, and shows great character of color, shimmer, grain, beauty. Top-grade Adirondack spruce showing bearclaw and strong medullary rays. One-piece Amazon mahogany neck. Gabon ebony fingerboard, bridge, bridge pins, and tuner buttons. Brazilian Rosewood peghead overlay with Roy Noble's signature slanted line in peghead and quilted maple Noble truss rod cover. Wooden handmade herringbone purflings around top edge and soundhole rosette with flamed maple outer bindings on top edge and bottom edge of guitar. Multiple wood purflings around inside back edge and around soundhole rosette. Ivoroid binding around peghead and along fingerboard. Flamed maple graduated backstrip in center of back, heelcap, and endwedge. Neck shaded at heel and back of peghead. Gold Waverly open-back tuners with ebony buttons. Gold strap button professionally installed in correct position of neck heel. Under the saddle pickup installed with endpin jack and control wheel inside soundhole. Abalone cut-diamond inlays in fingerboard. Bone nut and intonated saddle.
     Loud and resonant, this guitar has amazing tone. Strong attack. Rich, warm, and robust.

$10,850.00 w/ OHC

Roy Noble HD-100 Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnaut 1 Buy Roy Noble HD-100 Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnaut 1 1991 Roy Noble HD-100 Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnaut Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc (-) condition. Body is in great shape. Small amounts of previous owner wear. No cracks or repairs except as noted below. 1 23/32" width at nut. 2 1/8" pin spacing.
     Very attractive old growth Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. High grade spruce top. Tor-tis pickguard. Mr. Noble's handmade Herringbone bindings around top edge and soundhole. Maple outer bindings on top and back of guitar with multiple strips showing on the back and sides of guitar. Maple center strip down back of guitar. Brazilian Rosewood peghead overlay, heelcap, and endwedge. Ebony fingerboard and bridge. Mother of pearl cut diamond inlays in fingerboard. Amazon mahogany neck with a rounded "V" profile. Ivory nut and bridgepins. Bone saddle. Nickel Waverly pre-War style open-back tuners with ivoroid buttons. Ivoroid strap button installed in heel.
     This guitar has had some work. At some point, a repair man didn't trust Mr. Noble's bolt-on neck system, and they epoxied the neck heel to the headblock of the guitar. Our luthier John Joyner carefully removed the neck and removed all the epoxy so now the neck is situated very well on the body, but there is some sign of the heat used to loosen the epoxy. Either side of neck heel shows darkening of rosewood where heat was applied in the neck joint. This was a very difficult job, except that Mr. Joyner has 35 years of experience and did it quite well.
     Extremely powerful, extremely beautiful tone Roy Noble guitar from 1991. Incredibly wide open with huge voice and huge amount of tonal information. Hard to beat this guitar.

$6,950.00 w/ OHC

Roy Noble Indian Rosewood Dreadnaut Buy Roy Noble Indian Rosewood Dreadnaut  2004 Roy Noble Indian Rosewood Dreadnaut Guitar 'On Hold'

     Serial number 406. This is a beautiful guitar from legendary builder Roy Noble. Currently in the shop being setup by our luthier. Please call for more information.

$4,950.00 w/ OHC