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Blues Hardware Stealth 1 Buy Blues Hardware Stealth 1 New Blues Hardware Stealth Guitar 'In Stock'

     Alder body with "Eggshell White" finish. Two Seymour Duncan humbuckers. Tune-O-Matic bridge with wood tailpiece. Maple neck, Radiused Bubinga fingerboard with artistic position markers on the bass edge of the frets. Nickel Gotoh tuners. Volume and tone knobs with 3-way pickup selector switch and push/pull coil tap.
     This is a guitar made by a local luthier from Helena, MT, and is quite well-made. There are several unique features of this guitar that make it one of a kind. The shape is technically a double cut-away, but it is a completely original design, and really pleasing aesthetically. The input jack is located on the back of the body, instead of on the front or the side. The positioning of the jack is really great,  it keeps any cords out of your way when playing, and makes it hard to unplug them by mistake. Peghead overlay, fingerboard, pickup surrounds, knobs, switch tip and tailpiece, are all handmade from Jotoba Wood (Brazilian Cherry), giving the guitar a very nice, natural look.
     The shape and contours of the body make it "fit your body" very well.
     Would you rather buy this guitar for $1350 now... or wait until the maker is 'discovered' and then pay much more? I've been in this business for around 35 years. To me, this guitar looks like it should cost $3850 if it had the name "Fender Custom Shop" on it... It is a great bargain for only $1350...


Collings CL - City Limits 1 Buy Collings CL - City Limits 1 2008 Collings CL - City Limits Beautiful Condition Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc(+) condition. There are some signs that hands have played this guitar, as it was owned by a national touring musician selling the guitar to help better fund an album project. However, the guitar was clearly cared for as well.  You can see some oxidation on the pickup covers, bridge and tailpiece. A few buckle scratches on the back of the body, and a couple of small "chips" on the front, but it is in very fine, working condition.
     Mahogany body with beautifully flamed, solid Maple top. Top has Ivoroid binding. Radiused Rosewood fingerboard with graduated pearl dot inlays. Bone nut. Nickel Sperzel tuners with Ivoroid buttons. Ebony "haircut" peghead overlay with pearl Collings inlay. Two humbuckers with standard independent tone and volume controls.
     The sound, playability and finish on this guitar are everything we have come to expect from Collings instruments. That is to say, this guitar easily outperforms the vast majority of instruments, even in the "boutique" range.

$3,150.00 w/ OHC

Eleven Carboncaster 1 Buy Eleven Carboncaster 1 Eleven Carboncaster Guitar 'In Stock'

      Exc.(++) Condition. There are a few pick scratches on the top, and some hand wear on the back of the neck.
      Very lightweight carbon fiber body. Maple neck, radiused fingerboard with dot inlays.
      Great sound, warm with depth and character. This guitar has the tonal characteristics you would expect traditionally from any quality telecaster despite the carbon fiber body. It has great sustain and dynamic response.

On Sale... $2,495.00
w/ OHC

Fender Squier Dimension Bass IV 1 Buy Fender Squier Dimension Bass IV 1 2016 Fender Squier Dimension Bass IV Guitar 'In Stock'

     Near-mint condition. Appears to barely have been played. Still has quality control sticker on back of peghead.
     Basswood body with single active humbucker in the bridge position. 3-band active EQ and tone control. Maple radiused fretboard.
     Sound and playability are both very good. This is a fine beginner-intermediate instrument.

$275.00 w/o case

Fender Stratocaster 1
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1963 Fender Stratocaster Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc (++) condition. Even the original case still looks brand new. Amazing guitar. Exceptional Original Condition. This guitar has all-original parts and hardware in excellent playing condition. Everything down to the ash-tray bridge cover is original and in great shape. Original sunburst finish, electronics are working great (there is a little scratchiness on the 3-way switch). Pictures of electronics soon to come...
     Paired with the Stratocaster is an original Vibrolux amp of similar vintage and condition. The same individual (an apparently very polite player) owned the Vibrolux as well. The amp has recently been assessed by a Fender amplifier professional/historian. The power tubes were replaced according to his advice, but otherwise the amp is in spectacular original condition down to the speaker, footswitch and cover. The strat and amp sound wonderful together, and as they have been together their whole life, we thought they should remain that way.
     The original white Tolex case has no wear on it and is in near-mint condition.

$18,900.00 w/ OHC

Fender Stratocaster 1 Buy Fender Stratocaster 1 1964 Fender Stratocaster Guitar 'In Stock'

     Excellent condition. Three-color sunburst. There are wear and chips in the finish, with a few sizeable spots on the back and sides where paint has been chipped. The only unoriginal parts on this strat are: new string tree added and a new plastic back cover.
     Body and neck have no cracks or repairs. Recent excellent setup. Frets show minor denting and have been milled, but appear original.
    Alder body with great 3-tone sunburst. Maple neck with radiused Brazilian Rosewood fretboard. Three original single coil pickups. Original 3-way selector switch, volume and tone knobs. Original whammy bar included.
     All hardware and all electronics are original and correct.
     This guitar plays like a dream, with lots of resonance in the body and neck. Medium weight with great balance. Tone is "tops".

$14,950.00 w/ Period Brown Tolex Case

Fender Stratocaster 1 Buy Fender Stratocaster 1 1966 Fender Stratocaster Guitar 'In Stock'

     Excellent(-) refinished condition. Alder body with "flamed" natural finish. Mostly all original hardware and parts. Three single-coil pickups, tremolo bridge, master volume, 5-way selector switch and two tone controls. Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard and Pearl dot inlays. Large frets in great condition. Original Kluson "Deluxe" tuners.
     This is the real deal. A great playing, original strat at a price that's only going to go up as time goes by.
     The refinish, even though it isn't a standard color, was done very well. The guitar body was not overly sanded, it has no file marks in the wood, etc. The wood was then singed with a torch, to give the brown "flame" coloring, then clear finish was applied. There is some belt buckly wear into the wood at back coverplate area. It feels great, with medium weight and good balance, good resonance.

On Sale... $7,450.00
w/ OHC

Fender Telecaster 1
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1969 Fender Telecaster Guitar 'In Stock'

     More information coming soon.

Gibson EB-0 Bass 1 Buy Gibson EB-0 Bass 1 1972 Gibson EB-0 Bass Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc.(-) Condition. The finish on the top is in great shape with just a few scratches. There is one moderate sized area of buckle wear through the finish on the back. neck has slight evidence of finish wearing through in spots. Minor wear on frets. Newer bridge installed. Strap button has been removed from the neck heel and installed on the back of the bass horn.
     Solid Mahogany body and neck with original finish. Original pickguard and pickup and volume/tone controls. Original tuners.
     Electronics are all in fine working condition, sound and playability are great.

$1,250.00 w/ OHC

Gibson ES-335 TD 1
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1967 Gibson ES-335 TD 12-String Electric 'In Stock'

     Cool guitar alert. More info coming soon.


Gibson ES-Les Paul 1 Buy Gibson ES-Les Paul 1 2014 Gibson ES-Les Paul Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exceptional condition. A few of the most minor things: a light stray mark on the back, a tiny touch on one side, and two of the smallest marks on the top. No problems anywhere. Plays very easy, has great tone, and is one of the most resonant guitars we've gotten in in a long time.
     Maple semi-hollow body construction with beautiful flamed maple top with light red amber sunburst. Darker sides, back, and back of neck. Blackened peghead has Gibson logo inlaid at top. Les Paul decal in center of peghead and specialized truss rod cover with F-hole engraved.
     More information coming soon.

$3,450.00 w/ OHC

Gibson Nighthawk CST3 1 Buy Gibson Nighthawk CST3 1 1996 Gibson Nighthawk CST3 Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc.(+) Condition. This guitar has been played politely - there is one "strip" of very small dings on the top where it looks like a pick has been dragged lightly.
     Maple top with 3-tone sunburst finish and 3-ply binding. Mahogany back and neck. Radisused Ebony fretboard with pearl "Crown" inlays.
     Very nice, "buttery" sound with good combination of tonal options from 5-way switch.

$2,150.00 w/ OHC

Gibson SG Junior 1 Buy Gibson SG Junior 1 1967 Gibson SG Junior Guitar 'In Stock'

     Excellent original condition. Cherry red. Single P-90 pickup. Frets are in fine condition showing only slight signs of being played. There are some dings around the body of guitar and along side of peghead. Original tremolo. Original pickguard has some cracking at screws.
On Sale... $3,550.00
w/ OHC

Heritage H-575 SSB 1 Buy Heritage H-575 SSB 1 Un Played Condition Heritage H-575 SSB Guitar 'In Stock'

     Almost new condition. This is a very clean original H-575 from Heritage Guitar Co. Built similar to the ever-popular Gibson ES-175's, one could argue that this guitar even surpasses the old 175's.
     16" hollow-body electric with single sharp cutaway. Solid Wood construction: Solid Maple top, back and sides; Mahogany neck.
     Single cream bindings on top and back of body. Traditional 3-color sunburst finish. 2 Humbucking pickups with separate Volume and Tone knobs for each. Rosewood adjustable intonated bridge. Nickel hardware, including Grover Rotomatic tuners, trapeze tailpiece, pickup.

On Sale... $1,895.00
w/ OHC

Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 1 Buy Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 1 2001 Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Ten Top Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc(+) condition. Humbucking pickups.
     Mahogany body with highly figured Maple "10" top. Cherry amber sunburst really sets off the beautiful figure of the Maple. Figured Maple top binding around body. Recessed speed knobs. Ebony 22-fret fingerboard with bird inlays. Two Humbucking p/u's. Nickel hardware, including tremolo bridge, and locking tuners.
     This is a great example of a US made PRS with 'set' neck. No evidence of prior wear. The original case is in great shape, too.

On Sale... $2,200.00
w/ OHC

Spector Euro4 LX 1 Buy Spector Euro4 LX 1 Recent Spector Euro4 LX Bass Guitar 'In Stock'

     VG condition. Two symmetrical approx 3" surface cracks from behind fingerboard to nut and one unfilled hole on back of peghead. No other problems apparent. Neck-thru construction. Precision crafted in the Czech Republic.
     Carved European alder body with figured maple top. 3-piece maple neck with graphite-reinforced truss rod. 24-fret rosewood fingerboard with Spector's signature mother of pearl crown inlays. Gold Schaller tuners. Lightweight zinc brass alloy bridge and nut.
     EMG pickups. Spector Tone Pump active tone circuit.
     Bass is well setup and ready to play.

On Sale... $745.00
w/ Gig Bag

Taylor Classic 1 Buy Taylor Classic 1 Previously Owned Taylor Classic Guitar 'In Stock'

     New with open warranty card and adjusting tools. Nice respectable electric guitar from Taylor.
     Beautiful red metal flake finish. Bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Pearl dot position markers in fingerboard. Three single-coil pickups with 5-way switch and tone and volume knob. Attractive pearloid pickguard. Single cutaway. Contoured body. Taylor tuners probably made by Gotoh. Ebony peghead overlay and truss rod cover.

On Sale... $795.00
w/ OHC