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Gibson EB-0 Bass 1 Buy Gibson EB-0 Bass 1 1972 Gibson EB-0 Bass Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc.(-) Condition. The finish on the top is in great shape with just a few scratches. There is one moderate sized area of buckle wear through the finish on the back. neck has slight evidence of finish wearing through in spots. Minor wear on frets. Newer bridge installed. Strap button has been removed from the neck heel and installed on the back of the bass horn.
     Solid Mahogany body and neck with original finish. Original pickguard and pickup and volume/tone controls. Original tuners.
     Electronics are all in fine working condition, sound and playability are great.

$1,250.00 w/ OHC

Gibson ES-335 TD 1
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1967 Gibson ES-335 TD 12-String Electric 'In Stock'

     Cool guitar alert. More info coming soon.


Gibson ES-Les Paul 1 Buy Gibson ES-Les Paul 1 2014 Gibson ES-Les Paul Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exceptional condition. A few of the most minor things: a light stray mark on the back, a tiny touch on one side, and two of the smallest marks on the top. No problems anywhere. Plays very easy, has great tone, and is one of the most resonant guitars we've gotten in in a long time.
     Maple semi-hollow body construction with beautiful flamed maple top with light red amber sunburst. Darker sides, back, and back of neck. Blackened peghead has Gibson logo inlaid at top. Les Paul decal in center of peghead and specialized truss rod cover with F-hole engraved.
     More information coming soon.

$3,450.00 w/ OHC

Gibson Nighthawk CST3 1 Buy Gibson Nighthawk CST3 1 1996 Gibson Nighthawk CST3 Guitar 'In Stock'

     Exc.(+) Condition. This guitar has been played politely - there is one "strip" of very small dings on the top where it looks like a pick has been dragged lightly.
     Maple top with 3-tone sunburst finish and 3-ply binding. Mahogany back and neck. Radisused Ebony fretboard with pearl "Crown" inlays.
     Very nice, "buttery" sound with good combination of tonal options from 5-way switch.

$2,150.00 w/ OHC

Gibson SG Junior 1 Buy Gibson SG Junior 1 1967 Gibson SG Junior Guitar 'In Stock'

     Excellent original condition. Cherry red. Single P-90 pickup. Frets are in fine condition showing only slight signs of being played. There are some dings around the body of guitar and along side of peghead. Original tremolo. Original pickguard has some cracking at screws.
On Sale... $3,550.00
w/ OHC