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This is a list of previously sold instruments for archive use. Please visit our instruments in stock pages by following the links on the left.

Here is a listing of instruments that have passed through our hands. Please browse and gain an idea of what we stock regularly. Instruments Models marked "Available to Order" can be ordered through the House of Fine instruments. Other instruments are one of a kind. However if one catches your eye feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can't track another one down.

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Gibson 1968 Reissue Custom F Les Paul 1
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2007 Gibson 1968 Reissue Custom F Les Paul Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(++) Condition. There are a couple very minor signs of player wear.  Just a couple of touches on the top and back, but no dings or dents whatsoever. The neck is perfectly clean, no fret wear. There is one small mark on the top of the peghead.
    Carved, figured Maple top with nice 3-color sunburst. Mahogany body. Top has 7-ply binding, back has 5-ply. Mahogany neck, radiused Ebony fretboard with large pearl block inlays. Gold Grover tuners. Ebony peghead overlay with Gibson logo and "split-diamond" inlays in pearl. Fretboard is single bound, headstock has 5-ply binding. Gold hardware. Two '57 Classic Humbuckers with volume and tone knobs for each and 3 way selector switch.
     Lush sound with lots of ringing sustain. The action is dialed in to play great.

w/ OHC

Gibson Blues Hawk 1
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1998 Gibson Blues Hawk Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc(+) condition. No fret dents. Only slight signs of previous ownership. Gold hardware. Gibson "Maestro" Bigsby-style tremolo. Rosewood fingerboard.
     Two P-100 pickups with 3-way selector switch, 6 position vari-tone switch, and push-pull tone pot to choose between single coil or double coil on each pickup. The P-100 is a made with two single coils stacked on top of each other. They are a single coil with tone pot in down position, and a Humbucking (double coil), when tone pot is pulled up.
     These guitars have a huge range of tonal possibilities and are quite respected among today's working musicians. This instrument is in great playing condition and has no problems. Here is a link to more information -
     * The photos show a "pink-ish" hue that isn't really there - the true color is a good 'see-thru' red.
w/ Gig Bag

Gibson Byrdland 1
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1969 Gibson Byrdland Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition. The top of the guitar has a few slight dings and some of the gold has started to rub off the pickup covers. The back and sides are very clean for the most part with just a few small evidences of wear. Back is very nice with a few dings. Back of the neck is very nice. No fret wear. All-original parts and hardware. 23 5/8" scale.
     Spruce top, Maple back, sides and neck. Top, back, fretboard and peghead all have multiple bindings. Ebony peghead overlay with "flowerpot" inlay. Rosewood bridge.
     This guitar produces great tone when played acoustically or plugged in. Action is very low with no buzzing on the frets.

w/ HC

Gibson Chet Atkins CE 1
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1988 Gibson Chet Atkins CE Solid Body Nylon String Guitar 'Sold'

     Exceptional original condition. #5 of 20 made of this model in a special "Showcase Edition". In 1988 Gibson designated 9 different models for this Showcase Edition series, with each guitar having only 20 pieces produced - except an autographed gold top Les Paul "Pro", which had 40 pieces produced.
     Solid body nylon string electric guitar with cutaway. Set neck. 1 13/16" width at nut, 25 1/4" scale length. Beautiful Mahogany back and neck with Spruce top. Ebony fingerboard. Multiple bindings. Sunburst finish. Elaborate soundhole rosette. Decal on back of peghead stating 'Showcase Edition'.
     These guitars are respected by players as good nylon string jazz guitars. They are also respected by collectors as a high quality guitar designed by Chet Atkins for Gibson that was always produced in relatively low numbers.
     Acoustic transducer in bridge produces good tone. This guitar is very close to brand new condition, and is set-up to play well.
     Comes with certificate of authenticity of the "Showcase Edition".
     * Price has been reduced significantly.
w/ OHC

Gibson CS-356 Custom 1
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Un Played Condition Gibson CS-356 Custom Semi Hollowbody Guitar 'Sold'

     "As New" Condition. Beautiful double cutaway semi-hollowbody guitar with tasteful appointments and finish. NO wear at all. No dings, dents, scratches, etc.
     Mahogany back, sides and neck, with highly figured Maple bookmatched flame top.  The CS-356 was Gibson's first "tonally-carved" guitar, meaning that the back and sides are carved from a single piece of mahogany and mated to a carved maple top. Elaborately bound, with 7-ply bindings around top edge, 5-ply around back edge and peghead, and single-bound fingerboard. Tortoise plate pickguard with 5-ply bindings. Very tasteful "iced tea" amber sunburst on the Maple top. Peghead is similar to a Gibson Super 400, with Gibson logo inlaid in pearl, and large blocky triangle and rectangle pearl inlay below. Ebony radiused fingerboard has large pearl block inlays. Gold hardware, with "Gibson Deluxe" closed-back tuners with plastic tulip buttons, stop tailpiece and tune-a-matic bridge, gold pickup covers, selector switch, pickguard mounts, etc.
     This guitar has a great feel to it. The balance is good, it is lightweight, and it is resonant. The set-up is good and it is ready to play.

w/ OHC

Gibson ES-125
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1958 Gibson ES-125 Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Sunburst. A few small nicks and chips in the finish here and there. Frets have been milled in not too distant past, so no appreciable fret wear. Back of peghead has a mysterious area right where serial numbers would be. The serial numbers have been obscured. Factory order numbers remain intact, inked into the inside of the guitar.
     Hollowbody electric with one P-90 pickup near neck. Maple back and sides with Sitka Spruce top. Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard. Original Rosewood adjustable bridge. Original tailpiece and pickguard. Original Kluson DeLuxe closed-back 3-on-a-plate tuners with excellent condition cream buttons (not shrinking or cracking).
     This guitar is really quite nice and is ready to play. Everything is in good order and the pickup sounds very good.

w/ OSC

Gibson ES-125 1
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1955 Gibson ES-125 Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(-) Condition. The top, back and sides are in great shape, as are the original frets and fretboard (never milled) with very little wear.
     Spruce top with tobacco sunburst finish. Maple back and sides, Mahogany neck. Radiused Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. 2-pc. adjustable Brazilian Rosewood bridge. Original Nickel Kluson 3-on-a-plate tuners. Single P-90 pickup in the neck position with volume and tone knobs.
     There are only a few noticeable marks on the neck, none of great significance when being played.
     Original Case - The case for this guitar is in nice condition, with all latches and handle and hinges intact. Case shows only small amounts of wear.
     Sound and playability are both very good, strung with Nickel strings at the moment. Neck is nice and straight. * Of all the ES-125's for sale at this moment, this is one of the best condition and most original

w/ OHC

Gibson ES-125 1
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1965 Gibson ES-125 Guitar 'Sold'

     VG(+) Condition. Top has a good amount of lacquer checking and a couple of dings but is in nice overall shape. Back also has lacquer checking and normal scratches and dings. The sides have a lot of sratching and some areas where finish has been worn away.
     Spruce top, Maple back and sides. Single P-90 pickup in the neck position. Volume and tone knobs. Floating tailpiece, adjustable Rosewood bridge. Mahogany neck, radiused Rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Kluson Deluxe tuners. Strap button installed on heel.
     This guitar is ready to play, it's set up great and has the Gibson sound.

w/ Newer HC

Gibson ES-125 CD 1
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1966 Gibson ES-125 CD Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(-) Condition. The top and back both have moderate lacquer checking, but no cracks. Neck is in great shape and there is minimal fret wear. Strap button installed in heel. All-original parts and hardware.
     Maple top with single cream binding and sunburst finish. Maple back also with single binding. Mahogany sides and neck. Radiused Rosewood fretboard with pearl dot inlays. Original Kluson tuners and buttons. Independent volume, and tone controls for each pickup.
    Sound is very nice and crisp with tons of character. Plays great.

w/ Newer Gibson HC

Gibson ES-135 EB 1
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2002 Gibson ES-135 EB Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Ebony black finish. As an interesting point, this guitar comes with papers officially from Gibson variously describing this guitar as an "ES-345" and an "ES-35", even though it absolutely is a stock ES-135. And, all these same papers (label, warranty card, inspection papers, etc), all have the correct serial number that matches the back of peghead and label, etc.
      No fret wear at all. This instrument is really in nice condition, but it does have one repair on back that is hard to spot. There was a slight clean crack in the outer ply of the back. Our local luthier, George Weisel, did a really great job of repairing it and blending the finish so that there is no sign of the repair at all, except a slight deflection of light when looking directly at it - we'll make sure to make one or two photos that show you what we mean. Many stores would omit this information about the repair, because it was done so well that it truly is a 'non-issue'.
     24 3/4" scale length. Semi-hollowbody, with block of wood running thru body. Two 'P-100' pickups (stacked double-coil humbucking). Trapeze tailpiece and tune-a-matic bridge. Kluson-style "Gibson DeLuxe" tuners with tulip buttons.
     This is a very nice example of a semi-hollowbody guitar. You can play this guitar acoustically and get great sound. It is very resonant. The set-up is great, with nice low action and everything works great.

w/ OHC

Gibson ES-137 Custom 1
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Previously Owned Gibson ES-137 Custom Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(++) Condition. There are only some very slight surface scratches that keep this guitar from being in new condition.
     Nice Maple top, back and sides with sunburst finish. Top has multiple white bindings, back and fretboard have single binding. Chrome hardware including "tune-o-matic" bridge. Independent volume and tone controls for each humbucker and 3-way.  Sunburst Mahogany neck with Rosewood radiused fingergboard and pearl "trapezoid" inlays. Grover tuners.
     This guitar is in really nice shape. Looks like it just came out of the factory, but has the sound of a mature instrument.

w/ OHC

Gibson ES-175 1
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1968 Gibson ES-175 Guitar 'Sold'

Exc(-) condition. Sunburst finish. Some player wear on fingerboard. Tuners changed to gold Grover.
w/ OHC

Gibson ES-175 1
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1995 Gibson ES-175 Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(+) Condition. There are very few marks on this guitar, and none that you can spot without a little searching. The neck is clean, no fret wear on the fingerboard. Strap button installed in middle of heel.
     Flamed maple top, back and sides all with matching yellow sunburst. Multiple bindings on top, single bindings on back and fretboard. Mahogany neck, radiused Rosewood fingerboard with pearl "parallelogram" inlays. Nickel Gibson tuners. Two humbuckers with independent volume and tone controls for each. 3-way tone selector switch.
     Action is set-up nicely, tone is smooth and open.

w/ OHC

Gibson ES-225 1
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1955 Gibson ES-225 Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Tobacco Sunburst. Wow, this guitar is "alive"! It sounds great even acoustically, with lots of resonance. Single P-90 p/u, Volume and tone knob.Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard.
     This guitar was used seriously by a previous owner. Frets and fretboard show regular wear, but both are in good serviceable condition. Body shows some finish wear around top edge and on back at bass side waist. Back of neck shows some finish wear.
     Tuners have been replaced with Grover Rotomatics, no pickguard.
w/ newer Gig Bag

Gibson ES-225 TDN 1
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1958 Gibson ES-225 TDN Guitar 'Sold'

Exc(-) condition. Natural finish. This is a good example of a late '50's ES-225 that is in great condition for playing and gigging, but has a few parts changed out. Has original P-90 pickups and harness, pickguard and finish. Original trapeze tailpiece was broken and repaired and is included in the case. Newer gold plated Bigsby T.P and Bridge, and gold Schaller tuners. The finish is checked, but looks great, with only some areas of wear on back and random small dings from playing.
w/ Period HC

Gibson ES-335 1
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1961 Gibson ES-335 Cherry Red Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc(+) condition. Beautiful original Cherry finish. This guitar was played for years on stage, but is in fine shape. Not much evidence of wear, just a few dings here and there. Small wood chip at back of upper peghead corner (see photos). Neck has no cracks, breaks, etc.
     Original PAF pickups and wiring - this has been verified 100%. Original dot neck, stop tailpiece, but spent some years with a Guild trapeze tailpiece installed on it. Original tuneamatic bridge with newer metal individual saddle pieces. Replaced tailpiece bar. Knobs are new vintage style replacements. Tuners are original set re-installed in guitar - from about 1970-2009 previous owner had Grover rotomatics installed.
     Frets are original with no apparent fret wear.
     This instrument has just been professionally set-up - it plays very well.
w/ Newer Gibson Case

Gibson ES-345 1
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c.1967 Gibson ES-345 Guitar 'Sold'

    Excellent condition. Cherry red. All original except - Bridge pickup is replaced with Gibson Tim Shaw "PAF" pickup, and jack is wired Mono, instead of Stereo. Newer frets are nice but do show moderate wear. Body shows normal light wear, mostly on sides. Back of neck two scratches in finish behind 5th-6th fret position. Pickguard is cracked at top near screw but not "at" screw. Gold plating shows normal wear from playing on pickups, bridge and tailpiece. Neck has been reset.
     Bound body and neck, with multiple bindings on top of body. Rosewood fingerboard with pearloid parallelogram inlays. Gold Kluson tuners with plastic tulip buttons. Wiring harness all original except what was mentioned above. Original selector switch, pots, knobs and vari-tone switch.
     This guitar is very resonant and sounds great. The intonation is good, the action is good.
w/ HC

Gibson ES-347 1
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1989 Gibson ES-347 Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition.
     Maple body with sunburst finish and multiple bindings. Mahogany neck, Ebony fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Tune-o-matic bridge. Pearl block inlays. Gold Gibson tuners. Two humbuckers with three-way selector switch, coil tap and volume/tone controls for each pickup.
     Sound and playability are great.

w/ OHC

Gibson ES-347 TD PH
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1983 Gibson ES-347 TD Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc(+) condition. This is a fine one-owner ES-347 with mono output jack. It has no marks on back or top or back of neck. Original frets were recently milled and show no wear. The only real signs of prior playing is some gold worn off the treble side edges of pickup covers.
     Cherry sunburst. The original finish is in great shape - no scars, only a few light lines of finish checking.
     Gold hardware, with fine tuning stop tailpiece. Coil tap switch above pickup selector. Ebony fingerboard with pearl block inlays.
     This guitar was owned and used by a local long-time performer and band leader. It is set-up very well, plays great and sounds great with no problems.
w/ OHC

Gibson ES-350 1
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1956 Gibson ES-350 Guitar 'Sold'

     Excellent (+) condition. Last owner had it for about 35 years. Really there is only one "ding" on this guitar - right at top of peghead, beneath binding, there is a small chip of wood that broke out. It isn't very noticeable. It is up above the G-string tuner shaft...
     Beautiful and original. Highly figured Maple top, back and sides. Three-piece Maple neck with Rosewood "stringer" down the back of neck. Traditional 3-tone tobacco sunburst finish. All original Gold hardware. All original wiring harness, P-90 pickups, knobs. Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with parallelogram inlays. Brazilian Rosewood bridge base with tune-a-matic saddle.
     It is set-up up well and plays and sounds great.
w/ OHC

Gibson ES-350T 1
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1992 Gibson ES-350T Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc(+) condition.Only a few small hard-to-find "touch marks" on the guitar. NO fret wear, no player wear. One-owner instrument that was well cared-for.
     Highly figured Maple with beautiful sunburst finish. One-pc Maple back. 3-pc Maple neck. Maple sides and top. Rosewood fingerboard with pearl parallelogram inlays. Guitar is fully bound - body, fingerboard and headstock. Bound f-holes. Gold hardware. Two Humbucking pickups. Gold tune-a-matic bridge. Gold trapeze tailpiece. Gold "Kluson-style" Gibson DeLuxe tuners with plastic tulip buttons. Original pickguard attached and in great shape.
     This guitar is set-up well and has nice low action with no buzzing.
w/ OHC

Gibson L-5 CES 1
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1974 Gibson L-5 CES Guitar 'Sold'

Exc(++) condition. Sunburst. ONE OWNER! Great original condition with no repairs. Some moderate finish checking in the original lacquer, but certainly not a problem. 100% original, with all original gold parts and hardware. Some small amount of gold plating rubbed off. Rubber grommet around pickup selector switch is new. This guitar even has the original frets and nut. We've just had this guitar 'detailed out' by our local luthier, George Weisel, and the results are amazing - all of the old smoke and bar residue has been cleaned away, and the finish just gleams with its original lustre!
w/ OHC

Gibson L-5 Wes Montgomery  1
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1993 Gibson L-5 Wes Montgomery Guitar 'Sold'

     Exceptional original condition. No wear, no dents or dings, no fret wear.
     Sunburst single cutaway guitar with single gold Humbucking pickup mounted at neck position. Two-piece book-matched figured Maple back and sides. 3-pc maple neck with 2 Rosewood stringers down length of neck. 7-ply top binding with 3-ply back binding, and black line also showing on sides of body. 5-ply bindings along fingerboard and around headstock, also with black line showing along side of neck.
     Traditional L-5 inlays, with Gibson logo and Flowerpot inlaid in headstock and pearl block inlays in Ebony fingerboard. Gold Schaller tuners marked "Gibson". Ebony adjustable bridge with gold tune-a-matic bridge saddle. Engraved gold/nickel tailpiece. Bound f-holes. Gold volume and tone control knobs. 5-ply bound tortoise pickguard with gold mounting hardware.
     This is really a great instrument. It was bought as part of a collection and now is available for sale. It is in fabulous original condition and is set-up to play.
w/ OHC

Gibson L-6 S 1
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1980 Gibson L-6 S Solid Maple Guitar 'Sold'

Excellent original condition. Three-piece Maple body and three-piece Maple neck. Glue-in neck joint. Maple fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Two Humbucking pickups with 6-way selector switch, 2 volume knobs and a tone knob. Stop tailpiece with the somewhat clunky large, wide version of the tunamatic tailpiece.
    Original pickguard and pickup surrounds.
This guitar is a pretty cool instrument, with looks, feel, playability and sound.
w/ OHC

Gibson Les Paul "Artisan" 1
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1978 Gibson Les Paul "Artisan" Guitar 'Sold'

A definite candidate for a true "Black Beauty". Walnut body with Maple top cap. This guitar has lots of extras... Banjo-style 'Hearts & Flowers' inlay in Ebony fingerboard and headstock. Multiple 7-ply bindings on top edge and headstock, 5-ply binding on back edge of body. Gold hardware. Three humbucking pickups, Bigsby tremolo. Lots of tone and sustain.
w/ OHC

Gibson Les Paul Class 5 1
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2001 Gibson Les Paul Class 5 Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(++) condition. There is one single ding on the top, aside from that the guitar is in mint condition.
     Stunning flamed Maple top with a deep blue finish. Choice Mahogany back, sides and neck. Top and neck are single bound. Rosewood finger board with Pearl trapezoid inlays. Nickel hardware, "Gibson Deluxe" tuners. Two Gibson "Burstpucker" humbuckers with independent tone and volume controls for each pickup. 3-way pickup selector.
     This guitar is beautiful. It's got a growl, and a look that catches the eye. This is a great one for anyone to own.

w/ HC

Gibson Les Paul Classic 1
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2000 Gibson Les Paul Classic Guitar 'Sold'

     VG(+) Condition. Routine scratches and dings on the top, back and sides. Little to no player wear. There are just a few touches on the headstock.
     Solid Mahogany body, Maple top with Tobacco sunburst. 60's "slim-tapered" Mahogany neck with Rosewood finger board and Trapezoid inlays. Top of body and neck are bound. Pick guard is removed, but in the case with mounting hardware. 496R ceramic humbucker in the neck, 500T humbucker in the bridge position.
     Great recent L.P. from Gibson. The carved Maple top is really nice, and the body has a solid medium weight to it, for good tone and sustain.

w/ OHC

Gibson Les Paul Custom 1
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1971 Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar 'Sold'

     VG Condition. One Owner! There is heavy player wear, and the pickguard is missing. There is one slight separation repaired in the top under where the pickguard would be. There is also some finish rubbed away in that area. The backplate is partially broken, and there are some scratches and paint chipped away on the back. The neck shows signs of wear on the back, but feels great. The guitar has recently had excellent professional fingerboard milling and fresh fret job and is setup to play great.
     Solid Mahogany body with Maple carved top. 7-ply binding on top and 5-ply on the back.  Original "Bigsby" tremolo. The original "T-top" Gibson pickups have been replaced because the owner wore through the original pickup covers. They have been replaced with "New Old Stock" Gibson 1994 PAF pickups new out of the box, but the original pickups will come in the case. The volume and tone knobs have been replaced, as well as the "tunomatic" tailpiece. Three way selector switch. Single-bound Mahogany neck. Radiused Ebony fretboard with large Pearl block inlays. 5-ply bound peghead wth original tuners.
     This guitar was owned by Jim Taylor, a noted hot blues/rock guitar player in Missoula for many years. If you want to hear this guitar as played by Jim Taylor, go to this link:

w/ Newer HC

Gibson Les Paul Custom PH
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1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc(-) original condition. One owner guitar. This guitar is very nice and in great original condition... There is nominal wear on the gold parts. It has one small piece of binding on side of peghead near top that has been professionally repaired. Cherry sunburst. Original humbucking pickups and wiring.
     * We have a new digital camera here at the store that we are still getting used to - the photos show the guitar to be a little different color than when in your hands. It is a normal cherry sunburst color in real life...
w/ OHC

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1
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1972 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(-) Condition. The top has some lacquer checking, and a few scratches but is in overall great shape. The back and sides both have some knicks and dings, and there are two areas on the back where finish has been rubbed completely through from what appears to be a buckle. A lot of the finish is worn off on the neck from years of playing, but there are no uncomfortable dents or dings. Very small amounts of fret wear on the board. Peghead has minor flaws.
     Maple cap with sunburst finish. Twop-piece Mahogany back also with sunburst finish. Original mini humbucker pickups installed. Mahogany neck, radiused Rosewood fingerboard with "trapezoid" inlays. Top of body and fretboard have single Ivoroid binding. Original pickguard installed. Independent volume and tone controls for each mini humbucker. 3-way pickup selector switch. Original "Gibson Deluxe" tuners.
     Great punchy tone, with lots of sustain with the mini humbuckers. This is a one-owner guitar and has been treated very well.

w/ OHC

Gibson Les Paul Jr - SG Style 1
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1965 Gibson Les Paul Jr - SG Style Guitar 'Sold'

     Good condition. Solid Cuban mahogany guitar. The only detriment to this guitar is an amateurish attempt to remove finish by several methods including sanding, scraping, and chemical stripping. Finish on top sanded extremely thin. Finish mostly intact on peghead, back, and back of neck. Sides show chemical stripping driplines.
     Very original with original tuners having original buttons in good condition and tuners work well. Original P-90 pickup, harness, and pots. Stop tailpiece/bridge changed to intonatable version. Original pickguard and back plate with all original screws. Pickguard shows cracking from shrinkage at four screws with one small triangle of plastic missing. Frets are jumbo-size, probably redone in the 1970s. Original truss rod cover. Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. Set neck. Back of neck has a series of dings from careless handling.
     The guitar has wonderful resonanace and is nice medium-light weight.

w/ newer gig bag

Gibson Les Paul Jr. 1
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1955 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Guitar 'Sold'

     VG(+) Condition. There is heavy lacquer checking throughout, but not very many "flakes" taken out. Appears to be all-original except for replacement tuners and fret job. Back of the neck has a few dings, no fret wear.
     All Mahogany with sunburst finish on top. Single P-90 pickup with volume and tone controls. Rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays.
     Nice, thick sound and great playability.
     *The original case is included, but the hinges are out of commission, so the guitar comes in the original case with a gig bag over it for security.

w/ OSC

Gibson Les Paul Jr. 1
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1956 Gibson Les Paul Jr. Guitar 'Sold'

     VG(+) Condition. There is lacquer checking throughout. Moderate dents and dings on top, back, neck and peghead. Partially removed "Fleur De Lis" sticker on back. Truss rod cover has been replaced. Bridge pickup has been replaced. Neck  pickup, extra volume and control knobs and selector switch have been installed. newer tuners.
     Mahogany body with sunburst finish. Mahogany neck with radiused Rosewood fingerboard. Nickel Grover tuners.
     Sounds and plays great with no issues.

Gibson Melody Maker 1
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1963 Gibson Melody Maker with up-graded pickups Guitar 'Sold'

    (VG) Condition. Weather checking on top and back, as well as a few dents and dings. The back of the neck has a couple of scratches and some dings. Recent refret. The pickups and pick guard have been upgraded, and there is an additional boost switch added that ups the output of the pickups.
     Nice tobacco sunburst. Solid Mahogany body with double cutaway. Three single coil pickup configuration, with 5-way selector switch, two tone knobs, master volume and a boost switch. Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard and Pearl dot inlays. Ebony peghead veneer, Deluxe tuners with oval buttons.
     This is a really cool guitar. Plugged in it can do anything, the custom pickup configuration and boost switch make for a really wide tonal variety. It's got the renowned Gibson neck for easy playability, and great all around mojo.

w/ newer hard case

Gibson SG Deluxe 1
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c.1971 Gibson SG Deluxe Guitar 'Sold'

Exc(-) condition. This is a good example from the early '70's. Original Bigsby tailpiece, humbucking pickups, tuners, pickguard, etc. Some belt buckle rash on back, and an area worn thru finish at volute from a stand. Very good sound.  *On Sale...
w/ OHC

Gibson SG Special 1
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1965 Gibson SG Special Guitar 'Sold'

Exc original condition. Cherry red. 2 P-90 pickups. Great original condition, with only minor dings and very light player wear. Pickguard slightly warped. Neck joint area shows slightest winks in lacquer, but no breaks.
w/ Newer HC

Gibson Super 400 CES 1
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1957 Gibson Super 400 CES Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Beautiful look and feel. This guitar has been played faithfully for its life by one of Montana's foremost jazz musicians. Everything is original except the finish. The guitar was sent to Gibson in about 1969/70 for total re-finish. The finish is great and it is hard to tell it was a re-finish job... The sunburst is just beautiful. Binding is showing some shrinkage inside cutaway at the juncture of back and side.
     Original wiring harness, Alnico V pickups, knobs and hardware. Figured Maple back, sides and neck, with Spruce top. As with all Super 400's, it has multiple bindings everywhere - top, back, fingerboard, headstock, f-holes and pickguard. 
    There aren't many dings on this guitar, just a few sprinkled here and there. There is one compression mark in the Spruce top between bass-side f-hole, tailpiece and bridge. This mark was probably why the guitar was refinished - it is under the 1969 re-finish. The set-up is great and the guitar sounds like a true champion.
w/ OHC