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This is a list of previously sold instruments for archive use. Please visit our instruments in stock pages by following the links on the left.

Here is a listing of instruments that have passed through our hands. Please browse and gain an idea of what we stock regularly. Instruments Models marked "Available to Order" can be ordered through the House of Fine instruments. Other instruments are one of a kind. However if one catches your eye feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can't track another one down.

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Beringer 17" 1
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Beringer 17" Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc condition. Only very few small dings here and there on the guitar. Some fretwear, with dents in first position.
     Sunburst throughout. Florentine cutaway. Highly figured Maple back, sides and neck. 1 13/16" width at nut. 24 3/4" scale length. Rosewood fingerboard. Ebony adjustable bridge. Gold Grover Rotomatic tuners. Humbucking pickup mounted at neck position, with gold surround. Knurled tone and volume knobs. Jack is mounted at endpin. Gold tailpiece. Multiple bindings on top and back of body. Single black on fingerboard, multiple bindings on headstock. Top and back of headstock has Rosewood overlay. Stylized pearl inlays in headstock. Rosewood floating pickguard with multiple purflings inside the outer edges. Small dot inlays in fingerboard. 3-pc Maple neck has 2 Rosewood "stringers" down the back of neck.
     Handmade by the late Ted Beringer, one of Montana's premier guitar builders, who is well respected for his long history of building fine jazz guitars.
w/ OHC

Cort Curbow 4-String Bass 1
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Recent Cort Curbow 4-String Bass Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition. This bass is in nice shape. The top is clean, there are no marks on the neck and the fretboard has no wear. There are a few scrapes on the back but nothing major.
     Carved luthite body with extended upper horn. Maple neck with radiused Ebony fretboard. Single "Might Mite" pickup. One volume knob, 3-band equalizer and "slap" switch. All parts and electronics are in great working condition.
     This is a nice bass for the price. There is a lot of tonal options you can get using the 3-band equalizer and "slap" switch. Setup well and ready to play.

w/ OHC

Danelectro Double cutaway electric Bass 1
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Recent Danelectro Double cutaway electric Bass With Matching Amp Guitar 'Sold'

Excellent condition. Pretty darned good bass for the money. 2 pickups, with stacked knob controls. Comes with matching Danelectro bass amp. Everything works just fine. Guitar is set up to play.
Original Gig Bag

Danelectro U2 1
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Danelectro U2 Guitar 'Sold'

     VG(+) Condition. Guitar has been refinished in a "lipstick pink" color. Normal scratches and dings throughout but no major problems. Original pickguard in good shape. Light fret wear. Comes with original hard case in good condition.
     Masonite body. Original lipstick pickups, volume and tone knobs, and 3-way pickup selector switch. Radiused Rosewood fretboard with dot inlays. Original wood bridge.

w/ OHC

Electra X810 1
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1978 Electra X810 Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(+) Condition. The top, back and sides are all very clean with just slight scratches from playing. The neck and frets are in great condition as well. There is one hole drilled in the top of the body from where the pickguard was installed. The original pickguard comes in the case.
     Flamed Maple top, back and sides with antique brown sunburst. Top, back, fretboard and peghead are all multiple bound with tortoise-shell. The inside of the f-holes are also bound with tortoise-shell. Mahogany neck with radiused Rosewood fingerboard and elaborate "Tree of Life" inlay in Pearl across the fretboard. Tune-o-matic bridge, 2 "magnaflux" humbucking pickups and 5-way selector.
     The most interesting part about this guitar is the two "MPC Effect Modules" installed in the guitar. There is a cavity in the back where there are two spots for different Electra effects that are easily removed and replaced. There are twelve different modules that can be put in the guitar, this particular Electra has the "phase shifter" and "power overdrive" modules. These modules are controlled and bypassed by the two levers on the body and the volume of the effects is controlled by the knobs. This is an interesting idea, but there are far better ways to add effects to a guitar line nowadays. The modules are more of a cool and innovative thing as opposed to a really great sounding electronics system. The good thing is that Electra didn't rely on building guitars with effects in them as their selling point. The guitar sounds great alone, much better than with the effects activated. The sound is really thick, with many different tonal variations from the 5 way selector. The effects are fun, and definitely worth playing around with but this guitar does not need any help to sound great.
     For more information on the effects modules visit:
     * Price has been significantly reduced for quicker sale, as owner is producing a solo CD and also getting married... (not kidding).

w/ OHC

Epiphone Casino 1
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2003 Epiphone Casino Guitar 'Sold'

Exceptional condition. Natural finish. White pickguard. All original parts. There is no sign of player wear. No fret wear, etc. No problems. This guitar is set up with light strings and plays just fine.
w/ OHC

Epiphone DeLuxe 1
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1942 Epiphone DeLuxe w/ great player upgrades Guitar 'Sold'

     VG(+) condition. Blonde. Flamed Maple back and sides, with Spruce top. Originally a single p/u model, this guitar has been thoughtfully 'upgraded' through the years. P-90 p/u in bridge position, 1970's Dimarzio Humbucking p/u in neck position. Area underneath fingerboard extension shows some crude modification for a pickguard. 7" X 7" inspection hole cut into back and well-made Mahogany plywood plate is screwed over it (see photos). Tuners changed, but originals come in the case. Coil tap switch added. Original "Frequensator" tailpiece replaced with Gibson (or Gibson Copy).
     All original finish. 5-ply body bindings. 4-ply binding along fingerboard, 3-ply bindings around peghead. F-holes bound inside. Pearl block "cloud" inlays in Rosewood fingerboard. Elaborate floral inlay in peghead. Brass nut. Very cool "tune-a-matic style" bridge.
     Yes, yes, we know that this guitar has been modified quite a bit... but for a player, all the modifications are for "positive" reasons. This guitar is loved by any player who picks it up and plays it.

w/ OHC

Epiphone EB232 Rivoli Bass 1
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1966 Epiphone EB232 Rivoli Bass Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(-) Condition. There is moderate lacquer checking on the front and back, but hardly any dents or dings. There are some small holes drilled where a handrest used to be. There are also two holes near the fretboard and one on the side as the result of a former pickguard. The neck has a couple of marks on it but is in good overall shape. No fret wear.
     Maple body with sunburst finish and bindings on the top and back. Single humbucker pickup in the neck position. Master volume and tone knobs, and "bass boost" switch. One-piece Mahogany neck. Radiused Rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Original Nickel tuners. Ebony peghead overlay with Epiphone logo inlay.
     This is a really nice sounding and nice playing bass. These Epiphone basses were made at the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, and are often held in higher regards than the Gibson basses of the period. It currently has flatwound strings that sound great.

w/ OSC

Epiphone Elitist Byrdland 1
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2008 Epiphone Elitist Byrdland Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc (+) condition. A beautiful copy of the Gibson Byrdland, handcrafted in Japan at Gibson's Terada facility in Japan.
     Maple body and neck with spruce top. Multiple bindings throughout. Three-piece maple neck. Flower pot in headstock with block inlays in fingerboard. Ebony bridge with Tune-o-matic saddle. Bound F-holes. Gold hardware.
     Excellent playing and sounding guitar----a great tribute to the original Byrdland guitars, which were named after ace session guitarists Hank Garland and Billy Byrd.

w/ OHC

Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor ii 1
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2010 Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor ii Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(++) Condition. The top is in mint condition save for a few pickguard scratches. The back and sides are in almost as good shape with just a few light scratches, no knicks, dents or dings. The neck is spotless and there is no fret wear.
     Spruce top with "vintage sunburst" finish. Figured Maple back, sides and neck also with sunburst finish. Top, back, fretboard, peghead and pickguard are all multiple bound. Radiused rosewood fingerboard with pearl block inlays. Gold "trapeze" tailpiece with rosewood bridge. Gold Grover tuners. Two Alnico humbuckers with independent volume and tone knobs for each. 3-way pickup selector switch. Ebony peghead overlay with elaborate "flower" inlay in pearl and "Joe Pass" signature tross rod cover.
     Good sound, nice low action with no fret buzzing. This is a nice guitar with no problems whatsoever.

w/ OHC

Epiphone NightHawk 1
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2011 Epiphone NightHawk Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(+) Condition. Very few signs of player wear on the guitar, no fret wear.
     Flamed Maple top with cream bindings. Mahogany back and neck. Radiused Rosewood fingerboard with "Crown" inlays. Humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions. Single-coil pickup in the middle. 5-way toggle switch and volume and tone controls. Nickel Grover tuners.
     Action is nice and low, sound is great. All electronics are in fine working condition.

w/ OHC

Epiphone Wildcat 1
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C.2003 Epiphone Wildcat Belair Blue Guitar 'Sold'

     Really cool hollow-body guitar with 2 Alnico P-90's and great color that is about 2 shades away from "Sea Foam" green.
     Ebony fingerboard with dot inlays. Gotoh tuners. Bigsby tailpiece with tuneamatic bridge.
     Plays great and sounds great.
w/ OHC

Erickson S-10 Pedal Steel 1
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c. 1980's Erickson S-10 Pedal Steel Guitar 'Sold'

     Erickson 10 string pedal steel in great condition. No large marks or scratches, everything is in fine playing condition. 3 floor pedals, 2 knee levers.

w/ OHC

Fender '50's P-Bass 1
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New Fender '50's P-Bass w/ Lacquer Finish Guitar 'Sold'

     New. We are not dealers for new Fender instruments... We took this and another new Fender in trade from an area Fender dealer. This nice affordable bass is very well made. The weight is medium with good balance. Made in Mexico, it features the look and feel of '50's Fender Precision basses. Check out the antique'd real lacquer finish (instead of polyester), the peghead, and the great anodized pickguard.
     But - the best part is the resonance. This bass vibrates and resonates from endpin to tip of peghead. Neck is nice and straight. Action is low with no buzzing. And... this one is at a bargain price...

w/ OHC

Fender Fat Telecaster 1
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2000 Fender Fat Telecaster Sunburst Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc(+) Condition. A touch or two on the front and back of body. Minimal player wear. There are a few dents on the back of the neck, but they are slight and are positioned where they are not a problem to your left hand when playing.
     Solid Ash body. Humbucking pickup in the neck position, single coil in the bridge. Very nice traditional 3-color sunburst. Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays. Pearloid pick guard, and Fender Nickel tuners.
     This is a really nice American Teleaster for a reasonable price. Good feel, with the classic look of a sunburst tele.

w/ Gig Bag

Fender Jazz Bass
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1966 Fender Jazz Bass Refinished Bass 'Sold'

     Professionally refinished with a very good blue sparkle finish. Ok, ok... the color isn't a Fender color, but the finish job is top notch, with no bad file marks or 'goobers' under the finish.
     Pickups changed to EMG. Pickguard changed to newer pearloid pickguard.
     Rosewood fingerboard. Original tuners, knobs, and wiring.
w/ newer Gig Bag

Fender Jazz Bass 1
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2015 Fender Jazz Bass Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc condition. 34" scale length. 1.5" width at nut.
     Alder body with sunburst. Maple neck with contemporary "C" profile and stylish stringer. 4-bolt standard neck plate. Rosewood fingerboard with position dot markers inlaid. 20 medium-jumbo frets. Shielded body cavity. Vintage-style bridge with four single-groove saddles. Single coil pickups. Chrome hardware. Black plastic control knobs for middle pickup volume, bridge pickup volume, and master. 70's style headstock logo. 3-ply parchment pickguard.
     This is a great working bass. Stage-ready and solidly made.

w/ Gig Bag

Fender Left-Handed Deluxe Telecaster PH
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1975 Fender Left-Handed Deluxe Telecaster Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(-) Condition. This Tele is in very nice shape. The top has just a few little scratches, no dents or dings. The back is also very clean, just some minor belt scratches on the surface. The back of the neck has a couple knicks on it, but is in mostly great shape. No wear on the frets.
     Nice Ash body with natural finish. Two humbuckers with independent volume and tone knobs for each pickup and a 3-way selector switch. Nickel Fender tuners. All parts are original and working well.
     This is a very nice Telecaster. It looks much newer than it really is and sounds great.

w/ OHC

Fender Mexican Standard Strat 1
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1998 Fender Mexican Standard Strat Guitar 'Sold'

     Mint condition. Looks like it's never been played.
     Alder body with deep blue finish. 21 fret Maple neck with medium jumbo frets and Rosewood fingerboard. Three single-coil pickups with two tone knobs, a master volume knob and a 5-way switch.
     Nice Mexican Strat. Plays, looks and sounds very good.

w/ OHC

Fender Paisley Telecaster 1
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1968 Fender Paisley Telecaster Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(-) Condition. Everything on this guitar is original, and in great shape. This guitar has only had one previous owner, and it was handled very politely. The finish is great with just a few lines of lacquer checking, and one small area is worn awayThe back of the neck has a couple very slight touches, there is a moderate amount of fret wear on the fingerboard. Missing original bridge cover.
     Alder body, Maple neck and fingerboard. Original single-coil pickups, three-way switch and volume and tone knobs. Radiused fretboard with black dot inlays. Clear plastic pickguard.
     As nice to play as it is to look at. The action is really nice and low, and the neck is perfectly straight. Wonderful tone.

w/ OHC

Fender Precision 1
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1995 Fender Precision Bass 'Sold'

     Well-cared for Mexican P Bass shows no sign of player wear. Only a couple dings, but no problems or wear. Please call for more information. (406) 327-9925.

Fender Precision Bass 1
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1961 Fender Precision Bass Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc condition. Refinished around 1980 with perfect 3-color faithful sunburst finish.
     Rosewood slab board with original clay dot inlays. Original parts, original pickups, harness, pickguard, tuners, etc. Tailpiece and pickup covers removed - replacement pickup cover comes with instrument. The great old refin is so well done and just aged enough to appear original.
     Please call us for more details and for price.
Newer Replica Brown Case

Fender Stratocaster 1
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1957 Fender Stratocaster Guitar 'Sold'

Guitar has been refinished. Maple neck, Alder body. This strat is a great player's guitar. The guitar body, neck and wiring all date at 1957... but oddly enough, the serial number backplate is numbered #0010, which is an extremely early number from 1954! "Volume" pot has been replaced. The other pots date at 1957. The pickups are original, as well as the wiring. This guitar has some replaced parts: string tree, nut, jack plate, strap buttons, bridge base and saddles, plastic backplate and pickguard. Original Kluson DeLuxe tuners. Appears to be the original screws for P/G, backplate, and neckplate. Of course this guitar has been refretted over the years. Comes with original tweed case that has fraying cloth. Latches, hinges and handle are intact and work. Also comes with a "Case World" flight case that holds the guitar in original tweed case inside of the flight case!
w/ Orig Tweed Case

Fender Stratocaster 1
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1974 Fender Stratocaster Guitar 'Sold'

     VG. Condition. This guitar has some heavy player wear on the body. A humbucker has been installed in the bridge position with an un-professional pickguard cut. The knobs have been replaced and partially painted.
     Refinished black body. Maple neck with black dots. Original Fender tuners. Original tremolo bridge with bar.

w/ OHC

Fender Stratocaster 1
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1983 Fender Stratocaster U.S.A. Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition with some player wear and and some marks in the body - call or write for in depth description.
     Fairly rare U.S. Strat made for only about 1 year. Two control knobs. Jack is mounted at end of pickguard, instead of recessed into the body.
     Bridge pickup changed, but original pickup comes with the guitar. Currently has replaced control knobs, but originals come with guitar.
w/ OHC

Fender Stratocaster 1
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1996 Fender Stratocaster Shoreline Gold Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Everything is very nice on this guitar, but it does have one modification. The singlecoil bridge pickup was replaced with a Seymour Duncan Humbucking p/u.
     Beautiful Shoreline Gold finish with pearloid multiple layer pickguard. All original and stock, except the aforementioned pickup change. Maple neck. Very little sign of fret wear. This is a nice guitar in nice condition that is set up very well. Has a special anniversary sticker behind peghead that reads,  "50 years of Excellence".

w/ newer HC

Fender Stratocaster 1
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2006 Fender Stratocaster Shoreline Gold Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(+) Condition. The only sign of player wear on this strat is a very small amount of wear on the fingerboard.
     Alder body with "shoreline gold" finish. Three single-coil pickups with 5-way selector switch. Single volume and two control pots. All electronics are original and working perfectly. Maple neck with radiused Rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays. Nickel tuners.
     This strat is set up to play very well with low action.

w/ OHC

Fender Tele Custom 1
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c.2005 Fender Tele Custom w/ Lollar p/u's Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc(+) original condition. Beautiful red metallic finish with bound top and back of body. Lollar pickups.
     Barely any signs of previous ownership - and no fret wear. Plays great with good balance and feel. Comes with original tweed hard case.
w/ OHC

Fender Telecaster 1
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1953 Fender Telecaster Guitar 'Sold'

     VG+ condition. Refinished with brushed-on varnish. Typical black guard tele with nice medium weight. Top and back have a reasonable amount of scratches and dings. There are no glaring cosmetic flaws, the guitar is in great shape overall.
     Ash body, figured Maple neck. Black dots inlaid in fingerboard. Almost all original parts, including tuners, bridge, pickguard, etc. Replaced tone knob.

w/ No Case

Fender Telecaster 1
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1969 Fender Telecaster Guitar 'Sold'

     VG(+) Condition. The body has been refinished and has moderate dents, dings and scratches throughout. One of the pickups has been re-wired. Neck and frets are in good shape.
     Blonde finish. Maple neck and radiused fingerboard. Two single-coil pickups, master volume and tone controls. Original Fender tuners.
     Great snappy tone, action is nice and low. Comes with what appears to be original hard case.

w/ HC

Fender Telecaster 1
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1977 Fender Telecaster Guitar 'Sold'

     Great player's guitar. Refinished in floral pattern applique'. Maple neck. Recently fitted with "Noiseless" pickup at bridge, but original comes in the case. Replacement Schaller tuners. Tailpiece replaced with 60s fender tailpiece.
     This is a fairly hefty Tele, but that aspect is offset by how much good sustain it has.
w/ OHC

G & L Bass 1
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2002 G & L Bass "L-2000" Guitar 'Sold'

Exc. (like new) condition. American made, Fullerton, CA. Alder body, Rockmaple neck. Includes G&L Tri-Tone active/passive electronics, 3-way mini-toggle pickup selector, series/parallel mini-toggle, preamp control mini-toggle (off/on/on with high end EQ boost) & Humbucking pickups (2).
w/ OHC

Gretsch 6120 1
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New Gretsch 6120 Like New Guitar 'Sold'

Mint Condition! Even the pickguard protective plastic and the whammy bar protectant are still intact on the guitar. NO WEAR, no evidence of playing. This guitar was owned by a local serious Gretsch collector for a couple of years. Beautiful orange color. Original paperwork comes with the guitar.
w/ OHC

Gretsch Chet Atkins 6120 "G Brand" 1
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1955 Gretsch Chet Atkins 6120 "G Brand" Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition. There are minor scratches on the top and back, but no bad dings at all. The neck and frets are both in great shape with just slight evidence of player wear. There is a small hole drilled by the bridge pickup where we believe another pickup was installed (original pickup currently in guitar.)
     Maple body with "G brand" logo on top. Cream bindings on the top, back fretboard and peghead. Original Gretsch bridge pickup, newer P-90 in the neck position. Original Bigsby tailpiece with fixed arm. Radiused Ebony fretboard with cactus inlays. Gretsch logo and steer inlays in peghead. All original parts and hardware except for the P-90.
     Great sound, the P-90 in the neck position gives a lot of different tonal options. This is a very good guitar. And... the price has recently been reduced to cause you to buy it...

w/ OHC

Gretsch Country Club 1
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1980 Gretsch Country Club Guitar 'Sold'

     Near Mint condition. This is a very fine example of a top Gretsch from the period. NO wear, no repairs, no dings, no finish checks, no fret wear. The pickups sound great, as well.
     Blonde finish. Maple body. Ebony fingerboard and bridge. Mother of Pearl block inlays in fingerboard. Gold Grover Rotomatic tuners. Gold trapeze tailpiece. Adjustable bridge with gold tunamatic saddle. Original pickguard, original frets, all original parts and electronics.
     This guitar is set-up very well. It plays and sounds great. The original case is in the same great condition as the guitar.
w/ OHC

Gretsch G6120SSLVO Brian Setzer Nashville 1
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2011 Gretsch G6120SSLVO Brian Setzer Nashville Guitar 'Sold'

     New condition.
     Hollow-body electric with Maple top, back, sides and neck. Top, back, fingerboard and peghead are bound. Ebony radiused fingerboard with Pearl thumbnail inlays. Bigsby tremolo system. "TV Jones Classic" pickups. Locking tuners. 3-position selector switch, independent volume knob for each pickup and master volume and master tone controls."White Dice" volume controls with standard knobs in case. Adjustomatic bridge.Gretsch "horseshoe" headstock inlay.
     Great sound, great look. This is a nice guitar.

w/ OHC

Gretsch Tennessee Rose 1
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Recent Gretsch Tennessee Rose Guitar 'Sold'

     "As New" condition. Really, there is NO player wear, no fret wear, no pick marks, no problems!
     This is a beautiful guitar that is a faithful rendition of the old Gretsch's from the 1960's. If anything, they are built a little better today than they were in the earlier times (is that politically correct to make that statement?).
     Beautiful wine red color. Bigsby tremolo tailpiece. Plays great and sounds great.
w/ OHC

Harmony  1
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c. 1940 Harmony Guitar 'Sold'

     VG Condition. This guitar has a moderate amount of wear and tear, a couple of crack on the sides that has been repaired. however, it is in nice playable shape overall.
     All Mahogany with sunburst top. Mahogany neck and fretboard. All original parts and hardware except for a Loller pickup and volume knob added. Strap button professionally installed in heel.
     This guitar has the mojo. It sounds nice acoustically, and sounds huge with the Loller plugged in.

w/ Newer HC

Harmony Rocket  1
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1966 Harmony Rocket Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition. This guitar is in great shape for its age. There are just a few dings on the top and back, and a small amount of fret wear. Electronics are all in fine working condition.
     Cherry red sunburst finish. Two gold-foil pickups with "mustache" covers. Independent volume and tone controls for each pickup. 3-way pickup selector switch. Radiused Ebony fingerboard with dot inlays.
     Sounds great plugged in, with a good "twang."

w/ Soft Case

Heritage H-575 1
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1995 Heritage H-575 Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc(+) condition. This guitar is in great shape, there are no dents or dings on the top or back,  just very minor light scratches. There is one small ding on the side. Neck is in great shape, no fret wear.
     This is a beautiful Jazz guitar. Figured Maple body with sunburst finish. Mahogany neck, radiused Rosewood fretboard with graduated pearl dot inlays. Two humbuckers with independent volume and tone knobs for each. Floating tailpiece and Rosewood bridge. Flamed Maple pickguard also with sunburst finish. Nickel Grover tuners. Strap button installed in correct position on heel.
     These guitars were made at the original Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan, by some of the former employees who remained. This guitar is very reminiscent of a Gibson ES-175. Good sound and good playability. Currently has flatwound strings that sound great.

w/ OHC

Hofner Jazzica Custom 1
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Recent Hofner Jazzica Custom Carved Top Guitar 'Sold'

Near Mint condition. Beautiful jazz guitar! Built in Germany. African Maple laminate back and sides, with solid German Spruce top. Ebony fingerboard with solid mother of pearl block inlays. Multiple body bindings that are very tastefully done. Fingerboard and peghead are bound. Nice inlays in peghead overlay. Gold Schaller tuners. Kent Armstrong floating humbucking pickup in neck position. Ebony pickguard, tailpiece, and bridge match perfectly the pickup surround, the knobs and the tuner buttons. F-holes are multiple bound, and have removeable ebony feedback dampeners that fit perfectly and are easy to install or remove.
    The body is designed thinner toward neck, to cause more ease of holding when sitting or standing.
    This guitar really has a great sound to it. It plays and sounds as good as $3000 to $5000 guitars! 
w/ OHC

Ibanez BTB405QM 5-Str Bass 1
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2001 Ibanez BTB405QM 5-Str Bass Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(-) Condition. No dings at all, but it's got some scratches. No fret wear, plays great. No problems.
     Beautiful Quilted Maple top on a basswood back. "Grape Popsicle" finish color. Two passive pickups with active 18-volt EQ. Standard volume and balance tone controls in addition to the 3-band EQ which has a knob for bass boost/cut, treble boost/cut and a mid boost/cut and mid frequency knob. Long 35" scale which allows for proper tension on the low 5th string for a tight strong attack. Maple neck with Radiused rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Neutrik locking cable jack.
     Nice sound with lots of tonal options from the EQ. Electronics have just been checked over and are working perfectly.

w/ OHC

Kay  1
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c. 1960 Kay Guitar 'Sold'

     VG(+) Condition. There is some lacquer checking and just a few scratches on the top, back and sides. The neck has a couple marks in the back, frets are in great shape.
     Spruce top with sunburst finish. Birch back, sides and neck. Radiused rosewood fingerboard. DeArmond pickup with Volume and tone knobs. All original parts and hardware.
     This is a fun guitar to play. It sounds great when played both acoustic and electric, and has just been setup for really nice low action.
     *There is a hard case available for this guitar for an additional $50.00

w/ Gig Bag

Mosrite Celebrity III 1
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1967 Mosrite Celebrity III Guitar 'Sold'

     Excellent condition. Only a few bold lines of finish checking - one short line in the top near controls and 2 long ones in center of back. Slight signs of prior playing, with slight wear on the frets. The guitar is all original with no changes.
     Double cutaway hollowbody, with Maple top, back, sides and neck. Rosewood fingerboard with small dot inlays. Kluson DeLuxe tuners with cream buttons. Trapeze tailpiece. Solid base bridge, with 6 individual adjustable saddle posts. 22 frets. Bound f-holes.
w/ OHC

Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 1
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2003 Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Guitar 'Sold'

Exc. condition. Flamed maple top with Mahogany body and neck. Rosewood fingerboard. 
w/ OHC

Paul Reed Smith EG 22  PH
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2001 Paul Reed Smith EG 22 w/ Lindy Frailin Pickups Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc condition. Three pickup w/ tremolo. White body with black pickguard. Has 2 original Lindy Frailin "Domino" pickups at neck and middle position, with Seymour Duncan humbucking at bridge. Rosewood fingerboard with abalone dots. Locking Schaller tuners.
     This guitar comes to us from a serious player. It is set up with nice low action and plays great.
w/ OHC

Paul Reed Smith McCarty Custom Top
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2000 Paul Reed Smith McCarty Custom Guitar 'Sold'

Exceptional condition. "10" Top. Solid Rosewood Neck, rosewood fingerboard with bird inlays, gold hardware. NO Player Wear - NO wear on frets, NO wear on gold parts. Nice resonant guitar, all set-up to play. This guitar has a "list" price of $5300 new. Here is a near-mint example. Comes with original case in great condition as well.
w/ OHC

Peavey Rudy Sarzo Signature 4-str Bass 1
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c.1989 Peavey Rudy Sarzo Signature 4-str Bass Guitar 'Sold'

    Exc(+) condition. Ash body with Maple neck-thru construction. 2 ceramic EMG humbucking pickups. Radiused Ebony fingerboard with MOP elipse with center dot inlay. Gold hardware. 34" scale length. 2 deep cutaways for great access.
     Very good controls - Blend knob that lets you accent the neck p/u, or both p/u's, or bridge p/u, without turning any one p/u off. Active electronics, with bypass switch that allows you to play the bass with or without the onboard pre-amp.
w/ OHC

Rickenbacker 481 1
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1975 Rickenbacker 481 Slanted Frets Guitar 'Sold'

    Exc. condition. Maple Glo finish. Rare model, with 24 slanted frets. Original pickups and hardware. "Cresting Wave" peghead and body. Original from factory w/ 2 Humbucking pickups, with pickup selector switch, a phase reversal switch, and tone and volume for each pickup.
    This guitar has a great feel, with a good resonant body and neck.
w/ older Fender Case

Rukavina T-Model 1
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New Rukavina T-Model Handmade Tele Style Guitar 'Sold'

     Ryan Rukavina is a proven high-quality instrument maker from our area for over 10 years. He uses very good woods and parts for his instruments, utilizing reclaimed materials when appropriate. This beautiful Tele has a body made from a 145 year-old Douglas Fir beam with a clear finish. Neck and fingerboard are both incredible birdseye figured maple. There are some great features to this instrument, foremost is the hand-designed, hand-wound pickups. Bridge is a wrap-around Tune-O-Matic fully intonatable bridge. Gotoh mini tuners. Medium heavy weight with beautiful resonance and sustain.

w/ gig bag

Schecter Bass 1
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c.1980s Schecter Bass Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(-) Condition. Minimal signs of player wear.
     Schecter bass made in the USA. EMG pickups.
     Great sound and playability.

Schecter Tele Copy - Diamond Series 1
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1990's Schecter Tele Copy - Diamond Series Solid Woods Guitar 'Sold'

    Exc(+) condition. This is a pretty good "black guard Tele" copy. The weight and balance are pretty good. Medium weight. Made with solid Maple body, maple neck, and Rosewood fingerboard.
     Almost no signs of previous ownership - no stray pick marks, no fret dents from playing. Top, back and neck are all very clean.
     Plays easy and has no problems.

Squier Strat 1
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Squier Strat Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(+) Condition. Very few signs of player wear. There is no fret wear and no major marks on the body. The tremolo arm has been broken off inside the cavity, and the tremolo has been blcoked off.
     Silverburst finish, H/S/S/ pickup configuration with 5-way switch. Maple neck, radiused rosewood fingerboard.
      Fine sound and playability.

w/ No Case

Sterling by Music Man Ray 34 Classic Active 1
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Sterling by Music Man Ray 34 Classic Active Bass 'Sold'

     Exc (+) condition. 1 15/32" nut width, 34" scale with 21 vintage-style frets.
     Maple neck with 6-bolt construction. Ash slab body with cream gloss finish. Nickel hardware. Open-back tuners. Radiused rosewood fretboard with position dot markers. Ffixed bridge and Alnico Humbucker pickups SBMM design. 2-band active pre-amp.
     This bass is set up and ready to play. New "Classic Active" Ray 34 models retail for $700-750 and this one is in remarkably original almost new condition, with the retail sticker still on the pickguard. A good value!

w/ Gig Bag

Vox Bossman 1
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c. 1966 Vox Bossman Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc.(-) Condition. This guitar is in fine shape. There are a few lines of lacquer checking, and a couple of random knicks. The neck is in great condition with just a little fret wear.
     Hollow-body electric with sunburst finish. Vox Ferro-Sonic pickup with volume and tone controls. There are also controls for an "E tuner", trebe/bass booster and distortion. Maple neck, radiused Rosewood fingerboard with graduated pearl dot inlays.
     This guitar is nice-sounding, it's fun to play, and definitely has the "mojo."

w/ OHC

Vox Bulldog 1
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c. 1967 Vox Bulldog Guitar 'Sold'

     VG(+) condition. The top has a few deep finish checks and some dents and dings. A small corner of the pickguard is missing. No fret wear.
     Carved body with sunburst finish. Three single-coil pickups with three way selector switch. Vibrato tailpiece. Nickel Grover tuners. Radiused rosewood fretboard with pearl dot inlays.
     Bridge has mute mechanism intact, but mute foam rubber is dried and shrunken.

w/ NO Case

Warwick Streamer Double Buck 1
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Previously Owned Warwick Streamer Double Buck Very Resonant Guitar 'Sold'

     Exceptional original condition. Blonde. Exceptionally resonant and toneful instrument. There is no wear on this instrument, except slight signs of where thumb was anchored on bass side of pickups.
     Swamp Ash body with 3-pc Maple neck. Neck and Body show a thin black accent line that is quite handsome - check the photos. Wenge fingerboard. Gold hardware. 34" scale length. 2 Humbucking pickups with coil tap switches for each pickup, to choose between the front, back, or both coils of each Humbucking pickup. Controls - Volume, Blend, Treble, Bass.
     This is a very well-made bass, from Warwick's German facility and is no longer available to order one from them. Comes with the original Gig Bag, which is very nice quality.

w/ DeLuxe Gig Bag

Washburn SBF-80 1
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c1992 Washburn SBF-80 Guitar 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition. There are minor scratches throughout the body but no big marks whatsoever. Slight evidence of fret wear. Electronics have all been checked and are in fine working order.
     Solid body with black finish. Piezo pickup with volume, treble and bass controls. Volume and tone knobs appear to be nonoriginal. radiused Rosewood fingerboard with "cut-diamond" inlays. Gold Grover tuners.
     Guitar plays very well and has a nice sound.

w/ HC