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This is a list of previously sold instruments for archive use. Please visit our instruments in stock pages by following the links on the left.

Here is a listing of instruments that have passed through our hands. Please browse and gain an idea of what we stock regularly. Instruments Models marked "Available to Order" can be ordered through the House of Fine instruments. Other instruments are one of a kind. However if one catches your eye feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can't track another one down.

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 1950's Roy Smeck 6-string Steel Guitar BK
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1950's Roy Smeck 6-string Steel Guitar Lap Steel 'Sold'

Exceptional condition. 3 legs. Single pickup. Everything packs away neatly in the well made original wooden case. Everything original.
w/ OHC

 c.1930's Nioma 6-str 2
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c.1930's Nioma 6-str Lap Steel 'Sold'

Exc(+) condition. Black Pearloid top, with inset fingerboard. All original parts. Pickup is split 2-blade, with cool black crackle paint on pickup top, jack plate, knob plate, and pickup surround plate. Standard 1/4" jack. Comes with original black softshell case with ring handle.

 Epitome 6-str with matching amp. 1
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Epitome 6-str with matching amp. Lap Steel 'Sold'

Exc condition. All original parts, except nut may be a replacement. Three-on-a-plate Kluson Deluxe tuners. Very cool "alligator" crinkled white paint finish. Bakelite knobs. Standard 1/4" jack. Comes with original brown "alligator" soft shell case. Matching Amp is also white crakle-finished, and is in great original condition.
w/ OHC

 Magnatone "Troubadour" 6-str 1
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Magnatone "Troubadour" 6-str Lap Steel 'Sold'

Excellent condition. Solid Walnut construction. Original Kluson 3-on-a-plate tuners with original clear Lucite buttons. Original pickup and original matching clear Lucite control knobs. Fingerboard is clear Lucite, or Plexiglass, painted on underside, with only minor "migration" of some of the paint underneath. This is a very cool lap steel that has a unique lookThe case is in great original condition, with attractive earth tone tolex in great shape. 
w/ Excellent Orig Case

 Silvertone 6-str 1
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Silvertone 6-str Lap Steel 'Sold'

Exc condition. Original parts except: Tailpiece cover missing, original affixed cord replaced, original pickup changed. Original pickup has been removed, and this guitar now comes with high-grade Bill Rudolph pickup installed. The original pickup cavity and metal surround plate did not have to be modified for the newer pickup. Has "Kamiki Special" nut riser on original wooden nut. Comes with newer, slightly larger soft case.
w/ SC

Dobro Very Early as-is 1
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Dobro Very Early as-is Lap Steel 'Sold'

     This is a very early example of a Dobro lap steel. The instrument has many condition issues and is being sold as-is. Pickup and fingerboard are both missing. Please call to discuss if you are interested. 406/327-9925.

w/ OHC

Fender Champ 1
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Early 50's Fender Champ Lap Steel 'Sold'

     Exc.(+) Condition. This lap steel is in great shape, with just a few minor marks. All parts and hardware are original except for one tuner button.
     All electronics are original and in great shape.

w/ OSC

Fender Champ 1
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c.1951 Fender Champ Lap Steel 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. All original, with all orig. parts, finish and tweeed case. Finish shows some small denting and small nicks, but finish is in overall good shape. All latches, hinges and handle are intact and working well opn the case.
     Lap steel with single pickup and volume and tone knob. "Flip-up" cover intact over bridge. These are famous for great tone.

w/ Original Tweed Case

Fender DeLuxe 8  1
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c.1960 Fender DeLuxe 8 w/ Stringmaster pickups Lap Steel 'Sold'

     Exc. condition. 8 string guitar. We aren't sure of the exact model for this one, but it fits the pickup configuration of the Stringmaster series. Two single coil pickups. One volume and one tone knob. Bridge cover intact and in place. Solid wood with brown finish. Only has a few incidental nicks and dings here and there - its in nice shape, overall.
     Original legs have been lost for almost 50 years, but it comes with 3 new handmade stainless steel telescoping legs by Don Burrows. The case is a fine hand made wooden case that fits the guitar quite well.
w/ Newer Hard Case

GFI Standard Professional Pedal Steel 1
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1994 GFI Standard Professional Pedal Steel Lap Steel 'Sold'

     Exc.(+) Condition. This pedal steel is in great shape with very slight signs of wear. All pedals, levers and electronics are in fine working condition.
     10-string guitar with 3 pedals and 4 knee levers. Formica body. Barcus Berry pickup.
     Sound is crisp and clear with strong attack.

w/ OHC

Gibson EH-125 1
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1940 Gibson EH-125 Lap Steel 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Cool pre-war Gibson "balloon" logo and Fleur d' Lis inlaid in headstock. Nice sunburst finish. All original. Solid Mahogany construction with aluminum fingerboard. Top bound. Original tuners, pickup and knobs. Plays great.
w/ Padded Gig Bag

Kay Mahogany 1
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1939 Kay Mahogany Lap Steel 'Sold'

Exc condition. Original parts. This is a very cool guitar, from the pickup to the control knobs to the Mahogany body. Comes with Orig Soft Case, AND newer hardshell case for shipping.

w/ OSC

National Chicagoan 1
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c. 1940 National Chicagoan Lap Steel 'Sold'

     Exc.(+) Condition. This lap steel is in great shape, there's just a couple of pick scratches and small dings in the top. Aside from that, it's a very clean guitar.
     Grey pearloid body with matching headstock. Translucent fingerboard with musical notation positioin markers. All original parts and hardware including tone and volume knobs and original screw-on cord. Brass National plate screwed in headstock.
     Plays well, and sounds great with the original pickup.

w/ OHC

National New Yorker 1
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c.1936-38 National New Yorker Lap Steel 'Sold'

Serial #B1390. Depending on what resource you use this New Yorker is from 1936, 1937, or 1938, making it one of the earlier issues of the "New Yorker" model. The lap steel and its original case are both in great condition. The instrument features Roman numeral fingerboard markers, a master volume control, bass, treble and a control that is split between Natural and Hawaiian. The tuners have been replaced with a kluson style replacement.  Also comes with what appears to be the original, screw on style-to 1/4" output cord. Everything works well. These are much harder to find than the later models from the 1940's.
w/ OHC

Oahu Tonemaster 1
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c.1940 Oahu Tonemaster w/ Matching Tonemaster Amp Lap Steel 'Sold'

     The Guitar:
     Exc condition. Maple (possibly Birch), sunburst guitar. All original - tuners, knobs, pickup, cover, etc.
     Popular lap steel design, with very cool checkerboard bindings on top and back of body and along fingerboard. These are often seen in versions with metal decorative plate around pickup and control knobs, but this one has a bakelite plate with decorative carved lines that are painted white. Tortoise plastic peghead overlay, with Oahu and Tonemaster logos silk-screened in white. Everything works fine.
     The Amp:
     Good condition. "Tonemaster" made by Valco. Handle missing. Original blonde tolex is frayed. Original 6" Jensen speaker. Original grill cloth. Back panel has a "push-pull" knob that looks correct for the period, but may be an aftermarket add-on. This push-pull "choke" knob mutes the amp several decibels when pulled out.
     As old as it is, and obviously used many times, this amp has a lot of sound and works fine.
     So... all in all, this makes a great Lap Steel & original Amp package. Lots of sound with lots of flavor.
w/ OHC

Rickenbacker Double Neck Steel 1
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c.1950 Rickenbacker Double Neck Steel 8-string Lap Steel 'Sold'

Rare and beautiful! Maple double-neck 8-string steel with powerful horseshoe magnet pickups. This guitar is made quite well. Nice Maple body with split-level between the two 8-string necks. Each neck has separate on/off switch and separate volume and tone controls. It has 4 removable legs that are stored into the top of the hard case. Sounds great. All original parts.
w/ OHC

Rickenbacker Electro 1
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c.1938 Rickenbacker Electro Lap Steel 'Sold'

     Bakelite body with white metal covers over cavities. Horseshoe pickup. Original tuners. Original control knobs. Comes in a new nice fitting delta-shaped mandolin padded gig bag.
w/ Padded Gig Bag

Rukavina Full-size Lap Steel 1
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New Rukavina Full-size Lap Steel Lap Steel 'Sold'

     New. Beautiful lap steel handmade in Missoula, Montana.
     22 1/2" scale. 2 5/8" string spacing at bridge. 2 7/16" string spacing at nut. Beautiful american cherry. Solid wood. Handmade aluminum nut and bridge/endpin. Hand-wound fat single coil. Plexiglass fingerboard with graduated dot position markers. Grover Roto-Matic tuners. One tone, one volume control. Excellent construction. Greg says "fabulous construction".

w/ gig bag

Rukavina Mini 1
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New Rukavina Mini Lap Steel 'Sold'

     New. Beautiful mini walnut lap steel handmade in Missoula, Montana by Ryan Rukavina.
     Another simple yet beautifully made instrument from Rukavina. Figured single slab walnut. Four-string. 16 9/16" short scale. Single handmade 4-pole pickup. Gover Rotomatic tuners. Tone knob, volume knob. Solid and elegant construction.

Supro  1
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c.1960 Supro Lap Steel 'Sold'

     Exceptional condition. No wear. Control knobs replaced with newer "chicken-head" knobs. Case and guitar both in very fine condition.
w/ OHC