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Blues Hardware B 1 Buy Blues Hardware B 1 New Blues Hardware B Mandola 'On Hold'

     New. Beautifully loud and resonant mandola made in Montana using redwood, madrona, and maple. Innovative oval-hole X-braced construction from Helena builder Tom Sheehy.
     Redwood carved top with beautiful grain and color characteristics. Madrona carved back, sides, and heelcap. Adjustable lilac wood bridge with beautiful purple hues. Body is bound with curly maple, with lines visible on top, back, sides, and around rosette. Radiused jatoba fingerboard with corian position markers. Figured maple armrest, suspend-mounted to neckblock with innovative carbon fiber design. Powder-coated Blues Hardware tailpiece with corian trim. Peghead has madrona overlay with corian design inlaid. Nickel tuners with pearloid buttons.
     We are big Blues Hardware fans here. Mr. Sheehy's innovative construction techniques, hand-harvested wood and attention to aesthetic and tonal detail means you get a high-quality instrument, made right here in America. This mandola in particular has a robust and rich sound, with big lows and a warm resonance. A joy to play.

$1,850.00 w/ Gig bag

Blues Hardware Oval Hole Model A 1 Buy Blues Hardware Oval Hole Model A 1 New Blues Hardware Oval Hole Model A Mandola 'In Stock'

     New. Made in Helena, Montana by Tom Sheehy, who is known for his innovative building style. 16" scale. 1 5/16" width at nut.
     Back and sides made of Pacific Madrone (madrona). Nicely grained oval-hole redwood top. Mr. Sheehy harvests his own wood in the Pacific Northwest. Maple neck. Flamed maple back binding, visible from sides. Jatoba fingerboard has corian position markers and comfortable radius. Bone nut. Beautiful madrona pickguard, suspended by carbon fiber. Top is not bound, but overhangs the sides, like a violin edge with multiple purfling lines like a violin would have inside the top edge. Very cleverly made parts: handmade bridge, pickguard, tailpiece, etc. Jatoba adjustable bridge with gold adjuster wheels. Powder coated tailpiece has removeable corian cover for easy stringing and has blues hardware engraved. Madrona heelcap and peghead overlay with stylish corian inlay. Another unique feature of this mandola is a 20-ply wood strap attachment bolted to the bass side, which allows for multiple styles of strap, including F-style loopend straps. Nickel tuners with pearloid buttons.
     This is a uniquely designed and handbuilt instrument. We have been very impressed with Blues Hardware mandolas and we are proud to showcase our Western Montana builders and their fine products. This instrument has the tinkerbell highs of a mandolin with the extra deep wood of the low C strings. It's a big sound and very rewarding to play. A rich and responsive mandola.

$1,750.00 w/ Gig Bag

Blues Hardware Oval Hole Model B 1 Buy Blues Hardware Oval Hole Model B 1 New Blues Hardware Oval Hole Model B Mandolin 'In Stock'

     New. Another beautiful mandolin from Helena, Montana builder Tom Sheehy. 1 1/4" width at nut.
     Cedar top, locally and sustainably harvested from Idaho near Lolo Pass. Madrona back and sides. Maple neck with carbon fiber rod. Jatoba fingerboard with corian position markers inlaid on bass side. Curly maple peghead overlay with stylized Blues Hardware logo inlaid in corian. Curly maple binding showing on back, sides, and top. Special end bumper binding on the points is carefully crafted to resist dings from either direction. Madrona pickguard, suspended from end of fingerboard by Mr. Sheehy's unique carbon fiber design. Hard lilac wood bridge with beautiful hues of lilac color. Schaller tuners. Innovative Blues Hardware tailpiece makes restringing easy as the strings have pins to catch on. It is also powder coated for durability, with corian layer on top.
     The oval hole tone nicely complements the lyrical character of this mandolin. Carefully hand-crafted, it is built to last. Readily playable with a variety of styles of music.

$1,395.00 w/ OHC

Bob Brook  1 Buy Bob Brook  1 c 1980 Bob Brook Mandolin 'In Stock'

     VG (+) condition. 1 3/32" width at nut, just a hair narrower than 1 1/8" with a full U profile. Bob Brook is known in the Northwest as a good guitar and mandolin builder, who lived at various times in Missoula, Montana and Sandpoint, Idaho area, where he hobnobbed and worked with many of the celebrated luthiers from that area during the 1970s and 1980s. Mr. Brook was a contemporary with Bob Givens, Nick Kukich (Franklin Guitars), and Steven Andersen, Mike Dulak, and others.
     Nice Engelmann Spruce top. Very nice maple back, sides, and neck. Two-piece neck with ebony stringer and ebony heelcap. Ebony peghead overlay, flat fingerboard, bridge, and endpin. Top and back are bound with single ivoroid binding. Very nice and unique single mother of pearl flower inlay in peghead, with RNBrook logo inlaid. 4-on-a-plate Kluson tuners with antiqu'ed ivoroid buttons. Nickel tailpiece. Repaired crack from top of bass F-hole to binding. Smaller crack repaired at opposite end of same F-hole (harder to see). A 4-inch back crack was also repaired in the maple near the widest bout on the bass side.
     Woody, strong sound, that comes alive with bold chop and robust tremolo.

$2,850.00 w/ HC

Breedlove AM-00 VTG 1 Buy Breedlove AM-00 VTG 1 Recent Breedlove AM-00 VTG Mandolin 'In Stock'

     Exc (+) condition. Finely working mandolin in great shape with only mild fretwear. 13 15/16" scale, 1-3/16" nut width, and 16" radius.
     Tear-drop shaped body with single oval hole. Solid Sitka Spruce top with solid Western Maple back and sides. Semi-gloss finish. Top has subtle vintage-style sunburst in warm shades of brown, orange, and red. Maple neck and ebony fretboard with dot position markers. Ebony peghead overlay with stylized logo inlayed. Ebony truss rod cover and heelcap.
     L.R. Baggs pickup installed and functioning.
     This mandolin is a turn-key instrument, complete with quality construction and a great pickup. The original hardshell case is of high quality and also in great shape. The molded tailpiece makes changing strings a snap. If you are looking for an affordable stage-ready mandolin with a classic oval-hole sound, this is a good one.

$995.00 w/ OHC

Collings MF 1 Buy Collings MF 1 New Collings MF Mandolin 'In Stock'

     New. SN: 1864
     Full F model from Collings that has all the sound without paying for extra appointments.
     Matte finish with handsome dark amber sunburst. Highly figured Maple back, sides and neck with Adirondack Red Spruce top. Ebony peghead overlay, fingerboard, bridge, endpin. Nickel tuners with Ivoroid buttons. Nickel one-piece tailpiece. Top edge of body shows Ivoroid binding. Collings logo inlaid in headstock. Graduated pearl dot inlays in radiused fingerboard. Rounded "V" neck profile. 1 1/8" width at nut.
     The workmanship and materials are great - the overall look of the mandolin is like a very old instrument that was kept as 'brand new'. The tone is very good, with balance and strong projection.

$4,410.00 w/ OHC

Collings MT 1 Buy Collings MT 1 New Collings MT Mandolin 'In Stock'

     New. SN A3686. The MT is Collings "entry level" mandolin---but don't let the phrase "entry level" fool you. This mandolin is built with the same hands-on quality construction and careful voicing as all Collings instruments. It's one of the finest mandolins you can buy in this price range. Width at nut 1 1/8".
     Fully carved Engelmann Spruce top with tone bar construction. Figured maple back, neck and sides with nice flame showing on back. Satin finish. Ebony radiused fingerboard with graduated pearl dot inlays. Ebony peghead veneer with Collings logo inlaid in mother of pearl. Ebony truss rod cover provides access to fully adjustable rod. Ebony adjustable bridge. Nickel tailpiece and matching Gotoh tuners with black buttons.
     With a comfortable rounded V neck profile and solid reponse to a light touch, this mandolin plays itself. We recommend Collings mandolins to anyone because we know we can count on them to provide everything from robust low G's to clear tinkerbell highs. Hold up the rhythm section with a strong chop or cut through the din with crisp toneful notes. Of course this mandolin is backed by an industry-leading warranty, but you'll never need to use it because we know this mandolin will stay strong and only improve through the years.

$2,565.00 w/ OHC

Don Dryer A-5 1 Buy Don Dryer A-5 1 New Don Dryer A-5 Mandolin 'In Stock'

     New. 1 5/32" nut width. This is a great early mandolin from a local builder, Don Dryer. We have had the pleasure of watching Don's instruments evolve into beautifully crafted tone producers in just a few short years. Don is just one of those guys who gets great tone, but also has the near-perfect craftsmanship to go along with it. This is his mandolin number 6.
     Strikingly beautiful highly figured Maple back, sides and neck. Red Spruce top. Tobacco sunburst finish. Fully multiple bound. Nickel hardware. Allen tailpiece. Tuners have ivoroid buttons. Radiused Ebony fingerboard with pearl dot position markers. 1 5/32" width at nut. Flowerpot inlaid in peghead with pearl and abalone. Ebony pickguard with white binding.
     This is a fine mandolin... in fact I would say it is worlds beyond most builders for mandolin #6. It is very alive and resonant with no distractive unresolved tones. Great balance, great low G string. D string also has a strong bite. As and Es ring true. Depth, nuance, projection, strong chop... they're all here.

On Sale... $2,549.00
w/ OHC

Don Dryer A-5 1 Buy Don Dryer A-5 1 New Don Dryer A-5 Mandolin 'On Hold'

     New. Yet another fabulous mandolin from Montana builder Don Dryer. We continue to be impressed with Mr. Dryer's instruments. This one is number 7. Width at nut 1 5/32".
     Beautifully figured maple back and sides. Maple neck. High grade red spruce top with tobacco sunburst. Fully multiple bound with black and ivoroid. Pearl dot position markers on gently radiused ebony fingerboard. Beautifully chosen pearl and abalone flowerpot inlay on peghead. Ebony pickguard. Nickel hardware. Ivoroid tuner buttons. Really a well-constructed and great-sounding mandolin.
     We are proud to showcase local builders, and Mr. Dryer's mandolins are holding their own amongst the finest in the store. These mandolins have a solid chop to hold down steady rhythm. Their G and D strings have a great bite to them. The As and Es have that lyrical quality that sets the great mandolins apart from the rest. When you play tremolo on this mandolin, it really vibrates and comes alive. An excellent instrument.

$2,950.00 w/ OHC

Eastman MD315 1 Buy Eastman MD315 1 Recent Eastman MD315 Mandolin 'In Stock'

     Exc (-) condition. No cracks or problems, only slight incidental dings from playing and handling. 1 3/32" width at nut.
     Solid spruce top. Solid maple neck, back, and sides. Ebony radiused fingerboard with dot inlays. Ebony peghead veneer. Ebony adjustable bridge. Body is bound with ivoroid, with multiple lines showing on top and single line showing on sides. Chrome tuners with pearloid buttons.
     Plays well and sounds good.

$695.00 w/ Gig Bag

Fairbanks/Vega "Little Wonder" Banjolin 1 Buy Fairbanks/Vega "Little Wonder" Banjolin 1 C. 1920 Fairbanks/Vega "Little Wonder" Banjolin Mandolin 'In Stock'

     This instrument is being sold in "as-is" condition. It is playable, but the action gets very high around the 10th-12th fret.
     Maple neck and rim. Ebony fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Rosewood peghead overlay.

$750.00 w/ OHC

Gibson F-5L 1 Buy Gibson F-5L 1 1978 Gibson F-5L owned and played by Bill Monroe (authenticated) Mandolin 'On Hold'

     Very good condition. This fine instrument was made and presented to Bill Monroe in 1978 to help "mend fences" between Mr Monroe and the Gibson Company. He used this mandolin in many performances along with his famous Loar, predominately for special tunings such as "Get Up, John". When his 1923 Loar was vandalized and heavily damaged in the mid-'80's, Bill used it regularly until the Gibson Co. restored his F-5 Loar. At some point Mr Monroe presented this mandolin to a very close friend and law officer Bill Hawkins, who treasured the instrument. Mr Hawkins' family sold this mandolin to the late iconic Montana musician Walt Timmerman, who promised to always cherish it, and did until his passing.
     This mandolin is a part of bluegrass history, having been played by Bill Monroe for rehearsals, shows and recordings. This was authenticated on August 6, 2005 by Curtis McPeake of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, owner of Unique Instruments and personal friend of Mr. Hawkins (the authentication paper is included in the hard case). We have heard of additional eyewitness accounts of Mr. Monroe using this mandolin onstage, including a story from Tom McKinney, who played Pike County Breakdown onstage with Mr. Monroe in 1986 at Erwin High School in Asheville, North Carolina.
     Nicely figured maple back, sides, and neck. Extremely tight grain spruce top with sunburst. Fern inlay in peghead, with The Gibson logo inlaid in pearl. Mandolin shows some lacquer checking and some incidental wear, with significant wear on the small pre-War style frets. Gold Schaller tuners with solid mother of pearl buttons. Engraved James tailpiece. Flat ebony fingerboard with traditional double-cut extension and pearl position dot markers inlaid. 1 3/32" width at mother of pearl nut. Mother of pearl truss rod cover included in case.
     Sound is very good... Without a doubt, this mandolin is stronger, clearer, and with much more finessed tone than any other '60's or '70's Gibson F-5 I've ever been around. 100% of people who have played it remark on how good it sounds.
     *Please call the store at (406) 327-9925 for price inquiries.

w/ OHC

Gilchrist Model 5X 1 Buy Gilchrist Model 5X 1 2003 Gilchrist Model 5X Mandolin 'In Stock'

     Exceptional condition. Serial number 03552.
     Highly figured maple back and sides with two-piece bookmatched maple back. Silver Gotoh tuners with solid pearl buttons that catch the light delightfully. Matching silver Gilchrist tailpiece. Flowerpot inlay in ebony peghead overlay with Gilchrist script at top of peghead. Multiple ivoroid bindings throughout with black line seen at top and back of body, along side of fingerboard, and peghead. Flat ebony fingerboard with double-cut extension and pearl dot inlays. Tortoise pickguard with multiple ivoroid bindings. Handsome sunburst.
     Very strong sound and appears to have been barely played by previous owner. This mandolin has a bright future ahead of it... with you!

$22,000.00 w/ Black Calton

Kentucky KM-250 1 Buy Kentucky KM-250 1 New Kentucky KM-250 Mandolin Call for next availability.

     Carved, solid spruce top. Maple back, sides and neck. Top and back are multiple bound and have sunburst finish. Flat Rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Nickel tuners with pearloid buttonds. Multiple bound peghead with Ebony overlay and Kentucky logo with elaborate pearl and abalone inlay. 
     Nice sound and playability. Starting in the early '80's, these KM-250's have been a favorite "starter" instrument for serious players.

$549.00 w/ Travelite Case

Kimble 2-Point Style J 1
View Detail
Kimble 2-Point Style J Mandolin 'On Hold'

     Exc.(-) Condition. There is a repaired crack in the neck, underneath the fingerboard on the treble side. Otherwise, there is a minor amount of fret wear, a few stray dings on the top and an Ebony strap button professionally installed in the neck.
     Spruce top with beautiful Bird's Eye Maple on the back, sides and neck. Radiused Ebony fretboard with pearl dot inlays. Ebony peghead overlay with elaborate Abalone "Wreath" inlay and  Abalone Kimble logo. Mandolin has beautiful blond coloration that is perfectly accentuated by the multiple tortoise bindings, with white line also shown inside binding on face of peghead, below binding on fingerboard, and multiple lines shown on top and back of body. Silver James tailpiece.
     This instrument is extremely fine sounding with a hard, woody attack.

Ko'oalau Pono MND-20 DeLuxe Octave 1 Buy Ko'oalau Pono MND-20 DeLuxe Octave 1 New Ko'oalau Pono MND-20 DeLuxe Octave Mandolin 'On Hold'

     New. All solid wood. Tuned GDAE for octave mandolin but can also be restrung with the top eight strings of a 12-string guitar and become a tenor 8-string guitar tuned DGBE. 1 3/8" width at nut.
     Gloss finish. Very nice natural spruce top showing great character. Mahogany back and sides. Flat ebony fingerboard with pearl dot position markers. Ebony bridge. Bone nut and saddle. Ebony bridge pins with pearl dot. Top is multiple bound with ebony and other wood layers. Ebony binding showing on back and sides. Gold Grover tuners with pearloid buttons. Beautiful abalone soundhole rosette. Two-way adjustable truss rod.
     Comes with great arched hard case.

$1,319.00 w/ OHC

Larry Hughes  1 Buy Larry Hughes  1 Larry Hughes Mandolin 'In Stock'

     VG.(+) Condition. The top, back and sides all have a few minor dings. There is some minor wear on the frets, and a small area of finish rubbed off the back of the neck around the first fret area.
     Engelmann Spruce top with Ivoroid binding. Highly figured Maple back, sides and neck. The back, fretboard and peghead also have single Ivoroid binding. Radiused Ebony fretboard with pearl dot inlays, Ebony peghead overlay with "Flowerpot" inlay.
     Sound is strong with a good voice.

On Sale... $3,000.00
w/ HC

Martin Style A 1 Buy Martin Style A 1 1968 Martin Style A Mandolin 'On Hold'

     Exceptional condition. Very little wear given the age of the mandolin. Very little wear on the frets, body, peghead etc. All original parts and hardware. Oval hole construction with angled flat top and flat back.
     Natural finish Sitka Spruce top with multiple bindings. Mahogany back, sides and neck. Back has single tortoise binding. Top has tortoise outer bindings with multiple wood inner purflings. Tasteful multiple soundhole rosette. Beautiful tortoise pickguard. Original 4-on-a-plate Kluson Deluxe tuners. Ebony nut. Rosewood bridge. Brazilian rosewood flat fingerboard and peghead overlay.
     This mandolin is in amazingly good condition with beautiful character to the wood and finish. If you're looking for that classic Martin mandolin sound, this is a great example.

$995.00 w/ Chipboard Case

Mike Black A-4 1 Buy Mike Black A-4 1 2013 Mike Black A-4 Mandolin 'In Stock'

     Exc condition. This is a modern rendition of a traditional A-4 mandolin.
     Beautiful sunburst color, very close to original A-4 and F-4 mandolin color. Body and fingerboard bound with ivoroid bindings. Oval soundhole has traditional ivoroid and wood marquetry soundhole rosette. Black logo inlaid at top of peghead overlay, with fleur d' lis inlay in center of peghead. Ebony peghead overlay. Ebony radiused fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Fingerboard has double-cut extension. Ebony adjustable bridge. Ebony end pin.
     Figured Maple back and sides and neck. 2-pc bookmatched back. Nickel Gotoh tuners with ivoroid buttons. James tailpiece with Black logo engraved. Neck is much more comfortable and ergonomically designed than the original A-4's.
     This is a well-made mandolin that has very good sound. Beautifully fast attack with lots of depth and expression. I would say this mandolin has a more solid sound and a bigger voice than most old original oval hole mandolins.

$2,095.00 w/ OHC

ODE "A-Style" Oval Hole 1 Buy ODE "A-Style" Oval Hole 1 c. 1975 ODE "A-Style" Oval Hole Mandolin 'In Stock'

     VG. Condition. The top has moderate lacquer checking throughout and some finish is rubbed away near  binding on the bass side. The back has some lacquer checking as well, and a few small marks. There is some moderate wear on the frets.
     Spruce top with single binding. Mahogany back with dark red finish. Mahogany neck and fingerboard with Pearl dot inlays. Mahogany peghead overlay with Ode logo.
     Nice, full tone with good playability.

$1,695.00 w/ Newer Hard Case

Parts Mandolin From Givens' Shop A 1 Buy Parts Mandolin From Givens' Shop A 1 Parts Mandolin From Givens' Shop A Mandolin 'In Stock'

     This is a "kit" mandolin using wood parts from the GTR instrument shop where R.L. Givens was main luthier and tool and jig maker. The top graduations and finish work were completed by an unknown maker.
     Exc.(-) Condition. Top has a few marks and one sizeable ding in the binding. The back is in nice shape with just a few light scratches. Minor wear on the frets.
     Spruce top with sunburst finish. Maple back, sides and neck. Ebony fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Ebony 2-pc. adjustable bridge.
     This mandolin is unique in that it would be a good candidate to play on stage with a pickup. The top is not lively, hence, the player would have lower feedback.

$1,375.00 w/ HC

Prucha A-5 1 Buy Prucha A-5 1 New Prucha A-5 Mandolin 'On Hold'

     Premium curly maple back, sides, and neck. Amber sunburst. Tortoise multiple bindings. Abalone fern inlaid in peghead. Stylized abalone block inlays in fingerboard. Engraved tailpiece. Gold tuners with ivoroid buttons.
     Many of you know how fabulous Prucha mandolins are. Jaroslav Prucha makes great sounding mandolins with a high level of perfection. Not only does this one sound great, It is also a beauty.
     *This mandolin has sold... but we've left the listing showing "On Hold" so more people can see what a fine mandolin it is. Order one for yourself today... 406/327-9925.

$3,450.00 w/ OHC

R.L. Givens A 1 Buy R.L. Givens A 1 c.1967 R.L. Givens A Very Early Example Mandolin 'In Stock'

     This is truly a rare find. From the Milledgeville, Georgia period, when Bob Givens, and Randy Wood were working together and separately to produce great modern mandolins.
     We have only seen a very few of these "unsigned, un-numbered" early Givens mandolins. When you examine the mandolin you can easily see all of the Givens touch, in the shape, carve lines, finish, color of finish, peghead, tonebars, fingerboard, etc. In the ensuing years Bob Givens began to set neck angles back farther, and make his mandolins a little deeper. This early A from Bob also shows "earlier experimental" vaulting area below fingerboard extension.
      A period of time after this mandolin was produced, Bob Givens had the rare pleasure of examining a matched pair of Gibson Loar mandolins - an F as well as the only A that was ever produced and signed by Loar. Unbelievably, he partially disassembled both of them to study them closely. He found that there was a distinct difference in the carved top and back between the Loar A and the Loar F, as well as distinctly different volume of air in the A from the F.
     Givens' contribution to modern mandolin making was from this study - he simply began to produce A-model mandolins that had same measurements as an F, but without scrolls and points.
      This mandolin is in Very Good(+) condition, with some crack repairs around treble f-hole. Bridge is not very tall with slight neck angle. Neck is Mahogany. The sound is very good, with a satisfying "flatness" of tone that brings out the woody qualities, and very much projection.
$2,850.00 w/ HC

R.L. Givens A-5 1 Buy R.L. Givens A-5 1 1981 R.L. Givens A-5 Mandolin 'In Stock'

    Exceptional condition. 100% original with mild evidence of being owned and played. Frets recently professionally adjusted and feel great. 1 7/32" width at nut.
    Select Engelmann Spruce top. Lightly figured maple back, sides, and neck. Red-brown amber sunburst finish. Brazilian Rosewood peghead overlay with floral inlay having R.L.G. at center. Flat ebony fingerboard with pearl dot position markers. Original full-size frets. Fingerboard and top and back of body are bound with grained ivoroid. Original Givens handmade ebony adjustable bridge in fine condition. Original two-piece "Loar-style" nickel-plated tailpiece. Ivory nut. Nickel schaller tuners. Neck is a V profile. This is a full neck profile that is not overly large, just the right feel. Slight evidence of finish checking at edge of top and very light wear through finish on back of neck (see photo).
     This mandolin was signed under the top like most handmade Givens mandolins, with a date of December 1981. Really great tone. Fills the room with sound at a light touch. Beautiful highs. Big rich bottom end. In short, it's a great mandolin. Try the tremolo!

$5,250.00 w/ OHC

R.L. Givens A-6 1 Buy R.L. Givens A-6 1 1991 R.L. Givens A-6 Mandolin 'In Stock'

     Near mint condition. 100% original. All parts intact.
     One of the finest examples of Bob Givens' highest A-model mandolin. A-6 mandolins from Givens are among the most respected instruments for tone that have ever been produced.
     Highly figured maple back, sides, and neck. Back shows very interesting deep flame figure. Engelmann spruce top. Bob Givens harvested his own Engelmann spruce, so it was always highest grade for instrument use. Ebony peghead overlay, ebony radiused fingerboard, handmade Givens two-piece adjustable ebony bridge. Elaborate torch inlay in peghead with snowflake inlays of abalone and pearl on fingerboard. Gold schaller tuners and gold two-piece Loar-style tailpiece. Multiple ivoroid bindings on top and back of body, with black line showing on sides, top and back. Fingerboard bound with ivoroid. Multiple bound headstock. The finish is Bob's famous brilliant red-gold sunburst.
     Sound is great with lyrical highs.
     Please call to inquire about pricing on this mandolin.

$7,550.00 w/ Ameritage hard case

R.L. Givens A-6 1
View Detail
1989 R.L. Givens A-6 Mandolin 'On Hold'

     Exc (+) condition. Everything original. Handmade wooden clamp-on armrest is attached. Light amber sunburst.
     These A-6 mandolins are Bob Givens' top A model. They were named "A-6" because Bob pointed out they were quite a bit past what most people's standard of an A-5 was. Elaborate torch inlayed in headstock, all handcut, hand-engraved, and hand-inlayed by Bob Givens. Intricate snow flower inlays on ebony radiused fingerboard with pearl petals and abalone center. Gold hardware including Schaller tuners, two-piece tailpiece, and hardware for add-on armrest. Interesting back, sides, and neck, but not strong figure. Back shows birdseye pattern and other flame, just not strong. Maple back, neck, and sides, and Bob Givens' hand-cut Engelmann spruce. Original frets show some wear, mostly under A and E string, but still playable and not buzzing. Fully multiple bound with ivoroid bindings.
     Absolutely wonderful sound.

$6,950.00 w/ OHC

R.L. Givens F-5 1 Buy R.L. Givens F-5 1 1990 R.L. Givens F-5 Very Fine Example Mandolin 'In Stock'

     Exceptional Condition and Sound. Width at nut 1 5/32".
     Bob Givens built relatively few F-5 models compared to the various A-models he produced. These F-5's with master grade Maple, red-gold sunburst and elaborate handcut inlays are especially rare, with estimates of perhaps only around 30 pieces made between about 1986 and the end of 1992.
     The woods: Highly figured Maple back, sides and neck. The fine Maple used in this mandolin is master grade aged wood, with primary and secondary figure that are amazing. The top is high quality Englemann Spruce that Bob Givens harvested himself.
     Fully bound with multiple ivoroid bindings: top, back, and sides of body and peghead, and black line showing at side of fingerboard. Peghead shows tasteful R.L. Givens logo in script at top with elaborate torch inlay in center. This torch is a unique design to RL Givens' A-6 and F-5 mandolins from about 1986 until his death in early 1993. These are very elaborate hand-cut, hand-engraved pieces of art, and they complement the tasteful engraved 'snowflakes' inlaid into the Ebony fingerboard.
     Radiused Ebony fingerboard. Handmade Ebony adjustable bridge. Beautiful red-gold sunburst color with very thin expertly applied finish.
     The sound: It is difficult to describe this mandolin sound without using too many superlatives! It is among the finest ever, if not "THE finest ever". Great attack, great volume and projection... beauty, power, refinement... This is truly one of the finest examples of a Givens mandolin and one of the best sounding mandolins we have seen through here in a while!

$12,500.00 w/ HC

Ratliff F-5 1 Buy Ratliff F-5 1 1985 Ratliff F-5 Mandolin 'In Stock'

     Exc (-) condition. Width at nut: 1 1/16". Lovely traditional sunburst. Rounded V-profile neck with slim feel.
     Mildly figured maple back, sides, and neck. Spruce top. Ebony peghead overlay, flat fingerboard, and bridge. Double-cut fingerboard extension has been scalloped. Multiple ivoroid bindings: top and back of body show black line on top and back edge and top edge around peghead. Single ivoroid-bound fingerboard. Medium dot inlays in fingerboard. Ratliff logo at center of peghead with nice floral pattern in center of peghead. Nickel hardware. Appears to be Gotoh tuners with ebony buttons. Traditional two-piece nickel tailpiece has engraved cover. Some polite finish checking but nothing serious. Evidence of wear on frets but not needing milling. Frets are fine and serviceable; nothing needed.
     Very strong chop without working too hard with the pick. Pleasant and lively highs. E string is particularly lovely. This is a highly playable mandolin.

$2,350.00 w/ Travelite-style case

Shanti Parlor Guitar Body 1 Buy Shanti Parlor Guitar Body 1 New Shanti Parlor Guitar Body Octave Mandolin 'In Stock'

     New. Beautiful made-in-Montana octave mandolin from boutique builder Michael Hornick. For well over 30 years, Shanti Guitars have been a top handmade instrument around the world. Mr. Hornick recently moved to our area and we are pleased to showcase his instruments.
     Red Spruce top. Gorgeous quilted Western Big Leaf Maple back and sides. Maple neck. Brazilian Rosewood rosette, bridge, and peghead overlay. Intricate Paua abalone and ebony bindings showing on top. Binding line showing on sides appears to be rosewood, with beautiful matching heelcap.  Black-white-black lines of binding showing on back inside rosewood line. Wooden marketry strip in center of back and end strip. Ebony radiused fingerboard has abalone music note inlays with abalone bird that matches peghead inlay at 12th fret. Fingerboard is bound with rosewood. Titanium frets. Bone nut and saddle with bone bridgepins. Solid pearl buttons on gold tuners. Ebony/abalone strap button installed on heel. Rosewood/abalone button on end. Two soundports have been installed on this octave mandolin, with matching quilted maple covers. The soundports are meant to allow more tone to travel to the player's ear and indeed the instrument seems louder when they are open. Both soundports have just a couple lines of very miniscule finish checking near their openings, not visible at all when covers are on and very minor and hard to see when covers are open.
     This is a beautiful instrument crafted to the highest of aesthetic and performance standards, with top grade materials. Its tone is big and warm, and pleasantly soft. A joy to play. Brand new and yet wide open, this instrument will continue to improve. We know its owner will cherish it for years to come.

$5,000.00 w/ New Ameritage Case

Weber Bitterroot F Custom 1 Buy Weber Bitterroot F Custom 1 2010 Weber Bitterroot F Custom Mandolin 'In Stock'

     Exc (-) condition. Instrument is in great shape other than some incidental player wear and associated chips on peghead and points. Custom adornments are sunburst finish, glossy nitrocellulose lacquer, and handmade tailpiece/armrest combination from Weber.
     Figured maple back, sides, and neck. Nice Sitka Spruce top. Gloss finish with tasteful dark sunburst. Ebony radiused fingerboard, bridge, armrest, and "wood nymph". Fingerboard has stylized mother of pearl diamond inlays. Original frets in fine condition with some very slight dents in first playing position. Peghead has matte finish face on ebony overlay but glossy finish elsewhere. Some snaky lines of finish checking that aren't readily apparent until the light is at the correct angle to see them. No finish checking on back or sides. Ivoroid bound top. Bone nut. Nickel hardware.
     This is a great pre-owned Weber, with beautiful tinkerbell highs. Nice upgrades too. A solid instrument.

$2,950.00 w/ OHC

Weber Bitterroot F14 1 Buy Weber Bitterroot F14 1 New Weber Bitterroot F14 Mandolin 'In Stock'

     New. Just arrived from Weber! 1 1/8" nut width.
     Spruce top. Maple back with tasteful figure. Maple sides and neck. Buckskin satin finish. Ebony Weber Traditional Bridge, adjustable with tool included. Dual-action adjustable truss rod. Nickel tuners with pearloid buttons. Ebony fingerboard with 6mm mother of pearl diamond inlays. Top and fingerboard are bound with ivoroid. Ebony peghead overlay with Weber script logo and Celtic knot inlaid in mother of pearl. Nickel Weber tailpiece with big W.
     This mandolin has that purdy tinkerbell sound of a Weber, with a sturdy chop and great G's. It's a good one.

$3,999.00 w/ OHC

Weber Tamarack no. 2 1 Buy Weber Tamarack no. 2 1 Recent Weber Tamarack no. 2 Mandocello 'In Stock'

     Exc condition. Beautiful pre-owned Mandocello with only one tiny ding and no problems. Minimal fret wear.
     1 9/16"width of fingerboard at nut, 24 3/4" scale length.
     Sitka Spruce top with figured Maple back and sides. Comfortable mahogany neck. Radiused ebony fingerboard is bound with ivoroid and has pearl stylized diamond inlays. The top and back of body are triple-bound with Ivoroid. Ebony heelcap. Weber logo and Celtic knot inlaid in peghead.
     This is a great sounding, unique instrument that holds true to Weber's fine reputation.

$1,295.00 w/ OHC

Weber Yellowstone A 1 Buy Weber Yellowstone A 1 Un Played Condition Weber Yellowstone A Mandolin 'In Stock'

     Near mint condition. Only the lightest signs of finger touches in the finish. No dings, no dents, no fretwear.
     Adirondack Spruce top, figured Maple back, sides and neck. Top and back have multiple Ivoroid bindings, fingerboard and peghead have single Ivoroid binding, fretboard has single-cut extension. Radiused Ebony fingerboard with "flowerpot" inlays. Ebony peghead overlay with Weber logo and flowerpot inlays in pearl.
      Sound is very good. Evenly balanced with lots of depth and power. This mandolin has had two years to open up and sounds very full.

On Sale... $2,695.00
w/ HC