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R.L. Givens A 1 Buy R.L. Givens A 1 c.1967 R.L. Givens A Very Early Example Mandolin 'In Stock'

     This is truly a rare find. From the Milledgeville, Georgia period, when Bob Givens, and Randy Wood were working together and separately to produce great modern mandolins.
     We have only seen a very few of these "unsigned, un-numbered" early Givens mandolins. When you examine the mandolin you can easily see all of the Givens touch, in the shape, carve lines, finish, color of finish, peghead, tonebars, fingerboard, etc. In the ensuing years Bob Givens began to set neck angles back farther, and make his mandolins a little deeper. This early A from Bob also shows "earlier experimental" vaulting area below fingerboard extension.
      A period of time after this mandolin was produced, Bob Givens had the rare pleasure of examining a matched pair of Gibson Loar mandolins - an F as well as the only A that was ever produced and signed by Loar. Unbelievably, he partially disassembled both of them to study them closely. He found that there was a distinct difference in the carved top and back between the Loar A and the Loar F, as well as distinctly different volume of air in the A from the F.
     Givens' contribution to modern mandolin making was from this study - he simply began to produce A-model mandolins that had same measurements as an F, but without scrolls and points.
      This mandolin is in Very Good(+) condition, with some crack repairs around treble f-hole. Bridge is not very tall with slight neck angle. Neck is Mahogany. The sound is very good, with a satisfying "flatness" of tone that brings out the woody qualities, and very much projection.
$2,850.00 w/ HC

R.L. Givens A-5 1 Buy R.L. Givens A-5 1 1981 R.L. Givens A-5 Mandolin 'In Stock'

    Exceptional condition. 100% original with mild evidence of being owned and played. Frets recently professionally adjusted and feel great. 1 7/32" width at nut.
    Select Engelmann Spruce top. Lightly figured maple back, sides, and neck. Red-brown amber sunburst finish. Brazilian Rosewood peghead overlay with floral inlay having R.L.G. at center. Flat ebony fingerboard with pearl dot position markers. Original full-size frets. Fingerboard and top and back of body are bound with grained ivoroid. Original Givens handmade ebony adjustable bridge in fine condition. Original two-piece "Loar-style" nickel-plated tailpiece. Ivory nut. Nickel schaller tuners. Neck is a V profile. This is a full neck profile that is not overly large, just the right feel. Slight evidence of finish checking at edge of top and very light wear through finish on back of neck (see photo).
     This mandolin was signed under the top like most handmade Givens mandolins, with a date of December 1981. Really great tone. Fills the room with sound at a light touch. Beautiful highs. Big rich bottom end. In short, it's a great mandolin. Try the tremolo!

$5,250.00 w/ OHC

R.L. Givens A-6 1 Buy R.L. Givens A-6 1 1991 R.L. Givens A-6 Mandolin 'In Stock'

     Near mint condition. 100% original. All parts intact.
     One of the finest examples of Bob Givens' highest A-model mandolin. A-6 mandolins from Givens are among the most respected instruments for tone that have ever been produced.
     Highly figured maple back, sides, and neck. Back shows very interesting deep flame figure. Engelmann spruce top. Bob Givens harvested his own Engelmann spruce, so it was always highest grade for instrument use. Ebony peghead overlay, ebony radiused fingerboard, handmade Givens two-piece adjustable ebony bridge. Elaborate torch inlay in peghead with snowflake inlays of abalone and pearl on fingerboard. Gold schaller tuners and gold two-piece Loar-style tailpiece. Multiple ivoroid bindings on top and back of body, with black line showing on sides, top and back. Fingerboard bound with ivoroid. Multiple bound headstock. The finish is Bob's famous brilliant red-gold sunburst.
     Sound is great with lyrical highs.
     Please call to inquire about pricing on this mandolin.

$7,550.00 w/ Ameritage hard case

R.L. Givens A-6 1
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1989 R.L. Givens A-6 Mandolin 'On Hold'

     Exc (+) condition. Everything original. Handmade wooden clamp-on armrest is attached. Light amber sunburst.
     These A-6 mandolins are Bob Givens' top A model. They were named "A-6" because Bob pointed out they were quite a bit past what most people's standard of an A-5 was. Elaborate torch inlayed in headstock, all handcut, hand-engraved, and hand-inlayed by Bob Givens. Intricate snow flower inlays on ebony radiused fingerboard with pearl petals and abalone center. Gold hardware including Schaller tuners, two-piece tailpiece, and hardware for add-on armrest. Interesting back, sides, and neck, but not strong figure. Back shows birdseye pattern and other flame, just not strong. Maple back, neck, and sides, and Bob Givens' hand-cut Engelmann spruce. Original frets show some wear, mostly under A and E string, but still playable and not buzzing. Fully multiple bound with ivoroid bindings.
     Absolutely wonderful sound.

$6,950.00 w/ OHC

R.L. Givens F-5 1 Buy R.L. Givens F-5 1 1990 R.L. Givens F-5 Very Fine Example Mandolin 'In Stock'

     Exceptional Condition and Sound. Width at nut 1 5/32".
     Bob Givens built relatively few F-5 models compared to the various A-models he produced. These F-5's with master grade Maple, red-gold sunburst and elaborate handcut inlays are especially rare, with estimates of perhaps only around 30 pieces made between about 1986 and the end of 1992.
     The woods: Highly figured Maple back, sides and neck. The fine Maple used in this mandolin is master grade aged wood, with primary and secondary figure that are amazing. The top is high quality Englemann Spruce that Bob Givens harvested himself.
     Fully bound with multiple ivoroid bindings: top, back, and sides of body and peghead, and black line showing at side of fingerboard. Peghead shows tasteful R.L. Givens logo in script at top with elaborate torch inlay in center. This torch is a unique design to RL Givens' A-6 and F-5 mandolins from about 1986 until his death in early 1993. These are very elaborate hand-cut, hand-engraved pieces of art, and they complement the tasteful engraved 'snowflakes' inlaid into the Ebony fingerboard.
     Radiused Ebony fingerboard. Handmade Ebony adjustable bridge. Beautiful red-gold sunburst color with very thin expertly applied finish.
     The sound: It is difficult to describe this mandolin sound without using too many superlatives! It is among the finest ever, if not "THE finest ever". Great attack, great volume and projection... beauty, power, refinement... This is truly one of the finest examples of a Givens mandolin and one of the best sounding mandolins we have seen through here in a while!

$12,500.00 w/ HC