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This is a list of previously sold instruments for archive use. Please visit our instruments in stock pages by following the links on the left.

Here is a listing of instruments that have passed through our hands. Please browse and gain an idea of what we stock regularly. Instruments Models marked "Available to Order" can be ordered through the House of Fine instruments. Other instruments are one of a kind. However if one catches your eye feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can't track another one down.

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 Liberty Roundneck Metal Body 1
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Recent Liberty Roundneck Metal Body Resophonic 'Sold'

     Excellent condition. Very nice metal body roundneck guitar with Quarterman cone and newer National Biscuit installed. Gotoh tuners. Rosewood fingerboard. Comes with pickup professionally installed.
w/ HC

 Steve Moore 1
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Recent Steve Moore Resophonic 'Sold'

Very nice hand made resophonic guitar. Soundpost construction. Made from solid "Bubinga" wood top, back and sides. The complete guitar (body, fingerboard, and peghead) is bound with flamed Maple wooden bindings. Ebony fingerboard inlaid with abalone cut diamonds. Colorful wooden marquetry strip in guitar back and endpin area. Mahogany neck. Schaller tuners. Great cone and spider, old bone nut, and highly figured seasoned spider saddle inserts. Neck heel shows some opaque "lacquer lifting" right at joint with body - this often happens when a neck is attached first and then finish applied. This guitar has some expert repair at tailpiece area. This consists of a repaired crack in top along tailpiece. Workmanship-wise it is a beautiful guitar. Sound-wise it is very nice.
w/ Tweed Hardshell

Clinesmith "Weissenborn" 1
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Recent Clinesmith "Weissenborn" Koa Resophonic 'Sold'

     Excellent condition. This guitar only shows a few small player marks in the top which are not easy to spot. Beautiful Koa wood top, back, sides, neck and fingerboard... and even peghead overlay. Multiple wood bindings, with Flamed Maple outer bindings showing on body and fingerboard.
     This is a rare guitar from Clinesmith, who usually builds more traditional squareneck resophonics with resonator cones and spider bridges. No serial number on guitar.
     It is built faithful to the rare "pancake" Weissenborn guitars, having a body depth of 3" at lower bout, and about 2 11/16" depth at upper bout.
     Plays and sounds very good, especially in open D tuning.
w/ OHC

Dobro "Al Perkins" 1
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1999 Dobro "Al Perkins" Resophonic 'Sold'

Exc. (+) condition. Engraved gold plated coverplate and gold plated tailpiece. Spun cone. Fully bound body, neck & peghead. This is a model not offered by Dobro at this time. On Sale 
w/ OHC

Dobro Duolian 1
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Dobro Duolian Round Neck Resophonic 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition. There are slight scratches on the body, but no deep gauges. There are a couple of marks in the neck, but the frets are in great shape. The finsih is also wearing away in a couple of areas on the underside of the headstock.
     Pre-Gibson Dobro. Metal body with round Mahogany neck. Flat Rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Nickel Gotoh tuners. Pickup installed and it works fine.
     Nice, singing tone, and easy playability.

Dobro F-60 Sunburst 1
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1998 Dobro F-60 Sunburst Resophonic 'Sold'

     Excellent condition. Nice one-owner Dobro. Good looking sunburst withnickel hardware, including traditional fan coverplate, two screen holes, Grover Rotomatic tuners, and traditional tailpiece.
     Originally sold to our friend by Tom Swatsell, a Dobro dealer and a Dobro endorsing artist. Comes with signed photo from Tom Swatzell.
     Set up is good and the Dobro has fresh strings - sounds great.

w/ OHC

Dobro Hound Dog DeLuxe 1
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Recent Dobro Hound Dog DeLuxe Resophonic 'Sold'

     Exc condition. 25" scale with 19 frets, joined at 12th fret. 2" raised nut.
     Flamed maple body with black binding. Maple square neck. Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. Classic single cone resonator/spider construction. Spider bridge has ebony saddle atop maple base. Nickel-plated Dobro cone with 10.5" nickel fan cover plate. Nickel-plated tailpiece. Round soundholes with screens. Functional Fishman resonator pickup. Grover tuners.
     This is an excellent budget dobro. Stage-ready for your next adventure.

w/ gig bag

Dobro Model 45 1
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c. 1934 Dobro Model 45 Mahogany w/ Spruce top Resophonic 'Sold'

     VG(+) condition. Tuners replaced with Grover Deluxe. Some binding repaired on neck. Guitar has scratches and dings on body, and some localized wear on back of neck at 2nd fret area. Original tailpiece. Poinsetta cover plate. Original stamped cone with 'inside' wall lugs for spider bridge and original short-legged spider bridge. 
     Nice sunburst Mahogany body and neck, with blonde Spruce top. Ebony fingerboard with pearl dot inlays. Sunburst Mahogany peghead overlay. Bound top and back of body, fingerboard and heelcap. Top has multiple wood purfling inside binding layer. 
     Model 45's are fairly rare. We've seen droves of Model 27's compared to only a few Model 45's. This one has been set-up to play nicely as a round neck guitar.
     If you are interested in this instrument, please call us. Even though many people would love this guitar with the original stamped cone and spider, other owner/players would rather play it with a "hot" modern spun cone and spider bridge. The sound of the original stamped cone is always sweet and expressive (if its in good shape like this one is), while a new spun cone and longer-legged spider bridge would bring out more power and 'bite' and projection. One of the best sounding Dobros I can remember was an old 1934 Model 45 that we had converted to modern cone and spider.

Case is in need of repair... The latches work but hinges are no longer attached.

w/ c1950 SSC

Dobro Model 60D RoundNeck. 1
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New Dobro Model 60D RoundNeck. Resophonic 'Sold'

Exceptional condition.
w/ OHC

Dobro Texarkana Electric
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c.1968 Dobro Texarkana Electric - Currently set up for Lap Playing Resophonic 'Sold'

      VG+ condition. All original except newer spun cone and spider. Candy Apple Red finish with Tortoise bindings around body. Small chips in red finish here and there. Original Dobro pickup.
     Guitar currently set-up for lap playing, with a spun Quarterman Cone and high-grade Spider bridge professionally installed about 18 years ago. Some slight separation of sides to top and/or back. Slight cracks in side of body near neck heel.
     Made by Semi Mosely's "Mosrite" company, these models were slightly 're-designed' here and there from earlier Dobros.

w/ Beat OSC

Flinthill Highly Customized 1
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c.2004 Flinthill Highly Customized Resophonic 'Sold'

     Excellent enhanced condition.
     This resophonic squareneck guitar was bought by E.G. Smith, who promptly customized and upgraded the guitar. E.G. Smith is well known by many as the designer of the popular EG Smith stainless steel dobro bar. E.G. cut and inlaid a custom pearl pattern in the peghead and fingerboard, and also upgraded the cone, spider, nut and saddle.
     Squareneck. Sunburst finish. Sapelle back, sides and neck, with Spruce top. Top and back of body and fingerboard are bound with cream binding. Traditional "Fan" coverplate. Two round soundholes with metal screen inserts, three smaller holes between the screens.
     For the price, it would be hard to beat this resophonic guitar. It has very good strong tone.

w/ HC

GeorgeBoards Acoustic Hawaiian 1
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2009 GeorgeBoards Acoustic Hawaiian Resophonic 'Sold'

     Near Mint Condition. Composite Mahogany body with Maple bindings along top, back and fretboard. Comes with pickup and EQ installed.

w/ HC

Lebeda Solid Mahogany 1
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2007 Lebeda Solid Mahogany Resophonic 'Sold'

These resophonics from George Lebeda have been a favorite with our customers for years. Solid Mahogany top, back and sides. Has Lebeda's own great Cone and Spider. Bone nut. These are built in Prague, Czech Republic, the mother home to all resophonics, as it is the homeland of the original builders of the first resophonics, the Doperya brothers. Great sound - solid attack, with tone and power and projection.

w/ OHC

Lebeda Solid Maple Squareneck. 1
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c.2003 Lebeda Solid Maple Squareneck. Resophonic 'Sold'

Great sounding guitar. Set up with Lebeda's own cone and spider. Guitar shows player wear and dings to body and neck, but is in fine playing condition.

Martin Alternative ii 1
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2004 Martin Alternative ii Resophonic 'Sold'

     Exc.(++) Condition. There are just a few scratches on the resonator, otherwise the guitar looks new.
     14-fret cutaway. Aluminum top with "graffiti" pattern. Back and sides are "High Pressure Laminate." Stratabond neck, radiused Micarta fingerboard with dot inlays. Aluminum peghead overlay. Strap button installed in correct position on heel. Comes with "Fishman Prefix Pro Resonator System" installed.
     Nice gritty tone. Setup with nice low picking action, and sound great with a slide.

w/ OHC

National Delphi 1
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1996 National Delphi Resophonic 'Sold'

     Excellent condition. Round neck. Taupe color over steel body. Single spun cone with biscuit bridge.
     Mahogany neck with bound Rosewood fingerboard. Slotted headstock.
     The sound is very good.

w/ OHC

National Model D 1
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2002 National Model D Resophonic 'Sold'

     Exc (+) condition. Almost no marks on the top or back of this instrument. A few tiny marks on back of neck and one slight area of tiny marks in waist of one side.
     This is one of the early issues, if not the first wooden Model D issued, by National. This very guitar was featured in the National catalog back in 2003. It has a distinctive wood figure from the burl being twice bookmatched.
     Excquisite burled walnut back with figured quarter-sawn walnut sides and quarter-sawn walnut neck. Beautiful flamed maple top with tasteful dark amber sunburst. Back of neck is also tastefully shaded. F-holes. The look of the instrument is startlingly perfect, from up close or across the room. Strikingly attractive without being gawdy, the instrument is fully bound with handmade wooden roped binding. Multiple purflings above and below the roped bindings on top and back of instrument. Roped binding along fingerboard and around peghead as well. Peghead face is pearloid with underlay of black, with National Model D inscribed at top of peghead. Other artistic lines and artwork also showing in peghead. Faux frets of grained ivoroid for position markers. Beautiful triangle and diamond inlay of decorative pearl in fingerboard. (See photos.) Frosted nickel tailpiece and cover plate. Grover Deluxe War-era reproduction tuners in slotted headstock.
    Take a closer look at the photo of the back of the instrument. This is amazing artwork that seems to depict a bear's head and possibly body, among the other burl figure of the beautiful walnut. This guitar is in great shape. Sounds great. Very powerful.

w/ HC

National Polychrome Round Neck Tricone. 1
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New National Polychrome Round Neck Tricone. Resophonic 'Sold'

Copper. Steel body tricone, maple neck, bound rosewood fretboard, 30's style headstock overlay, and Kluson-type 3-on-a-plate tuning machines.
w/ OHC

National Reso Lectric 1
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2002 National Reso Lectric Resophonic 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Guitar is in great playing condition. Fret wear is minimal. Body shows some light chips in finish and some small light marks here and there, mostly on the back and sides. National logo decal on peghead is chipped.
     Thin semi-hollow body electric, with P-90 p/u in neck position and Highlander p/u in biscuit. Mahogany body with figured Maple top and Maple neck. The guitar has pretty good sound, acoustically, but when plugged in it sounds great. 3-way pickup selector switch, separate volume controls and master volume control. 3-on-a-plate Kluson copy tuners by Grover. Nickel coverplate and tailpiece. Ivoroid multiple layer pickguard. Ivoroid backplate, truss-rod cover, and top binding. Ivoroid dot inlays in radiused Rosewood fingerboard.
     The most recent Reso Lectric guitars from National now have Pearloid peghead overlay

w/ OHC

National Reso Rocket 1
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2009 National Reso Rocket Cutaway w/ Highlander P/U & Direct box Resophonic 'Sold'

     Exc(+) condition. No dents or scratches. Slight sign of playing on hand rest and "right arm" area on top.
     Nickel plated brass body with cutaway. "Tricone" style lattice soundholes in upper bouts. Retro coverplate. Single cone with "biscuit" bridge (in Canada, it's called the "cookie"). Rosewood fingerboard with diamond inlays and ivoroid binding. Maple neck with nice sunburst matte finish. Engraved pearloid peghead overlay. Three-on-a-plate tuners with cream buttons.
     Lots of concentrated sound, with that great "ponk" attack. No problems, plays great.

w/ OHC

National Style 0 1
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1930 National Style 0 Resophonic 'Sold'

     Exc condition.
     Rare steel body with nickel plating. National found out early in 1930 and 1931 that it isn't feasible to plate nickel onto steel because of the expense of copper flashing first. Only a very few were done this way, and this is one of them. All original, possibly even cone and biscuit. Original tuners are in great shape except one button has a chipped-out edge. Rounded V-neck has significant finish missing from playing wear. Body has three or four mild dents/dings but nothing significant. Appears to be fruitwood fingerboard dyed black to resemble ebony. Some wear on coverplate where fingers rest. Could be a newer National tailpiece. Comes with original case in good shape with latches and handle intact.
     Sounds wonderful.

w/ OHC

National Style 0 1
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Like New National Style 0 Resophonic 'Sold'

     This guitar is in great shape. No issues, no player wear.
     Brass guitar with traditional "island scene" engraving. Radiused Ebony fretboard with Ivoroid position markers and binding.
     Sounds great, plays great.

w/ OHC

National Style 1 Tricone Squareneck. 1
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1928 National Style 1 Tricone Squareneck. Resophonic 'Sold'

Excellent(+) condition. Early Tricone with nickel plated "German Silver" body. No problems, no bangs, no dents. Hardly any "player wear", although the original plating shows light surface scratches from clothing on top and back. Original tuners, original plating, original binding, original T-bridge. Original cones come with the instrument separately, but new National resonator cones are currently installed in the guitar.
w/ Orig Hardshell Case

National Style 3 Custom Tricone 1
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2002 National Style 3 Custom Tricone Resophonic 'Sold'

     Exc(+) condition. Roundneck Tri-Cone. No player wear on body. Frets in great shape. Some small touch-marks on back of neck, but not serious. This guitar was custom ordered by us for a local customer. It has several custom features that make it quite special...
     Nickel plated brass body with elaborate "Lillies of the Valley" engraving on top, back and sides of body. Two engraved border lines around top, back and sides of body. Dark Mahogany neck with Ebony fingerboard. Fingerboard bound with ivoroid/black/ivoroid that perfectly matches the peghead.
     Beautiful "Lillies of the Valley" intricate inlay pattern in the Ebony fingerboard. This inlay pattern was conceptualized and worked up by McGregor Gaines at National specifically for this guitar, to match the engraving on the metal body.
     In addition to the special fingerboard inlays, upgrades were made to headstock, as well, with Ivoroid chosen over the usual Pearloid for the overlay material and extra border lines cut at edge of peghead overlay. National logo inlaid in peghead with engraved pearl. Solid pearl truss-rod cover.
     This guitar is a rare one as well as being a great sounding one! It is set-up to play and is in very nice condition.
     * These guitars are extremely difficult to photograph, due to the mirror-like surfaces of the plated body... but we'll do our best and have some up for you very soon.
w/ OHC

National Style O 1
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1997 National Style O Resophonic 'Sold'

     Like New condition. No dings, no dents, no player wear. Nickel plated brass body with traditional island scene etched into the metal. 12-fret neck with slotted peghead.
     These 'Style O' guitars have been a choice of professional players since their introduction at the end of the 1920's. Lots of power from the original spun single cone, with lots of that authentic hollow "ponk" sound of the old originals.
w/ OHC

National Tricone Number 3 1
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Late 1920s National Tricone Number 3 Resophonic 'Sold'

     Exc condition. Guitar shows light wear at handrest and where fingers would be placed to play, and where arm comes over guitar. A few incidental dents here and there. Two spots of corner rumpling. Nothing highly significant.
     Rare Style 3 engraving on nickel-plated German Silver body. Style 3 engraving pattern is elaborate lilies-of-the-valley pattern on back, sides, top, cover plate, and back of neck (see photos). Body also shows a double purfling border on all quarters of top, side, and back.
     Slotted peghead with pearloid peghead overlay that is etched to reveal the National shield logo and decorative border. Original tuners. Tuner buttons are either in great shape or are replaced, but look great. Multiple grained ivoroid binding along ebony fingerboard.
     Looks great, sounds great, plays great, IS great. Soft case is original and fully functional, in working order with latches and handle, but there is duct tape around the top edge.

w/ Original Soft Shell Case

National Tricone Style 1 1
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1996 National Tricone Style 1 Resophonic 'Sold'

     Exc condition. There is some oxidation of the nickel plating, but not bad. No dents or dings.
     Nickel plated brass body with three cones under triangular coverplate, bridged with an aluminum "T" bridge. *The benefits of the tricone sound is that they give off more lyrical overtones than a single cone National does. Ebony radiused fingerboard with ivoroid dot inlays. Mahogany neck with ivoroid binding along fingerboard. Slotted peghead. National logo shield attached at top of peghead.
     This one is in nice original condition and is set-up well and plays great.

w/ OHC

National Triolian
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1932 National Triolian Squareneck was rounded Resophonic 'Sold'

     VG condition. Original Walnut Sunburst paint was removed, revealing the "German Silver" metal body. Original Squareneck was rounded at heel and back of neck profile for Spanish style playing. Newer coverplate and old Dobro tailpiece installed.
     This guitar is currently set-up to play as a squareneck guitar, with a nut riser over the nut. Neck is mostly straight w/ slight relief.
     The sound is good and authentic. It has that certain "ponk" sound with just the right amount of reverb or echo in it. Take advantage of a great looking old German Silver National that costs half or less because it has been altered a bit...

w/ newer HC

R. Q. Jones Birch 1
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1979 R. Q. Jones Birch Resophonic 'Sold'

     Early example of handmade resophonic construction by Rudy Jones. Excellent condition, with some dings and slight blemishes from playing. Coverplate shows some wear thru plating.
     Birch ply construction with sunburst finish. Chrome hardware. RQ Jones decal in peghead. Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. Antiqued cream bindings on top and back of body.
* RQ Jones is known as one of the true early pioneers of the resophonic guitar, with a track record of implementing many innovative construction ideas that are considered standard by today's builders.
     Price significantly reduced - take advantage of a this low price to get a rare piece of Reso history!

w/ newer case

R. Q. Jones Walnut 1
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1976 R. Q. Jones Walnut Resophonic 'Sold'

     Great example of one of the earliest instruments by Rudy Jones... This reso is said to be instrument #7. 
     Excellent original condition. Figured Walnut construction. Antiqued cream bindings on top, back, fingerboard and peghead, with Herringbone purflings around inside of top edge.
     Gold engraved hardware, with large portions of gold plating worn off and nickel showing - the overall look is perfect, just the right patina.
     Beautiful abalone inlays in peghead and Ebony fingerboard.
     * Rudy Jones was truly one of the first pioneers of the handmade resophonic, and made many innovations in using woods, developing tone baffles, soundpost construction, etc. Jerry Douglas used them early in his career, as did many other professional and serious amateur players.
     Price significantly reduced - take advantage of a this low price to get a rare piece of Reso history!
w/ OHC

Radio King  1
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c. 1930 Radio King Resophonic 'Sold'

     Good condition. There are a couple of reparied cracks on the top. There is an open crack on the back, and one on the side near the endpin. Aside from that there is normal wear and tear on the guitar but nothing major.
     Spruce top with sunburst finish. Mahogany back, sides and neck. floating tailpiece. Bound soundhole rossette.
     This guitar has nice construction and would be a good starter, or one to take camping.

w/ Gig Bag

Rayco Hawaiian 1
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New Rayco Hawaiian Resophonic 'Sold'

Master Grade Koa Hawaiian Guitar. This is quite a wonderful guitar. The Koa wood is fabulous, and the construction is fabulous. Perfectly appointed with wooden "roped" bindings, much like the old original Weissenborn style 4 guitars. This guitar works well through a variety of tunings, and really fills up a room with sound.
w/ OHC

Rayco Hawaiian 1
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New Rayco Hawaiian Resophonic 'Sold'

Master Grade Koa Hawaiian Guitar. This is quite a wonderful guitar. The Koa wood is fabulous, and the construction is fabulous. Perfectly appointed with wooden "roped" bindings, much like the old original Weissenborn style 4 guitars. This guitar works well through a variety of tunings, and really fills up a room with sound.

Rayco Mahogany 1
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Rayco Mahogany Squareneck Resophonic 'Sold'

     Exc(+) original condition. This guitar was the prize-winner at WinterGrass Bluegrass festival in February, 2009. The winner is a Guitar/Banjo player and didn't really put any wear on the guitar. There are 2 or 3 small compression marks on the top around the bass side screen.
     Solid Mahogany top, back and neck. Soundpost construction. Very nice multiple wood bindings Traditional fan pattern coverplate. Chrome hardware.
     Great sound - very strong, with a big, round bass end.

Rayco Maple Premium 1
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New Rayco Maple Premium - Full Body Resophonic 'Sold'

     Beautiful highly figured solid Maple with tasteful chocolate brown finish. Large (full) body, similar to an "L" Scheerhorn or an "E" Beard. Made using all professional Scheerhorn parts - cone, spider, and coverplate. Coverplate has removeable handrest. Soundhole rings instead of screens. Comes with upgraded Waverly tuners. Soundpost construction.
     Body, fingerboard and peghead are bound with multiple wood bindings. This instrument has just about every aspect upgraded. The result is a tremendously full and powerful guitar with great tonal characteristics.
w/ Dlx OHC

Rayco Premium Maple DeLuxe 1
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New Rayco Premium Maple DeLuxe Quilted Resophonic 'Sold'

Beautiful Oxblood sunburst finish on exquisite solid Quilted Maple. Diamond markers. Herringbone trim. Fully bound with multiple wood bindings. The sound is very big with lots of presence, but also with lots of tonal color and expression.
w/ OHC

Rayco Solid Maple 1
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New Rayco Solid Maple Resophonic 'Sold'

Beautiful showy figured solid Maple throughout. Powerful tone that rivals the best of what we offer on this page. Crisp attack, balance, volume, tone, and sustain.


Rayco Weissenborn 1
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2010 Rayco Weissenborn Resophonic 'Sold'

     "As New" condition. No player wear, no marks, no dings. Solid Birch construction with hollow neck. This design is faithful to the original Weissenborn guitars, but when you examine the RayCo you can tell right away the construction methods are quite a bit more exact and much "cleaner" than those earlier originals.
     This guitar was owned by a very dynamic local player, Dan Dubuque, who has lots of You Tube postings of his playing and is in high demand for gigs all over our region. He kept this one as a "spare", while using his earlier RayCo Hawaiian for punishing road gigs. This guitar has never been to a gig and was kept pristine by Dan. 
     Solid Birch top, back and sides. Lots of interesting figure in the grain lines of the Birch. Highly figured bird's-eye trimmings - peghead overlay, fingerboard and bridge. Rayco logo inlaid in peghead. Unbound top and back. Waverly tuners.
     This guitar works well in several tunings. Currently tuned to open G. The tone is rich and deep and the whole instrument resonates with vibration when played.

w/ OHC

Regal Resophonic Squareneck 1
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c.2000 Regal Resophonic Squareneck Up-Graded Parts Resophonic 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Significantly upgraded and improved with addition of National "dobro-style" spun cone, National "dobro-style" spider bridge, old cured Maple inserts, and bone nut. Set-up work by Greg Boyd.
     This guitar is in fine shape, with no problems. Shows some light scratches on back of neck and some hand wear on coverplate - not beat-up at all.
     Mahogany back and sides with Spruce top. Sunburst top with red back, sides and neck. Traditional "fan" coverplate. Rosewood fingerboard. Slotted headstock.
     The upgraded set-up for this instrument costs about $275 for parts and labor. It was done using very high-end components.
     The sound is very immediate and big. This is not a quiet instrument. It plays great and sounds much better than the price would suggest.
w/ OHC

Rory Dafoe Hawaiian Custom Squareneck. 1
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New Rory Dafoe Hawaiian Custom Squareneck. Resophonic 'Sold'

Constructed of figured Australian Blackwood , with handmade wooden "roped" bindings similar to highest grade old Weissenborn guitars. This "Blackwood" is very similar to Hawaiian Koa wood. We had guitar #1 at our booth this year in Tacoma, Washington, at the "WinterGrass" festival, and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of #2, slated for September delivery. This "next" guitar will have all the same appointments, with addition of Gold Waverly tuners. The 2 guitars are made from the same Australian Blackwood boards, so it is easy to look at these shots of "#1" and imagine what "#2" will look like. The sound is remarkably open and resonant.
w/ OHC

Rory Dafoe Hollow Neck Resophonic 1
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Rory Dafoe Hollow Neck Resophonic Solid Koa Resophonic 'Sold'

     Excellent Condition. There are only several small impression 'dings' here and there.
     Constructed of excellent figured woods, with handmade wooden "roped" bindings similar to highest grade old Weissenborn guitars. Beard cone and spider. Gold hardware including Waverly tuners.
     This guitar does have some unique features. The neck is part of the sound chamber and is hollow for most of its length. The fingerboard is actually floating above the hollow neck in order to allow more resonance.
     The sound is quite good, as you can hear in the sound clips, and sounds great in several different tunings.
w/ OHC

Scheerhorn L Body Honduran Mahogany 1
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New Scheerhorn L Body Honduran Mahogany Squareneck Resophonic 'Sold'

     New. Solid Mahogany squareneck resophonic guitar.
     Larger "L" body shape, with solid Honduran Mahogany back, sides and neck. Ebony fingerboard with dot inlay position markers. Scheerhorn logo inlaid at end of fingerboard. Top, back and fingerboard bound with Ivoroid bindings. Chrome hardware: Traditional "Fan" coverplate and traditional tailpiece, mini tuners and open ring soundhole covers (with no screens).
     Open sound chamber construction with 6 soundposts, employing an internal tone baffle to adjust the sound output. Scheerhorn handspun aluminum spider bridge and Maple/Ebony saddle inserts. Bone nut. High gloss nitro-cellulose lacquer finish.
     These guitars are great and they are also highly sought by players. One nice feature is the hand rest in center of coverplate - it is removeable, so you can adjust the set-up and saddles and bridge while strings are at pitch without removing entire coverplate. The tone is great.

w/ OHC

Scheerhorn Mahogany 1
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New Scheerhorn Mahogany Resophonic 'Sold'

     New. Impressive solid Honduran Mahogany resonator guitar with the famous Scheerhorn soundpost construction and tone baffle.
     Solid Mahogany top, back, sides and neck. Gabon Ebony fingerboard with pearl dot inlays and Scheerhorn engraved in pearl block in fingerboard extension over the body. Guitar top, back and fingerboard are bound with single ivoroid binding. Nickel hardware, including traditional "fan" pattern coverplate, traditional tailpiece, Gotoh mini tuners, and screen hole featuring no screen, just the outer ring bushings.
     The finish is a handsome reddish-brown. The weight and balance are good. The workmanship is excellent. But the first thing you notice is how it resonates just by touching it... great power and presence.

w/ OHC

Scheerhorn Mahogany L  1
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New Scheerhorn Mahogany L Resophonic 'Sold'

     New. Solid Mahogany Squareneck "L" body with soundpost construction and baffle inside upper bout of body.
     Made in USA by National, these new Scheerhorns are pretty nice. Beautiful Honduran Mahogany body and neck, with ivoroid bindings on top and back edge of body and along fingerboard. Ebony fingerboard with dot inlay position markers and Scheerhorn logo inlaid near end of fingerboard.

w/ OHC

Scheerhorn Maple L  1
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New Scheerhorn Maple L Resophonic 'Sold'

   New. Solid Maple Squareneck "L" body with soundpost construction and baffle inside upper bout of body.
     Made in USA by National, these new Scheerhorns are pretty nice. Highly flamed Maple body and neck, with ivoroid bindings on top and back edge of body and along fingerboard. Ebony fingerboard with dot inlay position markers and Scheerhorn logo inlaid near end of fingerboard.

w/ OHC

Scheerhorn Maple L 1
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New Scheerhorn Maple L Resophonic 'Sold'

     Highly figured Maple body with vivid red sunburst finish. This Maple figure is really quite dramatic all over the guitar. Top edge has multiple ivoroid bindings. Back and fretboard have single Ivoroid bindings. Beautiful Scheerhorn "trapezoidal" neck shape. Ebony fretboard with pearl dot inlays. Nickel Gotoh tuners. Figured Maple peghead overlay. Scheerhorn inlay in pearl on 20th fret. "Open" screen holes, showing only the edge border and no screen.
     Inside the body, you'll find the Scheerhorn open soundpost construction with front baffling.
     Sound is very strong and full of expression with good "bite" and projection.

w/ HC

Scheerhorn R-Body 1
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1990s Scheerhorn R-Body Solid Maple Resophonic 'Sold'

Exceptional condition. R-body, highly figured maple construction with beautiful vivid sunburst that Scheerhorn is famous for. Nicely appointed. This is a very rare guitar and is in like new condition. Not only does it sound huge, with a great balance and projection, but it is also in "unplayed, as-new" condition. It takes 50 months or more to order one new from Tim Scheerhorn... Take advantage of an exceptionally nice one that is readily available and sounds fabulous.
w/ OHC

Schoonover Maple 1
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New Schoonover Maple Resophonic 'Sold'

Highly figured Solid Quilted Maple with strikingly beautiful color and finish. Multiple bindings on body and neck. Bound peghead. Custom coverplate. Very big sound - lots of punch and presence. Kent Schoonover has been building guitars for years, with his reputation growing steadily. Several well-known players are using his instruments today. After hearing one you can understand why.
w/ OHC

Schoonover Rosewood/Cedar 1
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New Schoonover Rosewood/Cedar Resophonic 'Sold'

Rosewood back, sides & neck. Solid Western Red Cedar top. Great sounding guitar with presence and power.
w/ OHC

Tut Taylor Tennessean 1
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2004 Tut Taylor Tennessean Resophonic 'Sold'

Exc. condition except for a few touch marks on shoulder area & some wear on cover plate. Solid mahogany construction. Hand spun aluminum resonator cone. Nickel plated brass cover plate. Nice sounding dobro. On Sale
w/ OHC

Weber Outlaw 1
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New Weber Outlaw Resophonic 'Sold'

     We have been anticipating the Weber Resophonics for some time now. This is our first guitar in stock here at "House of Fine Instruments" and we are very happy with it.
     The "Outlaw" features highly figured flamed Maple back, sides and neck, with a select Spruce top. Finish is a nice honey amber hue. Multiple tortoise celluloid bindings on body, fingerboard and peghead. Top edge shows wooden "half herringbone" purflings.
     3-pc Maple neck with 2 rosewood stringers separating the 3 Maple pieces.
     Ebony fingerboard has "leaf bud" pearl inlays. Weber logo and pearl "Flowerpot" inlaid in peghead. Weber Celtic knot inlaid in treble side of neck heel. Traditional "Fan" coverplate, with non-traditional soundhole rings, instead of screens. Pre-war style open back tuners. The tailpiece is another brilliant design by Vern Brekke.
     This guitar sounds great, with lots of definition and satisfying tonal development.
* Price shown is "List" Price - call us or email for your quote!
w/ OHC

Weber Vigilante Custom 1
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2009 Weber Vigilante Custom Solid Mahogany Resophonic 'Sold'

     Beautiful medium-brown Mahogany reso guitar that is nicely trimmed out. Ivoroid bindings on body, along fingerboard, and on headstock. Ebony peghead overlay with Weber Logo and Custom Flowerpot inlaid in pearl. Ebony fingerboard with "leaf bud" inlays as position markers. Traditional Fan pattern nickel plated coverplate, with non-traditional soundhole rings instead of screens. Pre-war style open back tuners. The tailpiece is another brilliant design by Vern Brekke. Weber Celtic knot inlaid in treble side of neck heel.
     Very nice sounding squareneck - and at a nice low price... several hundred off normal discount price.
w/ OHC