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 Gebruder Placht 1 Buy  Gebruder Placht 1 c.1870 Gebruder Placht Violin 'On Hold'

     Exc(-) condition. A beautiful old violin with nice appointments. A little wear on the edges but violin is overall in great condition for its age.
     Handsome medium amber finish. Excquisite one-piece tightly-figured maple back with lots of character (see photos). Excellent spruce top shows old well-repaired cracks at F-hole wings and one old long one repaired under bridge. All ebony fittings. Beautiful scroll.
     This violin comes to us from a major fiddle contestant and judge.

$2,395.00 w/ antique "coffin"

Acoustic Electric Strings London 5-String 1 Buy Acoustic Electric Strings London 5-String 1 2013 Acoustic Electric Strings London 5-String Violin 'In Stock'

     Exc (+) condition. Five-string. 14 3/16" length of body.
     Vividly figured maple back and sides. Maple neck with ebony fingerboard. Nice even-grained spruce top. Lovely finish colorations and condition. Ebony pegs. Metal fine-tuner tailpiece. Boxwood chinrest. Very nice craftsmanship. Great condition.
     This 5-string violin is set up and ready to play. It sounds great plugged in and acoustic. The lightweight internal pickup does not appear to dampen the instrument's acoustic tone. The string spacing is the same as a 4-string violin, 5.3mm at the nut. To make the neck feel slim, it's carved with a slight V shape.

$1,995.00 w/ HC

Carl F Lippold  1 Buy Carl F Lippold  1 Carl F Lippold Violin 'In Stock'

Violin made in 1852 by Carl F. Lippold. More information coming soon.


Conservatory Strad Copy 1 Buy Conservatory Strad Copy 1 Unknown Year Conservatory Strad Copy Violin 'In Stock'

     VG (+) condition. Highly playable full-size student violin comes with nice case and fiberglass bow. German Strad copy, handsome finish.

$450.00 w/ HC

Eduard Reichert  1 Buy Eduard Reichert  1 1908 Eduard Reichert Violin 'In Stock'

     Exc. Condition. No cracks. There are just a few mild signs of player wear on the violin.
     Spruce top, figured Maple back, sides and neck. Ebony fittings.
     Nice voice and workmanship.

$1,850.00 w/ Coffin Case

Evan Smith "Kortschak" 1 Buy Evan Smith "Kortschak" 1 New Evan Smith "Kortschak" Violin 'In Stock'

     Original Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu violins are one of Evan Smith's favorites historically. He's examined originals, and faithfully builds with similar tool marks left under finish, as original del Gesu violins did. These violins are known for sounding quite lovely to the player, even as the sound waves travel true for some distance. We even remark that the sound will go around buildings. It is often that we are showing an Evan Smith violin at our booth at a festival and as it is being played, another violin maker is drawn to the source of the tone they heard clearly from quite a distance from us. Many times, down the hall in a different room. Another feature has always been how dynamic these violins are as you change bowing proximity to the bridge. Very true, consistent tones with nothing shrill. The best players coming into our store, or on-site at music festivals always comment on the great sound of the Evan Smith violins that we have, no matter what period they are from.

$6,450.00 w/ HC

Guarnerius  1 Buy Guarnerius  1 Guarnerius Violin 'In Stock'

     Exc.(-) Condition. There is one repaired top crack, in addition to some routine player wear. Some of the finish on the back has been rubbed away.
     Spruce top with double Ebony purfling. Figured Maple back, sides and neck. Back also has Ebony purfling. Ebony fittings. Rosewood chinrest and tuners.

$1,850.00 w/ HC

J.F. Breton  1 Buy J.F. Breton  1 1799 J.F. Breton Violin 'In Stock'

     VG(+) Condition. There are several repaired top cracks. The back and sides have minor scratches, and there is a small area on the back where finish is rubbing away.
     Spruce top, Maple 2-pc. back and sides.
     Excellent tone.

On Sale... $4,950.00
w/ Case

JI 4/4  1 Buy JI 4/4  1 New JI 4/4 Violin 'In Stock'

     Two choices available. Very well made violin. Great workmanship and materials. Produces a pleasing tone. Set-up is also very good. Photos are of previous instrument. Comes with oblong hard case and Brazilwood bow.
$749.95 w/ HC

Johannes Cuypers 4/4 1 Buy Johannes Cuypers 4/4 1 c1900 Johannes Cuypers 4/4 Violin 'In Stock'

     Very good condition. Label reads "Made in Hage 1769 Johannes Cuypers". Violin appears to be a copy of unknown date. One long crack on top repaired professionally. Thin body. Even balance and good voice. Please call for in-hand description.

On Sale... $1,950.00
w/ HC

Maggini Copy  1
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Maggini Copy Violin 'In Stock'

     More information coming soon.

w/ HC

Nathan Taylor 4/4 1 Buy Nathan Taylor 4/4 1 1904 Nathan Taylor 4/4 Violin 'In Stock'

     Very robust violin made in Lewiston, Maine. Excellent original condition. Very nice maple back, sides, and neck. Select spruce top. A fine 4/4 violin with boxwood fittings and ebony fingerboard. Original varnish. Very good voice. Mature tone.


Pfretzschner 15" Scale, 1 Buy Pfretzschner 15" Scale, 1 1962 Pfretzschner 15" Scale, Made in Mittenwald Viola 'In Stock'

     Exc.(-) Condition. Normal dings around corners and edges, but in great overall shape.
     Ebony fittings. Original finish in nice condition. Good playability and sound, comes with good bow.

$850.00 w/ OHC

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c. 1929 Powers Violin 'In Stock'

     Made in Parma, Idaho. Currently in shop for setup, call for more information.

Schumann 4/4 Outfit 1 Buy Schumann 4/4 Outfit 1 Previously Owned Schumann 4/4 Outfit Violin 'In Stock'

     Beautiful original condition. Great starter violin with a really nice case and bow. One-piece back. Looks lovely and sounds good.

$695.00 w/ HC

Unknown Maker German Strad Copy 1 Buy Unknown Maker German Strad Copy 1 c 1920 Unknown Maker German Strad Copy Violin 'In Stock'

     Exc (-) condition. Some marks into the wood along edging. Ebony fittings and ivory saddle. New bridge, new strings. Recent setup. Mis-matched pegs.
     Works great. Perfect for a young, serious student.

$695.00 w/ HC

William Harris Lee 130 1 Buy William Harris Lee 130 1 1997 William Harris Lee 130 Violin 'In Stock'

     Exc. Condition. The body of the violin has some small dings on the top and back. No cracks or major marks.
     Spruce top with double purfling. Figured Maple back, sides and neck. Ebony fittings. Comes with fine tuners.
     This violin has a strong, clear voice with nice projection.

$4,500.00 w/ HC