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This is a list of previously sold instruments for archive use. Please visit our instruments in stock pages by following the links on the left.

Here is a listing of instruments that have passed through our hands. Please browse and gain an idea of what we stock regularly. Instruments Models marked "Available to Order" can be ordered through the House of Fine instruments. Other instruments are one of a kind. However if one catches your eye feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can't track another one down.

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 "Hans Schumann" 1
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2005 "Hans Schumann" Violin 'Sold'

Exceptional condition. Recently setup with new bridge and tailpiece. Includes nice octagonal Brazil wood bow.

 "Lion's Head" German PH
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c.1900 "Lion's Head" German Violin 'Sold'

Typical Lion's Head carved into the scroll. Refinished with dark varnish.
w/ case

 A. Olaf Anderson 1
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c.1984 A. Olaf Anderson Violin 'Sold'

Exceptional condition. Noted Montana maker, Arvil Olaf Anderson, had a prolific career. He was highly respected for both his violins and his violas. He also made his own violin cases. His instruments are sought not only for their playability and tone, but also by collectors. This violin is in great original condition, with handsome brown varnish. Ebony pegs with Paris eye inlay. Ebony tailpiece with inlaid treble clef. This violin and case are accompanied by a good recent Brazilwood bow.

 Amati Copy. 1
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Unknown Amati Copy. Violin 'Sold'

Excellent condition. Well constructed. A very nice playing and sounding violin. No Cracks.
w/ Case

 Friedrich & Sons 4/4 Violin 1
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c.1920 Friedrich & Sons 4/4 Violin w/ Fishman p/u Violin 'Sold'

VG(+) condition. Violin professionally re-graduated and tuned in last 10 years. Original label was lost during that work. Some repairs to Spruce top - please call for details. Set-up with Fishman bridge pickup, but also comes with acoustic bridge fit for the violin. The sound is good, the set-up is good. This is a good violin, ready for a professional fiddle player to use on stage.
w/ Good Hard Case

 German Strad Copy 1
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c.1871 German Strad Copy Violin 'Sold'

Very Good Condition. Refinished top. All ebony fittings. Comes with good case.

 German Strad Copy 1
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c.1950 German Strad Copy Violin 'Sold'

Exc condition. Nicely flamed maple on back, sides & Neck. One crack in top near tailpiece. Comes with fine case & bow. Just in, Please call...

 James Wilson 1
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1899 James Wilson Violin 'Sold'

VG condition. Fine sounding violin from this noted Scottish maker. Pearwood back and sides. Wilson is known to have copied styles and techniques from earlier noted masters, as well as accurately using fine old woods. The C-bouts on this violin are particular interest, as they are "scalloped" between the points - the overall effect is quite nice. Various repairs to top, back, sides and scroll. Excellent earthy tone - one local player says this one 'plays itself'...

 John Melnichuk 1
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c.2005 John Melnichuk 4/4 Violin Violin 'Sold'

Exc(+) condition. This is a recent violin from John Melnichuck. John is a noted player and maker from the Northwest who has competed and won many violin contests, including the National Oldtime Fiddle Contest in Weiser, Idaho.
    This violin is made of select woods, and has a very nice one-piece Maple back, select Spruce top, and all Ebony fittings.
    The varnish finish is expertly applied and is quite beautiful - the finish really shows off the woods very well.
    This violin is very nice and shows no signs of player wear or careless handling. The sound is quite good. Please call for further details.
w/ OHC

 Kerschensteiner Tailpiece
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1880 Kerschensteiner Violin 'Sold'

 Martin Stoss 1
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Martin Stoss Violin 'Sold'

VG condition. Several top cracks repaired. Violin refinished. Very nice tone.

 Recent Meisel 4/4  1
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Recent Meisel 4/4 Violin 'Sold'

Very nice German Made student violin, with all corner blocks, Spruce top, figured Maple, Ebony fittings, and Spirit Varnish finish. Comes with new bridge fit and fingerboard re-glued. Very good sound.  w/ Case and good silver mount wood bow.

 Recent Rosalia 4/4  1
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Recent Rosalia 4/4 Violin 'Sold'

Call for details. 406/327-9925
w/ HC

 Roth 1
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c.1950 Roth Violin 'Sold'

4/4 size Violin made in Germany. Just in... Please call. 406/327-9925
w/ HC

 Santos Seraphin Copy. 1
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c.1880 Santos Seraphin Copy. Violin 'Sold'

Exc condition. Possibly Tyrolean origin from late 1700's or early 1800's. Excellent carve lines, and arching. Faithful to Santos Seraphin with the narrow waist and other morphometrics. This is a very well-made professional-grade instrument, with beautifully expressive sound. Has been owned and used by an experienced professional soloist for last decade.

Academy  1
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Recent Academy Violin 'Sold'

     Previously owned, but looks untouched.
     Nice beginner violin made in China. The woods and finish and appointments are very nice. Comes with good case and bow.

w/ Case

Acoustic Electric Strings London 5-String 1
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2013 Acoustic Electric Strings London 5-String Violin 'Sold'

     Exc (+) condition. Five-string. 14 3/16" length of body.
     Vividly figured maple back and sides. Maple neck with ebony fingerboard. Nice even-grained spruce top. Lovely finish colorations and condition. Ebony pegs. Metal fine-tuner tailpiece. Boxwood chinrest. Very nice craftsmanship. Great condition.
     This 5-string violin is set up and ready to play. It sounds great plugged in and acoustic. The lightweight internal pickup does not appear to dampen the instrument's acoustic tone. The string spacing is the same as a 4-string violin, 5.3mm at the nut. To make the neck feel slim, it's carved with a slight V shape.

w/ HC

Alfred Stelzner Left-Handed 1
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c. 1900 Alfred Stelzner Left-Handed Violin 'Sold'

     Exc. condition. Nice robust violin. Three top cracks repaired long ago on bass side of top. Nicely maintained ebony fittings. Built dedicated left-hand with soundpost and bass bar appropriately placed.

w/ HC

CA Violins 4/4 Varnish 1
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New CA Violins 4/4 Varnish Violin 'Sold'

     New. These are very nice violins from China that are priced quite low for the sound and the quality. These are made with very nice Maple and Spruce, great coloration and varnish, nice Ebony fittings. They come with no label inside and are routinely bought by shops like ours to have the shop's own label put inside.
     So - take advantage of a $950 - $1150 violin that is selling for $675 because we haven't put our label inside it.
     Great workmanship and tone, and well as symmetry and beauty. Comes with good case and bow.


w/ Case

Calin Wultur Koscielny Model 5 1
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New Calin Wultur Koscielny Model 5 Violin 'Sold'

     New. Made in Reghin, Romania. Excellent Maple back, sides and neck, with high grade European Spruce top. Ebony fittings. Varnish finish.
     This is quite a well-made instrument. We have enjoyed the high level of craftsmanship and tone of these Calin Wultur instruments for a few years now. The materials are very high grade, the workmanship is great, the finish is very nice and the tone is very nice.

w/ Hard Case

Cremona SV-175
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New Cremona SV-175 Violin 'Sold'

4/4 Violin outfit. Has ebony fittings, fine-tuner tailpiece, chin rest, shoulder rest, bow, rosin, and hard case. Bridge is professionally fit. Case has shoulder straps for ease of carrying.
Comes with rosin and composite bow w/ horsehair - $165 w/ Case & Bow.
Or, buy it fully set-up and shop adjusted for $195 w/ Case & Bow & Shoulder Rest

Cremona SV-200
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New Cremona SV-200 Violin 'Sold'

Violin Outfit. Quite a nice instrument for the money. Nice woods, nice finish, ebony fittings. $300 w/ Case & Bow.

Cremona SV-260 1
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Cremona SV-260 Violin 'Sold'

Exc condition. 4/4 violin with nice woods and nice finish. Good tone. This would be a nice starter violin for anyone. Very nice 1-pc Maple back, with Maple sides and neck. Select Spruce top. All Boxwood fittings. 4 fine tuners in Boxwood tailpiece. Comes with moulded thermoplastic hard case and Glasser bow.
w/ OHC

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Dandy Violin 'Sold'

     Good starter violin made in Canada.

Ernst Heinrich Roth Leopold Widhalm Copy 1
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1920 Ernst Heinrich Roth Leopold Widhalm Copy Violin 'Sold'

     VG.(+) Condition. Finish is worn thinner in a few spots, but violin is in otherwise excellent condition.
     Spruce top. 2-pc. figured maple back. Figured Maple neck. Ebony fingerboard, chinrest and tailpiece. Rosewood tuning pegs. Beautiful red amber finish.
     It is rare to see Roth violins this old. Early Roth rectangular label below the brand stamp near center of back. Label reads "Ernst Heinrich Roth, Markneukirchen, Germany.  Anno 1920. Copy: Leopold Widhalm". Nice fittings, Ebony fingerboard has long life ahead of it. Rosewood pegs and tailpiece.
     The tone is excellent.

w/ HC

Ernst Heinrich Roth Nicola Amati 1670 Copy 1
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1926 Ernst Heinrich Roth Nicola Amati 1670 Copy Violin 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition. Violin is in very fine shape. No cracks, no repairs. "# 509" is branded below the brand stamp.
     Spruce top with ebony purflings. Beautiful, one-pc. figured Maple back, sides and neck. Handsome Amber finish. Ebony fittings.
     This violin was made in the town of Markneukirchen, Germany, with it's long history in the production of high quality stringed instruments. Authentic Roth Label and Roth brand stamp.
     Lovely sound. This is a highly regarded, and historically significant violin made as a salute to Nicola Amati from 1670.

w/ HC

Evan Smith  1
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2005 Evan Smith Violin 'Sold'

This violin represents the culmination of over 20 years of Violin building by the noted Idaho builder, Evan Smith. Evan has tirelessly researched and experimented over these twenty years to produce consistant violins prized by Symphony, Jazz, and Bluegrass players. It's rare that we encounter a "new" violin that produces tones like these are capable of. Another important aspect is the carrying power of this violin. We have witnessed this violin's projection and "carrying power" demonstrated. Beautiful tone and enunciation carrying quite far distances in open summer air, yet the violin plays sweet and soft under your chin. It is the opinion of many experienced players that Evan Smith is building violins that rival the tone of instruments selling today for much more money.
Evan Smith handmakes his own oil varnish, and finishes violins that closely resemble much older instruments. Evan's instruments are in use today in the hands of serious, experienced players. Prices range from $5000 - $7000 for basic violins, to $14,000 - $20,000 for exact Italian copies.
* In Stock - Violin from 2005 - excellent set-up, great condition.
w/ Case

Evan Smith 4/4 1
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New Evan Smith 4/4 Violin 'Sold'

     New Instrument. Lovely woods coupled with old-world lutherie.
     We've been very impressed with Evan Smith's violins for over 10 years. These violins are great for their "old" appearance, but are highly regarded for clear tones that travel well over distance. What do I mean by that? I'll explain below.
     Often we are presented with a new violin from a maker. Often the violin will have a nice tonality and seem to speak out a bit... but when you begin to walk away from the violin, say, 25-30 feet, many times the core of the sound becomes greatly diminished, with the defining 'edge' of each note losing strength and focus quickly.
     Violins from Evan Smith are not like that. Instead, their sound seems to travel through open air while still retaining a crispness of the attack of each note. We have demonstrated many times that his violins can send very defined sound 175 feet (55m), while still allowing the listener to hear subtlety and nuance to the attack from the bow. At the same time, the violin is giving the player a nice sound that is not shrill or overly powerful.
     Every aspect of these violins are created from high-grade raw materials by Evan Smith, with the able assistance of his two older daughters. Evan cuts his own Spruce, and collects his own wood resins and pitch for cooking his own varnish.
     For about 20 years Evan Smith violins have been in use in combo bands and in symphony orchestras in several states. In his area serious violinists tend to collect violins by Mr Smith because of how great they are and because of how underpriced they are.
     This violin I am offering for sale here would compare closely with violins that sell for $10,000 and more today.

w/ Good Case

Evan Smith 4/4 1
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c.2000 Evan Smith 4/4 Looks like a 1700's Violin 'Sold'

     Excellent condition. Handmade entirely by Evan Smith. Crafted "antique", to closely resemble old historic violins.
     We are very familiar with instruments by Evan Smith. A brilliant craftsman, Evan has spent the last 20 years perfecting the graduations and voicing of his violins. Back ten and fifteen years ago he already had a solid reputation among serious players.

w/ Good Case

Frank E. Daniels  1
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2008 Frank E. Daniels Violin 'Sold'

     Exc.(+) Condition. There are just a couple very minor signs that this violin has been played. Frank Daniels is a well-respected violin maker for those that know him. Several high-caliber players are currently touring using Frank Daniels violins.
     Spruce top, figured Maple 2-pc. back and figured Maple neck. Ebony fittings.

w/ Bobelock Case

Frank E. Daniels 5-String 1
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2008 Frank E. Daniels 5-String Violin 'Sold'

     Exc.(+) Condition. Almost no signs of previous use.
     This is an old German "Strad" copy originally from the maker Hopf. However, in 2008, Frank E. Daniels did a major refurbishing including a new neck and re-varnishing. Spruce top, 2-pc. Maple back and Maple neck. Ebony fittings.
     Nice, full sound. The neck angle and playability are both great.

w/ Bobelock Case

Gliga Vasile 1
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1999 Gliga Vasile Outfit Violin 'Sold'

     Exceptional condition. Highly figured Maple 2-pc back with Spruce top. Beautiful red-brown finish. Ebony fittings, with Aluminum fine-tuner tailpiece.
     Comes as a complete outfit, with great case, bow, rosin, and shoulder rest.
    This instrument is in great original condition and has no problems. It plays fine.
w/ OHC

Jacobus Hornsteiner Strad Copy 1
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1928 Jacobus Hornsteiner Strad Copy Violin 'Sold'

     Exc.(-) Condition. There are a few small marks on the top. The back has a few scratches in addition to one small spot of dried glue.
     Spruce top. 2-pc. figured Maple back. Maple neck. Ebony fingerboard, tuning pegs, tailpiece and chinrest.
     This violin has accurate Roth label and is brand-stamped.

w/ HC

Jordan Custom 6-string 1
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Recent Jordan Custom 6-string Solid figured Maple Violin 'Sold'

"As New" condition. This is an incredible solid body electric violin! Beautiful amber finish on a figured Maple body, with an Ebony fingerboard. Excellent light weight and perfect balance. Ergonomically designed body to give a normal feel to the player while it is under their chin. Excellent Barbera BTS bridge/pickup, featuring separate piezo elements for each string. Schaller mini tuning machines with knurled thumbscrews for tuning instead of normal knobs - they work great!
    This instrument has a bunch of upgrade options on it - the woods, the finish, the tuners, the 6 strings, the bridge, etc...
    To order one of these new from Jordan Violins is usually a 6-7 month waiting period, and costs over $3100 with the case.
    I really don't know why we are selling this one for such a low price, come to think about it. The sound is really great. With the 2 lowest strings tuned to low C and lower F, you get not only "Viola" type tonal range, but the presence of a Cello when playing the lower register.
    Comes with nice case and bow.
w/ OHC

Jos. Geiger 4/4  1
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1908 Jos. Geiger 4/4 Violin 'Sold'

     Excellent condition. American maker - Canton, Ohio. Ebony fittings. Nice Maple 2-pc back. No cracks or problems. The sound is very good. Label intact - reads 'Jos. Geiger' and is dated Christmas Day, 1908.
     Good construction, good materials, good sound.
w/ HC

Joseph Bohmann  1
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c. 1900's Joseph Bohmann Violin 'Sold'

     VG(+). Condition. Violin is in good playing shape. Cosmetically, the finish is quite glossy, as it has a top coat of spar varnish. Back has minor scratches.
     Spruce top with double purfling. Maple back, sides and neck. Ebony fingerboard and fittings.
     It sounds great for the price. Jos. Bohmann violins usually sell for $2500 - $3000.

w/ HC

Joseph Bohmann  1
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Early 1900's Joseph Bohmann Violin 'Sold'

     Exc.(+) Condition. There are minor dings, but no problems, no repaired cracks. Original varnish finish.
     Spruce top, select maple back, sides and neck. Double lines of purfling on top and back. Ebony fittings.
     Much like the last Bohmann Violin we sold just a month earlier, this violin has a very good voice. It comes in a very nice Artino hard case.
     We've come to highly respect

w/ HC

Joseph Bohmann 4/4 1
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c.1895 Joseph Bohmann 4/4 Violin 'Sold'

     VG+ condition. Refinished. No cracks, no repairs. Beautiful construction, with extra work in scalloping the inside points of the f-holes and the C-bout points. Handsome 1-pc highly figured Maple back. Attractive scroll and pegbox.
     Joseph Bohmann is a well known and well documented maker of instruments from Chicago area from latter 1800's into the early 1900's. He proudly proclaimed that his instruments were finest in the world and backed up his claim by winning numerous prestigious awards. He made very nice violins, but also very nice guitars, banjos and mandolins. In fact, I would say that his fancy bowl-back mandolins are among some of the best examples you can find.
     This is a very good sounding violin, with a beautiful full voice. Ebony fittings with metal fine-tuner tailpiece.

w/ HC

Kayser 4/4 1
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Recent Kayser 4/4 Outfit Violin 'Sold'

     Great student violin with good lookin' polish and a nice tone. Highly playble for ease of learning. Comes with excellent case. Bow also included!

w/ Nice case

Mark Hollinger 4/4  1
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2000 Mark Hollinger 4/4 Violin 'Sold'

     Excellent original condition. 4/4 violin. Great student upgrade violin. Hollinger has made a name for himself buying Chinese made violins "in the white", and making any necessary graduations to the wood and finishing them out with nice varnish finish.
     Ebony fingerboard. Rosewood pegs and chinrest. Metal adjuster tailpiece.

w/ OHC

Melnichuk 4/4  1
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Previously Owned Melnichuk 4/4 Violin 'Sold'

     New Condition. Strikingly beautiful one-pc highly figured Maple back.
     This is a very nice violin made by John Melnichuk, a noted builder and player from the Seattle area. Made from choice materials, the look and feel and tone are all very high on this one.
     Select Spruce top with highly figured Maple back and sides. Red varnish really sets off the woods. Ebony fittings, with metal fine tuner tailpiece.
     This violin sounds great...

w/ OHC

Pfretzschner A211 1
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1961 Pfretzschner A211 Violin 'Sold'

     Exc.(-) Condition. The top and back both have slight dings but no major wear whatsoever.
     Spruce top with nice, original varnish finish. 2-pc. figured Maple back. Figured maple neck. Rosewood Caspari tuning pegs. Ebony fingerboard and tailpiece.

w/ HC

Roth Strad Copy 1
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1957 Roth Strad Copy Violin 'Sold'

     Exc(+) condition. All original, with no repairs. Beautiful vibrant finish. High grade Maple back, sides and neck. Very nice German Spruce top. All original Ebony fittings in great condition. Ebony tailpiece has one fine tuner for the E-string.
     This is a very nice high-end student violin that is made very well. It is good enough for performance in a serious player's hands. Comes with earlier period hard case.

w/ HC

Rudolph Fiedler  1
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2005 Rudolph Fiedler Violin 'Sold'

     Exc. condition. Antiqued with some various marks under the finish on the top and the finish is artfully applied on the back to appear like old worn finish.
     Spruce top. 2-pc. figured Maple back. Ebony fittings.

w/ HC

Scott Cao 1703 "Emiliani" Strad Copy 1
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2005 Scott Cao 1703 "Emiliani" Strad Copy w/ One-pc Back Violin 'Sold'

     Exc(+) condition. This is a very nice, very well-made upper student violin.
     Excellent figured Maple one-pc back. Maple ribs and neck. Select Spruce top. Ebony fittings, except for metal fine-tuner tailpiece.
     Internally, this instrument has excellent bass bar and all corner blocks. The symmetry is quite good, with neck and scroll both at top quality.
     The violin has a beautiful varnish finish in excellent condition. The instrument does show slight signs of prior use, but really only has a couple of nicks at edges... Otherwise it is in close to new condition. Has good Aubert bridge fit to instrument and has good strings and good set-up. The sound is very good and balanced with good projection.

w/ OHC

Theodore Heinrich Strad Copy 1
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1921 Theodore Heinrich Strad Copy Violin 'Sold'

     VG. Condition. Two long top cracks repaired off treble side of tailpiece, one 6 inches, the other around 4. There is also one smaller 2-inch crack further to the right. Sound post is not directly beneath the main repaired crack. Everything is in good playable shape.
     Ebony fittings with metal fine tuner tailpiece. Handsome, red-brown gradated finish.
     Very good sound.

w/ HC

Unknown Maker  1
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Unknown Maker Reconstructed by Herman Muller Violin 'Sold'

     VG.(+) Condition. The neck had come apart, and the end button broke with neck. Cheek grafts in peghead. The violin has been fully repaired.
     Expertly made. Ebony fingerboard with Rosewood pegs. metal fine-tuner tailpiece.
     Sound is gorgeous and strong.

Unknown Maker Amati Copy 1
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Unknown Maker Amati Copy Made in Germany Violin 'Sold'

     VG+ condition. Has some normal handling marks on top and back and at edges, but all-in-all it is nice and is certainly nicely set-up and adjusted.
     4/4 Violin with Maple and Spruce construction. Ebony fittings, featuring carved fluted pegs and carved fluted tailpiece. Peghead shows nice work, with elegant scroll, and with elaborate wood carved floral pattern on both sides of peghead and in back of peghead.
     No cracks on top or on back or sides. No problems at all. Recently restored to high condition by John Joyner, one of our local luthiers here in Missoula, with good soundpost and placement, good bridge and good strings.
     The sound and playability are very good. Comes with a basic good hard case and Carbon Fibre bow

w/ HC

Unknown Maker French 4/4 1
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c 1880-1910 Unknown Maker French 4/4 Violin 'Sold'

     VG (+) condition. Label reads "Francois Richard, Paris 1621" but appears to be fake. Appraised by Gainesville Violins for $3,000, who determined its age to be approximately 1880-1910.
     Spruce top. Narrowly flamed mountain maple back and sides, all colored a darker, semi-opaque "French red-brown". Back is a beautiful single piece of maple. Ebony fingerboard and pegs. Metal fine-tuner tailpiece. There is a graft of wood on the bass side F-hole. French Despiau Superieur bridge. Ebony chinrest.
     This is a very lively violin, with a loud but pleasant and clean sound. Recent setup and fresh strings means it's ready to go.

w/ HC

Unknown Maker French Stradivarius Copy 1
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Unknown Maker French Stradivarius Copy Violin 'Sold'

     Really nice affordable Strad-copy violin. More information and photos coming soon.

w/ HC