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This is a list of previously sold instruments for archive use. Please visit our instruments in stock pages by following the links on the left.

Here is a listing of instruments that have passed through our hands. Please browse and gain an idea of what we stock regularly. Instruments Models marked "Available to Order" can be ordered through the House of Fine instruments. Other instruments are one of a kind. However if one catches your eye feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can't track another one down.

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Ampeg "Rocket" Combo Amp 1
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c.1964 Ampeg "Rocket" Combo Amp w/ Reverb Amplifier 'Sold'

Exc(+) condition. Very clean amp. Original C12R speaker, along with original power cord and reverb footswitch. Everything works great, and the amp is full of tone. Price is recently reduced from $625.


Carvin Nomad 112 1
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c.2000 Carvin Nomad 112 Amplifier 'Sold'

     Nearly New Condition. Tweed. No problems, no tears in grill cloth or tweed covering.
     Single 12" "Vintage Series" Carvin speaker. 33 Watts RMS. 12AX7 Pre-amp tubes, EL84 main power tubes. Comes with Carvin cover and footswitch, both of which are optional add-ons to a new Carvin amp. Cream "chicken-head" knobs.
     The amp works great and was only used in the home of a gentleman.

w/ Orig Cover

Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb 1
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2011 Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Amplifier 'Sold'

     In new condition. The amp was bought this year by a friend of ours, and great local musician who planned to tour with it but never did. The amp looks brand new.
     The vintage '65 reissue. 22 watts of all-tube circuitry. Features two independent channels, clean and vibrato with seperate inputs. 12" Jensen "Special Design" speaker. USA made, featuring tube spring reverb, and tube vibrato. Two button footswitch with vibrato and reverb switches.
     This is a great amp. It's the perfect size to dial in just right at a club gig with a big, fat Fender tone.
     * We will only ship amps with parts in separate boxes:  Cabinet, chassis, speakers and tubes are all packaged separately. Amps are very easy to re-assemble.

w/ Amp cover

Fender Bandmaster Rev. 12" Cabinet 1
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70's Fender Bandmaster Rev. 12" Cabinet Amplifier 'Sold'

     VG(+) Condition. The grill cloth a little roughed up, but nothing major. Handles are all in great shape. Two twelve inch speakers with 4 ohm total impedance. Comes with casters attached for easy movement.
     *Special shipping will apply to any amp shipped, please call us for details.

Fender Bassman Amp Head Top
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1968 Fender Bassman Amp Head Amplifier 'Sold'

     Exc. Condition. All-original. Everything looks and sounds great.
     50 watts of all-tube power. Made in USA. Two seperate channels "bass" and "normal", each channel has two inputs. The bass channel has a "deep" switch and the normal channel has a "bright" switch. Each channel has it's own volume, treble and bass knobs.
     The amp comes with a hand-made bridger wire that we have going from the second bass input into the first normal input. This setup gives the amp the "secret sound", it makes the tone much fatter. The head came in with a matched Bandmaster Rev. 2x12 speaker cabinet that is available for sale under a seperate page in the "ampilifiers" section.
     *Special shipping will apply to any amp shipped, please call to discuss.

Fender Blues DeLuxe Re-issue 1
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c.2006 Fender Blues DeLuxe Re-issue Amplifier 'Sold'

     Excellent original condition. Tweed amp designed to give power and warmth for blues and rock playing.
     We took this amp in trade from a local acoustic musician, with the idea of using it as a "house amp" for customers to use when trying out guitars. Frankly, it is just too powerful for our showroom - it rattles the windows...
     It is a great amp for serious gigs. Here are the spec's from Fender on this amp:
  • All-tube preamp and power amp
  • 40W
  • 12" special-design Eminence speaker
  • Dual selectable channels (Normal and Drive)
  • Independent Gain and Master controls in the Drive channel
  • Bright switch for Normal channel
  • Effects loop
  • Reverb
  • Chrome panel
  • Vintage chicken-head knobs
  • Controls: Presence, Reverb, Master, Middle, Bass, Treble, Drive select switch, Drive, Volume, Bright, Standby
  • Cloth tweed covering
  • Tube complement: 3 x 12AX7, 2 x 6L6, SS rectifier
  • Includes footswitch & amp dust cover
      It Is possible for us to ship this amp, but it requires dismantling and packing the components in about 3 separate boxes, to prevent damage in transit - call for shipping quote.

Fender Blues Jr. 1
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c. 2000 Fender Blues Jr. Amplifier 'Sold'

     Exc.(-) Condition. There are a few small nicks in the tolex and signs of previous use, but the amp is in great overall shape.
     15 watts. Runs 3 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2 EL84 power tubes. 1 channel  with bass, middle and treble, and volume knobs, master volume and "FAT" switch. Spring reverb. Speaker is upgraded to a Jensen P12R, input jack module has been recently replaced as well.
     Lots of tone from this little amp with a wonderful breakup.

Fender Deluxe 1
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1965 Fender Deluxe Amplifier 'Sold'

     VG condition. Mostly all original, including knobs, face plate, cabinet, handle, tolex and grill cloth. Original power cord replaced with modern cord. Speaker replaced with Weber Ferromax. Some newer tubes.
     This is a road-ready amp. It sounds great. Original speakers aren't very hard to find, usually for very reasonable cost, if you want to put it back to original.

Fender Princeton 1
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1964 Fender Princeton Amplifier 'Sold'

     Exc(-) condition. Original Tolex, power cord, handle, grill cloth, knobs, etc. Newer JBL K-110 speaker installed. Back panels have been replaced with excellent wood copies. Grill cloth shows some smoke and dust, but not torn at all. Face plate also in very nice condition.
     Shipping costs are higher on amps, because we will only ship them in separate pieces... In other words, we remove the chassis, the speaker and the tubes, and pack them separately. So in the end, you get the amp delivered safely in 3 packages which are easily re-assembled in your home.

Fender Princeton Reverb 1
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1966 Fender Princeton Reverb w/ Orig Speaker and Cone Amplifier 'Sold'

     Exc(-) original condition. Some wear here and there. Original speaker paper cone has an old patch in it that still is holding and works quite well. Three small tears in original grill cloth. Modern power cord.
     Tube chart is missing, but date codes on the original "Better Coils and Transformers" brand transformer are "831 6603", meaning 3rd week of 1966
     This is a major amp. Considered one of Fender's best small amps, it is fairly rare to find these, especially the Reverb models. This one is a great sounding amp, and in great shape.

Fender Princeton Reverb 1
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c. 1980 Fender Princeton Reverb w/ Orig Footswitches Amplifier 'Sold'

     Near-mint condition. There is no discernable wear on any part of this amp. We would call it mint condition, but it has been in consistent use throughout the years.
     12-watt amp. Comes with original vibrato and reverb footswitch. Also comes with boost switch. Original speaker and tolex. The tubes have been replaced with Groovetubes.
     Sound is excellent.
     *All amps require a $150 shipping fee.

Fender Princeton Reverb 1
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2011 Fender Princeton Reverb Amplifier 'Sold'

     New Condition. Never really used. Everything in great shape - including original cover, footswitch and paperwork.
     15 Watts. Single Jensen 10" speaker. Reverb and Vibrato. 1965 Princeton Reverb circuit with all-tube circuitry. Single channel with 2 inputs. It is very refreshing that Fender is re-issuing some of their finest vintage amps with such an accurate eye on original cosmetics and for original circuitry.

w/ Cover & Footswitch

Fender Pro Reverb 1
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1966 Fender Pro Reverb Amplifier 'Sold'

     VG+ condition. This was a working amp for many years that has been maintained professionally. Lots of nicks in tolex around edges. Original grill cloth shows some smoke darkening and small tears, etc. Speakers replaced.
     This is a great amp being sold by us for the original owner, a local reknown guitarist. Please call for further description... 406/327-9925.

Fender Twin Reverb 1
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1979 Fender Twin Reverb Amplifier 'Sold'

     VG condition. This is a very good player's amp. Speakers replaced with Pyle speakers. Upper backboard missing.
     Everything is working fine. This is a good powerhouse amp for a serious musician.

Peavey Delta Blues 115 1
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Peavey Delta Blues 115 Amplifier 'Sold'

     Exc.(++) Condition. The tweed and grill cloth are both in great shape with no tears or marks. Everything on the amp is in fine working order.
     All tube. 30 watts through a single 15" speaker. Two channel amp with 3 band EQ. Effects loop, external speaker jack, reverb and tremolo.

Peavey Ecoustic 112 1
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Peavey Ecoustic 112 Amplifier 'Sold'

     100 watts. 20V RMS w/4 ohm load. Made in Meridian, Mississippi, in Greg Boyd's hometown. Single instrument input channel and mic input channel, both with 5-band EQ and both with reverb. Master reverb and presence knobs. Passive/active switch and phase reverse switch.  Notch filter on channel 1. Brown Tolex in good shape with brown leather handle. Original grill cloth has some cuts and tears. No footswitch.

Peavey Stereo Chorus 212 1
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c.1988 Peavey Stereo Chorus 212 w/ footswitch & cover Amplifier 'Sold'

     Excellent condition. These popular amps were a great choice for acoustic guitar players for years, because they sound very warm and alive.
     Lots of power! Pulls 600 watts from the power cord, to deliver a very solid 130 watts RMS. Two scorpion 12" speakers. Reverb and Stereo Chorus. Easy channel switching with footswitch.
     This is a one-owner amp that was not used very much and has been well cared-for.
w/ Cover

Roland Cube 60 D 1
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Roland Cube 60 D COSM Amplifier 'Sold'

     Excellent acoustic guitar amplifier with many functions. A powerful and versatile amp with 12" speaker. Two main channels. First channel is clean with 3-band equalizer and presence and volume knobs. Bright on-off switch. The "lead" channel has an array of sounds on a rotating switch to choose which basic amplifier sound you wants. Effects include chorus, flanger, phaser, and tremolo. Also has delay and reverb. Multiple line out choices and footswitch bays. Footswitch not included.

VHT Pitbull 45 2x10 1
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Previously Owned VHT Pitbull 45 2x10 Amplifier 'Sold'

     Exc.(+) Condition. Everything is in fine working condition. Grill cloth is clean, footswitch works great, very few marks on the amp.
     This is an early example of Fryette's fine engineering and construction. Hand-built in the USA. Green tolex.
     45 watts all-tube.Two independent channels, clean and overdrive. The clean channel has controls for volume, treble, mids and bass with boost, bright and shift switches. The overdrive channel has tone controls for gain, volume, treble, mids and bass with drive, boost, edge and shift switches. Master reverb and presence controls. High and low gain input jacks. Footswitch with channel, boost, effects ands reverb switches. Switchable Class A or Class A/B operation.
     Great tone. The sound for this amp is similar to a vintage Vox AC-30, but hot-rodded. The clean channel is nice and clear, the overdrive channel is suitable for many styles of playing, great for blues and rock. Each channel has 2 distinct tonal modes. Good solid amp.