1924 Gibson A-4 Snakehead – SOLD

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Incredibly great condition Loar period A-4 Snakehead mandolin.

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Exceptional condition.   SN: 75493.   1 3/32″ width at nut.
All original parts and case.

This is in such fine condition, with no deterioration of pickguard, no problems with bridge, tailpiece or tuners. Comes with original case. This mandolin has no player wear. Beautiful condition, original lacquer with famous red-gold sunburst. These Loar-period A mandolins show many improvements to earlier versions. The necks have a better feel, with more elegant profile. These have “snakehead” peghead design, instead of “paddle” pegheads, and they have adjustable truss rods and bridges. Many people feel they are sonically superior to the earlier A mandolins with oval hole.
Truss rod cover with original screws in peghead. Flat ebony fingerboard with dot inlays.
Peghead has ebony veneer on front and back with The Gibson at top of peghead, and abalone “Fleur de Lis” at center of peghead. Original open-back tuners in great shape with matching Ivoroid buttons. Frets are in immaculate condition, as they are small frets like the originals, but these are stainless steel frets that were recently masterfully installed.

This is a great one. It is very rare to find A-4’s in this high condition and great sound.
Comes with OHC.