1960’s ODE Long Neck Banjo – SOLD


A very cool extra scale banjo that is all original from the 1960’s.

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Exceptional condition  •  SN: 1352
Model #33  •  Grade #1

This ODE Long neck has an aluminum pot, which was standard for the time period. This is a Walnut banjo with a two-piece Walnut neck and a three piece stringer running down the middle. Rosewood heelcap. There is a clever use of multiple lines with a Maple accent underneath the Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard and under the heelcap. The same Rosewood and Maple is used for the stringer down the neck and all through the dowel. The dowel stick is marked “ODE Boulder Colorado”. This banjo has 28 hooks and nuts on the 11′ pot. the tuners used for this long neck are Grover rotomatic patent pending tuners, and a Schaller 5th string tuner.

The only significant wear that is shown is on the head of the banjo. Other than the head, this banjo is in great shape and it has all of the original hardware. This instrument sounds very nice and the extra three frets allow you to be tuned in open E without any capo, and if you put a capo on the third fret you can be tuned in the standard open G.