1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom 20th Anniversary



Exc (-) condition  /  SN: 86268
**Peghead repair**  /  2 p/u 20th Anniversary
Tobacco sunburst  /  gold hardware

This vintage 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom 20th Anniversary is a nice playing guitar. At some point in the past it suffered a  peghead break. This break was like a polite “smile” crack just under the first fret just below the volute. The peghead was not completely broken, only cracked. This repair was completed by a local 30-yr Luthier and can hardly be found. He did excellent cosmetic blending with the black neck finish.

There is no wear showing on the recently dressed and polished frets. Some gold plating is worn off the tuner buttons, pickups, and exposed parts of the bridge and tailpiece. There are a fair amount of touch marks to the lacquer on the top and sides, but none go all the way through the finish. The back shows button marks. The back of the neck is very clean. Please call to ask for more condition details. This guitar is in great shape for its age.

Typical of early 1970s Les Pauls, this body is made with two slabs of Mahogany, one on top of the other, and then the Maple top layer is added. This Maple top layer is very beautiful, and is made from three slabs of Maple, side by side. There is a sprinkling of chatoyance with nice vintage wood character. This guitar is fully bound, with 5-ply binding around the peghead, single-ply cream binding along the fingerboard. The body elaborately bound with 7-ply cream-black binding around the top edge and 5-ply around the back edge. Gabon Ebony fingerboard with solid pearl block inlays. Peghead has large pearl Super 400-style inlays and Gibson logo.

Comes with Strap Lock strap holders.

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