1999 Englehardt 3/4 Bass


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SN# 78397

3/4 bass with interesting sunburst finish. Laminated Maple top, back, and sides. Solid Maple neck and bridge. Ebonized fingerboard and tailpiece. There are pickup elements installed underneath the bridge and a jack professionally installed at the tailpiece.

This bass is finished with sunburst accents near the neck, tailpiece, and f-holes. The fingerboard has been Ebonized and the finish has worn through tastefully in areas of high use. There are a few dings and touches across the bass. Attendees of the national fiddle contest at Weiser, Idaho know this bass very well. It was known as a prominent “go-to” bass owned by Rod Backman out of the Seattle area, who was in the best jams every year. This was his bass, and it is ready to go an stage, and ready to be played all night once again.

Comes with nice gig bag.