2008 Gilchrist Model 5 – On Hold


This is a “hot” Gilchrist F, both tonally and visually.

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Exceptional  •  SN# 08624
1-1/16″ width at nut  •  Blonde
Varnish  •  EVO Frets
Radiused f.b.  •  Scalloped f.b.
Pickguard  •  Waverly Tuners
Calton Dlx Case

This completely lovely 2008 Gilchrist Model 5 is in fantastic original condition. Its almost new, although it was carefully played and enjoyed for its 12+ years.
There are no problems, no repairs and virtually no signs of prior use. There is slight hand wear on back of neck in first position, where you can see the blonde color is slightly thinner from hand contact.

The Neck
The whole mandolin is strikingly handsome. The Maple peghead is tastefully appointed with front and back Ebony veneers. The back has Silver Montana-made Waverly tuners with solid pearl buttons. Peghead face is bound with Ivoroid multiple bindings with black accent line seen at the sides. Gilchrist pearl logo inlaid at top of peghead, with traditional flowerpot inlaid in center. Truss-rod cover near pearl nut. Gabon Ebony radiused fingerboard has EVO frets and NO inlays. Fingerboard has double-cut extension scalloped after 19th fret, with remaining 5 frets scalloped away. Fingerboard is bound with Ivoroid, showing black accent line around the sides and black side dot position markers. Neck is 2-piece Maple with Ebony stringer along centerline. The profile is a “V” with perfect amount of rounding to still retain a true V.

As a nice touch, Ebony is used as the vaulted fingerboard extension block and looks great under the fingerboard against the blonde around it.
A tortoise celluloid abbreviated pickguard is attached to underside of extension with traditional brad nails that make a perfect fit when simply pushed into the receiving holes.

The Body
The body is so perfect! No dings, dents, scratches can I find…
Red Spruce top has loads of beauty and character, with medullary rays, flecking, and shimmering chatoyance when you shift your aspect of viewing. It is very hard to find the center seam of the top, it is joined so perfectly. Gabon Ebony 2-pc Loar-style adjustable intonated bridge. Silver plated Gilchrist famous tailpiece with Gilchrist logo engraved into hinged lid. Tailpiece shows some discoloration of the silver lid. Ebony end pin.

Back, sides and neck are all highly figured Maple. The two-piece bookmatched back is joined so perfectly that there really is no visible glue seam – its almost as if the two sides were miraculously welded together. There is not a scratch, or a dent or ding anywhere on the back. No button trails, no zipper marks.
The top and back show ivoroid multiple bindings with black line seen at top and back faces, and along the sides.

The Sound
Well… no matter how I describe it, the words won’t make as good of an impact as hearing it, so we’ll try to enlist a brave CoVid aware local toneful mandolinist to come and tickle the strings for you.
It sounds absolutely great. Power, projection, lyrical beauty, grunt and growl are all in this mandolin.

Comes in a very nice Calton Dlx Case.
* To help you make up your mind, it is at a slightly lower price until Jan 21, 2021.