2011 Heartland Custom Banjo – by Robin Smith – On Hold

$3,650.00 $3,450.00

This is a wonderful banjo from one of the most respected builders, Robin Smith.

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SN: 312-91  •  1 5/16″ Width at Nut  •  Radiused Fingerboard

Ebony peghead veneer has Heartland Pearl logo inlaid at top and “diamond” pattern in center of peghead. Bone nut. Gabon Ebony compound radiused fingerboard with Pearl “diamond” pattern inlay. 21st fret has Pearl inlay block saying “Maximilian”. R.R. spikes installed at A, B-flat, B, C positions. Main tuners are all Keith, with Keith D-tuners at 2nd, and 3rd positions and Keith standard pegs at 1st and 4th. Schaller 5th string tuner.

Pot is made with excellent 3-ply Mahogany rim. 20-hole pre-war style flathead tonering. Fingerboard and resonator have cream binding. Resonator back shows two concentric rings. Pot has all Nickel parts, but they are “brushed” Nickel parts, that appear as “more vintage”. Ebony heel-cap with Heartland Brand stamped in.

This Heartland custom Mahogany banjo has a wonderful sound, the head is tuned right now to about F#. It has the smooth, perfect “pop” of attack, and growly warmth right behind it. Excellent tonal banjo. Comes with good, hard case.