2013 Prucha Pioneer


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SN: 0957  •  1 7/64″ Width at Nut  •  Excellent Condition.

Mahogany banjo with fiddle peg-head and “Cut-Diamond” inlays in Rosewood flat fingerboard. Peg-head face has JPrucha Pearloid inlay at top, and “Diamond” inlay pattern in center of peghead. Bone nut. Neck is beautiful, straight-grain Mahogany with a dark sunburst shading. Nickel 5-Star planetary tuners with cream buttons. Nickel Gotoh 5th string peg with cream buttons. Nickel hardware including 20-hole pre-war style ring and Presto tailpiece.

This is a heck of a bargain banjo. This is hand-made by Jaroslav Prucha and his son John, and has an extremely slight amount of playing wear, mostly on the head, and slight denting in the frets that can be easily milled away. Comes with Crossrock light-weight flight case. *These Crossrock cases are very light, and very strong, but they are not as indestructible as a Calton.