C.A. 4/4 Violin with case and bow – Demo – On Hold

$679.00 $529.00

Good quality student violin outfit. Well made, excellent condition, and very good sound.

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This is a very good sounding violin. It was made in China with no label, so that any American violin shops could put their own label in it, if they choose to do so.

Very well constructed in traditional manner, with Maple back, sides and neck, and Spruce top. Ebony fittings, except metal tailpiece with single fine tuner.
Handsome brown finish that shows off the wood grain very well.
The voice is strong and sure.

New violins like this typically sell for $800 – $1300 in most shops today, with proprietary labels in them.
These are a bargain for only $679… but if you can live with a few previous handling marks here and there, this particular one has been taken to a festival or two and is priced lower as a “demo”.
It only has a few light dents in the finish from instrument stands at shows.