Recent Evan Smith Violin (Repaired) – SOLD


Beautiful Evan Smith copy of 1703 Carlo Testori violin at a bargain price.

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Excellent antiqued violin by Evan Smith. Traditionally built as a copy of a 1703 Carlo Testori model. Varnish has a yellow amber ground with reddish-orange highlights over, and shows antiquing marks throughout. During the process of bending and carving the top, the Spruce cracked along a grain line on the bass side of the top. Because the top was high-grade and had wonderful tonality, Evan repaired it and continued the build process. Again, this was not a crack after the violin was built, but a crack when the top was a piece of Spruce. The grain line is now stronger due to the repair and Evan guarantees that this repair will remain solid.

Ebony pegs, nut, fingerboard, and saddle. Fine tuner tail piece and composite chin rest. Lovely two-piece figured Maple back, highly figured ribs, and very nice Spruce top.

Recently set up by Evan Smith. Comes with good hard case.

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