Evan Smith Violin w/pickup


Professional grade handmade violin by Idaho maker, Evan Smith.





This is a lovely looking and sounding violin. Highlights of beautiful brown varnish over a handsome amber ground. Excellent hand construction by Evan Smith, a renown Idaho violin maker. Evan Smith has a reputation of delivering real tone and a voice you can clearly hear, that has power and expression and beauty.

Made traditionally from good cured Maple and Engelmann Spruce top harvested by the maker locally. These violins are a favorite among Bluegrass players (Emily Franz of “Mandolin Orange”), and Western Swing players, such as Paul Anatasio.

I really can’t count the times that violinists have come by our store or store booth at a festival, to try out violins and they either leave with an Evan Smith, or they go home remembering it. In most cases they had no idea about Evan Smith until they heard his violins.

This violin has one small anomaly. There is a Maple shim under the fingerboard (between fingerboard and Maple neck bole). This work was done by Evan smith and does not affect any tonal performance. It does, however, affect the price. This violin, which would normally sell for quite a bit higher has had the selling price reduced to remove your fear of being stigmatized about the Maple fingerboard shim. To further make it attractive you also get a very good hard case and Fishman pickup installed.

Comes with excellent flight case, and Fishman pickup with carpenter jack installed.