Gallien-Krueger 800RB + 12″ BrickHouse cabs- HEAD SOLD


This is a great Gallien-Krueger Bass head that comes with two nice 12″ Brickhouse cabinets.

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* Recent professional inspection of the GK 800 RB head. Everything is working fine.

This Gallien-Krueger 800RB Bass head has one 300 watt low frequency amp and one 100 watt high frequency amp; it has a Bi-Amp design with adjustable crossover, which allows for the high and low frequencies to be amplified separately. Two master volume knobs can be found on this bass head as well as four active EQ bands for precise tonal shaping, three voicing filters- low cut, mid contour, and high boost, an additional master volume knob to control the overall levels, and two dedicated recording chain modules for each power amp – each containing 64 speaker cabinet impulse responses. The FX rack includes noise gate, amp filtering, and internal power soak.

The GK bass amp head is made even more complete with an excellent pro padded cover, with full front and back access and large cable pouch and rings for carrying strap.
This cover holds several bonus speaker cables

Bass Head and BrickHouse 12″ cabinets:
This excellent Gallien-Kreuger Amp Head is mated-up with two 12″ speaker + horn BrickHouse cabinets, for a package deal at $999 + $250 shipping and insurance.
* The maker of these Brickhouse speaker enclosures was based near the Clifford Roi handmade bass shop, and the two had a good working relationship between the Roi handmade custom basses and the handmade Brickhouse cabinets. The designer and producer, Mike Frost, was/is a well known NYC studio bassist. The cabinets are quite good and are about 17″ x 17″ x 19″, with a horn built-in and good protective screen over the speaker. Covered with carpet-like black cloth and good protective corners. Professional recessed handles.

Bass Head separately:
If you would like to purchase the Gallien-Kreuger bass head without the two Brickhouse cabinets it will cost $750 + $95 shipping and insurance.

BrickHouse Cabs as a pair:
This pair of BrickHouse bass cabs with 12″ speaker and horn will cost $400 + $200 shipping and insurance.

Single BrickHouse Bass Cab:
One single BrickHouse Bass Cab with 12″ speaker and horn will cost $300 + $100 shipping.

*Yes, you can safely “click-to-buy” if you only want the GK Head alone, or the Brickhouse cabs alone – We will discuss your purchase and discuss shipping before running a specific amount onto your card.
Use the “comments” box when checking out to tell us what you intend to purchase.