Fossilized Walrus Ivory/Ebony Bridge Top – Radiused


Fossilized walrus ivory/ebony. Bridge top Only- Radisued. In many cases it increases projection, sustain, and depth (as well as clarity) of tone


These Ebony/Ivory mandolin bridge saddles are in a very limited, finite supply!
Handmade by instrument builder, Kurt Gisclair, who was a licensed buyer of fossil ivory from the First Nation tribes along the coast of Alaska.

These are mostly Walrus tusk parts from around 10,000 to 30,000 years ago, that have been in the tidal pools undergoing mineralization on their way to true fossilization.
So – no Walruses were killed for these parts.

It is an intonated bridge saddle that is two pieces, Ebony for the main structure underneath, and Mineralized Ivory for the upper intonated part (where the strings rest).

Sometimes they make the mandolin sound better than an all-Ebony bridge… But sometimes the bridge addition looks great but sounds about the same as before you changed it… but they always make the mandolin look better!

Supply is very limited.
* These radiused bridge saddles can be converted for flat fingerboards by any competent luthier.