New Beard Mahogany Belle Beard – On Hold


One of the hottest sounding Resophonics we’ve ever had!


New  •  Dual Cones
Rounded edges  •  Solar Cover Plate

Wow, we are excited about these new Beard “Belle Beard” solid Mahogany guitars. These new design resophonics with sympathetic second cone offer a new and different sound that is embraced by very experienced players as a “new” sound. We’ve sold about 5 or 6 of them so far, and every one of them is a “commander”.

This new Beard solid Mahogany Belle Beard is the newest innovative design from Paul Beard. It’s main innovation is the installation of a full-size inverted biscuit style spun cone mounted at an angle underneath the main cone, with the front end angled upwards. This cone not only adds to the resonance, but also acts as a tone baffle scooping the sound towards the two open sound ports.

Sunburst finish. Excellent grade of mahogany throughout: top, back, sides and neck. The red-burst color accents the mahogany beautifully. Mahogany peghead has Beard logo inlaid at top. Beautifully made bone nut. Ebony fingerboard has pearl inlay position markers. Chrome hardware, including sound hole surrounds, “Solar” cover plate, and tailpiece. Gotoh 510 tuners. Strap lock end pin mounted with matching component for strap in the case. Fishman Nashville pro pickup. There are no sharp corners on this instrument, even the peghead is finished out with elegant rounding of the hard corners. The neck and body are also rounded perfectly for a great feel and look. The rounded edge construction is quite involved. Most players agree its a great feel, but it also makes the instrument much stronger. Beard says it is also part of the overall sound. Hard lacquer finish.

We’ve been amazed over the years by various Beard innovations. From the early model E’s, to the Mike Auldridge, Odyssey and Jerry Douglas models, Beard has shown that his strong suit is tonal performance. Now comes this new Belle Beard, which is startling in it’s volume and power without losing the fat overtones. Playing the low 6th string is almost like reaching up and plucking a Golden Gate bridge cable. This is one of the most powerful resophonic guitars we’ve ever had. We heartily recommend it.


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