New Bigfork Custom Super


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New  •  Seafoam Green Tolex
2 x 10″ Jensen Speakers

This amp was made by Chad Leslie of Big Fork Amps (in Big Fork, MT). The design is stock for a Fender Super Reverb amp with a few choice modifications. There is a toggle switch in the back between the power tubes that switches the amp from class A to class AB. Master volume is next to last preamp tube. Feedback switch behind master volume. Feedback levels are: Marshall JTM 45, Fender Tweed DeLuxe, Fender Tweed Bassman. This changes the feel of the amp from loose to tight depending on the setting. Normal volume/bright volume switch. Stock Super schematic aside from the class switching, feedback switch and master volume.

This is a beautiful amp that is all hand-wired and hand-soldered. The tone is great. This is the type of tone you look for in the pre-CBS Fender amps and Marshall amps.