New Blues Hardware A Model Mandolin


This Blues Hardware A model is a very nicely built and good sounding mandolin.





New(Demo)  •  SN: AMQ-005
1-1/8″ width at nut

This new Blues Hardware A model mandolin is very nice. Traditional teardrop shape with Maple sides and  neck; Figured Madrone back; and Cedar top with fairly traditional f-holes. Jotoba fingerboard and bridge.

Many innovations in these Blues Hardware mandolins are evident:
The Pickguard (finger rest), is attached with a band of carbon fibre. It works works exceptionally well.
The fingerboard has corner position markers that act as side dots AND fingerboard inlays.
The neck attachment is designed for easy removal.
Others: The tailpiece, the bridge, the choice of various woods for utility or for tone… etc.

This mandolin is set up well, it plays great, and it sounds very good and with a strong voice.
Comes with a hard case.