New Blues Hardware Concert Mandolin



New condition  /  SN: 001
1-3/16″ width at nut  /  14.75″ scale length
3/8″ Carbon fiber truss rod

With a body shape similar to a violin, this mandolin makes you reconsider standard mandolin body shapes. The body is shaped like a figure 8 with a cutaway. Tom’s signature elliptical sound ports are at the waist on both sides. The top is carved old growth Redwood, the back is carved Madrone, the sides are Cherry, and the Neck is Maple.

The Madrone headstock veneer has the Blues Hardware symbol, and the tuners are German Rubner tuners. The Cocobolo fingerboard has thin edge inlays that show from the top and face of the fingerboard to act as position dot markers. The frets are Gold EVO frets. The bridge, tailpiece, armrest, and pickguard are all custom Blues Hardware pieces. There is Maple binding on the top and back of the body, and there is tone bar bracing.

This mandolin sounds great and it comes with a fiddle case that Tom Sheehy converted into a mandolin case to fit this instrument.