New Collings Waterloo WL-14 X TR Guitar


The Waterloo WL-14 X TR. A wonderful small body guitar with all the correct attributes: tone, feel and playability!


New.  Sunburst. Serial number 2828.
1 3/4″ width at nut.  2 3/8″ pin spacing.

This is the latest to arrive in a long line of great Waterloo guitars from the folks at Collings. Made in Austin, Texas, these guitars not only replicate one of the most desirable old vintage Gibson guitars, the “L-00”, but they exceed the originals for quality of build. These Waterloo WL-14 guitars have a much more consistent quality of materials and craftsmanship than the old originals, and outdo the old ones for neck shape, sunburst, finish, case, fingerboard and frets, etc…

Mahogany bell-bottom body with sunburst Spruce top. Mahogany neck with a rounded Vee profile. Blackened peghead face, with Waterloo logo decal at top. Vintage 3-on-a-plate tuners with black buttons. Ebony nut. Rosewood fingerboard with small dot inlays. Single cream bindings around top edge of guitar body and inside soundhole. Firestriped pickguard. Ebony straight bridge with intonated boxed bone saddle and Ebony bridge pins. Ebony endpin. Matte finish.

Its hard to beat the straight-grain Mahogany neck and the rope-like grain pattern of the Mahogany back. We’re not sure of the species of the Spruce top… but we’ll call it “Very Nice” Spruce. It has interesting grain and good medullary rays.

We’ve had quite a string of these Waterloo WL-14 guitars. I have to say that this particular one stands out as very “opened-up” and exciting tone right from the first day.
Comes with very good original hard shell case.


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