Prucha Top Tension Pot Assembly – Nickel – SOLD

$1,450.00 $1,295.00

A fine Top Tension pot from the Master, Jaroslav Prucha, using 100% Prucha hardware and rim.

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Brand new Prucha top tension pot assembly including:

  • 3-ply maple rim
  • Pre-War style 20-hole flathead tonering
  • 1 piece pot metal flange
  • Pot metal Top Tension tension hoop
  • Top Tension alternate armrest – holes allow access by wrench
  • 24 drum bolts
  • Remo frosted head

All nickel. Rim is un-dyed and unfinished with no neck or co-rod holes drilled.

For $150, you can also ask for the same assembly with the rim finished and all holes drilled.

*Please call for availability.

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