Recent Fender Telecaster Deluxe – Sparkle Green “1972 Special Edition”


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Comes with gig bag.
Typical of guitars from the early 70’s, this has the larger peghead and logo reading “Fender Telecaster Deluxe”. Maple neck with black inlays. Two humbucking pickups. Early 70’s style antiqued cream multi-layered pickguard. ’62 style bridge with six individual saddle pieces. Elaborate blue-green sparkle finish that looks green under some light and blue under some other light. Two string trees in peghead. Bullet nut truss rod adjuster in peghead. Made in Mexico. Faithful to the 70’s 3-bolt neck joint. Upper back of peghead has special decal reading “Fender Special Edition.”
Nice, meaty tone and great playability. Comes with gig bag.