1946 Kay S-8 3/4 Bass- SOLD


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Exc+ condition  /  Model S-8
Sunburst  /  Ebony fittings

This 1946 Kay Swingmaster S-8 is a 3/4 bass in nice original condition. The bass is a top grade bass for Kay. They made this model, the Swingmaster S-8, with sunburst finish. These Swingmaster models have real Ebony purfling lines around the top edge and around the f-holes. The Ebony endpin may be a newer replacement. An adjustable Maple Bridge has been professionally fit to the bass, with spinner adjusters to raise and/or lower treble side and bass side. Tuners appear to be the originals and are in fine condition.

This bass is offered with 2 cases – one is an old canvas bass bag that may have been original to this bass and comes with it for $4000 total for Bass + Bag.
The other is a featherlite style styrofoam box and lid that acts as a fine protective lightweight case. This case secures the entire bass inside for great protection and has effective rollers for ability to walk with the case as if it were a simple airplane bag. * Simply lay the case down on its back, unzip the lid and open up the case. Now lay the Bass inside the case, close the lid and you are ready to walk away with your bass in tow.

This bass is ready to go! It is in great shape, showing almost no wear. The professional set-up is good, with newer strings. This instrument mostly sat in its case in a closet since 1946. The sound is very good currently but there is some “waking up” and further tonal development to be had just by playing this lovely instrument.