About Our Store:

Greg Boyd has loved music and musical instruments since he was a very young child. Growing up in a musically active family nurtured his interest, as it was routine for family members to sing or play an instrument.

In the 1970’s Greg began to study important differences between various instruments and their materials, playability, tone, value, etc. He began to travel a lot in mid-to-late ’70’s and 80’s, to festivals, to instrument builders, to small lutherie shops, to large regional stores, etc.

In about 1980, Greg graduated from University of Montana with a degree in Wood Science. This formal training has been invaluable in understanding various woods and their tonal properties, when evaluating instruments or discussing their attributes.

In the late 1980’s an opportunity to open a music store presented itself to Greg.
In 1990 he was a partner in “The Stringed Instrument Division” until June 1997, when Greg left to open “The House of Fine Instruments”, in Missoula, Montana.

This is the same “House of Fine Instruments” still in business today. We can proudly say we’ve shipped instruments and accessories to every civilized country in the world (and one or two that aren’t so civilized).

Our business model is built around finding great used and vintage instruments… but also finding high quality NEW instruments that will be the “vintage collectible instruments” of the future.
With our reputation for accurately describing tonal characteristics of instruments we sell, you get the ‘right’ instrument for your playing enjoyment.

We are quite responsible, and maintain insurance for all stock items, as well as transitory instruments that are in our store for Appraisal, Repairs, Consignment, Trades, etc.
ALL instruments ship from our store only after redundant workbench inspection, ALL are insured, and ALL are shipped with a 3-day examination period.

Greg Boyd