2002 Enesco 4/4 Cello


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Exc (+) condition  /  Serial number: 86986
All solid woods  /  High grade Spruce top

This 2002 Enesco cello has beautiful woods, including highly figured European Maple and a very high-grade Spruce top. Gabon Ebony fittings. This cello was handcrafted in Reghin, Romania. The finish is in exceptional condition. The tone is very full and developed. The only sign of previous ownership are a few touch marks on the top around the upper tailpiece region. Everything in top shape. Tunes and plays effortlessly. The finish is a handsome semi-gloss orange-amber.

This instrument exhibits and reflects very masterful work in all of the “picky” spots like the C-bouts, the edging, and the careful fluting of the inner F-hole wood (which is beautifully scooped out). These are the things that take extra hours of craftsmanship to achieve. This is impressive workmanship on the back of the scroll, neck heel, etc. The sound is very nice, with full tone and nice C note.

Along the back center seam inside, there are a series of cleats, but there is no sign the center seam was ever apart, so we think it was built using those cleats as insurance against future seam separation. These look like they were put in by the factory. You can see no evidence on the back of any issues.

Comes with a carbon fiber bow, and in a lightweight, strong fiberglass hard case.