c.1950 Fender Champ Lap Steel



c.1950 Fender Champ Lap Steel /  EXC
Original Condition  /  Broadcaster Pickup
*Comes with new Lollar Broadcaster P/U

This is a great example of a c.1950 Fender Lap Steel Guitar an iconic piece of Fender and music history. The Fender Champ Lap Steel, also known as the Champion Lap Steel, was one of Leo Fender’s creations during this era. It showcases the craftsmanship and design ethos of Fender in the mid-20th century.

The headstock features a cool metal plate that also serves as the nut, a testament to Leo Fender’s economy of means style of design. Displayed on the headstock are “The Fender Electric Instruments” logo as well as “Fullerton, California”. The lap steel features original Kluson Deluxe three-on-a-plate nickel tuners with cream/white buttons. The buttons are fresh replacement vintage-style cream buttons, professionally installed.

The Champion lap steel’s body is typically constructed from particle board. This example is covered in blue pearloid celluloid in excellent condition with no cracks. The blue felt backing is also in excellent condition.

The standout feature of this c.1950 Fender Champ Lap Steel is the pickup — a single-coil pickup that is the same as pickups found in the bridge position of Fender’s early guitars, the Broadcaster, Esquire, No-caster, and maybe some very early Telecaster models. In fact, Leo Fender designed what would become the Telecaster pickup first for the lapsteel, then adapted it for the solid body guitar. This pickup is highly coveted among musicians and collectors due to its distinctive sound, rarity, and historical significance. It delivers a fat, rich tone with clarity and sensitivity that perfectly complements lap steel as well as the iconic guitars it was also found in. As one of the earliest iterations of Fender’s pickup designs, it played a crucial role in shaping the sound and success of Fender’s iconic guitars, as well as the sound of recorded music. It can be heard on countless recordings since Leo began sending them out into the world.

Jason Lollar early single coil re-issue: We have known for years about the desirability of these original Fender single coil pickups. Many players and collectors have bought these early Champ Lap Steels just to remove the pickup and install it into their early Fender Broadcaster, No Caster, or Esquire… because it is the exact pickup they had from the factory.
Some people are torn between cannibalizing one vintage guitar for another. We have attempted to ease your pain by including a Jason Lollar pickup that is a close copy to the originals!
This pickup is included with the purchase of this fine lap steel at no extra charge. Perhaps you’ll now have an easier time deciding if you want the original pickup in your Broadcaster, or put the new Lollar into your Broadcaster.
*If for some reason you feel the Lollar p/u is unnecessary, you can leave the pickup twith us and we’ll give you $100 off the lapsteel purchase.

The volume and tone knobs appear to be original, early telecaster type knobs. Everything on this instrument appears to be original.

It comes with the original red softshell case with brown leather edges, in excellent condition.