D’Addario Bluegrass 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings – EJ14



A hybrid Light Top/Medium Bottom set, D’Addario Bluegrass Acoustic Guitar Strings combine punchy bass strings with the comfortable playability of lighter gauge treble strings for fast single note runs and bends.

80/20 Bronze strings are a great choice for players looking for a bright tone with plenty of shine and harmonics. This set is a popular choice for bluegrass pickers but is suitable for many genres.

D’Addario 80/20 strings are made with a high carbon steel core and 80/20 Bronze wire wrap. Developed in the 1930’s by John D’Addario Sr. and John D’Angelico, 80/20 is the original acoustic string alloy.

For a warmer tone, but similar playability, check out D’Addario Bluegrass Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings.

Gauges 12-16-25-35-45-56 

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